By Milestone Two crew

LRH states “It is EXCHANGE which maintains the inflow and outflow that gives a person space around him and keeps the bank off of him.

“There are numbers of ways these flows of exchange can be unbalanced.

“It does not go same out as comes in. Equal amounts are no factor. Who can measure goodwill or friendship? Who can actually calculate the value of saving a being from death in each lifetime? Who can measure the reward of pride in doing a job well or praise?

For all these things are of different values to different people.

In the material world the person whose exchange factor is out may think he “makes money”. Only a government or a counterfeiter “makes money”. One has to produce something to exchange for money.

“Right there the exchange factor is out.” HCO PL 4 April 1972 Ethics

The group that we refer to as Corporate Scientology is getting more and more reactive, as it is continuing to engage in criminal exchange. They specialize in demanding donations for no product, service or exchange.

And until they stop the criminal exchange, they will continue on a downward spiral.

This point of exchange is something we, as a community and group outside of Corporate Scientology, must keep attention on.

On a personal level, and on a community level — work to keep exchange flows balanced and we will keep the bank off.



38 thoughts on “What keeps the bank off?

  1. I find that the definition of ‘Exchange’ sometimes gets confused with ‘Karma’. Perhaps it is only a different viewpoint of the same thing.

  2. Nice guys. You are correct that Corporate Scientology is getting more reactive. The products they put out speak for themselves.

    I know a person in the Southern USA who works for two OT VIII’s and his description of them is, and I quote: “Psychotic at best, rude, suppressive and loaded with MUs. They both make me wrong on a daily basis, their grades are completely out and they have problems up the yin yang”.

    He told me that another Scientologist who works at the place cannot stand it there and the entirety of the staff are ready to walk out from the verbal abuse. He also cannot stand being there when one other OT VIII comes there for service. He said: “I don’t understand how (this person) is OT, This person is the rudest person the comes into the shop and there are several staff who refuse to service this OT VIII because of the rudeness. .

    What I am getting is the uncaring, rude and “I’m better-than-you” DM valence is now permeating down the org board and is turning Scientologists off to going OT. The person I am in contact with said to me, “If they are OT, I would rather not go there, I like people too much.”

    How’s that for an indictment of the current scene?

    • It shows how the “winning valence” of an SP is adopted by those PTS individuals. DM’s army us recognized by the out ARC comm cycle, the constant use of force, and the criminal exchange mentality , combined with the “do as I say, or you are CI and out – ethics. ”

      We have seen this start at the Int base, then seen at Flag and at the Ship and in the UK. Now it has permeated to orgs and into the Field through the OT committees.

      To be a ” winning” Scientologist in the eyes of most within, you have to act as the antithesis of a Scientologist. It is group bank gone mad and in full dramatization.

      It is this very point that got me to realize that the group I had been supporting for more than 15 years no longer represented or carried or applied the basics of what I love about Scientology.

      The group has become what it was to handle = the bank.

  3. Funny but I was talking to a Chiropractor client of mine yesterday. Non Scientologist and didn’t know I am) He bought up a system that he used to work with to treat clients and it turned out to be Scientology based. I think run by David Singer. His comment after probing was that it was manipulative, uncaring, money grabbing and gave no results to the client. Also that Singer was a corrupt criminal. Amazing to hear when he had no idea I knew exactly who he was talking about.

    So another black PR point for Scientology and Scientologists in general.

    On hearing this I told him my story and the value of the “real Scientology tech” and given that I had been a good example to him of what that tech could achieve he immediately started reaching and asking questions.

    I love this group because it supports LRH. We all know the problems of the current church. My request is that we can try to keep that off our comm lines via these posts and just focus on promoting real LRH tech.

    • “We all know the problems of the current church. My request is that we can try to keep that off our comm lines via these posts and just focus on promoting real LRH tech.”

      I couldn’t agree more. For me, at one time it was alright to hear and read about all the wrongesses associated with the CoS and DM; now it’s become burdensome and frankly, entheta. it’s not running out any group engram; it’s laying one in. Time to write on, focus on, utter upon, and turn our attention towards, theta activities and wins of successfully applying LRH tech: pc/pre-OT and student wins; admin wins; Book auditor wins; etc. Time for new vistas and the futures of tomorrow.

      Griping and moaning and whining can all be handled in session. It’s time to close that door, put up that sign, and say/hear the words “This Is The Session!”

      • Thanks guys for feedback.

        Do you feel that the articles over the last month are heading in this direction — or are you feeling the articles are bitching or harping on about the C of S?

        There are other blogs that take an existing C of S communication, promotion or statistic and point out what is outpointy or bizarre about it. On Milestone Two there has been a concerted effort to simply look at getting tech applied (even though this routinely leads to discussion about how it has not been applied in the past).

        Please clarify…

        • Lana,

          I tend to agree with Chris but on the other hand there tends to be a 3D engram. One consisting of the many arbitraries run on one and all of us.

          Maybe on the latter we can be a wee bit more specific instead of freewheeling all over the track like at those other blogs where they seem to restimulate more charge than they seem to handle.

          I know there was an effort to run the SA Blog which turned into a natter fest. So if we’re are going to do it. We should do it right per NOTL.

          That said.

          We should be directing our attention to more theta and less entheta like Chris says.

        • HI Lana,

          In a way, yes. It seems it’s hard not to criticize the CoS in the same breath/post/blog but it’s becoming – IMO – more prevalent even here. Seems everywhere there’s something written about how bad it is and how worse it’s getting. I don’t go on Rinder’s blog (pointing out outpoints of stats) or Marty’s blog (just…OUT THERE) and have even identified Facebook as a leading purveyor of defeatism and GPMs in re the Church. So when I also see it here, about how bad it is over there, I tend to push it away and not contribute to or “exchange” with it.

          It also makes me think of these quotes from LRH:

          “When you diverge from a constructive purpose to “stop attacks”, the purpose has been abandoned. You get a stop. The real way to stop attacks is to widen one’s zone of responsibility. And pour the coal on the purpose. Thus all attacks one makes should be in THE DIRECTION OF ENLARGING ONE’S SCOPE AND AUGMENTING BASIC PURPOSE.” LRH (HCOPL 14 Jan 69, OT Orgs)

          “We’ve been told how bad it is over there for seventy-six trillion years. It’s about time somebody said how good it can be somewhere. And that’s what we are doing.” – LRH (PAB 53, 27 May 1955, “Ownership”)

          I audit or C/S or Solo every day (or just about every day). I DO apply the tech every day and cog more and unravel things more every day. I try to keep winning and keep my focus on enlarging my scope and augmenting my basic purpose – which is to support and strengthen LRH’s purpose – and also saying how good it is over here. That’s what I tend to gravitate towards. That’s what I look for. That’s what I am about.

          So to sum it up, while I don’t mind knowing about the decline in enrollments or stats or the money grabs or differences in OTs and public in the CoS today, I treat it much as I look at world events: I know there’s still a war going on in the Mid-East, without reading a newspaper about it; I know Russia and the US are still oppterming over the Ukraine without listening to a TV news broadcast about it; I know that the housing market is down – or up – or down (depending on the day of the week) without reading a blog entry on it; and I know that the CoS is no longer LRH’s Church and has all the attributes one can fathom from knowing LRH policy without having to read it on a forum.


          • Thanks for clarifying Chris. Makes total sense.

            We will work to do this in future posts and if you and others can provide wins and other good news for posting that would be helpful.

            Just one win or article a month from our readers would have a steady stream of Theta and different contributors. Contributions are always welcome. 🙂

          • Chris,
            Like you, I audit daily, I study, I carry on the purpose moving forward as the main line activity.

            This blog/forum, is not really the “muscle work” of what Scientology is all about – that’s what you do with CSing, auditing, training and helping other beings climb up and out.

            I think the idea behind this blog was to provide a place where a more causative view was the norm. That is, looking at life from a viewpoint of being able to do something to live it better.

            Wins are shared here. As are issues that impinge on the Dynamics.

            I sure don’t get a dwelling on how bad it is over there. I do get an encouragement to confront “there”. Not necessarily “must confront” but certainly an ability to view the is-nesses we all face as Scientologists applying Scientology to the aims of the subject.

            This is Milestone Two’s blog. It isn’t the entire activity by any means, and what goes on in a given day is the above mentioned “muscle work” of CSing, auditing, training, succor to those who seek it, and keeping the home fire lit for those out there searching for it.

            It’s part of the motion. Encouraging win, while at the same time not leaving the ooky bits on automatic. Life is the entire gamut. And while it is GOOD over here, I think looking over there (with the contributions made on the blog) is a good thing, if it is toward a better there.

            My 2 cents right now.

            • My concern is there is an element of ex Scios who try to make the problems of the church all Rons fault. Ron becomes the cause of all their problems and some people who are just starting to do their doubt formula on the church may fall for this. Some have fallen for this. Anything that clarifies what actually went down, especially toward the end of Rons life, I feel is necessary to run the 3rd dynamic engram.
              Margaret Lake put it the best, she was trying to establish the truth about what the haters said Ron lied about. She established his war record as being what he said it was brilliantly.
              Personally I like seeing the wins, the accounts of people who have been at the top echelon, those who worked near dave, all of it, so long as it is truthful.
              I was in the boon docks so it all establishes a picture for me
              I never knew and I am not above having a bitch from time to time.
              In saying all of that, I do feel getting Scn up and going again is the no. 1 priority and anything that impedes that should be set aside and I agree with Ron when he said the most important people on this planet are Auditors and my respect for you guys getting up and going again under the current conditions knows no bounds, so I am more than willing to bow out on this one!

            • I understand, Jim. I didn’t intend to suggest there was a “dwelling on how bad it is”, just that there was enough commenting on it to elicit a couple of remarks about it; and I definitely do differentiate between this blog and MS2 itself. The comment was about the blog, not MS2, and wasn’t meant to reflect on MS2’s fabulous work in any way. It was just a viewpoint on something that I’ve noticed over the past while but didn’t mention until someone else also appeared to see it. Anyway, MS2 is like coming out of the stables into fresh mountain air, after one has been reading other blogs. As Lana suggested, I’ll try to post more tech wins and successes here. Cheers 🙂

            • To elaborate more-Ron emphasized Tech and theta. But, he was not mum about entheta either. We had the Freedom mag, golden rods etc.We were informed about alot. It was done intelligently , accurately and we had the right targets. There are people inside the Church AND outside who are working very hard to destroy Scientology.
              There is a great article by Ron, “Strong Voices In The Land”Here are some excerpts:
              “When things are not running right, when the public, unable to perceive why,drift down into apathy below perception, when a culture, already misguided, drifts further and further toward ruin, the nation is fortunate indeed that it has men with the genius to recognize approaching doom and the courage to speak out. Heedless, deaf to all reason, psychotic in their righteousness, the “pillars of society”, the ‘safe men” like the treacherous rams of the stockyard who lead the sheep to the slaughter pens, refuse to hear any faintest criticism of their senselessness and fight back with an underhanded ferocity that seeks by discrediting means to still any and all new thoughts.
              Yet a nation should be warned. When times decay and the death march for the system can still be heard still faintly but growing stronger, there are strong voices in the land……And at some time during its course, strong voices begin to be heard in protest and in exposure…..
              But there is still time. If those with influence and authority would listen, something could be done before it is too late.
              For there are voices in the land, voices of wisdom, voices indicating a way to go that leads elsewhere than to the long long common grave where old regimes are buried, usually without dignity of any tombstone other than a blot in the next generation’s history book”

              • Good one. Here’s another:

                (Excerpted from HCO POLICY LETTER OF 27 DECEMBER 1963, THE “MAGIC” OF GOOD MANAGEMENT.)

                D. MALCONTENTS

                See that the place stays clear of entheta and natter. Use O/W liberally. Spot the spinning malcontent and do something energetic. Don’t get reasonable about natterers. If they’re hypercritical they have overts. If they have a real complaint they’d talk to the management, not everybody else. These people are just nuts and they spread disaster. They drive off all the good staff members and prevent new ones, yet there they stay pattering madly about things they don’t understand and haven’t read. As they drive off good personnel, if you don’t watch it you wind up with only nuts. So the natterer is no light problem. Don’t hire them in the first place, but if you do by accident, deep six them during the probation period provided. Don’t fill up an Org with disaffected persons just because you have to have bodies. This is a tough one because at least half the people about are incapable of understanding what’s going on but capable of howling like mad about it. They prevent work. They’re just chaos merchants. Natterers that hang around an Org, with “an apartment nearby where all the students go” should be processed or shot from guns.


                The Spirit of Scientology is one of help, a flippancy for the Authorities Who Know Best, a hope of getting onward, the one possible escape from the condemnation of this place. It doesn’t include doubt and “I’ve an open mind” or reasonableness about those who would stop us. It’s an aura of new horizons, a better life, an invitation out of the muck of all the misspent yesterdays. It’s an offer to be born again. When it is discounted, played down, put alongside of psychology, medicine or self betterment Carnegies, it’s being betrayed. The door is being closed on the millions. Omit playing my tapes, omit remembering why we’re here, go into agreement with the idea we’re just another Org like Murrays and you’ve had it. The atmosphere of Scientology is a lot more important than new buildings and modern furniture.


                Keep down the danger in the environment by actually winning steadily against it. As per Scientology Zero, don’t increase it. Only the Merchant of Chaos does that. The natterer is obsessively selling a dangerous environment, trying to frighten others, trying to decry their belief in Scientology because it gets in the road of their desire to alarm and frighten others. Don’t increase the danger in the staff member’s environment by sudden firings, wholesale staff reductions, etc. It’s the manager’s job to find work for his staff to do, not reduce the staff to fit the work. Use job security, reassurance and nice steady wins to reduce the danger of the environment. Some day every Scientology Org will be sanctuary for any person within it by civil law. Just now, handle this by keeping morale up and winning against the outside. Don’t fire or let off permanent staff members. Increase the volume of work to do. And laugh at these attacks. That’s all such puny attacks deserve anyway, no matter the noise they make. The staff uncertain of its jobs, uncertain of the staying power of Scientology and the Org, cowed by raging executives and threats is in an apathy of no-work. One sweeping firing can wreck a place for a year. One threatening Staff meeting can reduce work for weeks. Raise staff tone with raised security, good temper, wins they know about, and steady even if small progress against our enemies. And publish the wins so they don’t come only on a rumour line. And boot out the Chaos Merchant-whose sole task is selling “dangerous, hopeless environment”. L. Ron Hubbard

      • I agree. Scientology is about the wins and gains to be had from the tech not continuous fixations on that criminal organization which some folks have made a career of.

    • Richard Lloyd-Roberts: “I love this group because it supports LRH. We all know the problems of the current church. My request is that we can try to keep that off our comm lines via these posts and just focus on promoting real LRH tech.”

      Like many others, I already reached a point where reading about the Co$ is kind of boring, so I’m more interested on sane and good Scn, and I focus on my processing (and studying) outside the Co$. (I’m also completely disconnected from the Co$ and its members).


      MS2 foundation lays on iScientology. A main concept of iScientology is that, as a group, it is an omission overt to just disconnect from the Co$, practice sane and good Scn, but do nothing, say nothing about the dark side (the Co$). See Beliefs of Independent Scientology: http://www.iscientology.org/about-us/beliefs

      Even though there are a lot of web sites pointing out the Co$’s outpoints, usually, to more or less degree, they are failing to do a proper cluster analysis, and failing to differentiate between intrinsic and extrinsic properties of Scn, thus promoting or implying that Scn equals Co$, or/and the Co$ (including its overt products and DM) are a natural evolution of Scn, etc. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluster_analysis , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intrinsic_and_extrinsic_properties_(philosophy) ).

      Taking into account that this is a public blog read by different kind of people, IMO, the optimum is to focus on promoting and showing good and sane Scn; but also, comparing and showing its big difference with the current Co$ and its overt products. Also, some people, after going out of the Co$, keep some of the harmful traits of the Co$; so this blog, by showing Co$’s overt traits compared to sane and good Scn, could help them cognite and improve themselves.

      • A remark on the foundation of MS2. Indeed, the “iScientology” site was the initial location of Lana’s blog. Then it was moved to its own site, and with the title reference to MS2.

        We, at MS2, have stayed on the initial purpose line, as described at the Home page. the iScn site has a peculiar circumstance now where its founder has denied Scientology, found out its really just a scam that LRH started to make money and this person, publicly, has stated that he now really gets it, after reading Russell Miller’s book (?!, considering the utter fallacy of the book as documented on Margaret Lake’s website -http://scientologymyths.com/hubbardww2.htm).

        The Axioms on lies, the denial of self, the fognition of the Second Postulate are all still very much a part of the considerations of this here universe, that those here, are considering, be it on “auto” or not.

  4. Lana,

    This whole out exchange thang raised its ugly head with the Safe Environment Fund which as you remember was canceled by the Ol’man then came the IAS which was basically the same wolf in sheep’s clothing but by then Ron was off lines at Creston and by then the CMO junta had fully taken over so the out exchange accelerated then in ’93 we had the “victory” over or more accurately sell out to the IRS making all donations tax deductible and out exchange went into warp drive.

    Where its stayed ever since.

    The old guard would have never countenanced this but by then a new breed of “Scientologist” (like the ones Tom was referring to who were loaded with cash AKA whales) took over who were basically untrained “OTs” who liked getting stroked for their “contributions” and having their picture taken with the man at the Patron ball and it was game over for the Church which by then had become totally corrupted.

    • So true RR.

      As cash whales are stripped of their money and go bankrupt, they are rejected by the group as ” out ethics” and doors close to them, as their milking days are over.

      Cold and heartless, the group bank ejects them, and they are left with their photos and plaques/pins/pens, confused and lost as to what they did wrong that caused them to “pull this in”.

      Left at the top of the Bridge, as a bogged OT who has been sec checked continually in the middle of the NOTS non-interference zone, and generally with little actual auditing training or experience, the cash whales lay beached and dying.

      The bank becomes all consuming. Wrapped up in case problems many just try to out as much distance from the group and themselves, which eventually results in de stimulation and the decision to abandon the subject altogether.

      • Right Lana,

        Their are a few beached whales who comment over on Marty and Mike’s blog going on about how they’ve been “victimized” the Church.

        You know some of them the same people who used their influence peddling to get a sweet heart deal with HCO to suppress their staff or look the other way when they were making some dirty deal of some kind.

        I think the last comment there was that Ron had a point when he started the ConEvil Eval since some of these people were real low life sleaze but instead of keeping them at arms length yet the Church embraced them after IAS was initiated.

        Ever wonder why Miscavige have so much power?

        Well aside from a possible conspiracy involving the Intelligence Community and “Justice” Department (all you gotta to do is read the Inslaw Affair to see what sleaze some of these people are:

        http://archive.wired.com/wired/archive/1.01/inslaw_pr.html )

        Is the fact that many of these low lifes they call “Patrons” support this ignorant crude and rude scum ball who has hijacked the Church.

        If way back when they stopped flowing him power more accurately filthy lucre. He would have long since would have dried up and blown away.

        That old saying that people get the government they deserve applies to the Church as well.

  5. My postings may be a bit restimulative, but what I am trying to do is to point out long-standing issues from the departures of Scientology tech and admin that I was witness to with my 20 years in management and time I spent uplines. My intent is to run out the sabotages that were put in place that will thwart our efforts to resurrect Scientology as we move forward.

    For instance, the routes in for the bridge are sabotaged and i explained how they were destroyed and what the correct source and route is. That article is countering the watered down courses and so forth.

    The “Books makes Booms” article points out how this maxim from LRH was altered and how we are going to change that back. As a result of that article we now have the HCO PL that was hidden by the diminutive one that LRH blocked the massive selling of books to in-org public as a main stay.

    I intend to write a lot more articles that are actually evaluations on the departures from standard Scientology Tech and Admin over the last 20 or even 30 years so that our children have a bit of a map back to the correct applications of tech and admin.

    Hope you understand.

    ML Tom

    • Hey Tom,

      You’re a good man, one I look up to. I like your articles, in the main. However, I don’t find them restimulative; I find them monotonous – not in the way one would assume, but in the sense that this is something I see all the time and I depart blogs that tend to continue to point this stuff out (such as that SA blog that seemed to start out all right).

      I know this is just my perspective, my opinion on it (Axiom 31 here); I’ve been out a while now – still active in applying the tech, but also active in evaluating the lay of the land. I do my own looking and observing. (Many other blogs and websites have looked at these areas, even those that “went over to the Far Dark Side”. One of the best IMO is the Friends Of LRH website with excellent analyses and references.) I don’t need to have it continually shown to me in order to evaluate what is happening over there. In many ways perhaps the field is a reflection and result of what has transpired within the CoS. Regardless, it’s all transparent with a sound knowledge of tech and policy.

      I guess it’s mainly me and my “wants handled” – lol. I sometimes feel like a lost soul looking for a place to call home, some place that just “feels right”. I also don’t need to have this run out (I’m doing quite fine on VII and getting wins auditing and C/Sing others). I handled my “charge” on these areas and I’ve spotted the departures from tech and policy (and continually do so) and other issues occurring with the CoS. I also think the best thing for our children would be to audit them using standard tech so they know what it is, and when ready, train them. I think that would be a good thing.

      But for sure, I hope you continue on with what you are doing. You are a voice of sanity and reason amidst all the noise out here, and I’m sure there are those that DO need to run this stuff out. In the meantime, I’ll continue to audit and C/S and will definitely pop in now and then to say “hello”. 🙂


    • I don’t find them restimulative at all , Tom. I actually find them very helpful and needed. Evil should and must be confronted in order to defeat it. BY showing the way something really IS , an as-is-ness is allowed and the attention tends to goes off it freeing enough att units to concentrate thus, on the positive. Please do so continue with your great articles. They are very much needed.


  6. I think there is a big difference between whining and complaining about how bad is “over there” and correctly pointing out the “outpoints over there”. The first one just enturbulates and stir up the PBC as one is only assigning blame and electing others as CAUSE. The second one has a “freeing quality” as it points out the exact outpoints of a scene and the exact causes for decline enabling us to see things as IS , and thus allowing an as-is-ness.

    If it weren’t for this blog’s articles exactly pointing out to the outpoints from the Church ,I would never have found out about the exact PT scene at the Church. I would have been still at doubt concerning the CofS. You certainly are not going to find unbiased and unprejudiced evaluations about the Church by reading Rinder’s or Marty’s. I tried and it didn’t go well for me. These “evaluations” at those blogs are “tainted” by lots of restimulated M/W/Hs. Even thought many of their comments might in fact be right , the ensuing natter and critic of Scn and LRH make them lose credibility and confidence. The newcomers to the Independent Field tend to just agree with the Church about Independents just being a bunch of nattery and squirrel lot when they visit those kind of blogs. Many times they just go back to the Church as they thought of it as the “lesser of two evils”.

    So articles written as a result of standard evaluations done by competent evaluators such as Tom Martiniano , are incredible helpful to us newcomers. Tom’s articles as well as the articles of many others from MS2 like Lana and Jim Logan , have been very “eye-openers” for me. I am of the opinion that EVIL should and must be confronted if we are to conquer it. It is confronted by showing its exact anatomy by correct evaluations. These correct evaluations have a tendency to de-PTS more than enturbulate.

    One just needs to make sure that a correct balance is kept. A dissemination of wins and outpoints in a correct balance. More wins and results from standard delivery , but keeping the other aspect too. New people are constantly arriving at this blog and they must be shown the difference between the “Church of Scientology” vs just “Scientology”. I think MS2 is doing a superb job on that. My hat off to them.


    • Well , if it is a good evaluation like yours , done in a competent way , and clearly showing the exact outpoints of a scene , it won’t really matter going up the 20% as far as I am concerned. But I think that more emphasis should be placed in disseminating delivery wins because the newcomers will want to know if the Independent Field could be trusted or not. Make no mistake about it , they will be comparing the Church against the Field and deciding about the standardness of each just as I did. And if there isn’t many wins disseminated , then how are they supossed to find out ? How is one supposed to establish the standardness of lack or ?

      For me it is not just a matter of saying that auditing is ocurring at the Filed and that there are people who are winning every day. Words are just that , words. PR is defined by LRH as : “Good Works Well Publicized”. He defined it further in PR Series 28RA as : “Effective Cause Well Demostrated”. So it is not enough that wins and gains are ocurring. It must be “well publicized” and “well demostrated” as well. I can’t think right now in no better way to do this than with the heavy dissemination of wins and products. I am only seeing this being done with more intensity by the DROR center at Israel. I would certainly want to know about the results and products of all Delivery Centers. I keep saying that this is a weakness and I don’t see much change in this direction yet.

      I might be new and everything to the Field , but I am a very competent observer too.


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