By Tom Martiniano

A Korean co-pilot flies a new Boeing 777 Dreamliner from Seoul to San Francisco. He is a new student with this particular airplane. The student pilot approached SFO runway 11 and found that the electronic guidance for runway 11 is out and instrument landing is therefore not possible; he has to land it himself without autopilot. Even though the weather is sunny and clear, the student pilot crashes the $225 million dollar plane on the runway leaving two dead, scores injured, the plane utterly destroyed.

How could one crash a super-sophisticated plane such as the Boeing 777?

An in-depth study of this crash revealed that South Korea has one of the worst education problems in the world. The teaching methods in this country for the past 2,000 years is the method of “rote learning” and they have this way of learning down to a science. As a result, student pilots in Korea can quickly study the entire manual for the 777 and when they are done, can tell you anything and everything you want to know about this airplane in total detail without any comm lags. And they can “fly” a 777 but only as long as it is on auto pilot because they can remember which buttons to push in what sequence and so forth. But when they have the “plane in the air” in a simulator, and practice landing on the simulator with auto pilot off they panic, their heart rates go out the roof they crash the plane every time because they cannot fly an airplane without auto pilot. This is what the investigation uncovered. The pilots actually can’t fly an airplane because they cannot apply what they had learned.

There is a similar situation with Scientology since its inception. The worse education in the United States got, the worse the orgs became. When I run across people who have been in Scientology for years and then leave it and in some cases turn around and attack it, I know, for sure, that these people couldn’t apply the tech of Scientology while they were in. For if they did apply the tech, they would have had wins.

Picture a student who is in an org, studying Dianetics. He has a lot of Mis-Us on DMSMH and rolls off of the course. Then he gets onto staff and learns how to route comm and stuff from the Staff Statuses and then gravitates up the org board becomes an exec and then leaves when things get tough. He hates Scientology and hates it so much he decides to attack it. And why not? There was so much promise in this subject that the ARCX he has with it is monstrous. He will tell you the tech doesn’t work and you know what? From his viewpoint it doesn’t.

Some Scientologists “know” the tech and could probably explain a lot of it to you, but if these Scientologists were asked to apply it to someone or to life, they wouldn’t have a clue.

If they would have applied basic tech like the TRs that they learned and applied TRs to life, they would have had monster wins. If they took the ARC Triangle and used it on people until they became an ace on it, they would have had big wins. I can tell you right now that there are a lot of people who can tell you all about the ARC Triangle but who never successfully used it to get to any Understanding.

You have to apply what you have learned in order to see if it works. This is true of ANY science and any technology. LRH even had an answer for people who said “I applied it and it didn’t work”. He asked them, “Well, what did you really do?” And this is where it is at.

It is not that someone knows any Scientology tech, it is a matter of can he or she apply Scientology Technology that one has already learned. And if one decides to go out and use the ARC Triangle and it doesn’t work, then they must find out what they did wrong and get it fixed. Then try it again until they can do it and see the results. This is where the wins come from. Apply, apply, apply.

“Tech implies USE. There is a wide gap between mere knowledge and the application of that knowledge.”

“Many persons auditing have not crossed over from “knowing about” to “applying.”

“Alter-is and poor results do not really come from not-know. They come from can’t-apply. Drills, drills, drills and the continual repetition of the important data handle this condition of can’t –apply. If you drill auditors hard enough and repeat often enough basic auditing facts, they eventually disentangle themselves and begin to do a job of application.” – LRH HCOB 13 September 1965R OUT TECH AND HOW TO GET IT IN.

You won’t find many auditors around who have successfully audited for years saying that Scientology doesn’t work. If you do find an auditor who decries Scientology you will find an auditor who never really audited and who never really blew a PC out of his socks.

So all of you folks out there who aren’t on fire to help others with Scientology I say just take some tech that you have learned and apply it until you see it work.

Apply all of what you have learned and you will soon become an auditor, you will be soon helping yourself and others and you will be moving up the bridge like never before.

And everyone else, just take a piece of tech and apply it until it works its little miracle and then do it with another piece of tech.

You won’t be sorry you did.

20 thoughts on “It won’t work if not used

  1. This is perhaps the best post of MS2 ever, and the best advice you could ever get. It is vaguely similar to what LRH talks about in Problems of Work, when a confusion is resolved by taking one small piece and resolving that, then the next small piece, until you have resolved the whole thing. In this case, you’re taking any (and eventually every) piece of Tech you know, and actually applying it to life. You’ll find that each seemingly minor piece of Tech is far more powerful than you imagined. That’s because of how fundamental the Tech of Scientology is.As I recall, Ron said that Scientology was senior to life because it resolved the problems of life. This is too true. Moreover, in applying the Tech in this way, not only does it become *yours* (you can actually think with it), but your own self-confidence in life, and your confidence in the Tech both will be lifted a great deal.

    As that great sage of Western civilization, Mr. Nike, said, “Just do it”. 😉

  2. As you know I tend to be contrarian but in this I agree with you totally Tom.

    Personally I think we lost our way when we stopped emphasizing basics and pushing DMSMH.

    The wins attained from just going over the ARC Triangle, the tone scale and the 8 dynamics and having people audit book I on each other were always phenomenal.

    Anyway kudos to ya Tom for pointing this out.

  3. Great explanation! The dedicated GAT auditors are like the Korean pilots-How many PCs and Pre-OTs are originating like mad “I know my needle is f/ning”….”Why are we repairing my Int again?’…..”I know that I am clear” etc. and have it all fall on deaf robotic ears. All from hours of memorization and talking to walls!!!

    • So true Ingrid,

      Auditor “training” had shifted from reading the HCOB to drilling a bunch of useless drills to “perfection” (more like total rote robotic “application”) with the “aid” of a read simulator which was supposed to simulate actual emeter reads but really doesn’t.

      (Reads size, character, etc vary from PC to PC and Pre OT to Pre OT.)

      Worse believe it or not instead of having the student see actual reads on the Emeter drills film. They are all replicated on the “simulator”. But even worse than this.

      *They are all **prior**!!!!*

      Yes folks auditors at the Org are “trained” or maybe brainwashed is more appropriate to ignore all instant reads i.e. those reads that occur at the precise end of a major thought.

      This along with telling auditors to disregard any F/N that doesn’t go back and forth a prescribed 3 times is totally screwing up cases.

      In my opinion the above and the elimination of the original OT levels makes the tech seem “unworkable”.

      Thus not only will we have to get good at assessing RLs and CLs and doing C/S Series 99 actions on former PCs and Pre OTs but we will also have to be good at False Data Stripping auditors as well and doing Auditor Correction Lists on auditors who have been mis-trained in such a manner.

      These are pretty basic errors but wait there’s more!

      The “drills” themselves “teach” auditors to ignore the PC or Pre OT entirely and use the meter to invalidate the PC.

      Example auditor asks “Do you have an ARCX?” and PC says no or makes some comment about it. The auditor according to the drills is instructed to “TR 3” the question (though one wonders how you can “TR 3” a question that’s already been answered and still call it “TR 3”) instead of put in false or protest.

      In fact false or protest are rarely used in the drills since it is assumed that the meter like some magical oracle is right and that the PC is always wrong.

      Needless to say I wrote many reports that mysteriously got lost in cyberspace (on the RTC reports line) on these things until I finally reread the HCOPL Drills Allowed and tried to get these god awful drills *canceled* per the Verbal Tech Checklist.

      But I digress.

      Anyway this could be one of the key reasons why many leaving the Church and ending up on the “natter boards” feel the tech “doesn’t work”.

      • To add to this-If the PC crashes,like a korean piloted plane, and complains-he is the one who gets corrected til he realizes he must never complain. I can’t tell you how many from the Co$ have made the decision as PCs to never comm what is really going on, otherwise they end up in endless sec checks or lengthy “training’ cycles til they learn to behave.

        • We are not talking about handling case and the wonderful as-ising of it and getting someone into a kickass self-determined state-this i behavior modification to suppress the individual.

        • True data Ingrid,

          You say that your auditing isn’t going well at the Church and the next thing you know you’re being sec checked.

          Probably one of the key reasons is that most “auditors” there can’t handle a 53 to save their life.

          Thus it’s easier for them to “sec check” a PC into docility.

          I mean screw that time you went ext since we don’t do ext any more and forget about all those bad lists, wrong whys and indications. What I want to know is about is that time you stole a piece of candy when you were 5 years old.

          Worse than that Korean pilot they crash and burn on take off 😉

            • Interestingly enough, I am finding that it is simple basics that are out and not being used and applied by auditors, and when people land at my place we are stripping back the arbitraries, confusions and out-tech that have people all wadded up.

              A recent one was a preclear with chronic high TA. This was sorted out simply using the CS 53 (designed for that very purpose) which found a number of reasons including the fact that she had been indoctrinated to sit very very very very still so that there could be no chance of body motion. She had all her attention on holding those cans completely motionless, and making sure she ignored her nose (that wanted scratching) and trying to persist without shifting in her chair (despite the loss of circulation in her feet and legs due to her short stature and the fact that her feet hung and did not touch the ground).

              The poor woman was so out of session, when in session, it was no wonder things had been awry.

              Just finished two intensives with her, TA in range, and huge wins and gains. Just needed the basics in so that she could be in session.

  4. Yep, Ingrid. It’s a disease that ought to be eradicated completely!
    Quarantined at least, immediately. “Mind-Control-Miscavigitus.”

    One very badly off, little virus (poison), if you ask me! 🙂

  5. SCIENTOLOGY, 11. a body of knowledge which, when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual. (Scn 0-8, p. 251) 12. knowledge and its application in the conquest of the material universe. (HCL 1, 5203CM03A) 13. an applied philosophy designed and developed to make the able more able. In this sphere it is tremendously successful. (HCO PL 27 Oct 64) 14. an applied religious philosophy dealing with the study of knowledge, which through the application of its technology, can bring about desirable changes in the conditions of life. (HCO PL 15 Apr 71R)

  6. I really like this article. Thank you Tom for communicating it so well.

    There are two basic technologies I have been concentrating on for more than a year (as you can tell by various articles that I have published).

    One is word clearing — which is absolutely amazing in terms of what it can do to assist a person being able to learn and APPLY something (not to mention handle the tantrums and attitude of children).

    The second is on the communication cycle, as detailed in Dn55! and the accompanying lectures. I have been really learning the power of communication — and using it with family, friends, work, my Scn community and of course, in session. To the degree I can achieve a smooth, in-ARC comm cycle, it seems there is no limit as to what can be accomplished.

    Two very simple datums but incredible in scope and power.

    • Right on Lana. Word Clearing is one of the most important tools that there is. I did a seminar on the entire school system in Harrison County Mississippi a few years back. I drove home study tech to the principles and key teachers (around 40 in all) and drove home study tech. They went from last place (Counties) in the United States to 150th in just one year. They were making students clear words and use dictionaries and their teaching skills magically improved. I believe the crime rate went down in that area as well, if I recall correctly.

      Word clearing, study tech as Espirito pointed out, is so vital to the whole game.

      ML Tom

  7. I just wanted to add that a THOROUGH grounding in the Study Tech will prevent Korean airplane crashes as well as auditor crashes. This includes the Basic Study Manual, the good old Basic Grammar Course, the Student Hat, the PRD, Method I Auditing, the Key to Life Course, False Data Stripping, and other courses and actions.
    Ron gave us so many tools in this area. These are the most essential courses in Scientology in that they make possible the understanding and application of all the rest of LRH technology.

    These are the only courses in Scientology (or any subject) which one studies before really knowing how to study and learn. In the version of the Student Hat which I did back in the day, the last item on the checksheet said, (paraphrase) “Now, go back to the beginning of the checksheet and each step again using the knowledge which you have gained the first time through.” (!)

    Having a skilled course supervisor on these courses is very useful and possibly essential, because doing them is a bootstrap operation to quite and extent. In my opinion if a person really gets the information about how to learn and study in these courses, it is then virtually impossible to engage in roteness or remain confused for very long in any field of study, including Scientology.

    • Study Tech fits in with the definition of Operating Thetan. In Scientology Clear Procedure (see Tech Vols for 1957), under a section entitled Defintions, Goals, LRH defines Operating Thetan. That definition includes the following:
      “To achieve one on any subject it is only necessary to place
      the pc to some degree at willing and knowing cause point with regard to that subject.”

      Study Tech enables a being to go from sitting at total effect of words and books and materials, to being cause by taking up a dictionary and getting for himself what those words mean, taking himself up and going and looking at the area they refer to, and working with the data to see for himself if it is real to him and applies to life.

      THIS is part of the route to full OT. Study Tech is a starting point on the road to the being rehabbed and his native abilities as Cause recovered. It is vital to a person in life as well as vital to any Scientologist, studying at Cause.

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