by Manny

Today is an exciting day! I’ve just attested to Grade Zero and I now feel each one of it’s EPs ( referring to the four flows). I can now communicate with anyone, about anything and be as comfortable watching others communicate, without me. It has been really fun growing in my communication abilities during the auditing cycle. I always considered myself a good communicator, but it was always forced.

During the auditing cycle I’ve had very deep and heart-felt communications with my wife and daughters, and I didn’t worry about the consequences. I just put myself there in present time and let the communication flow. I trusted that communication would make things better and it did. Both affinity and reality are now higher than they have ever been.

Also, I spoke to a group of Scientologists this past weekend about my story and how I use Scientology basics to make the world work for me. I was very comfortable in front of the group and I considered that I was them and they were me and that sharing intimate details of my life would bring us closer with high affinity and reality. My story flowed out and that’s exactly what happened. I’m very happy.

I’d like to thank Ingrid for getting me through Grade Zero. She is the best auditor. I felt so much beingness from her that I was able to confront my issues with her help.

Thank you Ingrid.


8 thoughts on “Grade 0 complete

    • Which by the way, is very enlightening and well just plain fun when you actually do talk about it with your significant other. I highly recommend Grade O and…well, what Ingrid said 🙂

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