bypassed charge

by Ingrid Smith

I just handled someone on Solo NOTs who had done it in the Co$ for 20 miserable years. It is astounding how complicated they make it, but worse how charged up a person gets . Pre-OTs are not allowed to handle anything they want to handle, so no wonder people end up thinking OT levels are a bad joke. The OT levels are amazing and when done correctly get unbelievable results!

Here is the Success Story:

I had fears when I came here on this trip that I wasn’t going to be able to handle what I wanted to handle. That fear is now gone! I had so much charge on solo auditing after soloing for almost 20 years that I thought it was a subject that was totally uncomfortable and the thought of attempting to confront it created massive by passed charge.

I’ve now confronted it and found out that I can have huge relief by solo auditing out that charge. I got some confusions handled and know that I will now succeed and have more and more wins on solo. Thank you for the perfect help!


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