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OT Review

I recently was audited by Ronit Charny.  I am an OT 5 who has been off the Bridge for 2 years now.

After very bad experiences at AOLA doing the OT Levels and then FLAG for a one week review 2 years ago I had serious doubts about COS and their intentions.

When I read Ronit and Yossi’s story I emailed to congratulate them. One thing led to another and we arranged for me do a little auditing with Ronit.

Before meeting Ronit:

I had started to doubt my own state of Clear as how could a Clear feel the way I did? I was not living up to the description of “Clear” by LRH — not even close. I had lost my cheerful nature and was often sad and frustrated.  My tone was much lower than when I started Scientology — wasn’t it supposed to higher? I was enturbulated and felt heavily charged.  I had lots and lots of counter determinism.

I was terrified to audit.  I had made a postulate after FLAG not to ever audit again as that way no one could try to cave me in again.

I trusted no one!

Although I was able to continue my success in business I found little joy in my day and my ARC was low for others.  I manufactured ARC to keep business going.

I questioned my ability to recognize evil even though the promises made to me by church staff said that by the time you are OT you will be a “super thetan”.  Everything you wish for is yours!  Your perceptions will be unsurpassed.

I had gotten sick with Shingles just before Ronit came, well, the day she came to be exact, an OT with Shingles?   Really?

I had stopped believing in the tech, LRH and the validity of the Bridge.

Ahhh, but there was that one thing that kept nipping at my heels.  It was the phenomenon that came with the tech.   I had personally experienced and seen with my own eyes on the OT levels things that could not have occurred otherwise.  It was real!

After auditing with Ronit:

I am now without a doubt the product of OT 5.  In fact, the truth is I EP’d OT 5 in session with Ronit, not 3 years ago at AOLA.   I knew something was terribly wrong with my Bridge and COS but it never occurred to me that I was still in the middle of a step on OT5!

Ironically outside of the church I realized the promises made to me by COS and LRH.  The tech done correctly with good intentions is awesome. It does work.

I feel like myself again.  I handled all the negative things I mentioned above and more.  I trust my perceptions again, I am large and in charge finally ready for SOLO Not’s which is truly amazing considering before Ronit I was terrified to have a session.

Ronit is an awesome auditor!  I tell her she is the best in the world and she politely says “well, maybe one of them, there are a lot of good auditors out there.”   I’ve had many and Ronit is in another stratosphere.  She is what LRH would have wanted an auditor to be.

Oh, and on a side note she helped my husband to attest to Clear after 30 years of being bypassed.  After 5 CCRD’s the church messed up, 3 yay’s and 2 nay’s can only tell you one thing about COS, they don’t know what they are doing!

Just another day in the life of Ronit Charny!

Much love and thanks,



15 thoughts on “How could a Clear feel the way I did?

  1. A fantastic success story, but even more than that – an affirmation and rehabilitation of the power of LRH tech. Congratulations to DD and her husband, and to Ronit for making dreams come true.

    “When you hear people growling, when the lines are all awry, when the auditor has flubbed and the world of Scientology looks black, just remember that in the dozen years of sometimes despairing work and heart-breaking set-backs, the dream has yet come true. We have it now. We can and are clearing them all—and you.

    In Scientology just remember this when all looks dark:

    IT WILL ALL COME OUT ALL RIGHT.” LRH (HCOB 2 October 62, When You Need Reassurance)

  2. Wow !
    This is an amazing story DD !
    I am so glad that you finally found your way back to Standard Tech after your experience with the Church. I wish you great success on Solo-NOTs and in your life in general.

    Ronit , I’ve heard so many great stories about you and your great devotion to Standard Tech. Very well done. I only wish you could audit in Spanish too. Success in all your endeavors !


  3. Great success story! And a breath of fresh air for those who seek Standard Tech and who refuse to give up on their dream and the promise of Scientology and the State of OT.

  4. Great Success Story!
    Thanks to all who were involved in bringing this about and sharing it here. If we focus on the positive, there will be more of that.

    • Totally agreed Greta. Lovely to know you are popping in and keeping tabs on what is happening. 🙂

      We would love to have you sign up for the Technical Delivery Network too — not so that we can promote your name or contact details (they are not given to anyone)– but so we can send referrals your way and further network you with other Classed auditors, sups, C/Ses and Cramming Officers. We also have a monthly newsletter (next one being issued in a few days) and we have 31 people already signed up.

      You can sign up by going to the Technical Delivery Network tab at the top of the page.

  5. What a great success story and I am definitely in DD’s camp as regards the quality of auditing that Ronit delivers. I did nearly 80 hours early this year with Ronit and I can honestly say the time, money and effort to get out to Portland was worth it.!

    I think we will be seeing even more success like this as the demand for Ronit’s standard application continues to grow.

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