By Milestone Two crew

Some recent wins from a preclear moving up the Grades:

Grade 3

I had some ideas on what I wanted from Grade 3, but it’s hard to know what it is before doing it.

I think a good general description is that I feel that regarding life I have moved from living in the past and trying to suffer through the present to living in the present and looking to the future.

I feel a renewed interest in doing things without all the junk and bad feelings that would cause me to have back-off on doing things. It seems not serious where before I was feeling very serious about life. I feel like it’s just not that big a deal now.  I feel like I have more self determinism in life.

I think this would be a good “business booster rundown”. If you have a small business, big business or in any way have to deal with people and getting things done I think you need this in. I think this will help me with this.

Grade  4   

Ok, this one we really got in there and got it done. I feel like it handled a lot of things I had attention units stuck on and was worried about .

Some things I feel from this:

A renewed interest in life –  it feels like the seriousness and barriers are not there regarding life.

I feel a lot more comfortable around others and as a person in society. I feel better about my fellow man in other words.

I can see there were a lot of ways I was stopping myself and tying myself up and this level digs in there and strips that stuff away.   I liked this level.

3 thoughts on “Moving up LRH’s Grades

  1. Greetings !

    I didn’t get your name but I certainly enjoyed reading about your wins on the Grades. May you have a million more like that and a great adventure in the rest on your route as I am sure you will.


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