by Lana M.

We have touched on the subject of OT many times on this blog. I recently wrote an article about Axiom 1 and logically the next step is a look at Axiom 2 and 3.

“Axiom 2: The static is capable of considerations, postulates and opinions”

“Axiom 3: Space, energy, objects, form and time are the result of considerations made and/or agreed upon or not by the Static, and are perceived solely because the Static considers that it can perceive them.”

As I have moved from Clear up to the OT Levels, my reality and understanding of Axioms 2 and 3 have really changed.

I have been aware that I can be opinionated and vocal – but priorly I really did not understand that the decisions that I make in life are THE key influence on what occurs to me. No one can actually have any effect on me, unless I decide that they can.

No one can actually hurt me unless I consider that they can.

The two above axioms are very powerful and considerably different from the general view held by Western society at this time. The majority of society feel they are like flotsam and jetsam, floating on the waves of life, just drifting or landing wherever the current takes them. They are impacted by whatever storms or external influences they encounter, and there is little control of their future or destiny. They make the best of their lot, and suffer along.

But, unless a person decides, or considers that they are a victim of life, they cannot be that. Regardless of circumstances, background, employment or other factors, a thetan’s existence is determined by his own considerations, postulates and opinions.

A person has a failure at something, gives up and throws in the towel. Why? They have decided they cannot succeed and it is not worth trying again.

A person encounters opposition to a goal or a purpose they have, and they then modify or lessen their goal, so as to conform with the views of others. It is their own considerations of what others think that are the real blocks on the road.

My own experience in recent years is that my own decision has great power. An idea I had adopted in the Sea Org (while working at the Int Base )about my own failings and ineptitude, was simply me taking on the (false) considerations of others and acting on them. I felt incapable, and thus I was. I considered I was unable to handle the situation, and thus I was. I was told I was PTS, and I agreed, and I was (LOL!).

A lack of training, and of course being a stalled Clear did not help any.

But now training regularly, auditing others and enjoying SOLO NOTs, there is a stark difference. I take on projects, and they succeed. I decide to do something, and then do it. I work out what game I want to play, and I win.

I have had a few experiences now where the material universe as I have known it, has taken on a flimsy or almost transparent view.  And I am now noticing that what I perceive is really only what I consider I can perceive. A classic example is time — my ability to bend and extend time is growing.

Similarly with energy, as a “baby OT” I am now starting to find daily examples where my own perception of wave lengths and flows is changing, and as this does, I am now perceiving things I could not priorly. My telepather is coming on-line, and I am now routinely picking up thoughts and ideas of others.

I feel the excitement of a small child, just discovering how many adventures, games and activities they can be involved in. But it is as an OT, as a static.

It is learning more about myself and stripping back and removing what is not actually me. It is like coming out of a long slumber, to find there is an exciting adventure ahead.

In my view, one’s journey up The Bridge is very much about discovering, understanding and applying Axioms 2 and 3.

Do you agree?



12 thoughts on “What is a static capable of?

  1. Bravo, Lana!

    When I first read the Axioms, they were frankly, gobbledegook. Now many years later, they are the purest sense I’ve ever known. It’s still a wonder to me how skilfully written and organised they are. By any standard, they are an incredible achievement.

  2. Fantastic achievement Lana and so true.
    Sometimes I kind of feel frustrated in communicating to others just what Scn can do. How simple life becomes, there is no more introversion, there may be introspection but not introversion or obsession. There is only the game to be played, and that game is decided by yourself.
    I know I have a ways to go, but jeez what a ride so far!
    Thanks for posting this Lana, you have rehabbed my wins, I think my needles floating, and yes dave at least 3 times:)

    • LOL! That is great Cotch.

      What I find to be remarkable is that I go in session daily on my SOLO NOTs, snatch some time each night to continue on my auditor training lineup, and on weekends I audit people. In between, I juggle kids a household, a farm, a dog, and of course several work projects – and it just gets easier and easier and easier.

      Life is so simple. The complexity and counter flows/intentions/purposes just fade away. And the game gets bigger.

      We are even going to gym 3 times a week (we are too young not to be beautiful! LOL)

      It seems the adventure across the dynamics is far more than I had originally envisioned.

      And it is great fun too!

      • Whose we Lana? You got that big bear of yours going to gym too?

        What amazes me (at the point I am at), is it is exactly as LRH said it would be, but completely different from what I expected and basic Scientology makes more and more sense. Go figure, the Ole Man was right!!

  3. It is learning more about myself and stripping back and removing what is not actually me.

    I fully agree.

    When removing “other determined” thoughts, emotions and efforts, the “what-is-not-actually-me-ness”, the effect of one’s considerations on reality is more and more effective, and life starts to look like a road where each red light turns to green just when you approach the crossroads.

    This is what happens on well audited OT levels and people should know about it.

    As well as this reduced solidity of MEST universe to the benefit of Theta universe, perfect illustration of Scientology 8-8008, Chapter on “Creative Processing” : I have had a few experiences now where the material universe as I have known it, has taken on a flimsy or almost transparent view.

    Very Well Done…

  4. Axiom 2: The static is capable of considerations, postulates and opinions

    Let me tie this in with “Joy of Creating”. In case it wasn’t obvious to everyone, the static also creates his own emotions.

    My mom is a great mom, but she had a very nasty habit of pointing out what she believed were my character flaws, especially when I was a boy. Fortunately for me, I ignored her opinion when she’d blather on about this stuff. (Of course, I was a last life Clear, which I didn’t realize, and which she wouldn’t know anything about, since she wasn’t a Scientologist.)

    One thing she used to complain about was that I didn’t necessarily express the emotion she thought was appropriate to a given situation. There were lots of negative emotions that I guess I was supposed to wallow in, but didn’t. Instead, a lot of times I would consider my emotional response before expressing an emotion. And maybe I didn’t want to have the “appropriate” emotion, so I wouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong– I could range all over the tone scale and did. And we were a very affectionate family. Lots of hugs and kisses to go around, me as much as the rest of us. So I wasn’t emotionless. But if I thought a particular emotion wasn’t something I wanted to feel (no matter how “appropriate”), I simply didn’t feel it. Used to drive my mom nuts.

    One of the observations I made about this at the time was that people seemed to REACT to situations emotionally in ways that didn’t help the situation, and actually served to make the situation worse. They would get overly upset, when the best thing to do would have been to calmly figure out how to get out of the situation or compensate for it. I figured it would probably be better to, instead of “freaking out”, stop and consider how the situation happened, how to plan around it, whatever. But somehow, to my mother, this was a character flaw.

    Now, I’m not advocating against having or expressing emotions. By all means have any emotion you like, and as much of it as you prefer. I guess you could also tie this in with “On Personal Integrity”. Never let someone tell you how you should act or feel in any given circumstance. Not even your mom. Keep your own counsel. Those dynamics you have, they belong to you, not anyone else.

  5. Nice Article

    To me the bridge is about stripping back all that is not you.
    Which at the end YOU become CLEAR that there IS only you
    ( A Static )

    The abilities are not the aim but a side effect of becoming clearer about what is not you. When you CLEAR what is not you then there is more of what is you available ie: more native abilities.

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