By Tom Martiniano

Why is it so hard to come out and announce being independent of, and free of Corporate Scientology?

I came out after months of Q&A and procrastination. Linda and I were so worried about our kids and some of our friends who wouldn’t take it easily. But I finally put my foot down and just did it because we needed to get the show on the road. And I paid a LOT of attention to what was going on around me while I came out. It was a crazy adventure, and things happened as I thought they would. But paying attention to it as it happened made it easier to as-is.

The first thing that happened is people all around me disconnected from me. And I wasn’t even declared! Even though I pointed out that it was not per policy to disconnect from me when I was not declared, they still went ahead and did it.

WTF was that? Oh, OSA doing their thang.

But there was more to those disconnections than just simply an instruction from OSA.

So the question became “why did our kids and best friends disconnect so quickly and hard?”

This was very interesting.

I mean why did they listen to OSA so easily, instead of following my lead as usual? It took a little research but I found it in the tech volumes. LRH always has the answer.

The facts are this: Most of the people in Scientology know there is something wrong. Our friends and kids all admitted that they knew there was something wrong, but they didn’t want us handling it.

“Let someone else handle it” was what we got told a lot. This was the outpoint I followed up which led me to the situation: “They aren’t worried about me, they are worried about themselves, with what we are doing to them by coming out!”.

It reminded me of the 70’s when my parents gave me grief for being IN Scientology: Same feeling and flow, and the flow was that I was going to cause trouble.

For my parents in the 70’s it was that I was an embarrassment for joining a church that was controversial. They didn’t want me to embarrass them. But now it’s a little different. It’s the kids and the friends.

Then I found the reference:

HCOB 16 April 1982, LRH says; “PTS is a connection to an SP. That is true. But what may be overlooked is that persons of the middle class (which is a culture, not an income bracket, to which belong all the puritan hypocritical mores of the cop and the get-a-job-be-a-moderate-plugging-success) frown very terribly on anything that at the least bit tries to make a better world. The middle class wants the world of a job and order and even hypocrisy and cops because they are AFRAID. They hold their narrow views because any other views may disturb their twenty-year house mortgage, the store, the job. So when someone decides to make a better world, they look on him as a direct menace even though the dull middle-class world is a sort of slavery and suicide. It is the middle class that tries the hardest to keep the down-and-outer out and down, who go along with a cop America and hate support of anything not in their class. And nearly every PTS you have will be found one way or another to be PTS to the middle class. As a group, not as individuals, the middle-class parent world suppress anything different. So you have PTSes.”

People around me got mad at me for coming out because they are AFRAID.

They admitted aloud that there was something wrong with the Church, but they didn’t want me to do something to handle my church because it would upset their equilibrium with their society.

They all told me that they had jobs in WISE companies and they would be forced to disconnect from me or lose their jobs. WTF is that??

Disconnect from the person you love so you don’t lose your beautiful house and jobs?

It was then that I realized that I was PTS to the middle class. That is what most of this crap is about.

We rebels like to shake things up. That’s why we are here.

We’re not afraid to demand reform. We can look “declare” right in the eye and say “Make my day!” But those around us are afraid we’ll mess up their precious environment. And our friends and relatives are about to kill us for doing something radical: We are going to upset their delicate state of mind.

“Many of them are caught up in the mystery of why they are snarled at and have no conception of the middle class as a formidable and jealous force that goes psychotic when it feels anyone may get away from the treadmill and threaten their uneasy and doomed lives.”

So if you are feeling CI to coming out and announcing your freedom from Corporate Scientology, realize you are connected to a very rabid middle-class.

DM has built a middle class right inside Scientology. And these people are the Puritans of Puritans and they will still snarl at us after DM is long gone. They’ve given a lot of money and they aren’t going to easily confront the fact that they threw that money away and got taken for a ride.

But the rest of the middle class, the ones that work for WISE companies and have nice houses and nice cars and all of that are going to really give you a hard time. They will hate you for coming out. This is where the counter intention is.

Beat the counter intention and become free.

It is PTS-less out here and that is a good feeling!!

And I will tell you this: There is no Scientologist who has left Corporate Scientology, that is not doing well. All are improving on all of their dynamics because they are allowed to use Scientology.

Davey boy tells parishioners they cannot look at the internet because of the “entheta” there, but that is not it. The real reason Scientologists are prohibited from looking at the internet is that Scientology is available for free on the internet and Dave doesn’t want you to know that.

And what people find there is the real, LRH Scientology, not the “Golden Age of Alter-is”.



33 thoughts on “Get free of the Church yoke

  1. Glad you found your way out of the Rabbit Hole and Looking Glass world of the current Church of Scientology.

    Are they dramatizing Middle Class PTS over there?

    Oh sure but long before der Fuhuer took over.

    For instance “upstat” which means simply someone who’s stats are up was perverted to mean someone like Daddy Gotbucks and all the other sleaze balls who run the world with their filthy lucre.

    What the OWS crowd calls the “one percent”. You know the ones Ron tried to stave off with his ConEvil Eval.

    You know guys like fer instance good ol’ Adnan Khashoggi big arms dealer heavily connected to CIA one of the people responsible for BCCI scandal that Mike still thinks is a “nice guy”.

    Sky Dayton who’s mixing it up with the shadowy, corrupt and evil Carlyle Group.

    A top tier Patron of the Church who every once and a while throws peals of wisdom to the swine at OSA on how to cyber attack their critics.

    John Coale who’s the reason I’m paying seven bucks a pack for cigs and backing that loonie tune Sara Palin and lets not forget his dear wife Greta who is about as in with the in crowd as you can get.

    I could go on but suffice it to say that there are others who helped bring the Church down to the despicable level it is other than what seems to be the good ol’ SO scape goat Miscavige.

    The guys got backing. Overtly and covertly. By dark forces.

      • I completely agree with you Ronnie. It has become cool and fashionable with some to kick Sara around but I have to say I really admire her. My admiration was confirmed when I heard the circumstances regarding her Down Syndrome child. Sara discovered the Down Syndrome while she was still pregnant and could have terminated the pregnancy, yet she didn’t. I think that says so much about her character.

  2. Beautiful Tom, you sliced right through the miasma of bullshit and hit the nail dead on the head. People are afraid and turn into themselves like turtles for self protection. They have a mortgage, a nice car and are good upstanding citizens in their tiny one lifetime world and they don’t want anyone upsetting it.

    You remind me of a heavy-weight boxer who throws a beautiful left-right combinations and drops his opponent straight to the canvas.

    LOVE IT!!!

    • BTW, I did come out. My name is right there on the Indie 500 List and I sent a letter of resignation to Flag and signed like any other letter and was proud to do so. OSA knows exactly who I am.

  3. Tom you are entirely correct as well about doing better once you get out. Since I left, shortly after Debbie Cook’s letter came out, I was able to complete L12, OT 5 and the CRRD. I would have had to donate about $90,000 at least to do these at Flag. In the Independent field I got these three completed for about $21,000 and it was the best money I ever spent.

  4. Thanks Tom.

    This article reminds me of a time years ago, around the time of the “New Basics” release – when Karry and I were making rumblings to her family (all Kool-Aid drinkers) about leaving the church.

    Karry’s step-dad Steve was over at our house one night and my friend Bill Straass happened to be visiting too. Steve was trying to convince Karry and I to pay our Freeloader Debts and get back on lines. I told him there was no way we were ever going to pay one penny of that bullshit “debt”.

    At this point he started thinking out loud and said that he had a friend in the Sea Org with some “horsepower” and that maybe he could get his friend to help with our “Freeloader cycle”. He then asked Bill, “What do you think Bill? Should I do that?” Bill paused for a long time and finally said, “It depends…” And Steve said, “It depends on what?” Bill fixed him with a dispassionate stare and said, “It depends on whether YOU ever want to go up the bridge.”

    It hit Steve like a bucket of ice-water in the face.

    Needless to say, Ol’ Middle Class Steve dropped the subject and never spoke to us of “help” or “horsepower” again. Likewise, Karry’s entire family – with one word from OSA – disconnected from us (in writing!) as soon as we “came out” on Marty’s Blog.

    And we’ve been doing great ever since!

  5. Get out of that mess and as far away from it as possible. You can’t do Scientology in the Church. So if you are or were interested in Scientology, the only place is on the outside. All the real, best auditors and tech guys are out. Oddly I have not met any independent IAS reges.

    On being afraid_ you just have to grit your teeth and tear the bandaid off. Its really not that bad. Actually, aside from some possible arc breaks and disconnection its pretty awesome. You’ll get another job.

    • LOL. No IAS reges to be seen. Funny that!

      In 2005, I was really enturbulated and caved in on my departure from the SO (with a golden rod in my hand). It factually took me some time to destimulate and get my anchor points out again. And it was not a few weeks or months – it was actually 3 – 4 years before I was prepared to look or talk about the subject again, look it over and figure out for myself, what the hell happened?

      In 2009 I started asking questions, and talking to others, and searching for answers and information. As many do, I was anonymous at first, never posting my name – but then I got courageous, and in 2010 I put my actual name out there. Things got pretty heated as a result – with RTC staff showing up at my home to try and deal with me, and with my (now-ex) husband saying I needed to recant and stop talking publicly about the C of S or he would divorce me.

      Confused and worried about my young children, I tried to cooperate with demands in late 2010. I agreed to a Comm Ev, which found that my offload from the Int base had been off-policy, and my SP declare unjust. My freeloader debt was reduced from over $120,000 to just $5,000. Gosh, they wanted me back under control badly!

      I violated my personal integrity so badly on the cycle. I was only cooperating as I was being blackmailed.

      In 2011 I took the plunge and told the church to stick it. I lost my husband of more than 25 years in the process.

      It was probably one of the scariest things I have done this life, not because of what I imagined the church would do, but because I suddenly had to battle with my now-ex over children, money and property, while at the same time caring for a 2 year old and 5 year old, covering the large mortgage payments from a single income, and keep that household running.

      On top of that, I was sick as a dog – chronically ill with my immune system collapsed (wonder why??)

      But interestingly enough, looking back at what has happened in the 3 years since, everything changed.

      I got de-PTSed with some standard correction lists. I won the battle in the Federal Magistrates Court (representing myself, while my ex had hired a top-gun lawyer). I got onto my OT Levels and went from stalled Clear to now auditing on SOLO NOTs daily and loving it. I got a great job that is challenging and fun. I am enjoying the growing international community of Milestone Two (which just goes from strength to strength) and I have a new man in my life who beats the last one in every way.

      I have had people tell me “It is easy for you to say ‘sever your ties to the C of S’, as you have already done it.”

      Yep — you got it. It is easy for me to say it, as I have. And the happiness and success I experience daily is as a direct result.

      No question, severing the ties caused confusion, and randomity, and emotions ran high — but I got through — just as others do.

      A departure does not have to be with fireworks, or with public announcements. It does not have to be violent or nasty.

      Just look at your own integrity, work out your strategy, and make your move.


      • “I have a new man in my life who beats the last one in every way.”
        You have broken the heart of probably half of your admirers. 🙂

        • Thanks Deb. What is interesting for me is I have no more attention on the past, on the Int base, on past injustices, on earlier confusions. I am not a victim, and I am not impelled to repeat my story endlessly to others. I mention it here as it is fitting and comes with a message to people that people can depart from the church – no matter the challenges. It CAN be done.
          I have really moved on to creating the future, rather than dwelling on the past – which is really quite nice 🙂

      • “A departure does not have to be with fireworks, or with public announcements. It does not have to be violent or nasty.”

        Very true Lana.

        The best policy in my opinion is to walk or maybe stagger as the case may be away from that train wreck calling itself the “Church of Scientology” and start doing actual Scientology again.

        We can forget about CST ever making the determination that Scientology and the Church are no longer “coterminal” because its been totally compromised.

    • Yeah no IAS regges will ever be going on the outside unless it’s the nattering snake pit of ARS, OCBMB or ESMB because they’ve got too many overts.

      Same with those “Ideal Org” regges as well.

      All of them have a vested interest in this GI push currently going on.

      The only way they’d leave is when the gravy train hits its final station.

  6. I gotta agree with you all.

    Leaving the Church was definitely a release.

    Sadly I remember the days when going back to the Church was a release after being subjected to the vagaries of the “wog world”.

    Those days are gone for sure.

    It’s like stepping into some kinda implant station now with all the AV going on.

    Probably the Church of Helitrobus would be more suitable for the place.

  7. Very nice comment Lana. I’d like to add one thing to what was said in the post.

    There is a broadscale sickness in society and it is called “THEY are responsible. THEY will handle. Meaning, “what could I do alone?” It is a very nice service fac to not solve things for real — “I am too small or too weak to face it”. You”ll find that spread in the modern society. “THEY” means “the government” and for scientologists inside the Cof S it means “IAS” or “Management” or “COB” or “RTC”.

    It is always a minority of courageous people who think and say “This is mine”, “I am responsible”, “I’ll do something about it”.

    The whole structure of today’s “democracy” is to elect someone else who, people think, will handle every problem. This is a monument to cowardise because the one responsible is just in front or one’s mirror “me”.

    The National Education system for example in France is a complete mess. The training of the teachers is just insane. The overt products of totally non educated citizens are just overwhelming. Who will stand up? A tiny tiny tiny minority of the people. Why? “Because “it is the Government’s responsibility”. What a bad joke.

    I believe we Scientologists inside the Church — and I was part of it so as well guilty of that overt — inherited of that pattern which is building an SP group to be responsible for everything we can’t or will not confront. Going out of that system means “I am responsible” “it is my group” “it is my scientology”. It is much more fun like that.

    It is very interesting what you can find out when you really look and discover facts in society. If you want to have mass about outpoints and situations, I recommend you to look into your Educational gouvernemental system.

  8. It’s amazing what PTSness can do. Spot on, Tom! The Golden Tech of Alter-isness won’t pass to everybody. The church IS our Div 6. That’s just the way it is. More are going to come out. PTSness and MUs are the basic obstacles we are encountering.

    • Don’t forget the False data too , due to hidden data lines being accepted by scientologists at the Church. They are unknowingly overwhelmed by it and PTS to it , which hang them up at doubt.

    • True data Theo.

      Even back in the day when I was working in a Church sanctioned Field Practice most of our PCs were those who didn’t want to be audited by some Church robot and had sat out the entire 2 years required to get field auditing instead.

    • Roger that Ingrid.

      Reminds me of the quote Auditors Day unquote events where all the fat cat patrons got the best seating and all us auditor trained riff raff ended up in the cheap seats and the peanut gallery.

      Worse than that though was the fact that they added Solo Auditors to the roster of honorees.


      Probably because most of these Patrons have never done a stitch of actual auditor training and felt left out or whatever.

      I mean some of these so called Solo “Auditors” they’ve “trained” I wouldn’t even let audit a Psychiatrist.

  9. Congrats, Tom for putting the observation together with the reference. Well done.

    I hate to say it, but the one good thing that the destruction of the Church has produced is to separate out the cream of the crop from the rest. There are still a lot of bad apples out here, to be sure. And a lot of the good ones are pretty scuffed up. But once they get cleaned up, they will hopefully be a credit to the movement.

    This does not make everyone still trapped inside bad. They are, as Tom points out, PTS. And we have the Tech to handle them. Our best reference is “What Is Greatness”.

  10. The Co$ has become an excellent example of what is wrong in the world, imho. You have the “one percenter” at the top who has the sole purpose of staying in power and accumulating greater wealth. Those below him are, ultimately, slaves to his elitist system, enabling him to fulfil said purpose. He relies upon offshore tax havens, shell corporations, and makes secret deals with “the enemy”. He uses force to dominate, fear to distract, propaganda to confuse. The entire system is built to keep him at the top, the middle class conservatively content and the worker bees increasingly desperate and impoverished.

    When pushed too far into despair, worker bees rebel.

    Times are changing.

  11. When I left in 2005, 25% of the people that worked in my company resigned right away. Me and my wife lost overnight 80% of our long term friends. My brother disconnected.

    It was hard but I would do it again and again for the sake of real integrity and freedom.

    I lost many “fake friends”, people without honor that sell you at the drop of a quarter, and I gained many new real ones. I am auditing and really becoming OT without interference and without the suppression of the IAS, WISE and the likes.

    My brother eventually will be declared too or when he is old I will have to bail him out of no 401k, no medical insurance, no nest egg.

    I will be there for him when he needs me because I am a person of honor. I am a Scientologist.

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