by Motti Morrell

Commendation – Tami Lemberger, auditor

In life, a person has to find himself a good teacher, a good doctor and a good auditor.
Since 1978 I’ve had tons of auditing from quite a few auditors in Class V Orgs, AO’s, SH and in the field. Some auditing was good, some bad, some so-so.

The auditing I received from Tami Lemberger is the finest I’ve ever received, by a long shot.

While in the Church, my stable datum was that even the best auditing required frequent correction lists to smooth out glitches and errors. Correction lists were an inseparable part of all my auditing.

But with Tami, there is no such thing. Every session ends with a dial-wide F/N or a Floating T/A. I never needed a correction list.

Tami’s TR’s are natural and flowing, never robotic. Her ARC is so warm and boundless, it easily dissolves any ridge. Her application of Standard Tech is flawless and effortless. The sessions are short – never more than an hour, often much shorter. And yours truly floats out of the room with VVVVVGI’s every time.
The only problem is, that too often, a persistent F/N prevents me from receiving further auditing for days.

No wonder that while in the Church, Tami received the planet-wide “Auditor of the Year” Golden Lion award not once, but twice.

And now, out of the Church, in the independent field, she continues her tradition of excellence of 100% standard original LRH Tech with her PCs.

Tami, Ron would be proud of you!

20 thoughts on “LRH would be proud

  1. אני מסכימה עם כל מילה של מוטי מורל. אני בעצמי קבלתי אודיטינג מתמי. היא אודיטור מקצועי, אם arc גבוה מאוד ורצון תמיד לעזור לאנשים! כל אחד יוצא ממנה עם הצלחה ופתרון!

  2. I agree!!! Auditing from Tami absolutely as per standard tech and natural , lovely !!!! I received many hours from Tami and I’m totally happy personal !

  3. Motti, every one of your words – Gospel!
    Been there with Tami many many hours, over a long period. Amazing, enlighting, educating, full of hope and growth.
    A great being, applying the tech with wisdom, tolerance, HUGE ARC and…incredible common sense. The only way to deliver any auditing, and especially OT levels and Nots. After the repeated out-tech, suppressive CoS service, she, her auditing and friendship outside auditing room, were life savers!
    For anyone who needs faith in the tech restored Tami is it!
    For anyone unfortunately needing his faith in humanity restored, Tami will be my 1st bet too!
    With great appreciation, and big smile,

  4. It would be really valuable to read a write-up from Tami. Yeah, “read LRH and apply it.” But as we know, that’s not a guarantee.
    I love to learn more from those who do it right and good.

    • Sherry,
      Applying LRH is the guarantee, but it is making sure that there are no misunderstoods, false data or alterations that make success hard. If you want to learn more about how to do it right and good, join the Technical Delivery Network, hook up with trained technical terminals, and they will assist to make you the best auditor you can be. 🙂

  5. Hallie Jane, September 10, 2014 at 2:37 pm:

    … “Auditing is the only, real, unique activity that differentiates Scn from other religions and practices. It is the ONLY thing that is important to produce in the group. The wins of pc/preots and well trained auditors are the only actual products. These so called 4th dynamic campaigns are just a ruse, to look busy, and put the fundraising on a large scale, so the parishioners can feel they are causing good effects with their donations.

    I could argue all day with the haters, but there are 100′s of millions of dollars worth of evidence, that many, many people considered auditing to be extremely valuable. Because I have only ever been a tech person, non SO, my entire experience has been helping people and I can attest, first hand, of major and massive wins for many, many people.

    I do feel for those who’ve never experienced this, or who had hopes which were dashed. I am truly horrified, at the gross out tech that’s been witnessed and experienced by so many, including myself. The complete degradation of the SO with physical torture, and spiritual torture, by the constant wrong indication that they are basically bad, or that their entire being is a huge mass of walking O/Ws. Several generations of SO members have been subjected to this militant environment of gross invalidation, evaluation and wrong indications (also a source of blows) to the detriment of their cases and well being. Not to mention the defeat of goals, of a more sane and decent society, that they hoped to forward.

    I feel Scn auditing is extremely valuable therapy, done in a completely spiritually safe environment for both the pc/preot and the auditors. Intention may seem an ethereal concept, but in the absence of good and helpful intentions, real auditing cannot occur and ‘black’ Scn is perpetrated. It’s a real shame that high level, decent auditors don’t get their due as the exceptional people that they are. The perverted mess that is called auditing in the radical church, is a travesty of what is possible.

    People who want it, deserve and have the right to real, caring auditing, without all the cult bullshit. I LOVE that real auditing is available, in the independent field, for those who wish it, and the market will sort out who will succeed.”

    • Hallie Jane, September 10, 2014 at 9:04 pm:

      … “The great thing about independence, is that you can do what you want. If you don’t feel comfortable or the price is too high, you just say no. You can choose another religion or none at all. You can do it in your own time with your own priorities in tact. I know someone who gets auditing and also does a Christian service on Sundays because both fulfill a spiritual need. It is increased responsibility too, but for me that’s perfect, because I don’t need or want someone, who I don’t know and trust, messing with my life. I was a total mess after my first and last flag auditing and cried all the time even in my sleep! My bad condition did a lot to get my family out. I am very grateful to my lovely indie auditor who did a thorough ‘Questionable Auditing Repair List’ and got me squared away. I did a couple of L’s also just to make cob wrong. 🙂 “

    • “the market will sort out who will succeed”….

      This is a false datum. All one has to do is to look to see that: between the out-tech in the church and the field, it’s a dog’s breakfast. What will ensure success are auditors who maintain LRH’s standards in the delivery of Scientology tech, ethics and admin.

  6. Chris Mann, September 10, 2014 at 8:03 pm:

    “I just did Grade III and IV with Tom Martiniano about a week ago and I’m very happy with it. I feel a lot better- a ‘new lease on life’ I would say. IV in particular was some pretty heavy stuff. I’m different now – I’m more me. III was great too. I feel fresh and life is good now. I was feeling a little ‘stale’, in part due to this whole mess with Scientology and the Church. We handled that on III. I’m not a big fan of crying, but I had a big ARC break on Scientology. You come across something, you see something good in it and join up with a group with the purpose of doing something good and helping people, and one day it just blows up and you’re out on the street. That’s a killer. I ran out of kleenex on that one.

    I wont get into a big ‘success story’ here. I just wanted to chime in and say that I believe it’s good stuff when done correctly in a good environment and that it works, for me anyway.”

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