By Tom Martiniano

Some Scientologists think, and sometimes ask, the burning questions that no one really has the fortitude to confront. They want to know, “Why do some OTs act aberrated?” Or, “How come an OT is not able to do anything spectacular?” Or, “What is wrong with him? I thought he was OT.” Or, “He’s Clear, isn’t he? So why is he so sick all the time?” Or even, “Why are some OTs (or Scientologists) so unethical?” (My pet peeve)

These are questions I have been asked a lot through the years. And they are valid questions.

I dug in and did some research starting a couple of years back on exactly why Clears and OTs can act weird and how come sometimes they didn’t get the gains they felt that they should’ve gotten.

There are quite a lot of factors involved in what happens to a person who goes Clear and/or OT and falls on his or her head. But, once again, if you confront the subject with curiosity and interest only (without any fixed ideas or Service Facsimiles) one can find out what’s going on and get to the bottom of this great mystery (which isn’t a mystery at all – it is what LRH told us all along).

I looked in Science of Survival and I found what I was looking for to answer the question of, “what is wrong with some Clears and OTs”: From Science of Survival, Pg 338 LRH says:

“There are, one could say, four distinct sources of aberration. 

“The first is occasioned by phrases in engrams which specifically dictate certain obsessions, compulsions, repressions, delusions, neurosis, and psychoses. Such phrases, however, have command value on the analyzer, which does not know they exist below it in the reactive mind, only to the degree that the case is charged with entheta. …

“Therefore, there is a second type of aberration source which is simply the amount of charge there is on the case. This might be called mechanical aberration. It does not stem from specific commands but stems from mental inefficiency by reason of cumulative entheta….

“The third kind of aberration is environmental and is the result of aberrated persons and situations in the individual’s present time environment. This is normally temporary, but cumulative environmental entheta has a chronic effect in the case. …

“The fourth type of aberration is educational, being the cumulative entheta of the culture in which the preclear was raised, the irrationality and bad data he has received as a result of his education – by parents, in schools and by experience.” – L Ron Hubbard

The first type is, of course, handled by auditing out the engrams.

The second type is handled with destimulation, auditing, assists, word clearing and so forth.

The third type of aberration is handled by educating the pc, word clearing, false data stripping, and training him up in a vocation that is constructive. LRH calls a “Cleared Cannibal – the individual without engrams who seeks survival in accordance with his breadth of understanding. This does not mean that a Zulu who has been cleared of his engrams would not continue to eat missionaries if he were a cannibal by education; but it does mean he would be rational as possible about eating missionaries; further it would be easier to re-educate him about eating missionaries if he were a Clear.”

The 4th type of aberration is education and this is handled with student hat, then schooling, then training on how to audit others.

The first is lightly and inadequately done, in my estimation.

The second is not well understood and not done correctly. No one really digs in and handles cases anymore. See the entire Expanded Dianetics Series if you want to see the master at work handling crashed OTs. The ARC level from LRH to the pcs and auditors handling them will make you weep. I tell you, C/Sing like that is never done in any org right now and rarely in the field

The third is probably never done and Clears/OTs still run around with horrible stable datums from their past and sometimes present environments. Cultures are so diverse that LRH had to come up with a new culture with new mores and stable datums. This is found in the Booklet “The Way to Happiness”.

The fourth is not done and there are plenty of OTs who really don’t understand Scientology and what it is all about. A Scientologist, per definition is; “One who betters the condition of himself or the condition of others by using Scientology tech.” (Aud 73) and “One who understands life. His technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life.” (COHA) and “A specialist in human affairs.” (Ability Mag 1).

Raise your hand if you are a “Specialist in human affairs”. Raise your hand if your “technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life.” This is what a Scientologist is supposed to be. A Scientologist is not just someone who gets rid of his aberrations. If that’s the case, he is still a “Cleared Cannibal”. After clearing, a being needs to learn how to be effective in his environment. So with a combination of being Clear, rehabilitated as a Thetan, he now needs to find out how to clear others and while he is doing that he will learn axioms and maxims in life and become a true OT.

LRH said that half of the gains are from training (the left side of the Bridge).

Think with that; the left side of the Bridge.

A lot of OTs think that they take care of this datum by doing solo auditor training and therefore are auditors. Not even close. When LRH says that HALF of the gains come from training he meant something on the order of SHSBC or even up to Class VIII. Not just Solo. For if one were a really dedicated, trained auditor and really learned how to handle people, he or she would be relatively unaberrated and could be counted on to behave very OT. According to the HCOB The Bridge To Total Freedom one should be a Class IX if he were OT VIII.

A highly trained person would know how to handle life situations. A highly trained OT would be able to conduct business in the business world ethically and without screwing his associates because he would understand the dynamics of business and making money and would include everyone in the process.

If you or someone you know is Clear and/or OT and not behaving as he or she should, look no further than the above. It is not just a matter of holding onto the cans at FSO and “Going OT”. That is just a smaller part of it. The other half of the grade chart is needed in order to make a real OT. And if one is planning on being an entrepreneur or business person, he would be wise to do the OEC and FEBC training in order to be OT in groups and organizations. One has to do all of Scientology not just a little of it.

Do you want to make real OTs? Then get your pc’s/Pre-OTs cases patched up as needed and then get cracking on getting them through tech training and get them to start auditing (applying the tech) and learning how to handle life.

This is how to be OT.


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  1. Science of Survival helped me many times to stay analytical in the face of compulsive, neurotic behavior, so, yes indeed, education definitely assists the person in handling their own minds and others. If looking strictly at the mind and what it is composed of — which is another good question to ask oneself — it appears to me that Clears and OTs still have a reactive mind, albeit less so. “Postulates off” equals more sanity, more abilities rehabbed.

    I feel compassion for those who received their auditing in the Church and now the wrongs can still be corrected — outside the Church.

    What [analytic] postulates did the thetan make in order to experience himself as individuated? Is there a “First Separation” traumatic series of incidents as a result? “Native State” has always been and still is my driver and I won’t settle for less. For myself, understanding GPMs and good GPM tech is key.

    The Church used certain covert game strategies, such as appealing to one’s various ego drives and so some Scientologists who leave the Church can still carry ego baggage with them, including the victim egoic mentality. Compassion was not an official measuring stick of OT’ness.

    You asked some good questions to launch a discussion and I look forward to reading the comments.

  2. I am nowhere near OT, or making OTs, but your article (and your other articles too) makes me blow charge, Thank you for posting!
    Ian 🙂

  3. We, as Scientologists, have been deeply frightened and deeply intimidated into NOT asking questions like these publicly. My wife and I have had numerous discussions about it privately, but it’s forbidden territory publicly.

    First off, neither one of us is OT. So we can’t know what it’s like. Asking such questions hightlights our deep ignorance. Asking these questions can get you accused of having “hidden standards” about OTs (and in some cases, I suspect that’s very true). It’s also considered invalidative of the Tech. And it could serve to invalidate the gains of OTs, which no sane person would want to do.

    All of this has been true since long before DM entered the picture. I remember back in the mid-70s being hit severely for asking questions like these. I’m not saying we shouldn’t ask these questions. I’m saying that for as long as I can remember, it has been considered forbidden territory, subject to the worst kind of rebuke.

    Now, here’s a real example of why you WOULD ask such questions, from Advance! magazine’s “OT Phenomena” stories: A guy’s driving around and realizes that he’s out over the hood of the car. Fair enough. But then he decides, “Oops (giggle), I should probably get back in the body.” I’m reading this, thinking, wait a minute– what the hell’s wrong with this guy? Who in hell told you you were supposed to stay in the body? Or that it was the wisest, best or safest course? If you can safely drive an automobile while floating over its hood, why not just stay out there and use the experience to sharpen your perceptions of traffic, the environment, or, heaven forbid, just have more fun? Instead, you’ve got some knucklehead OT who thinks it’s somehow a silly OT goof to not be inside the body while driving. WTF?

    Another example that’s always perplexed me: sleep. Why would an OT sleep? It seems like the silliest waste of time in the whole universe. “Hi there. I’m an OT. For 1/3 of the day, I go anaten while the body heals itself.” Seriously? I’ve never been to Paris, the Grand Canyon, or Australia. Sitting here, I could probably list about a thousand things I could do with the down time the body spends healing in the dark at night. Now maybe OTs don’t sleep, but they just don’t mention it publicly. And if so, I take it all back. And maybe the ability to operate independently from the body is an ability not routinely produced as a by-product of the OT levels. In which case, my apologies to any OTs who are offended by my question. My mistake for having a “hidden standard” on the subject.

    I’m not sure if I agree entirely with your analysis. But I will say this: my wife and I have noticed that we see the most aberration in OTs who have the least training, tech, admin and otherwise.

    As to the question of: “How come an OT is not able to do anything spectacular?”, it’s always been considered bad form to ask questions like this. One problem with it is that you, particularly as a pre-OT or “merely Clear” aren’t qualified to ask the question because you can’t know what an OT is really doing all the time. OTs are (as far as I know) discouraged from “showing off” and likely for good reasons. And for all you know, the guy may be in three places at once, filing papers, driving to the airport, and having sex with his girlfriend. Any number of things are possible, and they could be happening right under your nose, and you’d never know it.

    Now, on this last point, let me add this. When I was first in Scientology, and the EPs of the OT levels were actually posted on the Bridge (which I thnk they should still be, by the way), I noticed a lot of things which WEREN’T included. Such as, the ability to move objects at a distance, or the ability to “read” the history of a place just by being there, etc. And yet, from the stories LRH tells and from what I’d heard, such things were often a part of the OT experience. I came to the conclusion that the OT levels themselves do, in fact produce the EPs on the Bridge. But they may or may not also produce other abilities, depending on the thetan. And in studying the PDC (Philadelphia Doctorate Course), it became clear that a lot of OT abilities were simply a matter of an OT or thetan exterior (or theta clear) simply applying himself to practicing something and becoming better at it.

    I’d like to thank Tom for bringing this subject up, and Lana for allowing the post. The anti-Scientologists often bring things like this up to “prove” that Scientology is a big scam. And frankly, I’ve been hit so hard for asking questions like this (publicly and privately), I’m very gun shy of doing so. And to all you OTs out there, please understand that there is no intent here (at least on my part) to invalidate your gains.


    • Hi Paul ,

      The real fact is that an actual OT has never neen produced in the Church , period. All the “OT” levels from New OT 1 to New OT VII are actually
      Pre-OT levels. LRH called OT VIII “the first actual OT level”. See LRH ED 341 Int 9 May 1982 , RJ 35 , “From Clear To Eternity” item #6 on pag 1.

      I know of no Pc who is a Solo-NOTs completion to full EP (per the exact
      un-adultered NOTs materials) who have also done Original IV-VII to their stated EPs AFTER Solo-NOTs, not before ; and who is then completed on the Original OT VIII as the full RD originally designed by LRH w/out alterations and w/out being extremely quickied.

      If I am mistaken and such a person do exists, then please raise your hand and I will accept my error in generalizing. But I don’t think that I would see any hands raised. How do I know ? Just look around you.

      With persons with abilities such like the ones I just described ,you just wouldn’t have a DM around , I guarantee you that.

      Please, I do not want to offend any VIIIs nor to belittle their great wins in any way. I am just presenting a fact, not an opinion. To handle a problem or sit one must first, gain an ability to face it and see is AS IS.

      Someone “Cause over thought, life, form, matter, energy, space and time”
      is simply non-existing in PT. If there is , I want to meet him/her right away cause we’ll play some very interesting games together indeed.

      So what Tom is actually talking about is “Pre-OT” behavior and not OT behavior.

      That we have produced individuals in that direction of OT with increased perceptions and ability including many OT phenomena and even what you may call “psychic phenomena” (NOTs will understand) ; YES. No doubt about it. An actual OT ? I guess not.

      Just take a look at the definition part by part , would you ? :

      1. “Cause over thought”. Now if you are cause over thought your “case” doesn’t influence you. Period. There are no GPMs getting in your way even your “actual” GPMs which are not handled at ANY released OT level by the way (I meant your actual Goals).

      If you are cause over thought, you don’t have contrasurvival impulses making you do stupid things. Being “cause over thought” and yet behaving in an out-ethics and destructive way are “condratictory facts” , an obvious out-point.

      2. “Cause over life” . If you are cause over life your dynamics are aligned towards your goals and purposes. You have no “problems,worries, anxieties, PTSness, income trouble, kids trouble, marriage trouble, work trouble, the cat , the ballon ,etc, etc. None of that.

      3. “Cause over form, matter, energy, space and time”. If you are cause over forms and MEST, you can certainly move out of your body anytime you want and go anywhere you want ALWAYS, and not just when you feel “released” due to some immediate RD and then lose it all, more or less.

      In fact, you would not need a body at all to “play the game” and experience the “spirit of play” , the thetan’s most precious treasure. You would be able to “Operate” as a thetan , not as a body, you wouln’t need one.

      You would not want to play the down tone game of “let’t have another lifetime when we die and pick up another piece of meat full of
      wrong-right dichotomies, synthetic Karma, implanted sickness and goals, implanted GE not handled at ANY OT level in existence, full of “flies” again
      (NOTs understand). I mean, what kind of purpose is that ? Just look at it, just really inspect that , that can’t be self-determinism. That’s slavery. That’s being very silly. Sorry if I sound too rough, I just want to open a few eyes here.

      So “OT behavior” ? I guess not. What we have is Pre-OT behavior. Let’s not downgrade the def of OT , ok guys ?

  4. Bit of a hidden standard this topic in some respects.

    OTs merely have more of actual “Me” than the guy starting out on the bridge. I’ve personally seen relatives complain to the auditor because Joe is no longer in his usual out-valence beingness they used to recognize him as.

    I’ve also seen OTs pull huge O/Ws on others and justify and pawn it off without a second thought. Or be unable to duplicate properly to perform certain tasks well. But that’s an individual thing, not a common denominator of OTs.

    I may get different wins from the same process than someone else might. We are not all the same, in fact going OT is more “individual” and behavior of “OTs” as a group is someone’s A = A generally for the purpose of invalidation.

    There was a time in my local org several decades back where several OT Vs were ordered to the FSO for sec checking because they ripped off some of the “Lower Cases” who were looking up to them causing internal PR flaps. Overall they were not trusted by the average parishioner and acted as if they were a club onto themselves. I’m sure the AOs had a hand in this for out-tech as well. Sometime later they were all ordered back to redo their NOTs and the FSO did start slamming down on them for out-ethics conduct. Well that’s all history now, because the mighty buck is the center of attention these days.

  5. Scatjappers,
    You should ask questions and you should get answers. Grade 0 is the ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject.
    There is no reason for an OT to sleep. Bodies sleep but it is useless for a thetan.
    There are lots of things to do while the body sleeps, like ponder problems or go places and look at things. Also, there are many exterior entities to observe. Life is everywhere.
    Bodies are useful for communication with other people. Even though, you can just put thoughts in other peoples minds should you so desire. Then it is their idea.
    If you desire to help people with bodies, they like for you to have a body so that they can locate you.
    Also, remember there are gradients of OT. Being exterior is one. Being exterior and able to perceive is higher. Being exterior and being able to communicate with another is higher . Turning water into wine or walking on water, may be further up the scale.
    The bridge to OT, in the church is completely booby trapped. Sec checks in the non interference zone, 3 swing fn’s (overrun), and ptsness to dm are well known examples. Many are falsely attested as OT when they clearly are not and real OTs are declared SPs.
    Someone would have to be really trained or I doubt they would have any chance of making it.
    Just my observations and opinions.

    • Dan351:

      My family, while not Scientologists, had lots of OT phenomena happen in our midst. And I was always a spiritual/philosophical kid. I read a lot of books which talked about the spritual (not religious) side of life (Colin Wilson’s “Philosopher’s Stone”, Castaneda’s books, etc.). I didn’t necessarily take what I read seriously, but I did believe that most of the spiritual phenomena I read about were possible, given my background. The first time I saw the upper Bridge (the first day I walked into an org) I was sold. Those were things I’d either experienced or read about in my books, and I figured any place that advertised being able to produce those states either had some serious gonads or could actually do it. I banked on the latter, having read DMSMH a few years before.

      When I was on staff, we used to serve QM (quartermaster duty– stay up all night at the org keeping watch over it). I used to ask all the old timers what were the best tapes from the Academy to listen to while otherwise doing nothing. I wanted tapes that talked about OT, space opera, etc. I learned quite a bit about what LRH thought about OT, and the various aspects of it. (Years later, I learned I’d actually been there when some of those lectures were recorded.) A few more years later, I read the Axioms. Brilliant and a complete primer on how to make universes, including this one. A fewer years further still, I studied the PDC (Philadelphia Doctorate Course) and learned even more about the subject of OT and the (then current) techniques to produce the state.

      All of which is to say that, without being OT myself, I’m relatively familiar with at least the theory of OT. OT is a definite state, though a given OT may or may not have all the actual abilities that an OT could have. The potential is still there, and simply requires practice to gain those abilities he does not have. His considerations govern how much of his native abilities he has recovered or can exercise.

      And yes, LRH also defined OT as a gradient as well. He expected Sea Org personnel, for example, to act OT whether they’d been through the OT levels themselves or not.

      As for questions on the subject and Grade 0, my 0 is pretty flat and always has been. But as I mentioned earlier, I’ve probably been hit harder for asking questions like these than any other issue I’ve been hit for (and I’ve been hit a lot). Which is why I’m especially happy that someone “above my pay grade” has broached the subject in public and made it relatively safe to ask them.


  6. Here are some very relevant quotes from “Booming an Org through Training” :HCOPL 3 Dec 64

    ” Many people “want to know about Scientology but don’t want to be an auditor you know….”

    You’ll have to break that attitude.Honestly how can a person use Scientology who can’t audit? How can an executive us it in his business if he hasn’t trained? Well, he can’t. Thats the reality you must put across.

    Don’t say ” if you want a happy home, get audited.” For that may or may not be true. There may be so much messy environment and so little auditing time that there’s no win. Say instead the bald truth as you and I know it. “If you want a better environment become an auditor!”

    Thank the HGC for what they do. Demand the Academy perform only Miracles.

    “The only thing which ever gets us into public trouble is an HGC. if we had no HGCs we would almost never have a ripple of discontent from the powers that be.Why? Because an HGC brings us the the failed cases of the AMA-BMA psychoquacks. thus we gather the lunatic fringe around orgs. One can never really discover the bad cases until they’re processed and then its too late. The characteristic of a lunatic is one-way-help-flow. They don’t want to help anyone. they only want to be helped. The moment you insist they help others they either a) vanish or b) do so and get well fast.”

    DM and his cohorts destroyed training. The Church HGCs are full of the lunatic fringe, but heh if they have money and lot of it……..Now a bunch of these untrained badly handled products end up out here and on the natter blogs. “Yes,I went all the way up to OT8………”

    • Thanks for posting this Ingrid.

      That’s pretty much what happened when the Junta took over.

      They concentrated on auditing instead of training and look where they are now.

      Heaven forbid we fall into the same trap ourselves.

      At some point we’re going have to really push training and push it hard.

      In the meantime some of us have our hands full with the Church’s “failed cases”.

      Also many of us who are trained are going to need back when this flow from the Org turns into a deluge.

      Probably wiser ones than I are figuring this out.

    • Excellent post, Ingrid! I agree with your observations regarding auditor training and auditing. I have been around Scientology for over 40 years and I can’t think of anyone I have known who audited others regularly who then “fell on their heads”. There may be some who have done so, but I have not observed it. Auditing others is a truly OT activity.

  7. Scatjappers,

    I was never one for airing out our dirty laundry in public. As most though there are exceptions don’t have any reality on the state of OT.

    Also it is a High Crime per the Ethics and Justice Codes to invalidate the state.

    True there are many “OTs” who invalidate the state by their actions. Yet because they are rich patrons the Church never puts their ethics in and since the tech is so badly out over there they never handle what has been bypassed.

    Actually the references that Tom gave are good but there are others in the C/S Series and the Advanced Courses regarding OT review which include what is called the OT IV Rundown which is supposed to sort out what was missed on the case before advancing to the upper OT Levels.

    Funny thing is that the original OT IV Rundown is no longer done having been replaced by “New OT IV” which pretty much exclusively handles drugs.

    Yes true drugs are a big factor but they are not the only factor that prevents an OT from being OT.

    Another thing is that NOTs is not an OT level. It is a *pre* OT level. It is *Dianetics* (see the HCOB Dianetics Versus Scientology) that is used to address things that can no longer be addressed with Dianetics at lower levels.

    Then there is the fact that the original OT levels which give the *pre* OT familiarity with operating as a thetan are no longer being delivered by the Church which is in my opinion a big fact Tech Degrade that very few seem to have noticed.

    PTS to Miscavige?


    Nice justification but it doesn’t fly. Not at that level. Especially when you look over the 3 May PL and materials relevant to L10.

    Beside saying that Miscavige all by himself could take down the Scientology Network which was composed of OTs in my opinion discredits the state more than anything. In fact I cringe when anyone promotes that idea. Along with the one that he is some kind of heir apparent and is following in Ron’s foot steps.

    Pardon me. But as far as I’m concerned that is a crock of excrement.

    But I digress.

    One factor that we all can agree on though. Is there has been an enormous amount of *Out Tech* that has been perpetrated instigated by who knows who to bring us to where we are now.

    In my opinion despite what is going on in the Organization is to get Tech back in which means doing each level to a real EP and not bypassing it as in O/Ring it as per the HCOPL Tech Recovery which has all but been forgotten by the Organization.

    And at some point we’ll be making real OTs.

  8. One of Ron’s best books imho is “The Creation of Human Ability” and those drills can help a person stably operate from a more expansive viewpoint other than that of being a body. And they don’t really require an auditor.

    • I agree Colleen COHA is an incredible book. The R 1 processes in particular are very OT processes.

      My favorite is R1-11 the Grand Tour 😉

      I also agree that you can run many of them Solo but still it would be good to have an auditor on your lines just in case.

      But as Ron says in Bk 1. Any case is better opened than closed and I’d say running COHA is a good opening.

    • Colleen:

      Re COHA, very true. It’s been noted that most of the material on OT was well-covered early on in Scientology, and then less so later, as LRH felt the need to undercut and undercut, to allow everyone to go up the Bridge. (And of course, more “barrier” material was discovered later which related to OT, namely the Wall of Fire et al.)


    • Doing R-1 processes w/out fully handling the NOTs case first can be very tricky. And doing them w/out full use of the Int RD data can mess up a case. Also per “The Original Thesis” , “the PC + the auditor is greater than the bank”. I can’t imagine doing Grand Tour by oneself and getting “stuck in the sun” or an implant station.

  9. In addition to my other comments above, I’d add this: I have certain abilities (not particularly exotic or anything) which I put down to being Clear. I thus assumed that all Clears could do them. I have since learned that most other Clears do not have these abilities. I don’t know where/when I acquired them; perhaps I never lost them as abilities in the first place. But I have learned not to expect them from others. And it’s occurred to me that other Clears may have abilities I do not. So I temper my expectations of what a Clear can do.

    I suspect the same is true of pre-OTs and OTs as well. Yes of course, if you’re OT III, you’ve got “freedom from overwhelm and the return of full self-determinism”. But can you know who’s on the phone before they call? Maybe not. Maybe you’ll gain that ability as you continue on to OT VIII. Or maybe you won’t. But in that case, it’s probably a matter of simply practicing until you can do it. Or maybe you don’t want that ability, since it does remove some of the randomity from the game of life.


  10. What I would do with the “OTs” that Tom is refering to would be a full “Advance program” on them. I would inspect for any obvious Bridge steps that the person had missed and never achieved the full EP of.

    Things like “has problems” (out Grade I) , “can’t really comm”
    (out-grade 0) , “is hostile and motivatorish” (out-Grade II) , “makes others wrong and is stuck at sits” (out-Grade IV) , “is stuck in past ARCxs, dramatizing BPC” (out-Grade III) , “chronic low TA” (unflat III) , “with preasures from environment” (possible uflat III, and/or out-Grade IV) , “dramatizing evel purp” (possible out-Grade II [FPRD forms] , unhandled Expanded NED) , “with unhandled sens, somatics, fixed thoughts and behavioral patterns” (unflat NOTs) , “with a severe unhandled aberration” (unhandled L11) , etc, etc.

    These “OTs” never really made it. Period. Thus you see all those strange behaviors in some “OTs”. The Tech always works if applied as exactly written. Failure to do that creates this “false perception” and results in a “mystery” as one is wrongly assigning a state to someone who doesn’t really have it. He never made it in the first place. He is not really a Pre-OT. He is a “False IV”.

    Lots of Advance programs are really in need out there. And obviously training to. Tough training. But after the Advance program.


  11. Thetaclear said

    “The real fact is that an actual OT has never neen produced in the Church , period. All the “OT” levels from New OT 1 to New OT VII are actually Pre-OT levels.”
    and then said
    “I know of no Pc who is a Solo-NOTs completion to full EP (per the exact un-adultered NOTs materials) who have also done Original IV-VII to their stated EPs AFTER Solo-NOTs, not before ; and who is then completed on the Original OT VIII as the full RD originally designed by LRH w/out alterations and w/out being extremely quickied. ”

    This is my reality also. I dont believe a stable OT has been made, but Im willing to be wrong if anyone wants to put up their hand. I believe it is very possible, but if we look at the state of Scientology as it is today, we can see that it hasnt been in a stable state generally, not without LRH anyway, so the state of cases as they are today shouldnt be a big surprise.

    I also believe that if you are stuck in a body and think you are a body, and I believe that the degree that you can go exterior is the degree that you know you are not a body, you are subject to a massive influence, survival, food, sex, different dynamics, its a hell of a mind consuming game, that is on par or bigger than the reactive mind or the OT levels case. But after going Clear and having the OT levels case run, exteriorization can then be stably achieved. But of course that is something the current church does not do, or even acknowledge the origional OT levels, wonder why.

    Training and auditing others, without a doubt, some of the best wins Ive had as a Scientologist, and something I want to do a lot more of and be the best I can be at it.

    But I also believe for the next step, that as Thetans, we want a game, and as Ron says, any game is better than no game. To play a game you have to not know probably around 50% of it. So you aint going to be OT when playing that game, otherwise its not a game.

    Just livin as a homo sap is a friggin mess, and the fact that Ron figured the damn thing out never ceases to astound me! But I do want to thank dave for putting the Basics and ACCs together, because it was when doing these that I realized that the current church was no where near the message that Ron was trying to get across.

  12. I never did the OT levels. The state of OT as such is somewhat unreal to me. However, having had great wins from the Grades and some NED, (Clear needs to be checked), I can already experience the power of thought over mest. In addition, I recovered my ability to imagine and so, handle thought in various ways. I begin to feel some OT phenomena.

    Now what I did that helped me a lot when I decided I could never do the Bridge in the Church, I had not yet met the “indies” or rather, the free Scientologists, I restudied everything from Book One. But much more, I studied Man. Yes Man. While studying the books and tapes in the right order, I was observing and observing and observing Man and also Life. A very very interesting drill. I realized I had no clue about the reality of the Basic Principle of Existence: Survive! Oh well, and so what? What’s the big deal? I was questioning everything I believed to be true. “Believe”, what a mistake. Observe and doing it is much better. So I started to SEE.

    Then when I arrived on Science of Survival, I audited my wife on the techniques of that book. That was hot stuff. Same with Advanced Procedure and Axioms and the marvellous tapes of Thought Emotion Effort. I audited her on Handbook for Preclear. Incredible data on it and how to handle facsimiles with counter emotion, Emotional Curves, getting the Service Fac, all of that stuff is just powerful. Sure enough I overran her badly on Act 15 because Ron tells to start all over again. Well I did without realizing that at that time, Ron did not find yet about overrun phenomena. Oh well. But the wins were there.

    The data on Chart of Human Evaluation and Chart of Attitudes are incredible and one needs to know well all the tapes which goes with it, the Human Evaluation tapes, Science of Survival tapes, and also the Professional Dianetics Auditor tapes (these last are the 1st tapes talking about ARC Triangle. Just great.

    I learned more doing it that during my 25 or 30 years in Scientology on staff, including on the Academy. The fact to be out of the Church, able to observe and take a look, a real thorough look, and apply, apply, apply, all that gave me a certainty I have never had.

    Now my question about OT is this one: is it really possible to make it at all with all abilities while the other dynamics, particularly the 4th and the 5th — Life — are so enturbulated. No need to invalidate the state of OT. But surrounded by so much entheta, is it possible to operate properly as OT? I am not that sure.

    Auditor IS OT. Look, look the ability to as-is mass. It is OT. Now can you get a pc to as-is anything if he is in a very enturbulated environment? No, he will not.

    Can you just become FULLY OT in such an enturbulated environment on Earth? Somehow, I feel there is a missing element in the equation.

    Look, if you were surrunded by a group of psychos ready to kill you and your wife, would you feel the love you have for each other? I couldn’t. Too much attention on the environnement.

    Do you see my point? We are fighters. Otherwise we would not be part of Milestone Two. We are OTs, without any question, but may be in front of a big fire in our building we might not have quite the attention and intention needed to become a piano expert. May be our OT power is totally oriented toward the real game for now — how the hell we are going to vanquish the reactive mind and help Man get out of the enturbulation. We are specialists in as-isness. That’s what make us different. We are specialists in turning entheta into theta. Frankly, no need to self invalidate (hope I don’t evaluate), this is definitely the most precious OT ability for right now Life and livingness.

    WE CAN AS-IS ENTHETA AND TURN IT INTO THETA! It is a first in the History of Earth and may be before, since the first book DIANETICS and the second one, SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL. We can raise people on the Chart of Human Evaluation and Chart of Attitudes. We can turn entheta into theta. Consider this. Personaly I found it absolutely simple and incredible.

    • You bring up a good point here Joe and really the basic reason why Orgs existed to begin with and that was to keep all that enturbutation at bay until one went OT by training and auditing and then went out and influenced society.

      Aside from any other factors like who is really influencing the Organization and the actual why. Is the fact that near the beginning of the change in management or as I call it the coup was the destruction of the Franchise or Mission network which I believe was intentionally done in order to cut the Organization’s reach.

      Then there are other Div VI functions that were either destroyed or totally perverted like for example the Auditors Association which basically no longer exists due to the lack of training in orgs these days and the “OT” Committee which was supposed to be a spear head or vanguard into society which is nothing but a social club composed of Fat Cat donors who reg each other for donations and like to pretend they are doing anything effective.

      Like those limousine liberals who like to throw money at things and think that this will fix ’em.

      Worse they are totally caught up in this Field of Dreams philosophy of if you build an “Ideal Org” they will come.

      I mean you read some of their so called “success stories” they feel that they have some how secured the future of mankind by contributing to some ostentatious edifice which ends up being vacant.

      I could go on and on but the fact is the Organization has become a self licking ice cream cone that feeds on itself.

      • I fully agree with you on all the above points. Actually the name of Div 6 was “Distribution Division”. Distribution has to do with sending out the products gotten through good and thorough work by Div 4 and 5. Then the products go out via Div 6 to spread out the word and actually Clear the society by action and auditing.
        You know what? The number of auditors auditing in the field will tell the quality of the org. Simple no? Should have been the only birthday game stat!

    • JLS:

      Any level is designed to produce a certain end phenomenon (EP). You do all the processes of the level and the C/S and auditor watch your progress. There may be signposts the C/S looks for to determine that you’re done. When he believes you are, you report to the examiner. The examiner puts a piece of paper in front of you with a sentence or phrase on it, and you are asked if you’d like to attest to that. If all is done right, you say yes and you are certified complete on that level. This is a SELF evaluation, after the C/S has satisfied himself that you are ready for it. There is no other objective test. They don’t try to ARCX you after Grade III to see if you can handle it.

      Unless I miss my guess, virtually all levels, including pre-OT levels are done this way. So yes, you can attain a certain level without the rest of the universe having to attest to the same thing (all dynamics).

      Just my opinions here.


      • Scatjappers,

        This is the problem when you start talking about OT Ability with “wogs” or the ex”scientologists” or do I repeat myself who frequent ESMB, OCMB or the other blogs.

        They feel that if one was truly OT then they’d be able to do all these cool parlor tricks that OTs are supposed to be able to do based on whatever hidden or not so hidden standard that they have regarding the state of OT.

        Not only that but some how on demand and if you can’t then you’re not OT.

        (Aside from the fact that even if you did all these miraculous things that they clamor for they’d say it never happened anyway.

        Sorta like the mantra of the skeptic or more accurately pseudo-skeptic that even if it was true they wouldn’t believe because they basically view the world from a narrow a priori perspective anyway.

        So even if you did something incredible they’d explain that some “natural phenomenon” coincided with the event of that there some slight of hand involved like they tried to do with Remote Viewing.)

        So basically what it comes down to is that these gains made on the OT levels are like the earlier levels personal and subjective.

        That said. The original OT Levels had certain EPs and like the lower grades if done correctly they can be achieved and with practice can be maintained and expanded.

        Like for instance the ability to operate outside outside of the body.

        Something most thetans haven’t been able to do for say trillions of years with the occasional rare exceptions on the track.

        Now about these schmucks at the Church.

        Are they OT?

        Maybe they were at one time but had been subjected to so much inval and eval on the subject that they caved and started acting like jerks.

        Or maybe like that doll in the Training with a Doll movie they committed so many overts and are so out ethics as beings that they are now restraining themselves which is why L10 and the others Ls are such OT Boosters when they are correctly done.

        That plus the fact they are so untrained and have such a lack of understanding of the state and such a fear of what Kant called the “unknowable” that you could probably audit them for several lifetimes and not get them out of their heads with anything but a frickin’ can opener.

        That’s my think.

        • RV:

          Yeah, of course. The truth is, it’s not up to OTs to prove to us they can or can’t do anything. And the fact is that an OT can have tremendous abilities you’d never know about. And it is very likely in the best interests of any OT to keep his abilities a secret. This is why I suggested elsewhere an “OT Club” where OTs could share their experiences with other OTs, but not with PCs and Clears.

          It’s only when an OT begins to act oddly or in an aberrated fashion that we begin to ask the questions that Tom brought up. And like I said, I’ve seen that almost universally in OTs who are untrained.

          Example: A few years back, we (my wife and I) had a friend who was OT VIII ask us for business advice on a particular matter. (We weren’t the only ones she asked.) The thing is, the question was clearly answered in Science of Survival. I just thought to myself, “Are you serious? Where did you get your Scientologist certificate? At Wal-Mart? For Pete’s sake, go get TRAINED!” Fortunately for her, she did not have me on the phone; she had my wife, who is more of a PR person than I am. I don’t know whose advice she took, if anyone’s. But I do know that the solution she chose was contrary to what would have been indicated in SOS. Sure enough, some months later, the situation blew up in her face. Duh.


          • Paul,

            Personally I think that the problems we have started back in the early ’70’s when three Scientologists gave such an impressive demonstration of OT abilities to the Intelligence Community that they considered us a “threat to National Security” 😉

            Just another whole track dramatization of what happens when you display your OT abilities to a bunch of humanoids.

            Need I say more.

            • RV:

              Agreed entirely. Kinda the idea behind why the U.S. government (which exists for almost the sole reason of controlling our lives) invalidates the idea of visiting aliens. If they actually acknowledged the existence of aliens, they’d have to admit that there’s something out there more powerful than the government out there.


              • Scatjappers,

                UFOs is another phenomenon that they can not explain and thus also consider it a “threat to National Security”.

                Like Scientology they have spent their time infiltrating and surveilling UFO groups so that they can control the flow of information and “protect” the public from the not so shocking revelation that we are not alone.

                Seems despite their best efforts by their hired “skeptics” originated since the late 40’s that over 50% of the public believe that we have been visited by extraterrestrials.

                In other words their game plan hasn’t really worked all that well for them and I doubt despite the current Organization’s which is controlled by our same Government best efforts the truth will eventually prevail.

                • An aside regarding UFOs…..
                  Many years ago Heber Jentz was asked by a member of the press, “What does Scientology think about UFOs?”
                  Heber’s reply was,
                  “Well, all I can tell you is that if they want to find out about Scientology, they will have to land.”
                  The press corps cracked up. They loved it!
                  In my opinion he is by far the best PR man the COS has ever had.

      • Absolutely agree. Actually each being reaching a specific level will have that ability. Then it will be expressed differently from being to being depending on his purpose line, natural amount of theta, power of choice over his dynamics, level of education and Scientology training, environment, exactly as described in Science of Survival. That’s why the article of Tom is right. Applicable knowledge and knowingness will amplify the abilities gotten by auditing.

  13. Good to look at these questions.

    I hear about OT abilities and signed up. I wanted to know about exterior at will, full perception, ability to move objects, to manipulate energy, telepathy, remote viewing and all those good things.

    A friend, comm course grad, could lie at night, pick up a being in distress, locate them and help them. Pretty cool. He joined the SO and found no one else could do this. He left.

    Another friend, Tom, causes huge effects with his business, has a balanced and highly ethical and productive family. He runs a trust for those who cannot afford eduction and gets dozens of them through school and university. He is in good shape personally. He is healthy and fit and very perceptive.

    He has had no left side or right side of the bridge. He is not a Scientologist.

    Another friend is on grades. He manipulates energy, moves objects, uses telepathy, bends things and overall is very unusual in terms of theta ability. No training. By the way, highly ethical.

    I have seen what is on the ACCs the PDCs the books and everything he said about OT. I done a bunch of them too. I have interacted with 1000’s of Scientologists and OT per bridge status.

    I do not see what LRH described in real life. Handing of whole track amnesia? Doesn’t happen.

    That is empirical fact.

    But, what is available is enough to keep at it and to keep auditing and training. Not in the church but outside.

    My opinion is that when we move on, we take with us what we gained on the left and right sides of the bridge. How we gauge our ability is most important once we move on. We have eons to go. If we gain, now, we take it with us.

    Knowing what is our potential, as beings, is knowledge we can apply, after leaving, as well. It helps focus where we should put our attention, in the eons to come.

    Right now, do what we can to help others and to move the needle on relative OTness.

    To state that the 4 items named by Tom is the whole story, is observably not true. OTs behaving badly or below par, can also be that they did not achieve the state as advertised. That real, genuine OTs have not been consistently and routinely made for the last 60 years. That’s okay though. They moved the needle.

    It requires a very long term viewpoint.

    Auditing and training in and of themselves is valid and worthwhile.

  14. I’m not sure how you can know, without questioning all pre-OTs everywhere, that “handling of whole track amnesia” doesn’t happen.

    Also, this discussion has focused on what might be called “dysfunctional” OTs (pre-OTs if you prefer). I’ve known quite a few that I admire and are easily a cut above normal humans, though this was before NOTs came out (they were OTs who did the original OT levels).

  15. I would add simply that this is just the beginning of a long road. We make mistakes, there are dead bodies around but we learn. Again all this phenomena of learning is described in the Theta mest theory of Science of Survival. (I intend to make an article about this area of knowledge.) So there is enturbulation because we hit things. But this is necessary to learn. It is just the beginning and frankly, don’t you think this is an incredibly interesting and funny game?
    Look our organization. Full of really cool and willing people, free people, free Scientologists. We are there and we communicate, we continue to communicate. Isn’t it a lot of fun?

  16. Some of it will have to be handled in fashion described in “History of Man”.

    “So again, as a final note on this chapter, lets not go upsetting governments and putting on a show to “prove” anything to Homo Sapiens for a while- it’s a horrible temptation to knock off hats at fifty yards and read books a couple of countries away and get into the rotogravure section and the Hearts Weeklies-but you’ll make it tough on somebody else who is trying to get across this bridge. Let sleeping Sapiens snore in the bulk for yet awhile. Then meet some place and decide what to do about him and his two penny wars, his insane and his prisons. Tell people who want to invalidate all this, “Your criticism is very just, its only fantasy.” Cure up the lame and halt and the incompetent with whatever display of technique you need. Protect theta clearing until there are a few.”

  17. Scientology: Clear Procedure, Issue One, Dec 57, under Definitions,Goals has the Action Definition of Operating Thetan.

    It includes this:
    “In this discussion of goals and definitions, I am telling you cleanly that the goals of MESTClear and Theta Clear are not worth following from the auditor’s standpoint. You can let pcs think what they will about them. The only goal worthy of the auditor’s time WHATEVER THE STATE OF CASE OF THE PC is Operating Thetan. To achieve one on any subject it is only necessary to place the pc to some degree at willing and knowing cause point with regard to that subject.”

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