By Bernie Wimbush

Back in 1959 I did the introductory Scientology course under Stanley Richards. From that moment on I wanted to make Scientology career. I told my friends all about it and they simply laughed.

I did the HPA and the SHSBC and tried to get a centre going. I even bought a box of the Problems of Work book, but no centre developed. And I couldn’t sell the books.

Around me, centres did develop. Auditors made a career of Scientology – but I didn’t. The key to it, as I learnt eventually, is introducing new people to Scientology. But I believe it goes further than that. It includes getting them moving on the Bridge. It includes getting case gain, regaining lost abilities, making them more powerful, training them so that they know what happened in auditing and can begin to use the tech, and then getting them to introduce new people so the subject grows and the aberration that surrounds us lessens, so we can be truly free.

So this has become an interest and skill of mine. And it all starts with introducing new people to Scientology.

Trust me, I have done it wrong in just about every way possible. However, I have now spent a large part of my life doing dissemination right. If you would like to learn how, I can show you. There are so many ways of doing this that one will suit you and you can make it work.

The first step in disseminating is your choice.

You don’t “have to” do it. Freedom is about choices. We are in the ‘Freedom’ business and it doesn’t fit with me to be compelled to do anything. There may be consequences to our choices, but it is still our choice.

If you would like to introduce others to Scientology, the next step is to get in communication with someone. It is so easy to do. Walking down the street I can catch someone’s eye and simply smile and most would smile back. That’s communication. In the shopping mart, I’d spot someone with a wonky trolley. I might smile and say, ”Got a mind of its own, eh?” Now I’ve added reality. And the affinity is there as I approximate the tone of the person I am communicating to.

From these humble beginnings you can work up a real in depth communication. Personally I have a lot of experience around business and so I am more likely to strike up communication with a business owner or manager. The trick is asking questions. If you ask questions about a persons’ interest (reality) they will talk and as they talk they will build affinity. A client of mine told me of his younger days hitch hiking around Europe. When he got a lift he would ask about the driver’s home town. Most time he got an invitation to dinner and a bed for the night.

Communication is powerful stuff and questions keep the person talking about their own reality.

To get someone interested in Scientology means that the person must find a reason why they would be interested, otherwise nothing is going to happen. And don’t despair, not everyone is open enough to let you in to the secret that their life is not perfect. It is like the conversation we have with our medical doctor. We enter the surgery and he says “How are you today?” and we say “Fine.” It is that social mechanism we use to maintain the facade, and we then proceed to tell him about our physical malady that no one else knows about.

You can prepare questions that lead into this ‘ruin’ and it is this you can help with.

Here is an example I have used:

My computer was in need of upgrading, so I visited a local computer shop. I quickly found out that I was dealing with the boss as he kept getting interrupted by his staff. I asked “How many staff do you have?”

To which he replied “Three at this branch and we have three branches.”

“That must give you no end of hassles?”

“Too right” came the reply. (Now I had a ruin.)

“Would you believe, that’s what I do — sort out people hassles?”

“How do you do that?” (The mistake here is to go into detail and tell him all about it. It is too much information. Stick with questions.)

“I get you to fill in a test so I can see what your strengths and weaknesses are and then we can work out a plan. Does that make sense?” (Note I turned the statement into a question and will be able to see if I am still on his reality.)

I now had a client and a permanent position with the company (until it was sold 5 years later).

Another alternative would have been to sell a book such as Ruth Minchell’s “How to choose your People”.

Selling books is an easy gradient and gets over objection as to why you’re not perfect, and these writers (especially LRH) are well practiced at explaining the subject.

Hope this helps.

There is more to know, you only need to ask.

5 thoughts on “Spreading the word

  1. Great stuff. Definitely should be preserved as part of a hat write up. Actually we should build up a library of hat write-ups from successful guys.

      • Yes, absolutely. Especially the Div 6 hats of successful guys. Look at the one of Ingrid under, beautiful! But who knew it? No one. As we don’t have anymore a “Management” telling us what to think, now we can really communicate what is really successful and make it as a team. The reference about hat write ups is the tape “5 Conditions” and also an HCO PL about hats (I don’t remember which).

        One could even write books about how to apply this and that piece of technology to real life — KNOW-HOW and not “knowledge”.

        As Scientologists we are here to HELP. It means ACTIONS. For that, we have a technology. The successful guys — “in power” have a KNOW-HOW with tons of various ways to apply depending on the situation. This is valid knowledge as it is about APPLICATION.

        This is a hat write up. It should be preserved. Just an example: Bernie and Ingrid just gave a tiny part of their know-how about dissemination. It is invaluable data. Fully written up, I can imagine how useful it would be for others. It would be a HOW TO HELP TEAM MATES TO HELP PEOPLE. An entire book dedicated to contacting and helping new people with Scientology. It is just an exemple.

  2. Great post! One of my successful actions div 6wise is joining local groups. There are so many of them!!!! Network groups designed for networking. Chamber of Commerces! It is how I started and grew my practice in Colorado. The people tend to be upstat, friendly and always in need of improvement.
    I also became great friends with the members.

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