by Jonathan Bourke

We need some videos to disseminate – that give people some understanding on what Dianetics and Scientology are about.

Here is the first in a number to come.

Use it, share it, spread the word.

Reactive Mind from Advanced Org.of the Great Plains on Vimeo.

16 thoughts on “The reactive mind

  1. I find that reading text is generally a distraction from the video. (In this case, it’s too hard to read.) I would suggest an audio track of someone reading it. The music would be in the background.

      • That’s definitely a point. For an outsider the whole thing is pretty uninformative. And it neglects basic admin tech like surveys for buttons etc.

        It would be better perhaps to point out issues (symptoms) people understand without using Scientologese (as in CofS ads). E.g., people having seemingly silly troubles, fears, confusions. And then to point out that behind them is a common mechanism and that something can be done about it.

        Anyway, thanks for starting intro videos. They can certainly be helpful.

  2. Well, all those points are correct, but still, Jonathon, it is really great. I like it and I like the idea of more to come. Fix those points and you got a real winner.

    Gold should turn out such good videos.

    ML Tom

  3. Thank you Tom, and everyone else as well. I really appreciate the kind words. For those who cannot read the words themselves, I humbly suggest you play it in full screen mode. Which is the four way x at the bottom of the screen or in some cases a double rectangle at the bottom right of the video. The video is made in full HD which is 1080p, implying a resolution of 1920×1080, in short, a full screen on your monitor or even on your TV thru Apple TV, Roku, or any of the other set top boxes, to enjoy the painstaking detail of the images and audio. The standard video box you see on the blog or Facebook, which is from Vimeo, is far smaller so the image is hard to see. It was made to be played full screen or even half screen in other words, for the viewers enjoyment and experience. The audio is even done in Dolby 5.1 surround sound for everyones enjoyment and effect.. Thank you for the input, it is ALWAYS appreciated fully. šŸ™‚

    • Hi Jonathan,

      I am not much of a techno guy. Is there any way that I can see the video on a cel phone ? I have an android and I usually see all kinds of videos there including your “E-meter Reads” film , but for some unknown reason to me, I couldn’t play the “Reactive Mind” one. By the way, the “E-meter Reads” film is an excellent product indeed !


  4. Peter,

    If it is a more recent smart phone (within the last two years), it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Try going to the vimeo page below, and reloading it before starting the video.

    Here is the link:

    There can be many problems with smart phones, video players, their video coder/decoders, and your service provider for your phone (whether you are in 3G/4G service, or something less.) The video is in standard and high definition (if you click the HD at the bottom of the video window.) I suggest using the standard definition for your phone, as most smart phone manufacturers are just now making true high definition displays with the current models being produced at the present time, and they may not perform well in some but not all cases. However, the best viewing will be on standard definition computer displays and televisions, due to the projects high resolution of rendering (image production by a computer, which is modern broadcast quality.) If you still can’t see it, just let me know via email (midwestnotsauditor@gmail.com), and I will re-render a version specifically for you, that will work, and email it to you. You can then open the attachment in the email and view it from there. Thank you for your ongoing support and validation on my video projects, as always Peter. It means a lot.

  5. Brilliant video! Inspired! Well done Jonathan, you’re a very talented man. I loved it.

    Ditto as above about the text size; and maybe the video could end with ‘Advanced Org,’ and details.

  6. “We need some videos to disseminate ā€“ that give people some understanding on what Dianetics and Scientology are about.”

    If the above is what you’re trying to achieve and your target audience is wogs, I’d skip the LRH quotes and review “Seven Points of an Ad”. LRH didn’t write or dictate a lot of ad copy. Find some examples of strictly bank phenomena that might be common to most people, and tell them they just had this happen to them, and then ask, “Why?” Then answer the question for them. “The Reactive Mind”. Maybe provide an abbreviated definition (no need to quote LRH; just make sure the definition you provide is accurate). Keep the scary turd-looking thing and creepy music if you like. And the up-tempo outro. In fact, you could take each example and make it its own video. I watch videos with 15-second lead-in ads all the time.

    Crappy example: “You just spent a week with family over the holidays. Now you’ve got a killer headache, as usual. Why? THE REACTIVE MIND. Find out more about this hidden part of your mind and what you can do to experience some relief. Call 555-555-5555. We can help. The Advanced Organization of the Great Plains.” When they call, if they can’t make it to the center, at least sell them a Dianetics book with your phone number somewhere in it.

    Also (and no attempt to invalidate MS2 here) you can skip mention of Milestone Two. No wog will know what this is, and there are probably a lot of Field people who don’t know what it is. And the truth is that AOGP has nothing to do with MS2, other than an endorsement (unless I’m uninformed about a connection). If you insist on including MS2, just say you’re endorsed by MS2, and include a web link to the site (though, again, considering MS2’s blog content, I wouldn’t recommend it to a wog; the reality is we’re a bunch of Scientologists sitting around having a discussion with each other here).

    Just my 2 cents worth. (Well, it’s way more than that, but that’s all it’s worth.)


      • Got what ya said Paul.

        True the vid will never play big to new public but it may play well to Scientologists who exist in the alternative universe of the the Government Approved and Tax Exempt Church of “Scientology” in my opinion.

        I mean most of the vids they’re making at the Church these days are nothing but theetie wheetie BS.

        While this one attacks what most people getting into Scientology are trying to handle especially after actually reading DSMSH and instinctively know isn’t being handled there.

        Personally I think its a good video.

        Though I do agree with you Paul that there should be one that could be made for the public at large.

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