by Lana M

I met a lovely man this weekend who had received a book One auditing session many years ago, and read a handful of Scientology books. He did not consider himself a Scientologist and his wife, who has done a number of Scientology courses, was worried that he would oppose her doing more training and getting auditing.

This man had bought more than 200 self-help books in the last couple of years, reading everything he could on the subjects of meditation, out-of-body experiences, astral walking, and more, but had not found what he was looking for. A frank discussion about spirituality revealed a few years back he had gone exterior from his body, and this had been a real surprise for him. He described the experience as “a lifting of the world’s worries”, “a serene calmness”, “a larger than life feeling”, and “a feeling like coming home” — but he did not know where that home was, how it happened, or how to make it happen again. Similar experiences, but not as dramatic, had occurred as a child — popping out of the body and looking down from the ceiling, but this instance a few years ago was so significant and dramatic, he had been caught in the mystery ever since.

For the last several years he has been trying to rediscover that experience — trying to understand what occurred and how to make it occur again. The few people he had spoken to about what had happened, had dismissed it, or been equally as confused. None had personally experienced it — and certainly none could give direction on what to do about it. The whole subject/incident had become somewhat of a withhold, as it is a subject that is not really talked of in general society.

This last weekend this gentleman was excited to discover people who understood what he had experienced, and could give real answers. Further, he was handed reading material, which was on the very topic he was fascinated by. He learnt that this topic, is in fact, what Scientology is all about:


An applied religious philosophy developed by L.Ron Hubbard dealing with the study of knowledge, which through the application of its technology can bring about desirable changes in the conditions of life.

Taken from the Latin word scio, which means “knowing in the fullest sense of the word”, and the Greek work logos, “meaning study of”.

The study of the human spirit in its relationship to the physical universe and its living forms. A religious practice applying to man’s spirit and his spiritual freedom.

A body of knowledge which, when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual”  LRH HCOB 15 July 1978RA

For me, it gave great pleasure to see his anxiety on the subject dissolve, and to hear him state that he “feels so good” having found people who understood, acknowledged, helped him to solve the mystery, while at the same time giving him more to learn and apply on the whole subject.

He is welcome back any time.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Out of the body

  1. That’s a lucky guy to have run into you! I’m sure he felt very validated and likely the charge is still blowing as it is quite a revelation. We take so, so much for granted. Brings to mind the first time I spoke to a Div 6 person in the org who asked me what I wanted to achieve in life. I told her I had some rather large spiritual goals – getting in touch with my own immortality etc. She casually responded, “Oh, you can achieve that in a few years in Scientology”. I thought to myself, this woman does not know what she is saying, surely it would take many lifetimes as they said in eastern philosophies. Little did I know!
    So here’s this guy out there now, who knows that he’s a rather powerful spirit – rather than a body – and he’s not the only one. More than made his day no doubt! Well done!

  2. Something interesting about these OOBE (out of body experiences) with perceptics is that the thetan has a complex, fine-tuned, range severely restricted, theta(?) mechanism which mimics the human body perceptics.

    ¤ Human visual perception:

    About 99.99982% (frequency) or 99.9999999999965% (wavelength) of the whole electromagnetic spectrum is discarded. The human body’s visible spectrum is restricted to about only 0.00018% (frequency) or 0.0000000000035% (wavelength) of the electromagnetic spectrum.

    The color perception is a complex combination of frequencies and sensitivity functions.

    The three dimensional perception is a complex combination of mono-visual and bi-visual functions.

    ¤ Human audio perception:

    The hearing perception depends on the surrounding medium (air, water)

    The human body’s hearing range is also a tiny percentage of the whole spectrum.

    The audio perception is a complex combination of frequencies and sensitivity functions. The three dimensional perception is a complex combination of mono-audio and bi-audio functions.

  3. He described the experience as “a lifting of the world’s worries”, “a serene calmness”, “a larger than life feeling”, and “a feeling like coming home”

    That’s a good description of what full-blown exteriorization feels like. Been there – done that, but it was a long, long time ago. Still, the experience is so powerful, it can’t be forgotten, and I can totally understand this guy wanting to re-create it. There is absolutely nothing else that compares to it.

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