Dianetics: The Original Thesis by Hubbard, L. Ron

By Joseph

We’ll need to build a field full of well trained auditors able and up-tone enough to do a good job”.

Academy and Internship is the usual route to become an auditor, but it requires quite a structure to do it in some volume. We don’t have it yet and it will take quite a bit to have it. But we have something else. There is another way that is available right now with what we have: DIANETICS.

Dianetics is a specific branch of Scientology having to do with the mind and life in the physical universe. There is more to it than it looks at first glance.

Dianetics, as one book: Dianetics, Modern Science of Mental HealthDMSMH – is a great dissemination book. Then there is the Dianetics Seminar and the Hubbard Dianetic Auditor’s Course (HDA). The beginners can taste what auditing is about. And there were efforts in recent years, by the C of S, to have people do a Dianetic co-audit course. The DVD on how to use it is very well made, totally based on Book One. Great job of the staff in Gold.

When I talk about becoming a Dianeticist, I don’t talk about becoming a scholar in Dianetics, or a philosopher.

I am talking about becoming a guy that will be able to reform parts of society only with those axioms and technologies.

I am talking of making an auditor that will audit people.

Treat it as a craft. Become a Craftman of Life.

How do you learn a craft? You work with the tools and the techniques and the principles.

How to make a Dianeticist:

It is not hard to become a Dianeticist. The line up is:

1. DMSMH and tapes. One can also study in addition Original Thesis and Evolution of a Science.

Book One can be studied with the help of the DVD How to use Dianetics. It is very well made and when you are alone studying, it will give you the mass and reality you might need. Now it is not for a totally green public. Much too complex unless a good dianeticist is there to teach the data.

Another thing I would advise is to take each of the Dianetic Axioms given inside the front cover and the back cover of the book and get a thorough reality on each one by observing people and life forms. OBSERVE is a very healthy drill and is also a basic principle of personal integrity. This personal observation of the axioms and important data of Dianetics is what will establish your certainty. It will become part of you. This knowledge will become yours — a very good investment indeed.

2. The tapes of the Professional Dianetics Auditor Course. You remember the book Notes of the lectures? Well, these are the tapes. They are just fantastic and they are the first materials on ARC triangle and the relation between ARC and the original Tone Scale described in the first chapters of DMSMH.

3. Then follow Science of Survival and tapes.

4. Human Evaluation conferences.

5. Self Analysis.

Now if you are somehow bogged as an auditor, you don’t have a group near you, you are lost somewhere at the middle of nowhere, the above lineup is something you can do at home.

How to get practice? Everyone has people around, and this is very good training ground. The key to study such data is to observe real life, real people. It is an unlimited drill. You can also contact others interested to do it and communicate by mail.

The next part will train you as an Advanced Dianetic Auditor.

6. Advanced Procedure and Axioms,

7. The tapes of Effort Processing and the Axioms and Thought, Emotion, Effort. Both are in the pack of CDs Thought, Emotion, Effort.

8. Handbook for Preclears and the conferences The Life Continuum.

All of that tech is FOR USE. It is not “historical”, “not done anymore”, or “replaced by a better tech”.

This is the professional way to use Dianetics when one cannot use a meter or is not trained as a Classed auditor, with an Internship.

The Future:

In Dianetics any auditing is better than no auditing.

Oh you are not perfect? Great! Dianetics is an adventure, not something to worship!

You have failures? That’s OK. Well you’ll have more – better get used to it — go ahead and take someone in session and have him win and you will recover. Very simple. This is not an easy job, so don’t invalidate your help to another.Just find somebody you feel you can help and get him or her in session.

Just audit someone, and you both win!

Happy auditing!

7 thoughts on “Delivery of Dianetics

  1. It’s always good to know Book 1 auditing, so in case a relative or friend, etc. has some heavy grief due to a loss, etc., we can help them, and they can experience that what we are doing is something good.

    Some decades ago, after my maternal grandfather passed away, my mother got depressed and after a couple of months she started to spiral down. So, I told her that maybe I could help her, and audited her with Book 1 during a couple of weeks, mainly running my grandpa’s passing away and associated chains, until she was ok again.

    As a side note, nowadays, if a friend (or a friend’s relative, etc.) has a (big) grief, upset, etc., I just do them some telepathic processing until (s)he feels ok. It doesn’t matter if they are kilometers/miles away, or close to me. (Usually, I don’t tell them what I’m doing or did. For me, it’s a lot easier and faster to do it this way than verbally handling them via the body).

  2. Thanks to all of you. Yes this Dianetics stuff is just great. This is practically the old magic back in the modern world.

    Mainly the above “program” is a theory one. It addresses to the auditors who are somehow already experienced but bugged, not auditing at all, not wanting to use a meter, and so on. This is a good way to get back in the chair.

    The next step will be in the how to make it in the physical universe. I have several ideas but any suggestion will be welcome. I believe in the 3rd dynamic as a powerful one if well used. Team work is more fun. I think with Internet we have a very good tool as it is an instantaneous comm line. There are webcams and so on. Let’s see what we can do to organize and improve the scene.

  3. Yes, a good entry point into someone’s case and their mind. I studied Dianetics in the Church. Outside of the church I practiced it. What has made recalling an incident move much faster now for myself and for others is the 6-directions process. If the scene is stuck or frozen, put it above you, below you, to the right of you, to the left of you, in front of you, behind you, and repeat until things get moving again. It also helps one bust through black screens. I learned this from Robert DuCharme, however this comes from the Vedic scriptures.

    I also now ask the person to do the looking while keeping their eyes open as opposed to closed — as much as possible. Why? It keeps them from getting totally swamped by the past and they see that there is still a present time environment next to the incident from the past. By the end of the session they see only the present time environment as they move the incident back into the past, where it belongs.

    Both of these practices make for a smoother running session.

  4. Joseph:

    Small correction here. While Book One is workable, it could be said that it was, in fact, “replaced by a better tech”. Standard Dianetics of 1969 and New Era Dianetics of 1978 were both excellent upgrades to Dianetics. Both produced faster results and were easier to apply (in my opinion; though both required a meter and passing a course in the Academy).

    I would also heartily recommend the two-part bulletin, “Time Track and Engram Running by Chains” (15 May 63 and 6 June 63R). It’s like a “brain dump” of everything known about what’s in the title. Brilliant.


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