By Jim Logan

The Action Definition of Operating Thetan is described in Scientology: Clear Procedure, from December 1957. It includes cause over matter, energy, space and time.  “To achieve one on any subject it is only necessary to place the pc to some degree at willing and knowing cause point with regard to that subject.”

Full understanding of these terms and what one is working toward cause concerning is something  one deals with in the study of the areas.  What is “matter”, what is “energy” and space and time?

In my own study of Scientology, all of these items have been described and for each a definition has been put forward.  This study of Scientology has included for me, a study of “data of comparable magnitude”, including the present rendition of “physics”.

Currently in modern physics these terms are in many cases, not defined.  That is there is no agreement among physicists as to what matter is, what energy is aside from defining them relative to something else.  For example “energy” is defined frequently as “that which does work”.  Work is defined as the expending of energy and round and round it goes.  Energy is also now identified and “equated” with “mass”.  Mass itself is ill defined and only by association in such mathematical symbol-statements as F=MA.  That is, Mass is defined as that which Force acts upon.  Force is the result of Mass in an Accelerated state.  It’s pushed or pulled (by force, which is what is pushing or pulling, and otherwise “undefined”). What is pushed or pulled?  That which force is acting upon to get it to accelerate.  And round and round it goes.  Albert Einstein defined time as “that which is measured by clocks”, but didn’t define “that”, only “clocks”.   And round and round they go.  This merry-go-round could be described as “observation of effect”.


In Scientology, energy is stated to consist of postulated particles in space.  A particle is a dimension point.  Something created by a thetan, extending out, and between the particle and the thetan as the viewpoint of the particle, one has space.  Energy, is further described  in The Creation of Human Ability in a section on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 8-C under Step III, Space, in this Axiom: “Energy derives from imposition of space between terminals and a reduction and expansion of that space”. (See the Factors on reach and withdraw of dimension points).

Energy packed together (particles/dimension points with a lessened space), gives one matter.  Even within that compacted space, the particles can have the spaces reduced and expanded, and thus have energy within.  This is the “atomic” structure for example, with two-terminals/particles set apart and that distance reduced and expanded –giving energy.

Energy derives from the imposition of space between terminals and having a “base” i.e., something that imposes that distance, and then a reduction and expansion of the distance imposed.  (See the PDCs as well as this comment from the 19th ACC, a tape lecture of 10 Feb 58, Conduct of Clears: “We trace down in vain to discover any other-below the level of postulate-but any other electrical phenomenon that generates current except the base of the motor: the ability to hold two terminals apart and to cause a discharge between those two terminals. In other words, to hold something fixed in space. In other words, to be cause over constant location.”)


Modern physics has  broad classes of “mechanics”, that is, the study of forces acting upon matter. Two areas considered are the scale of action of the everyday world, people pushing carts, rocks falling, spoons moving, and so on, and the atomic or sub-atomic scale of electrons, protons, and other bits of things interacting, pushing and pulling stuff from here to there.

The ordinary scale is referred to as Newtonian Mechanics since Isaac Newton came up with much of the subject and that small scale is called Quantum Mechanics. (The term “quantum” refers to the theory that at the small scale actions are done in distinct, discrete degrees or amounts or –quantites/quanta. These are interactions that go in whole number amounts, as 1,2,3, and not 1.3 or 2.7 amounts, a discovery made in the early part of the twentieth century.  The contrasting type of action being “continuous” or composed of infinitesimal degrees.  Since this type of  interaction , going in “jumps” or “leaps” is a characteristic of sub-atomic mechanics, the area is termed “quantum mechanics”.)


Scientology distinguishes a Static, the theta being, as different from and not part of mechanics in that it has no location (except by consideration), no point in time, no wavelength (is not the energy it creates) and isn’t matter/something. 

This Static is in fact the source of any and all mechanics, which are MEST.

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    • RV,
      Two taped lectures also describe the interaction between the thetan, the mind and MEST and provide the theoretical description that resolves the so-called Descartian “dualism”. That is, they answer the old philosophic and now physics dilemma of how a thetan (the cogito-er) actually interacts with mind, body, physical universe.

      One of the key elements of Scientology, overlooked or underevaluated in many other endeavors to unravel all this, is the fundamental to all of it – a Static that is capable of consideration.

      The “nothing” that makes all this “something”.

      • Oops, the lectures I’m referring to here are:
        The Mind: Its Structure in Relation to Thetan and MEST, 18th ACC, 26 July 57 and The Phenomena of Entrapment in the Physical Universe, 3 Feb 58, in the 19th ACC.

  1. Couldn’t agree more Jim,

    Also the problem is what we call a static and what physics calls a “static”.

    Though I have a rather long reading list these days I’d like to listen to those tapes.

    I might add that there is also a brilliant series of lectures that are part of the Phoenix Lectures on Route 1.

  2. There is also a third area of mechanics which is not fully recognized by physics. It is the level of galaxies and galactic clusters and their interactions. It is assumed that Newtonian laws explain the universe at this level, but this leads to some very wrong conclusions (like the existence of “dark matter”, the Big Bang Theory and such).

    I believe (and am willing to be proven wrong) that quantum mechanics can be wholly disposed of, that Newtonian laws work more or less uniformly across all three spheres of interaction, but that the common constants that hold all this together (like the gravitational constant) are not, in fact, constant at all, but vary depending on the scale at which you’re are working.

    At some point, someone who fully recalls physic as studied on the whole track (maybe me!) will recover that knowledge and write a book about it. Then physics can jettison all the incorrect data which has afflicted it since Einstein and get down to business again.

    One other point I recently realized (duh). All this research which goes on with regard to quantum interactions and such is silly. The mass of this universe is nothing more or less than anchor points. Some are big, some are small, some have different other characteristics (spin, charge, etc.), but it’s all the same stuff. When you look at the universe from that viewpoint, it becomes a lot simpler. My opinion.


  3. Paul,
    That other area is the the third one they pay attention to (I just finished reading James Hopwood Jeans book “Philosophy and Physics”, and he distinguishes these three broad scales).

    There is an interesting tape in the Freedom Congress lectures, one on 5 July 57 Group Processing: Hold it on Earth, where gravity is discussed, and even audited. I think you’d like the simplicity of it.

    As to Einstein, he is thoroughly de-fanged in this particular series of articles published here:http://relativityoflight.com/. (Tyshe Preamble, and the Michelson-Morley Paradox Explained are very succinct. The Maxwell-Einstein Debate is a wonderful parody.) Once the absurdity of the Lorentz, Fitzgerald, Einstein interpretations of the Michelson-Morley experiment are shown as being absurd (see the link on the above website), the entire “relativity” from the Special to the General, falls down into the figure-figure abyss, whence it came.

    Physics on earth misses the key datum that Scientology has – The Static, capable of consideration and from this all “things” flow, and act and react and go bonk, bink and blither.

  4. The Michelson-Morley experiment “proved” that the “Ether” didn’t exist. It was actually an experiment badly designed in the first place. The theory was that the Earth moving through this Ether , created an “ether wind” whose effect in the speed of light could be measured . Just like an object’s speed will be assisted in moving in the direction of the wind , so would be the speed of light if moving in the same direction as the Earth is moving through this Ether. But just as an object’s speed would be “hindered” or “retarded” if moving against the direction of the wind or cross sectional to it , so would the speed of light be so retarded if moving against this “ether wind” or cross sectional to it.

    By sending off “light beams” at the same time but perpendicular and in opposite directions to one another using mirrors to make light travel back and forth several times, any difference in the speed of light would be noted by the interference patterns created at the mutual arriving point of both light beams. Both beams were made to travel back and forth several times, parallel to each other, before arriving at the final point. That “took care” of the problem of having “too short” a travel distance for appreciable differences in speed to be noticed.

    But to their surprise, no interference patterns were found even after several repetitions of this experiment even with more sophisticated and sensible equipment.Nothing was “obviously” interfering with the speed of light. The “Ether Theory” was then , discarded.

    But look how silly this is : the experiment was conducted “indoors” in an enclosed space , not outdoors at high levels above the sea level. Have you ever been in a train ? Have you ever felt any “wind disturbances” with high speeds inside the train section where you were traveling even though the train was moving probably higher than 100 miles per hour ? I guess not, right ? So how was this “ether wind” logically not able to be felt in enclosed spaces and not high enough compared to sea level , be able to “interfere” with two light beams inside a laboratory down at the Earth ? That’s just silly similar to Einstein’s famous “thought experiments”.

    So “Ether” was really neither proved or disproved. Not that I necessarily believe in it either. It was an “invented” thing to explain how it was possible for light to travel through empty space if it is considered to be a wave-type phenomena after the “Young dobble slit experiment”. You see, if light is a wave manisfestation then it need some medium in which to propagate this way, some medium in which “to wave”. So they “invented” the “Ether” to be able to “think” with this new discovery. They couldn’t confront a “nothingness” or an “empty space”. Ether theory wasn’t developed out of empirical data , it was just “thought of”.

    • theta clear,
      Yes, that is the ordinary description of the “null results” of the experiment. The analogy to two swimmers beside a raft moving in a river upstream is the one usually given for the light experiment of M.M.

      The actual solution to the null results is that the swimmers (the light beams in perpendicular directions) were ON the raft (the light table) NOT “in the stream”. The lack of difference in the time, and hence the lack of interference pattern (other than the one set up by adjusting one of the beams to differentiate them) is because there was no difference in the distance either beam had to travel. Again, it’s as if the swimmers were ON the raft, not swimming along side of it. The “ether” has zip, zero, nada to do with this.

      Read the website given, and the Michelson-Morley Paradox Answered.

  5. Don’t know that much about physics though I did audit a nuclear physicist once 😉

    From what little I do know about the subject. There seems to be some false data in the subject in general like for instance that the speed of light is a constant and nothing can travel faster than that.

    This was proven to be a fallacy by Gene Roddenberry …. just kidding guys 🙂

    But the fact is that when you refract light through a prism you have different wavelengths of light and different frequencies thus moving at different velocities meaning that the speed of light is anything but constant.

    Ron mentioned this incongruity in a Briefing Course lecture somewhere which I’ll have to dig up at some point.

    He also discusses nuclear physics as well. A subject his critics claim he knows nothing about. Yet in my humble opinion seems to know quite a lot especially about its physiological effects.

    Anyway moving on again in my opinion Nuclear Physics is just an updated version of Alchemy but instead of trying to transmute lead to gold they actually succeeded in turning Uranium into Plutonium.

    But I digress.

    Anyway as far as my understanding is concerned physics is a subject with a lot of holes in it.

    Holes they tried to plug by introducing Quantum Mechanics which Einstein called “spooky science”. Probably as a way to explain what couldn’t be explained by the religion er…..I mean the “science” of physics of which one of its commandments is that no particle shall travel any faster than light yet is totally disproven by Tachyon emissions which disinfopedia says are “theoretical” yet the fact is that they have been proven to exist by the various experiments conducted at Stanford University in the ’70’s.

    “Coincidently” the same place that CIA became convinced that there may something to Remote Viewing.

    Which also proved that there was something else that could move faster than light. In fact it could move to any position in space instantaneously.

    That said I think much of the leaps and bounds made by Science back in those hay days before it solidified into something on the order of a Religious belief system of some kind was because those who involved knew Scientology or a least something about it.

    • RV,
      The theoretical constancy of light speed is en vacuo, in a vacuum, it changes in other mediums, like water, glass etc.

      Einstein posited that it was constant for all observers, i.e., the same beam of light was travelling at one speed for anybody, no matter whether you were travelling along side it, away, toward or standing still. In other words there is no “relative” speed to light. His theory could be termed the ‘non-relativity of light”.

      I recommend you take a boo at the website I mentioned, at least the introductory articles. Einstein’s first paper, the one on so-called “special relativity”, is based on his interpretation (Lorentz’s more properly) of the Michelson-Morley light table experiments and a mis-assumption on Maxwell’s principle of the propagation of electromagnetic radiation (speed of light).

      If you read that one article on the website on the Michelson-Morley Paradox Answered, you’ll get most of what is what on this thing, as the entire theory of relativity of A. Einstein is based on that experiment and the interpretation of it.

      • Thanks Jim,

        Just a point I’d like to make is that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity especially the equation E=MC(2) led us to the development of the Atomic Bomb and that it seems that most Governments interest in technology of any kind is used to advance their “warlike ends” as covered in the following policy:

        HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
        HCO POLICY LETTER OF 10 JANUARY 1968 (Reissued from LRH SECED 56 INT June 14, 1965)
        1. I hereby declare Scientology to be non-political and non-ideological.
        2. Politics and ideology may be no part of any decision to train or process individuals, and any such interrogation shall cease to be a part of any application for training, processing or membership.
        3. This does not change any policy relating to suppressive persons. It does delete any words in any form which seek to bring about a statement of political allegiance or antagonism.
        4. It must be kept in mind and brought forward emphatically that Scientology does not work in the absence of official control and no matter who sought to use its principles, has uniformly failed in the hands of non-Scientologists and organizations not controlled by the Central Organizations of Scientology or myself.
        5. The reason for this declaration is the consistent disaster visited upon her “allies” by the United States government and the efforts of that government since 1955, stepped up since 1963, to seize Scientology in the United States rather than forbid or stop it and the role played by the United States in inspiring the Victorian State attacks in Australia. Scientology technology is no longer offered to the United States government in any effort to assist her in political ends. Our participation extends only to our willingness to process U.S. officials as individuals unconnected with their political aims, if as individuals they are not debarred by other existing policies relating to treating the insane or our Ethics system.
        6.All statements attacking any political entity or ideology are hereby withdrawn and cancelled in any lectures or literature.
        7. Scientologists may be members of any political group on this planet without restraint only so long as these individuals or that group do not attempt to seize Scientology for their own warlike ends and so make it unworkable or distasteful by invidious connection.
        8. Scientology is for a free people and is itself on this date declared free of any political connection or allegiance of any kind whatever.
        Copyright © 1968
        by L. Ron Hubbard
        L. RON HUBBARD Founder

        (As the policy is for Broad Public Issue it would be difficult for the Church to take issue with publishing this HCOPL in its entirety but anyway)

        You also mention Maxwell’s equations whom many feel like Scientology have been altered for darker reasons than to make them more “workable”.

        Then of course there is Nicola Tesla’s various theories that have not only been altered but in many cases actually suppressed.

        Especially the concept of free energy. Not something Edison was interested in because of the monopoly he was creating by exploiting Tesla’s idea of alternating current.

        Never mind this conspiracy theory of the Government and their actual Masters being somehow involved in exploiting extraterrestrial technology.

        There is plenty of terrestrial technology which has been conceived in the last century that hasn’t been developed and released to the public in general or if it has it was immediately withdrawn.

        Like for instance the first Electric Car.

        True much of it could be contributed to what Ron called Cultural Lag but I believe there are other reasons.

        Back to Einstein. It wasn’t that he said that light was constant in a vacuum to be more accurate but according to his theory that nothing could exceed that speed which has been accepted as faith by the orthodox Scientific community much as Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory which are more superstition than actual theories in my humble opinion.

  6. Ahhh Logan,

    Your wisdom (and coolness) surpasses.

    I had a cog while reading this article. It occurred to me that the “Two-Terminal Universe” phenomena would even manifest on the “Self to Self” flow by means of the Tone Scale. As you know, at the top of the Tone Scale, a being (and his Knowledge) that advance along the lines of certainty creates more space, not less – and complete Identity, in other words, one IS the other in question. Conversely, at the bottom of the Tone Scale, a being (and his knowledge) manifest as a particle (eight anchor points enclosing no space). The Thetan organizes and motivates these particles by means of electronic flows (circuits), established in perpetuity by consideration – and the Physical Universe is born.

    Initially, this is a thing done at cause by the Thetan. However, as other flows and other beings (and thus other universes) get involved, exponential extrapolation of V=43πr3 (calculation of the volume of a sphere) becomes a factor regarding the randomity that a being can perceive and handle. In other words, eventually he is forced to “give-up” those pieces of himself that he originally created (at cause!) as an opposite terminal for himself. These pieces (of him) – no longer monitored – are now subsumed by the whole (body of and individuated Theta) and are thereby rendered beyond his volitional control.

    Thus the gradual loss of one’s “endowment of theta” occurs.

    Fortunately though, we have friends like you to help us recover ourselves by as-ising those “Pieces of Eight”.

          • Scott,
            These past months I went to the Khan Academy, online, and cleared up my math, then went through the derivation of the Lorentz Factor (essentially Pythagorean), went through that Relativity of Light website’s sections twice, looking up every footnote, every demo, went through Einstein’s first paper on the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies, again, then through your suggested The Tao of Physics, then finished off with James Jeans’ Philosophy and Physics, all the while continuing with the chrono study of Scientology (I’m at the tail end of the 19th ACC in Feb 58). Oh yeah, I’ve got Feynman’s book from Cal Tech in the early 60s.

            Having sorted out the background to Special Relativity, which in a nutshell is the M.M. “null results”, and taken the false assumption points off the line, physics “cleared” of the held down 7s in the area and voila – easy peasy Japaneasy.

            I may or may not be wise, but I’m dogged and Study Tech works like it’s supposed to 🙂

    • What you say Scott, about the two terminal universe phenomena reminds me of something LRH said in lecture in the Factors lecture two.

      “Well the hidden datum behind survival is that the being they were trying to make survive is immortal. That’s the hidden datum. Very hidden. You see, if you tell something that is immortal and can’t fail to survive that it has to survive, that ‘s a very grim joke, isn’t it? That’s the bug in that one.”
      “And the bug in the two terminals is simply that he’s always the other terminal. He has to have two terminals. And they’re always both his. And they’ve never been otherwise since the beginning of the track.”
      What’s the hidden datum, then, that pins a man down and causes him to be anxious and miserable and upset and worry about the future and all of that and worry what’s happened in the past and so on? That’s because it had to do with the other terminal. And he thinks the other terminal was to be worried about. In other words, he hasn’t taken responsibility, because it was hidden from him that the other terminal was always himself. It has never been otherwise since the beginning of time.”

      • Exactimundo Dan351! Great reference.

        And as Mr. Logan correctly notes in his reference to my usage of data from PAB 15 (Acceptance Level Processing) above, LRH again confirms the paradox of the individual vs. the magnitude of this dichotic universe that we (the royal “We” in my case) live in, when he states: “One can very easily go off and plot the entire evolution of everything by running this process…”

        Or obversely, as Pogo says, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

  7. Ok: This Kindergarten student is ready for installment # 2 – bring it on… I love this stuff presented in terms that make it accessible to those of us who are not so fully/intensely studied on these subjects.

    Thanks Jim.

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