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by Remote Viewed

I left the Church in 2005.

But before that one could say it was a sporadic relationship. On again off again as I spent my time in the nineties somewhat “disaffected” with the organization.

Sometime near the end of the decade. Someone who was now in International Management and whom I considered a personal friend advised me that I should do the Golden Age of Tech.

Maybe I should have, as the Code of Honor says, kept my own counsel, because I had my doubts about the Golden Age of Tech. Flashing back to the May 9th event of 1996. There was David Miscavige giving his trade mark smirk after the coach passed the student for committing one of the grossest Q&As I’d seen in a long time. The ostensible student while flying an ARCX decided to pull a withhold and never came back to F/N the original ARCX in a demonstration of what was called a “Final Drill” and no one seemed to notice except me.

Not to mention other out points like the “coaches” coaching position which happened to be across from the student which is not a good place to sit unless one is more interested in running one’s case instead of actually coaching a student.

That and other things stuck in my craw, one could say,, about this “Golden Age” of Tech. Like a new super duper meter that varied its sensitivity based on increased or decreased mass (which turned out to be a total lie because it had nothing to do with mass but resistance instead but let’s move on) which I thought was good at the time (though later revised my original opinion later when I realized that a meter measured confront as well and that increasing sensitivity when the TA was high could possibly expose areas that a PC or Pre OT were not able to confront at this juncture) if the TA went up but bad unless it could vary the sensitivity instantly if the TA came down suddenly.

So you could say I had my misgivings about the Golden Age of Tech but since the program included an amnesty which I’d find out later was about as worthless as the so called “Golden Age of Tech” but this is later. Just say I threw my personal integrity out the window and signed up.

At which point I stepped through the looking glass.

Again I should have trusted my intuition when I did the “Study Certainty”.

For those who do not know what “Study Certainty” was or possibly still is. It is a course based on the Student Hat incorporating the Golden Age of Tech. The ostensible purpose is to improve one’s understanding of Study Tech but in actuality it invalidates one’s knowingness by emphasizing arcane data that really has no relationship to understanding study tech.

Sorta like asking the student after listening to a Study Tape. How do you make a bromoil or use a sextant? Information that is totally irrelevant but may be of interest to the glib non-applier so that they can wax philosophic about some subject.

Anyway this course should have been one of those flashing neon signs but I got along to get along and attested to this torturous ordeal then immediately got ill afterward which should have been a clue that something wasn’t quite right.

I could go on about my experiences on the Golden Age of Tech but….

Suffice it to say to paraphrase Ron in Science of Survival that before one can acquire an education that a primary enturbulation must exist.

One could also say that the Golden Age of Tech was my Wake up Call (probably in a way that the author of the piece maybe hadn’t intended) that there was something very wrong with the Church. Not that there weren’t prior bad indicators, but my experiences while doing the Golden Age of the Tech reached the level of, to use the analogy of a PC getting up and throwing the e-meter cans at the auditor and walking out of session, which one could say on a third dynamic is exactly what happened.

Something I’ll take up in part two of this piece.

22 thoughts on “Stepped through the looking glass

  1. These types of objections/reactions require the same hyper-vigilance I’ve been encouraging our entire Field to maintain from now on. Good on ya, RV. Of course, as you say, a heavier dose of personal integrity would also have been helpful. That’s an area that we must also maintain at a high level.

    • I agree scatjappers.

      More vigilance and personal integrity.

      Ron discusses this in a DAB called Education and the Auditor.

      Back in the day when the orgs for the most part abided by Standard Tech there may have been some purpose to Ethics holding the line *Organizationally* but now with the Golden Age of Tech and its permutations it seems rather pointless even suppressive.

  2. Interesting read. Thanks for the write-up. 🙂

    I never saw much of GAT at the CO$, and little of it’s materials are out here, save barely a handful of checksheets.

  3. I did a little bit of GAT stuff too, including “Study Certainty”, which I understood to be a course for people who had already done the Student hat prior to GAT.

    To me, the idea of having some drills written up for students to use, if they wished, wasn’t necessarily a bad idea. What was a bad idea was making them mandatory and insisting that these were the only drills that one could use.That violates the principle of drilling on the correct gradient for each individual and precluded undercutting the gradient when necessary.

    But the thing that really got my goat was when a supervisor tried to prevent me from answering my twin’s question by referring him to an HCOB and instead insisted that the GAT drill WAS the “reference” ! I told him that the drills might be useful but that they were the equivalent of BTBs and could never take the place of actual LRH reverences. He backed down with me, probably because he felt that I had a little “elevation” with him, but later I heard him running the same crap with other students.

    And I saw the same thing, Remote, there were actually errors or omissions in some of the drills which resulted in students drilling some procedures incorrectly or incompletely.

    • Roger that Espiritu,

      Yes the original GAT Drills were riddled with errors typographical and otherwise.

      Talk about putting lipstick on a pig 😉

      Not only that but they were contradictory like at the beginning they’d say if the drill contradicted the actual source reference then apply the source yet in the actual delivery packs (the one’s the students never saw because they were issued to the supervisors) they basically said force the student to do the drill exactly as written.

      Add the fact that the drills introduced additives like running justifications as part of rudiments and for finding the misunderstood word on “Has something been misunderstood?” when the instructions simply say with the exception of listing errors to take each question itsa earlier itsa.

  4. RV,
    The idea of an Acad Levels auditor being a “technician” (which has its basic in the later 50s ACCs on training) taken to an absurd degree is what I suppose DM had in mind with GAT. Exaggerate something as simple as having a person familiar with tools and you get this robotic ritualized auditing. Auditing is based on communication, the discipline of the Auditing Cycle, TRs done well and with ARC in a Formal Session. If it is “ritual” it isn’t auditing as Axiom 51, the one about live comm isn’t happening. Dolls don’t audit. Beings do.

    Epically, GAT fails.

    What I’ve particularly noticed is the ludicrous “GAT NOTs”. A procedure where it states clearly it isn’t “rote”, DM makes rote. Sweet fancy molasses!

    • Jim,

      Something I’ll explore in the second part is how we got to where we are now.

      Personally I don’t think Miscavige and whoever is backing him really intended to improve technical quality but in fact were trying to destroy it.

      As far as I’m concerned many of who he calls his “friends” like him are insane.

      As Ron says in C/S Series 22:


      Thus the Golden Age of Tech and later the Basics may seem like a way to improve technical quality and bring about a greater understanding of the subject while in fact harming and destroying it.

      • “Thus the Golden Age of Tech and later the Basics may seem like a way to improve technical quality and bring about a greater understanding of the subject while in fact harming and destroying it”

        Thats in interesting strategy RV, and one I have noticed in other areas, where apparent help to a subject,in fact, in the end causes destruction, mainly through desertion of public support by those who at first supported it. I do wonder if this is a planned strategy.

      • Bang on, RV.
        4a, the way true intention is proven in a court of law, is by demonstrating how all actions, over time, have the same result (regardless of what said / justified about each action). Thus, davie’s (or whoever is calling the shots at any given time) intention is now known, as everything done generates the same result.
        Conclusion, yes, it is a planned strategy. They are killing the church, but they have killed only part of the field. They are having problems with the remainder of the field, so you can expect some more attacks here,

        • HCO BULLETIN OF 28 MAY 1960

          BY THEIR ACTIONS ……

          By their actions you shall know them, whether bad or good, whether on another side or ours.

          And what in their actions gives us the keenest insight? Their ability to help.

          Some think that help cannot be done. Shun them. Some think that help is always an effort to betray. Process them for here you have the criminals of Earth.

          Some people cannot help. They can only injure and destroy. And if in the name of help they only injure and destroy then know them carefully for they are criminals.

          What is a criminal? One who thinks help cannot be on any dynamic or uses help on anyone to injure and destroy.

          Who are these men with covert ways who bring Earth its pain?

          They are the men who cannot help. Who are the women who must be helped but who can only maim?

          They say, these men and women, that they’ll help and then they make a thorough shambles of it all.

          From where did Earth conceive her traps and aspects that are grim? Earth would be a lovely place if all men helped to help, not to destroy.

          Think heavily on this point. Judge men from what they think of help.

          Judge women too and find the good ones from the bad.

          The good can help. The bad will not or if they do, they “help” only to betray.

          The good of Earth comes from above the point of make and break where help is help and honestly. The pain of Earth comes from the tones where help does not exist or where it’s used to pull us into agony.

          Know your friends. It’s strange that those who argue with us against our goals and Scientology cannot conceive of honest help. Discuss help with them and you’ll find their tone and whether they are worth a lot as friends.

          This is the test that you can use to separate the good from bad and then clear-eyed begin to make a world in which all life can live.

          L. RON HUBBARD

  5. My reason for doing some GAT, along with some other field auditors is I-Help was going to take away my license. It was a complete waste of time and I really found the memorization,talking to the wall drills to be extremely wasteful!
    Unfortunately, training really went in to the toilet after GAT. DM and his cohorts have successfully found a way to destroy the tech. It produces auditors and C/Ss who are really out of comm and are robots. It is intentional as there is such a preponderance of BIs that you would have to deliberately not-is them to continue on. I have had to clean up so many casualties who are their products.

    • ooh, ya – “products’! I saw lots of them in 2008-last time I was at Flag. People in the NOTS HGC coming out of session, then bawling their eyes out. People that looked ashen & solemn. People that were being sent back home, totally dejected & feeling like a failure….I talked to numerous people – and even though they were totally “wiped out” by the “handlings”, they were afraid to talk. So after telling the Chief MAA that the tech being delivered now was “not the same as it was when LRH was here” (the only way I could think to state it to him) and he refused to listen; told the C/S that the auditors were being trained incorrectly & was sent to Qual “because I needed to be made to understand”, was given a sec check that gave me a severe headache for 3 days, I went my merry way.

  6. Public Announcement: Sorry all that I have been hardly around for the last few weeks, with no comments or communication. School holidays plus a few very busy projects have had me a little distracted. Apologies. Back now. 🙂

    Thank you for the good article RV. We look forward to number two.

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