By Chris Black

I recently spent two wonderful weeks out west auditing two friends of mine. Vic was receiving False Purpose Rundown (FPRD) auditing. This is an incredible tech that cuts through the veils of time and intention and reveals oneself to one. It is laser-precise and the wins are out of this world. Here is what Vic has to say about it (and he’s not even done, yet!).

Success Story

Wow! I’m half way through the basic auditing list on the FPRD, and this already is the coolest auditing I’ve ever had.

I’ve gained priceless insight into my life.

With the help of my auditor, I was able to confront my whole track. On many occasions we went early… early down the track, right to the beginning!

I’ve seen who I am in my native state… why I’ve often behaved the way I have… and why I made the decisions which have been affecting me adversely ever since.

On one occasion when I reached the bottom of the chain and blew the charge, a huge peaceful feeling enveloped me and the space around me.

At the time, we had the window in the auditing room open for fresh air.  And up to then, we heard the ever-present neighborhood ‘white noise’ coming in… the sounds of traffic… the rustling of the leaves in the
breeze… the occasional dog… construction in the far off distance…

But when I blew the charge, it ALL suddenly stopped. Everything. Not a sound. Nothing moved. There was just my auditor and me in the midst of a very real, palpable sea of tranquility.

The calmness was so pronounced that my auditor and I just looked at each other, each of us being fully aware of it. All we could do was laugh and laugh! I was so blown out, we couldn’t go back in session for some time. It was the first time I’ve ever had an auditor tell me, “Thank you. Your TA is floating.”

Now it’s been a week since that session, and I still feel a sense of peace that I haven’t felt in eons. It’s my new state, and I love it!

I also feel like I have unlocked the key to all the goals which I’ve been trying to reach since I was a child. The key is simple, as truths are. It’s ‘action.’

In the past, I often put things off… dream about them… thought about them… made lists… organized… put aside… planned to do them… all resulting in not getting them done.

But now for the first time, I have a renewed urge to just roll up my sleeves and “DO.” I’ve gotten more done in one day than I have before in weeks. It’s as if I’m at the tone level of ‘Action.’

I feel released as a being, ready to take on anything I put my mind to.


11 thoughts on “FPRD

  1. I just want to say here that Lana ALWAYS seems to find just the right picture to go with the posting of an article. The lion above says everything that Vic did. It’s PERFECT! Thanks, Lana, my Gundaroo Gal! 😀

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