By Lana M.

Open a newspaper, anywhere in the world, and the headlines will jump out at you alarmingly. Murder! Rape! Stabbing! Embezzlement! Terrorism! Beatings!

Yet if you walk outside,  down a footpath, around a local lake or park, or through a local shopping mall – your chances of experiences any such circumstances are, in truth, extremely low.

Despite newspapers, TV, radio and social media indicating that the world is becoming an ever increasingly dangerous place, there is also plenty of evidence that this is not actually the case. At this link is a recent article asking if the world is more dangerous than ever and giving statistics that show it is actually NOT.

Another example is the worldwide trend over the last decade to make leaving children unsupervised a “crime” due to the seemingly (false) idea that child kidnappings are on the increase (see article on this) . Kids must be generally driven to school and cannot walk alone, unsupervised. In Australia they are trying to pass a law that it is a crime to leave a child that is under the age of 12, alone in a car.  And parents have become more and more paranoid regarding “stranger danger” to a point where their child talking to ANYONE that is not known is somehow dangerous. Huh?

Even the Church of Scientology does briefings on the conspiracies and dangers of this planet, as a way to inspire parishioners to cough up another $50,000 towards their ideal org or to move up the statuses as an IAS member. The ‘islands of sanity’ are themselves promoting the dangerousness of the present time environment to gain monies from their supporters.

But it is not that the crimes are increasing.

It is two simple facts:

1. There are now fast communication networks across the planet, from mainstream media as well as social media channels, that enables news from across the world to be distributed and read by millions.

2. The anti-social personalities on this planet just love to generate a “dangerous environment” for others, as a basic mechanism used to control people, so they use the comm lines of the planet to achieve this.

Truth is not as it is portrayed.

Maybe that is why it persists (ref. Scientology Axioms).  There always has to be an alter-is to have a persistence.  LOL!

79 thoughts on “Terrorism, murder, rape and disease

  1. Yes, manufacturing a scenario of a dangerous environment is designed to keep people low on the tone scale at fear or below. unfortunately many people simply accept without question what they read or see on TV as the truth.

    The Australian government is working to increase the tightning of controls to ‘safe guard freedom and combat terrorism.’ More legislatioin to restrict movement and freedoms in the name of ‘freedom’ How does restricting movement increase freedom.? A double think if ever there was one.

    Big issues are made of raids across Australia and the few people that are ‘competitive’ SPs are given an altered timportance out of all proportion to their effectiveness.

    When one can step three feet back of Societies head one can see what is happening with more clarity.

    Training, study, auditing, on a regular basis, is the answer. Holding one’s space and not going into agreement with the entheta and bank agreements that surround one. Supporting each other on our comm lines and creating a theta environment is the best answer.

    • Training, study, auditing, on a regular basis, is the answer.

      More than ever, I believe that to be the case, Michael.

      The amount of entheta coming down the pike from every channel, is astonishing these days. It’s a wonder that any of us can stay reasonably sane, under such an onslaught of bad news.

      I’ll admit, I’m a news junkie. It’s a terrible obsession that takes a huge toll on a person’s state of mind. It’s hard for me (at my age) to ignore some of the more urgent situations troubling my country and the world, but I do know that I pay a price of reduced theta for honestly informing myself.

      As you and Lana suggest, it’s best tempered by applying a liberal dose of LRH tech each day. Totally agreed.

  2. Same thing’s happening here in America formerly “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

    I mean if they say it’s to “fight terrorism” or “save the children” they can get almost anything passed in Congress who after 911 have been running around like a bunch o’ chicken littles telling us that the sky’ll fall if the NSA and the FBI is not allowed to tap into your most personal communications.

    Though I did note there is still a libertarian streak here they haven’t been able to kill. For instance when the Director of the FBI was whining about the iPhone 6 being uncrackable. Apple’s stock went up and they sold more phones despite “bendgate” 😉

    And they’ve pretty much given up on getting a National ID and revoking the Second Amendment.

    And Marijuana is being legalized in various states despite the intransigence of the DEA.

    Not that I’m a big fan of legalized pot. But cutting down on Drug Enforcement does tend to cut down of the crime and corruption associated with it.

    That said. It doesn’t mean our Merchants of Chaos have been slouching off on scaring the bejesus out of us.

    Like this whole ebola thing. They report a few isolated cases and say its pandemic.

    Then of course there is the TSA which has convinced many Americans to take a bus, train or automobile to avoid being fondled or irradiated by their back scatter Xray machines.

    You’d think the Church would be at the forefront at demanding our civil liberties back. I remember traditionally they were at one time when the “evil” GO controlled the Church but now under the new suppressive management. It seems more likely that they’d support any suppressive piece of legislation that comes along.

    Not that there aren’t actual dangers and dare I say conspiracies. But as typical these days aside from the tech is the fact that they get ’em wrong. Like the psychiatric conspiracy which was allegedly responsible for 911.

    Or the one that big pharma is selling Prozac to make illegal PCs

    What a bunch maroons.

    • …they’ve pretty much given up on getting a National ID and revoking the Second Amendment.

      Let us hope, but evil never sleeps.

      As a stop-gap measure, I exercise my unalienable 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms to the fullest extent, as do 100,000,000 other Americans.

      “Come And Take It!”

  3. Well, I don’t even know how to begin my post w/out sounding too rough here and even impolite. So I’ll try my best to be nice. If I get shot , so be it. That’s life, I can handle it.

    Both news articles quoted here and referred to , are pure psychological bull and a nonsense. Allow me to explain before the heat gets too high.

    Let’st start first by the Fox News article by John Stossel written 30 sept 2014 , tittled , “Is the world more dangerous than ever?” I’ll quote from it.

    “Last week’s behading in Oklahoma and other despicable acts of terrorism are frightening , but Americans are unlikely to be killed.”

    See how this guy is insidiously converting this in a racial issue, putting his att mostly on “us Americans”. I will continue quoting :

    “Terrorists killed 18,000 people last year, but only 16 were americans”.

    Now, make out of that comment what you please but for me it is obvious that this asshole is only trying to position USA for God knows what purpose.

    I will continue quoting :

    “Thanks to miraculus innovations created by free markets, fewer people languish in poverty and we live longer than ever”.

    What a bull. In what planet exactly lives this reporter ?

    The world economy is crumbling since a decade or more ago. Caused by SPs at the World Banking structure and World Street. It is a very well known data by anyone trained in economy.

    The retirement money of millions of americans are highly at risk , houses are being taken by Banks left and right (I know that real estate area pretty well). President Obama created some measures to put some control on Banks when taking away anybody’s home , but it is not enough. More and more americans are living on the street. Where the hell this reporter has been living at ? Bervely Hills ? Downtown Miami ?

    Here at Puerto Rico with an average population of 4 million , we have an inventory of more than 15,000 brand new, never lived at houses. The Real Estate business is as low as ever. The number of homes taken away highest ever. I know the business. I use to buy foreclosures homes, renovate them and sell them at a profit.

    Here at PR in the past 5-6 months we had the highest ever number of strikes from more than 20 different government agencies , from employees trying to protect their hard won retirement money that the government used to “balance the budget”. I see each day more and more people living at the street here.

    What took me a certain effort to promote my small business, now it takes me at least 15x that effort in promotional activities to get any business as the construction industry here has collapsed.

    More and more of our kids are drugged at school with Ritalin. And I am not using any Church fake stats. I do my own homework. I trust no agency, person or entity to do it for me. I talk with parents frequently and with people on the street. I am, you can say, a person who likes to mix with others , who likes to stay in touch with reality.

    People are getting less and less educated year by year. More and more iliterate products are put on the professional world. I mean , MS2 crew, with all due respect , in what world have you been living at ?

    Now, it is true, that they are a lot of merchant of chaos trying to make this world look a lot dangerous than it really is. But make no mistake, the world is at a very grave danger right this minute. Only being PTS to the middle class will cause us to fail to see the OBVIOUS.

    We are being suppressed left and right from powers the majority can’t even begin to understand.

    True, people introvert and heavily withdraw under the heavy promotion of a dangerous environment. But even if it is actually not that dangerous, the consequences of the altered perception is quite visible to be noticed by anyone who really cares to look.

    Now, let’s continue with the bullshit psychology “reporters” from the other article referred to by this blog article. It was written by Shelby Gulllaird and Laura McFarland-Piazza. It is tittled :

    “Children need to play outdoors,but we’re not letting them”

    I will quote from it :

    “Earlier this year, an American mother was arrested for allowing her nine year old daughter to play unsupervised in a park while she finished her shift at work”.

    Now, I don’t mean to sound like a Merchant of Chaos here ,but it is well known that many crimes on children that were not that common in decades ago have turned to be quite common in PT. You don’t need to read a newspaper to find out about this. Now, I grew up in the street. I come from the street. Those were other times indeed. In my country the education was something not that wide spread as it is today. Many parents didn’t know any better than to do with their kids the same as were done to them when they were young.

    It was less common to hear about child kidnapping and sex crimes. Here at my country people are robbed in areas where you could easily and safely walk through in decades ago. You see, I didn’t read it on a newspaper, I know it for a fact. Different thing.

    And are anyone to tell me that you are going to leave your 9 year-old at the park unsupervised while you finish work ? What kind of a parent does that ? In what world are you living at ?

    True, to get that mother arrested is a bad control too and an intromision from the government nobody wants nor need. I will continue to quote from the article :

    “There’s growing evidence that unsupervised outdoor play is vital for children’s development and connection to nature.”

    “Children need to play outdoors,but we’re not letting them.”

    ” According to Richard Louv, children today do not get enough free play outdoors, resulting in “nature-deficit disorder”. ”

    Come on ! , what a bunch of psychological bullshit. “Nature-deficit disorder” ? Did you really read that article MS2 crew ?

    I love to take my daughter to the park and see her play. We play together as kids running around like mad. She is 10 years old. I make sure she goes out and extrovert and exercise her body. I make sure she is in contact with nature which we both love. But I make DAMN sure she is safe. No psychological bullshit of letting her alone with a bunch of kids at a big park unsupervised. I stay as away I can to let them be. But close enough to avert any danger. What the hell are parents for ?

    The world is better than before ? Aha, look again, take a real, good look cause it ain’t so.

    psychiatrist has turned loose their corrupted products. We have each day more “illnesses” and drugs listed at the PDR. Our children are being drugged more and more. I even consider this blog article a lack of respect. As I said before, If I get hit, so be it. My integrity comes first than anything.

    Stop dreaming scientologists , stop this games condition with the Church. Let’s start taking responsibility for the bigger picture and really start saving this dying world. Cause IT IS dying. Only a blind won’t be able to see it.


    • ThetaClear,

      I agree with many of your observations. There are many things in our world which have gotten worse. But when you mention child abuse increasing, I don’t know that this true or not. For centuries there has been child abuse which was undocumented and swept under the rug. There is more scrutiny and public disapproval of such things today. So, I don’t know for a fact that this has gotten worse. The proliferation of psychotrophic drugs is definitely a modern global scourge, though there is increasing public awareness of their danger.
      On the other hand I’m not sure I agree that everything is getting worse. To put this viewpoint in perspective, here are two unfortunate facts to consider:
      1) During the American Civil War one could not avoid being drafted into the army merely if one was incontinent……only if one was fecally incontinent.


      2) In 1860 the average human lifespan was less than 40 years. Today it is around 80 years.

      So, while I think that it is a mixed bag, I also think that humanity is on an uptrend. Another example is that, although it is still rampant all over the world, racial and ethnic discrimination are no longer officially acceptable.
      This was not once the case.
      I remember.

      • Hi Espiritu ,

        I really like your insight into things. You seems like a very theta individual indeed.

        Probably I failed to express it in more correct words , but I know that the world has changed in many facets. However, there are some bad changes that are insidiously destroying our culture and apparently not clearly recognized as they were designed to, in fact, remain hidden.

        Wars, everybody understand. You get a few mest bodies killed and everybody just forgets about it , unless it is something as horrend as the Holocaust. You get corruptions at the government and a few millions embellezed, and everybody just forgets about it after a while. You get hunger and a few thousand dies but they return probably to a better life , with a few engrams and secondaries, yes, but nothing more.

        Those things are obvious ills of society but people somehow deal with it and try to improve it. They KNOW that they are illnesses. You get a few thousand killed on the street and they come back. Probably realize , as they are leaving their bodies, how stupid they were and probably will postulate a better come back. Again, everybody knows it is wrong. Humanity can handle it, one way or another.

        What we are talking about are things people DON’T realize about. Hidden actions which slowly but steadily destroy our society and which are not incident to life as such. Those are the real dangerous ones. Those we did not have back in the war times , or at least not so generally spread.

        Hidden forces, not easily recognizable by the untrained , are eroding this planet. Plans have been set in motion already and the clock is ticking. Implants are being dramatized as society approaches in technology and culture, the Marcab society. That’s the reason for the hectic pace of modern society. Psychiatry is insidiously getting into society’s structure and changing the way people perceive the world. World “leaders” (which are not actually in the government) are destroying the economic structure of the world as any competent observer would be able to discover with a little bit of research.

        The Middle East sit is at “Defcon 3” again due to 3P activities from the ones really handling the threads of the puppet. Drugs are getting introduced into society by forces not easily recognizable. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that with the supposedly improved education, more and more people are into drugs ?

        Isn’t it obvious that long held values are being replaced by a totally irresponsible attitude, the same that drugs causes ? A “no consequence” attitude ? A sub-apathy about important things and spiritual values ?

        Isn’t it obvious that the altered education system is turning loose iliterate products into society , unable to think for themselves ? Destroy an education system and you destroy a whole society w/out shooting one single gun, w/out killing one single soul. Your product is soulless and mindless people, with no power of choice over data , easily controlled by the state.

        Wars ? Forget about them. That’s nothing compared to creating soulles zombies and controllable robots with no minds of their own.

        Children being drugged as never before , and LEGALLY so under everbody’s nose.

        Take a good look scientologists , take a real good look around you. The real danger is not in all the noise you hear around you, or in the guns you hear shot, or in all the bloody bodies you see on the news. Those are only distractions from the real sit , right under our noses. Audit ? , yes. Train ?, of course. Enjoy life to the fullest, by all means , but be very alert.

        The price of Freedom, “Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back”.


      • …racial and ethnic discrimination are no longer officially acceptable. This was not once the case. I remember.

        Friend, a careful obnosis of today’s world (at least in America) should immediately inform you that racial discrimination today is indeed, “officially acceptable”, except now, the tables are turned.

        As a black American who was born in the early 1950s, I well remember the institutional racism of earlier eras in this country. I personally experienced that war against evil being won by blacks.

        Sadly, what’s happened in the interim, is that an institution of reverse racism and discrimination has grown into a monster in America. Now, white Americans are so cowed by specious charges of ‘racism’, that they are frozen like deer in the headlights at the slightest charge of racial discrimination.

        I’ve watched race pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton use the hobby horse of ‘racism’ to extort millions of dollars from private businesses and municipalities to further their own racist agenda.

        Look at the damage our U.S. Attorney General has done to race relations by constantly siding with, and enabling the ugly proclivities of such groups as the New Black Panthers and the race rioters in Ferguson, Missouri. The man actually had the temerity to say to the press that Americans were “cowardly” on the issue of race.

        What suppressive bullsh!t.

        The cultural war over race in America was OVER, 40 some-odd years ago, but people like Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama, INSIST upon keeping the race wars going because it gives them wealth and power. They and their minions have done a great disservice to those they purport to defend. All they’ve done is create massive division, where little existed before.

        I know, because I was there!

        In the end, we Scientologists understand that this is simply a continuation of the same bank agreements that drove us into the mud to begin with. It’s got to stop, and it will stop, because it’s such a heinous lie. No good can come from the politically correct viewpoints that are now du riguer in our society. No. We must press forward as native beings to a higher understanding of ourselves.

        • I agree, Ronnie. I was a white kid born in the ’40s who liked to drink out of the “colored” water fountains when I visited my uncle in Florida just to yank the chain of the local cops. I would pretend ignorance and make them explain to me why the they had separate drinking fountains and what was the fuss. They got very frustrated trying to explain this to me and not sound like the idiots they were. I was brought up that racism is bullshit promoted by evil morons. I recognize those who play the “race card” for political gain. I agree that there is little difference in that regard between Jessie Jackson and George Wallace. I’m not saying that white people have a monopoly on racism. And I’m not saying that everything is perfect. All I am saying is that those “colored” and “white only” drinking fountains are gone and will never return because awareness has risen in our society. That toothpaste ain’t going back into the tube. Things really are better and will continue that way because good people intend it so.

    • Peter,

      The article was not written by MS2 Crew, it was written by me and clearly states so at the top.

      We have different realities on the subject of the article — and that is OK. If you do not agree, or it is not true for you — then it is not. It certainly is a reality for me.

      You asked where I live — the answer is Australia. In fact, I live just outside the city that was just recently rated number 1 most-liveable city in the world (voted by the world – not by Australian’s), so that probably influences my reality as well.

      PS. If you take offence to my article, my apologies. It was not a personal attack against yourself (or anyone) or an effort to gloss things over life with pink icing and candles.

      PPS. And in terms of not taking responsibility for the big picture… well that is an interesting accusation aimed at me personally. I guess you will just have to trust that I am, or step into the boots you see need to be worn, personally, and start walking. Those who know me, and what I do and work for, would not throw such words around without due consideration.

      PPPS. I understand that from your view that life is dire and the situation is desperate (planet-wise), but I am not electrified and I am confident about the future, about Scientology, and about life.

      Yes, there are many things that are wrong — but nothing we aint handled before, mate.

      Chin up.

      It is very hard to kill those that live eternally.

      • Dear Lana,

        I am sorry too , if you took offense by my post. Offending was not in my mind at all ; presenting the correct reality, yes. And about it being a reality, later.

        I will take each one of your points in your reply to me and cover each one so no misunderstood are left unhandled.

        I will start by expressing my opinion on you and MS2. About you, specifically, this example will make it very clear. You know of my long search for a Spanish speaking auditor for my friend. Now, whenever this friend started to go all winning on me about how there are no terminals for him out-there, that all is wrong , why did I had to make him aware of all that debacle at the Church, the cat, the balloon, etc (this is not in PT. Now he is fully handled on it) ; I handled him by telling him your story and how you battled all odds alone against giants from the Church and created a flourishing business from nothing that became a very well known and respected one at Australia that has earned many awards. By the way , it is beautiful.

        I told him about how you created MS2 after having disassociated yourself from terminals that were not following LRH steps because you and others founding members (the original ones, which I know) wanted a safe place for all scientologists to be, do, have, standard Scientology. I put you as an example to emulate.

        And then I told him to compare your obstacles to his and decide whether or not he ought to be all victimized about it all. I know you story Lana, and the story of MS2. I am an excellent researcher. I know where you live and what you do. That’s never been a mystery. So there you have my opinion of you. Clear as water.

        When I said “where do you live? ” , I was generally referring to whoever it applied to. My mistake for having grammatically expressed it that way.

        Having clarified all that Lana, I wasn’t expressing an “opinion” at all but a very easy to prove fact. Give me 2 weeks to present you with exact research data , unbiased, not taken hurriedly out of some psychological “sources” to prove a point against the Church.

        My BPC with your article is that, apparently, you didn’t fully researched the subject before attempting to state a “thesis” that , “it is all Ok , the world is a marvelous place to live, and we just need to individually continue to train ans audit and we’ll have it made”. Well, it won’t. You are not thinking 4th dynamically here , but only 3rd dynamically (highly commendable , you are a pioneer indeed).

        I object to you having taken 2 articles , very biased evidently, and full of psychological crap to “prove a point” about the Church. And I am truly sorry if this offends you or anybody else. That is not my intent ; it never was. But I am who I am : very opinionated , a very competent observer, a very KSW terminal , and stubborn as a mule. And I love being myself. Being myself will be the saving grace for many who doesn’t have a clue of my mission , which , I can tell you , doesn’t have anything to do with posting at blogs.

        The way you presented in the article can have the repercussions of scientologists thinking only 3rd dynamically cause “there isn’t anything to really worry about”. It presents a false picture of where this planed is really heading for , which is not , I can tell you with certainty, to a “rose bath”.

        It is all great that you guys are doing something very effective on the 3rd Dynamic. It is not only great but highly commendable and my hat off to you and all others who are actively applying LRH at the Field.

        Having said that , you know well , that the majority of the Field’s publics are already scientologists that got away from the suppressive influence from the Church. Realize that I said “majority” and not “all”. If you have specific stats (not opinions) that proves otherwise , then , by all means , present them and I will publicly retract.

        Here is a quote from LRH that will help me introduce a point :

        “The Tone Scale starts well below apathy. In other words, a person is feeling no emotion about a subject at all. An example of this was the American attitude concerning the atomic bomb; something about which they should have been very concerned was so far beyond their ability to control and so likely to end their existence that they were below apathy about it.”

        “They actually did not even feel that it was very much of a problem. Americans processed on this particular subject had to be worked with for some little time until they began to feel apathetic about the atomic bomb. This was really an advance over the feeling of no emotion whatsoever on a subject which should have intimately concerned them. In other words, on many subjects and problems people are actually well below apathy.”

        “Actually the below apathy level is so low as to constitute a no-affinity, no-emotion, no-problem, no-consequence state of mind on things which are actually tremendously important.”

        “The area below apathy is an area without pain, interest, beingness or anything else that matters to anyone, but it is an area of great danger since one is below the level of being able to respond to anything and may accordingly lose everything without apparently noticing it.”

        LRH (from “The Problems Of Work” , chapter 6, “Affinity, Reality And Communication”)

        You see , at Hiroshima and Nagasaki , they were at the sub-apathy level regarding the Atom Bomb ,and look what happened. My point is that the majority of this planet population including thousands of scientologists , are at this sub-apathy level regarding the actual and factual sit in which this planet finds itself.

        we are very happy to just continue with our lives , auditing a few here, a few there, training many others, which is excellent and very commendable. We have our houses , we are making income helping others , which is actually a VERY ethical exchange, we are paying our mortgages , our kids are doing good at school and life , we love our husband or wife , and everything is just as it is supposed to be.

        And THAT exact scene can create a false picture or where exactly this planet is heading to and makes us conformists. It IS happening right as I am writing this.

        We are not thinking in the correct orders of magnitude here. We are not. Because of your thesis that the Church is creating a dangerous environment to get millions of donations from fellow scientologists , you and others can , out of trying to “not be like them” , miss the fact that there IS actually a very dangerous environment to handle (regardless of the actual intentions from the Church). If this 4th Dynamic activity from the Church was being done in your time in the SO, (your best times , w/out suppression) , I am sure you would have an entirely different viewpoint on the matter , and my apologies in advance for attempting to say what you would do or not, would think or not.

        I will do the right thing and will fully research this subject for the benefit of all , and will present my findings here with full sources , real stats , and a trail of evidence that anybody will be able to follow themselves. Then you’ll decide whether or not I am just a spooky ,casy , suppressed guy, from the middle of nowhere, trying to be a hero. I have very spooky abilities , by the way.



        • Peter:

          Stipulated, Earth sucks. Your argument seems to be that Lana has expressed more optimism about things overall than you believe is justifiable. And because of her position, this could lead people into falsely believing all is well on Earth, when in fact it’s not.

          You must truly believe that the people who read this blog are as bad as most wogs. Someone in “authority” like Lana says the sky is orange and we simply accept it. And that we are not very good at actually observing and judging for ourselves whether the planetary scene is at odds with what our “authority” is saying. Hell, if I were Lana, I’d be insulted too. Not because of what you’re saying about me, but what you’re implying about the readers of my blog.

          I’ve got news for you. As much as I love and admire Lana, if she says, “the sky is blue”, and I’m not sure about it, I go and check. Even if she says, “now this is the way you prepcheck…” (an area where I know her knowledge is superior to mine), I would still look it up before blindly accepting her instructions. And not because I’m in love with doing research. I’m not. But neither am I stupid, and I suspect the other readers here aren’t either. This isn’t some squirrel blog where the owner drones on about obscue subjects like Rogerian psychotherapy, the Tao and quantum mechanics, and everyone just sort of says, “Oh he’s so smart” and goes along with him, figuring he must be right because he sounds right, and besides, he attacks the Church a lot, and I hate those guys.

          So what should Lana have said? “Well we’re auditing away here and making good progress, but OMG, the world is in terrible shape. It’s all bad over there. And it’s all bad over there. OMG!”

          Again, stipulated, Earth sucks. We all know that. Most of us are intimately aware of just how bad it sucks and where and how. Do you think they put us here because it’s a garden paradise? Of course not. And we’ve got guys working hard down through the decades and centuries to take complete control of our lives and utterly destroy civilization as we know it. Doing a good job, too.

          Personally, I thoroughly enjoy Lana’s (justified) optimism.

          (In my best California surfer accent) Chill out, Dude. I’ve got a righteous buzz on, and you’re killing it.


          • Dear Paul,

            My reply was to Lana not to you. If she did not get back to me, then I guess, she doesn’t have any att on it and closed the matter.

            As to what I think or not about posters , that’s not an issue here and is only an alter-is from your part and non-sequitur to the subject at hand.

            You can freely express your opinions here and so can I , and I respect Lana very much for allowing me to.

            Other than that, think what you want. It doesn’t have any consequences in me really. I am not in the mood to handle HE&R from anyone.

            ARC PETER

      • I live just outside the city that was just recently rated number 1 most-liveable city in the world (voted by the world – not by Australian’s)

        “Most”, huh?

        I need to drop in on your city sometime and feel it out. No doubt, it feels a whole lot like Texas! 🙂

    • Holy cats, this comment reads like a newspaper, Peter. Reality here is that in the past month we’ve got 4 people moving on the Grade Chart after years of stall, regular progress, with daily auditing on others moving, students studying for their next Acad Level, a Student Hat going long distance, the farm just had 4 new babies, with several more on the way, friends are as I write, in the final hours of a new baby boy on the way, there’s a whole new project begun to build a mini-hamlet in the local village (the new father is the Foreman on the site, and I’m plying my construction skills along with him), we’ve got the kids winning in school and I’ve been going to the gym for 2.5 months!!!

      It’s GOOD to be alive and the future is very, very, very bright. Present time ain’t so bad either, mate.

      Get a person in session. Audit them. You’ll see 🙂

      • Dear Jim ,

        I am very happy for all your success and for the other’s too. I vey much validate what you and others are doing.

        I replied to Lana, but for some reason it reads on my post reply “your comment is awaiting moderation”. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I posted it from a different computer today. I hope that the administrators post it soon enough , as I clarify there many points that perhaps were not clearly understood.

        You’ll find my answers on that post.

        Just as a clarification , I am an active scientologist. I do audit and help.


        • Peter,
          I recommend that you read Axiom 54 and then a taped lecture from 6 July 1958, Violence. It’s the final lecture of the Clearing Congress.

          It has some pertinent data for you, and how to live in this world with its myriad things going on. It’s also very pertinent to the dramo of the Merchants of Chaos, the “news” fellas (including some of the crew that are the “news” fellas of “Scientology” (or so they claim to be).

          Here’s a bit from the end of the tape:
          “You should be confronting what you think you should be confronting. It’s one of these horrible simplicities.

          “As long as you are the one who decides to confront it or not to confront it, you’ve got it made. Don’t confront it because you have to. Don’t confront it because you must.

          “You can confront it to prove to yourself that you can confront it. That you can do. It’s a perfectly good game.

          “But after you’ve learned that you can confront somebody or something, and you’ve demonstrated quite adequately to yourself, there’s really no reason to go on doing it for the next two or three million years as people do and call it a reactive bank. No real reason to do that.”

    • TC:

      I’m only going to comment on a couple of things. First, you live in Puerto Rico. From what I know of Puerto Rico (and I’m not an expert at all), it could be considered a third world country. Meaning conditions there would be far worse than in the USA, UK, France and other “first world” countries. If you consider conditions there bad or worsening, I don’t wonder.

      Second, I saw the John Stossel piece you refer to. The point he was making about the free market and the poor was that, in the US, the poor are ten times better off than they are in, say, India. The media (particularly in the last 6 years) have tried to make a big deal out of the plight of the poor in this country, but it’s a hard sell when poor people in this country typically have cars, cell (mobile) phones, cable TV, etc. If you want to see truly poor people, go to India or Africa. There you will see true poverty. And perhaps even Puerto Rico. You would be able to speak to that better than I.

      I would also point out that the media in the US is very introverted. That is, it is designed specifically for consumption in the US. As such, conditions in the rest of the world are generally ignored. The US media tends to concentrate on conditions and circumstances in the US to the exclusion of those elsewhere. That’s not to say we aren’t aware of the numerous wars on the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere. But the emphasis is decidedly domestic. One could say that Americans are excessively narcissistic, but under the circumstances, this isn’t surprising. I mean, our country spans numerous time zones and a huge population. When you ask, “what planet to these people live on?”, the answer is the USA, not Puerto Rico.


      • Paul : “I’m only going to comment on a couple of things. First, you live in
        Puerto Rico. From what I know of Puerto Rico (and I’m not an expert at
        all), it could be considered a third world country. Meaning conditions
        there would be far worse than in the USA, UK, France and other “first
        world” countries.”

        Dear Paul ,

        Obviously you don’t have a clue of the political and economic sit of PR. We are definitively not a 3rd world at all. You should do a little research. You are very good at research , same as I. Puerto Rico is basically your every day USA state. More or less the same. We have an average of 3 cars per family, houses within the $140-$200K bracket , everybody has an education and go to the college or university , governments officials , several of them graduated from Harvard , Yale , MIT , etc. World known stars like Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez , Marc Anthony.

        In fact , we Puerto Ricans , win more music awards than any other single country if compared by population density. We won 7 times Miss Universe contest , being the 3rd country with more crowns after USA and Venezuela who recently passed us. World wide renown Athletes and boxers like Tito Trinidad , Miguel Cotto who has fought the most world ranked including Floyd Mayweather.

        We have beaten the USA basketball team in more than one occasion. We have been at NASA and at space , just recently. We have a Puerto Rican woman as part of the USA Supreme Court Judges. We advice the President directly. We have more people in the USA armed forces than any other state if we compare by density per square mile. We have colonels and generals there.

        We are US citizens by constitution , with the same currency. Our court system , similar to that of the USA is considered one of the bests by expert (I will e-mail the report to you). Our constitution too, is considered one of the best , emulated from the USA’s but improved.

        All houses are totally concrete based , hurricane proof. We always have water and electricity. You will never , ever see any kids living at the street , that’s just non-existent. Nor any old people. We don’t have the type of crime you usually see at the US. Many crimes , yes. But not the kind you see at others states. We never have here a shooter shooting kids at school or universities. Never have happened. That’s unheard of. Kidnapping , hardly seen. No big massacres , a total of probably 7 in last 8-10 years , with 4-6 deaths in each one due to drugs.

        That’s PR my friend. We are called by others countries , “La isla Del Encanto” (means “The Island Of Enchantment”). We have Oscar winners actors such as Benicio Del Toro. So do your research , would you ?

        Regarding Stossel , he was just being very biased and a racist asshole.

        You , as a few here , missed my point entirely. Forget the USA, forget PR. We are talking about a “planetary” sit that I have a very hard time understanding how could anybody , specially a scientologist, can fail to perceive.

        So what I will do , as I said before ,is to fully research the subject for you guys and gals , and present my fully documented evidence. If after you and anybody else reads it and decides that it don’t hold my thesis , then I will shut up.


        • TC:

          Like I said, I don’t know much about Puerto Rico. You can forget your stats about beauty queens, musicians, athletes and things like that. I would only mention those things as a joke. They really aren’t substantive. Here are the facts that I know about PR: it ranks below the poorest state in the US (proper), Mississippi, and 41% of its population are below the US poverty line.

          You may well be able to come up with glowing facts and figures about PR, and that’s okay. I’m willing to accept legitimate research. (not that I care that much; PR is not on my radar, so to speak).

          I’m also inclined to give Espiritu’s observations a lot of weight. The history of a place acts as a hidden hand on everyone who lives there, and the history of PR is an unfortunate one, considered from Columbus onward. Espiritu’s first hand observations of PR as an outsider match with the history of the island.

          Also, your implication of a low crime rate by comparison to the US doesn’t hold water. We have nearly a hundred times your population, and our largest cities have more population than your whole island.

          I did not mean to insult the place where you live. It may be a wonderful place to live. I don’t know (and frankly don’t really care; I don’t plan to move there any time soon).

          The only reason I mentioned it was because I thought perhaps your seemingly pessimistic viewpoint might stem from where you live. But it’s neither here nor there at this point.


          • Dear Paul ,

            I don’t know what PR has to do with the subject of this post. And I don’t remember inviting you here neither. Nor I really care what weight or not you give Espiritu’s comments on PR, which, by the way, were very polite, as different than yours.

            Regarding crime, do your own research, I won’t certainly do it for you. I couldn’t care less about convincing you or anybody else for that matter about PR’s political, social or economic status.

            Of course any of your states have 10x the population of PR. Have you ever heard of population density ?

            If you take population density into account, many of your states has a higher crime rate than PR. The data is there available. I am just not interested to do the work for you.

            ARC PETER

          • TC(P) asked Paul: “Have you ever heard of population density?”

            “Puerto Rico averages around 26.2 murders per 100,000 residents – putting it on par with countries like Mexico (23.7), the Dominican Republic (25) – a far cry from the U.S.’s 4.7 per 100,000, according to statistics compiled by the United Nation’s Office on Drugs and Crime.”

            “’We have a generation of young people who are violent, who take a gun and shoot, killing indiscriminately because they are expendable,’ Toledo said. ‘This is a generation that is going to be very hard to straighten out.’
            Both the unemployment and homicide rates in Puerto Rico are higher than in any U.S. state. The island’s rate of 22.5 killings per 100,000 people is double that of Louisiana, according to a recent federal report.
            Police make an arrest in only 43 percent of killings, compared with a U.S. national average of 66 percent, according to the report, which also accused the police department of corruption, unlawful killings and civil rights violations.”

            Vieques, Puerto Rico, Murder Rate Highest in the World

    • Hi Peter,

      I tend to agree with some aspects of your comment.

      My view of Stroussel and the whole Reason crowd of pollyannas is that they view the world through rose tinted glasses.

      That said you can either fixate on how bad things are or start fixing them and this is where auditing and training come in.

      Beyond that there is the tech on forming Gung Ho groups which is in both OEC VI vols.

      You’ve got to take these social ills on a gradient or you just end up overwhelming yourself.

      Also look at the bright side.

      We don’t live under the constant threat of nuclear annihilation any longer 😉

      • Dear Robin,

        Thanks for your comm.

        It is not a matter of fixating in “bad things” , I can confront the “bad” actually quite well, that’s why I am obviously more equiped to perceive it than many. I have no overwhelm about it at all. I can see this entire planet as a playing field.

        As to do something about it, I am actually working on it. Unfortunately , this is something I can’t discuss over public lines.

        My only point, the one I am trying to get across, which I am beginning to see will be harder than I thought to communicate , is that the actual sit in which this planet is and its proyected future is not being confronted by a long ways.

        I did a proyect once. I read all of LRH’s on how he perceived the world and its future. I listened to each and every lecture where he mentions any data about whole track incidents concerning implanting , past invader forces, reasons for destruction of past civilizations , electronics on the whole track , Earth plans by key SP elements to destroy social balance, his reason for his neck-break pace in research (even after the nuclear threat had been handled) , his seclusion in his last 7-10 years on Earth (which everybody seems to think was only to avoid legal suits dev-T) , his unexplained departure w/out any hat turn over or any public or staff journal (come guys, it was LRH) , etc, etc.

        I studied in details each and every refs on implanted GPMs , OT II and III theory, all of NOTs , all about the specific inc mentioned at OT III in detail with a lot more data about it. Each and every lecture that lead to OT II and clearing course materials, all of Power theory , all confidential GPM and R6 issues, all GO bulletins and lectures.

        It was a very , very long proyect. Then I studied much of Earth history , specially Christianity and religion in general. The key incidents in the history of this planet. Then I connected all, and I mean all dots. And all the jigsaw pieces suddently fit together. You would have to excuse me if I don’t share my findings here. People are not ready evidently , just as many at the Church are not ready to confront the truth about RTC and DM. Datums of comparable magnitude.

        I don’t feel overwhelm about it, not at all. But what would you do, hyphotetical speaking, if for any reason you were aware of events that others aren’t but which very much has to do with their future ?

        Would you just get on with your life and forget about it ? Would you just ignore it all and let them continue on a path which can make them collide with a future event unprepared ? What would you do , hypothetical speaking ?

        Well , I guess I would have to improve my strategy and take it one step at a time.

        I am of the opinion too, that the environment is made more dangerous by the merchant of chaos to drive people’s anchor points in. The ones who knows me here at PR, knows very well how positive I am when handling their origins of “how bad it all is”. Actually I am constantly applying the “handling the dangerous environment” data and processes to friends and family. According to many of them , I am a very calming influence when I am around. So, please, don’t anybody confuse my comments on this blog article thread as they meaning that I want to present a dangerous environment to others or that I am overwhelmed by my current one ; I don’t and I am not.

        LRH was frequently alerting us of the urgency of the sit in many HCOPLs , lectures, RJs and articles. He did it time and time again. Was he attempting to overwhelm ? Was he being a merchant of chaos ? Of course not. He was only attempting to raise our confront level of the real sit , and so I am.

        This is the second time I have attempted to comm this reality on this blog. First one was several months ago. It wasn’t well taken in both instances. Perhaps I am wrong at my perception , which I doubt it , or perhaps people are not ready yet. Nevertheles , I must remain true to my own goals.

        I hopes this help to clarifies my real position for everybody.

        Thanks for your care , Robin

        ARC PETER

        • “This is the second time I have attempted to comm this reality on this blog. First one was several months ago. It wasn’t well taken in both instances. Perhaps I am wrong at my perception, which I doubt it, or perhaps people are not ready yet.”

          Perhaps your communication was received, Peter, but others just don’t have or hold your viewpoint and opinion on it. Forcing it to be acknowledged and agreed to will not make it a reality. Neither will a deluge of research, IMO, as that will tend to enforce a reality. For me – and I suspect many others here – your comm was received and understood. I did, as I did Lana’s. I also have my own viewpoint and perspective on life on Earth. Thankfully, I’ve come a long way since wanting to blow it apart with a massive bomb!

          “ENFORCED COMMUNICATION, the demand on the individual that he experience or admit communication when he has not felt it. (SOS, Bk. 2, pp. 72-73)”

          “ENFORCED OVERT HAVE, forcing upon another a substance, action or thing not wanted or refused by the other. (HCO PL 12 May 72)”

          “ENFORCED REALITY, the demand on the individual that he experience or admit reality when he has not felt it. Any time a person is made to agree by force or threat or deprivation, to another’s reality and yet does not feel that reality himself, an aberrative condition exists. (SOS, Bk. 2, pp. 72-73)”


          • Dear Chris ,

            I forgot to cover something after I acknowledged your reply to my post.

            First, I appreciate the refs. I don’t feel that I was actually attempting to enforce any comm or R on anybody but it was excellent to having been reminded of them, thank you.

            Now , as regards to the “world actual condition” being dependent on our personal “viewpoints” and/or opinions , I beg to differ.

            As a very competent class VIII , you know very well the “Class VII lectures” and its emphasis on defining and explaining “Standard Tech”. You know, I assume, that the path to Standard Tech is an incredible norrow one indeed. It is formed by what works, the invariable procedures. It encompasses all the things that can prevent case gain.

            I can’t imagine 2 different C/Ses trying to settle out a “different viewpoint” on what to do on a case. If they both knew Standard Tech, they wouldn’t have any difference in “opinion” on what to do with that particular case. I am sure you have came across that concept on the class VIII lectures.

            That being said, everything in life, every sit has a VERY specific “Why”. Any scene has its specific sit and its specific Why than when applied upon will result in a betterment of the scene and a closer approach to its ideal scene.

            There is a very wide spread misguided idea that disagreements can just be “handled” or arguments “brushed off” by appealing to the general idea that “it is your opinion” or “it is a matter of viewpoint” , or “you can have your opinion about it, and I can have mine”.

            As to your ref from Axiom 31 :


            Just imagine an asshole beating his wife and finding this Axiom on one of books from his “long forgotten” library, that he got before he was -expelled from the Church for being a “with more than 6 SP traits” asshole.

            Then he gets the idea that “Badness is only a consideration and has no other basis than opinion” and, therefore , beating his wife is not bad according to his opinion.

            What would you think of such a scene ?

            You would think it is crazy , right ? You see, applying a ref out of context can prevent real observation. As you correctly pointed out to me at another post , you can’t just “analyze” a sit with just some random and isolated refs but with the whole package and the ones the actually are pertinent to the sit.

            The real scene in which this world finds itself is not a matter of opinion. It is not “Chris’s opinion” , or Lana’s opinion” , or Peter’s opinion neither. It is the “right scene and sit” by a standarly done evaluation. Period. Opinions has nothing to do with it. Opinions are never part of any real evaluation but only real factual data is.

            I am not pretenting or implying that I hold the “correct evaluation” about the real state of this planet and where it is heading. But there IS a correct scene and a correct sit to be found with the proper research tools and its result won’t be part of any opinion , but a scientific discovery arrived at with the correct methodology.

            Bottom line : a unique scene and sit exist regarding this planet condition and heading. And all the best inspirarional LRH refs won’t change that.

            ARC PETER

        • Peter:

          “Then I connected all, and I mean all dots. And all the jigsaw pieces suddently fit together. You would have to excuse me if I don’t share my findings here. People are not ready evidently.”

          Translation: I know something critical about the current state and near future of this planet, and it’s dire. But I’m not going to share it with you. I’m only going to repeat over and over that it’s bad, and you’ll just have to take my word for it. And if anyone seems overly optimistic, I’m going to call them on the carpet.

          Let’s examine the facts as you’ve laid them out. You did a lot of wide-ranging research. It’s fair to say that you probably didn’t uncover anything LRH didn’t know, and in fact much of your research was into territory he had already covered. It’s also fair to say that whatever you concluded from your research was also known by LRH. He was a pretty bright boy. So let’s stipulate that LRH knew all you know.

          Now let’s do a thought experiment. Let’s assume that LRH was here today, surfing the Internet, and decided, “Hey, the weather is kinda gloomy today. Maybe I’ll go over to Lana’s blog for a pick-me-up; she’s pretty uptone”. So Ron visits the MS2 blog and reads her post for today. Do you actually for a second imagine that Ron would then proceed to react to her post as you did? Or do you instead imagine he would say something like, “Our weather here was kinda gloomy today, but I read your post and I feel a lot better. And you’re exactly right about those merchants of chaos. Keep up the good work! I always enjoy your posts.”

          Now if you know something we all don’t, make your point and give your reasoning. Or don’t. But in lieu of your specialized knowledge, don’t expect us to take your word for how much worse it is than we all imagine.


          • Dear Paul ,

            Perhaps you should read all my posts first before making any conclusions on what I do or do not believe. Please do read each one of them first , then write again and state your points.

            I don’t think for a minute that I have any priviledge knowledge nor I am trying to be a merchant of chaos. I did say that I will take a few weeks to compilate the research data that support my views and post it here for everybody to analyse it.

            Regarding Lana, she is a big girl who needs no defending. She can probably handle all of us at the same time. I did replied to her and clarified my points and my very high opinion of her.

            But this is a forum where you can differ and even dislike anybody’s posting and it doesn’t mean a personal attack towards the poster. If you would have taken your time to read my other posts , you would have find my actual opinions toward each MS2 crew, including my dear Lana.

            I am not being personal here. Let’s get done to business and to the subject instead of appealing to emotions here, would you ?

            Read my first reply to Espiritu and you’ll see my point fully explained. Read it and then post another reply with your thoughts on it.

            ARC PETER

        • Peter,

          Personally I think you should an article on this blog.

          Yeah as far as I’m concerned the idea that Ron was in hiding is total BS. From what I know. Ron used to move freely about SoCal with his aides and would even show up at the Complex occasionally to see his wife Mary Sue who was getting auditing at the AO.

          Regarding a “hat write up” the Ol’man left us hundreds of lectures and dozens of books.

          Also if you read LRH Relationship to Orgs you see why he never wrote one.

          That said. May I suggest an HCOB entitled “Scientology Review” which was written back in the mid 60’s.

          The policy “Attacks on Scientology” which lays out that we should be promoting “Total Freedom”.

          Yes it’s good that you bring up these points Peter and they should be brought up.

          But in my opinion the best way to resolve them for now. Until we can either wrest the Organization back from the forces that now control it or start one of our own that is impervious to attacks is to audit.

          Which has been the solution right from the beginning. Going back to the release of Dianetics till now.

          • Dear Robin ,

            Thanks for the comm and for the validation.

            I was planning on an article , fully researched , backed up with refs and empirical data and verifiable statistics. But I am unsure. It will elicit many heated responses and I don’t know if it is actually suited as blog article material at this point of the game.

            Regarding the “hat write-up” , I was actually referring to “hat turn over” which is a different thing. Of course the hat write-up would be the written materials themselves.

            LRH would have never left w/out properly turning up his hat , unless an immediate urgency was at hand. Some future danger he was desperate to avert. Some will say , “but he had already turned up his hat to Organizations”. Not at all. He always remained FULLY in charge even if not “legally” so. To think otherwise is to live in “pipe dreams”.

            I refer to “Responsibilities Of Leaders” and the Power Change formula. LRH was always very detailed in his proceedings . So he was either in a real , real rush to leave , or he was “briefed” for years with only lies by someone who cut ALL comm lines to him (LRH) except the one this “terminal” maintained . And if that someone had that intelligence and cleverness , I am sure it could not have been DM alone as he is very smart but not THAT smart. Also , the idea that he actually DID left some written instructions that were cleverly kept hidden , has never been explored by no one , and I trust Rinder’s data as I trust Hitler’s.

            As to the correct strategy you are referring to , to handle the world sit , auditing and training is a big part of it , but a few key elements are not being neither analyzed nor confronted. And about that particular point , I do have a full article to submit , but just don’t want to generally talk about it right now as I risk misduplication due to a not fully developed dissertation about it.

            But soon enough I will have it ready.

            Thanks again for your faith , Robin.

            ARC PTER

            • Oh yes I know what you mean Peter.

              Like the infernal and eternal argument of whether the Ol’man left OT Levels above VIII.

              I mean anyone who doesn’t understand how the Grade Chart was developed would make the definitive statement that they don’t exist.

              Regarding Ron. I recommend along with LRH Relationship to Orgs that you also peruse Scientology: Clear Procedure as well.

              In my opinion what you’d call a hat write up are contained in the following quote:

              I have been at work for seven years to produce a series of techniques which any well trained auditor can use to clear people. We now have them.
              I am truly sorry that this took seven years. Actually, it took more than twenty- five.
              Under other “systems of research” it could not have been done. It was financed at first by my writings and expeditions. Some 15,000,000 words of fact and fiction articles ranging from political articles to westerns were consumed in a large part by this research-but it was free to act if not free from sweat.
              No bullying dictator wanted it for his mass slaveries as happened to poor misguided Pavlov. No big corporation wanted it for a better Madison Avenue approach to advertising—another kind of slavery. No big RESEARCH FOUNDATION like Ford was there to interject their “America First” philosophy. These had not paid for it; therefore they didn’t own it. The work stayed free. Thus it prospered. It did not wither in support of some aberrated “cause.” It bloomed.
              But the violence of protecting this work while continuing it took a toll nevertheless. Special interests believed it must be evil if they did not own it. Between 1950 and 1956, 2,000,000 traceable dollars were spent to halt this work. Newspaper articles, radio ads (as in Seattle from the University of Washington), bribed “patrons,” financed “patients” all cost money. You hear the repercussions of this campaign even today.
              Money could not stop this work by then. It was too late. If anything had been wrong with our organizations, my character, our intentions or abilities the whole advance would have crumbled. But we had no Achilles’ heels. We carried on. All that has survived of this attack by the two APAs, the AMA and several universities is a clutter of rumors concerning your sanity and mine—and rumors no longer financed will some day die.
              And so the work has emerged free of taint and misguided slants. It is itself. It does what it says it does. It contains no adroit curves to make one open to better believing some “ism.” That makes it singular today in a world gone mad with nationalism. Buddhism, when it came to the millions, was no longer free of slant and prejudice. Taoism itself became a national jingoism far from any work of Lao-Tze. Even Christianity had its “pitch.” And if these great works became curved, with all the personal force of their creators, how is it that our little triumph here can still be found in a clear state?
              Well, no diamonds and palaces have been accepted from rajahs, no gratuitous printing of results has been the gift of warlords, no testament had to be written 300 years after the fact.
              For this we can thank Johann Gutenberg, and the invention of magnetic tape.
              Therefore, although we have no such stature as the Great Philosophies, I charge you with this—look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original work, not offshoots.
              If I have fought for a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work from serving to uphold the enslavers of Man, to keep it free from some destructive “pitch” or slant, then you certainly can carry that motif a little further.
              I’ll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away.
              You won’t always be here.
              But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons—”The work was free. Keep it so.”


              • “And so the work has emerged free of taint and misguided slants. It is itself. It does what it says it does. It contains no adroit curves to make one open to better believing some “ism.” That makes it singular today in a world gone mad with nationalism. Buddhism, when it came to the millions, was no longer free of slant and prejudice. Taoism itself became a national jingoism far from any work of Lao-Tze. Even Christianity had its “pitch.” And if these great works became curved, with all the personal force of their creators, how is it that our little triumph here can still be found in a clear state?

                Well, no diamonds and palaces have been accepted from rajahs, no gratuitous printing of results has been the gift of warlords, no testament had to be written 300 years after the fact.
                For this we can thank Johann Gutenberg, and the invention of magnetic tape.

                Therefore, although we have no such stature as the Great Philosophies, I charge you with this—look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original work, not offshoots.
                If I have fought for a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work from serving to uphold the enslavers of Man, to keep it free from some destructive “pitch” or slant, then you certainly can carry that motif a little further.”

                And so we can, Ron. Indeed, what we are going through now, is just an infinitesimally small window in time, as regards the Big Picture. We will get through this arduous turn in our Path, thanks to your guidance and our own will to persevere toward ultimate truth.

    • Hi Theta Clear,

      I recently visited Puerto Rico for the first time. I read a little about its history as a tourist as I drove around the island. PR is allegedly part of the US, but the impression I have is that it is (still) a conquered nation.

      From what I understand about 1/3 of the population wants to become a US state, 1/3 wants independence, and 1/3 wants to maintain the status quo. There seems to be little agreement as to which direction would be best. The most up-toned people I met were those who had lived in the US mainland for a while. They seemed very glad to make my acquaintance. Most of the population seemed pretty down-trodden. You know the history. First the Spanish tried to enslave the original Caribs and killed off most of the population. Then they imported Africans because after beating the crap out of them all the way from Africa, the ones who were still alive were more tractable than the Caribs. But even they wanted to be free. They kept rebelling from time to time. Then the Americans kicked Spain’s butt in the Spanish American War and were ceded Puerto Rico. So what did we do? Did we free the country? Oh, no we made it a “territory”, a second class “state” of the US with very little democratic representation. In other words, the population remained without power and self-determinism as a group.

      Bottom line, Puerto Rico may not be as high toned as places where the people have more say in their government, even though I did not see people starving in the streets like one sees in parts of Africa and Asia. This may influence your perspective of “the world” compared to someone living states-side.

      One last comment on Puerto Rico: As I was checking out of my hotel to go home I said to the desk clerk,
      “You know every time I walk past that statue of the conquistador dressed in armor in the hotel lobby- I just can’t help myself- I just want to give him a good swift kick right where his balls should be!”
      The clerk laughed and said, “Me too” ! : -)

      • Dear Espiritu,

        Thanks for the comm.

        I am happy that you had a good stay here and was treated well. You obviously did your homework quite well. I am only on disagreement on this, and I will explain :

        “Bottom line, Puerto Rico may not be as high toned as places where the people have more say in their government, even though I did not see people starving in the streets like one sees in parts of Africa and Asia. This may influence your perspective of “the world” compared to someone living states-side.”

        See my comment to Paul on this. We are actually very high toned people and extremately friendly. Perhaps with a little longer stay you would have realized about it.

        We definitively don’t have neither kids nor old people starving in the streets. We are basically similar to a USA state. And we do have a say on the government. We are not a territory any more than any of more than any of your states are. I would be happy to chat over coffee with you on these subjects when you visit us again. I will prepare you a real coffee, a Puerto Rican coffee. Not those extremately diluted beverages that you Americans call coffee. Jjjjj

        Then we can discuss in depth our history and political sit. We Puerto Ricans love this political shit too much. A seemingly eternal games condition. But we have great minds graduated from the best USA universities here at our government. Trully brilliant people. But too damn blind and fixated with the status dilema.

        Bottom line, I’ve lived at the states many times and even have family there. So I know the USA pretty well. Trust me when I tell that you we have a lot less crimes here. I can actually send you statistical data on it prepared by the USA officials.

        Anyway, thanks for your comments and you are very much welcome back here. My e-mail is :


        Feel free to contact me and I will be honored to drive you around.


  4. Merchants of Chaos.
    RV, you correctly named these purveyors of fear. It is an unfortunate fact that bad, alarming news does sell because it tends to fixate attention. These “news” sources are primarily in it for the money to a large degree. While they often do serve a function of exposing bad news that needs to come out, they are not basically public service organizations. So, let the buyer beware!

    A few months ago I read in my local newspaper about a bus in India that went off a cliff and killed about thirty children. This was a sad and tragic event. But, you know what? It took place half way around the world from where I live. There was no way i could contact government agencies in India to admonish them to improve road safety. And even if I did, they would not listen to me since I am not a citizen of India! There are gazillions of events happening world wide and the importance placed upon this one tragedy was completely irrational. So, this was an example of the sort of thing the press does on a “slow news day”.

    • Espiritu,

      As you know the old news adage is that “if it bleeds, it leads” which is why they put the “human interest” stories back near the classifieds somewhere.

      On the other side of the coin there is a tendency for the press to over sensationalize an event like the fact that Janet Jackson exposed one of her breasts at a Super Bowl.

      Gi’me a frickin’ break.

      This is what they call quote news unquote?

      Like the bus going over the cliff in India.

      Sad, tragic, yes.

      But more than 30 people in America have died in traffic accidents while I was typing this.

      Most of them will probably be lucky if they get an obit in their local paper.

      News is actually supposed to inform. Like WaPo’s article on the National Security state or way back when they published the Pentagon Papers.

      That’s news.

      Unfortunately a bus going over a cliff in India is not. Yes it’s sad and it’s tragic but it doesn’t really inform anyone about anything except maybe that shit happens. I mean if you didn’t know that already.

      Maybe people involved in the media should go back and clear the word “news”.

  5. Exactly.

    News media is big biz no different than pharmaceuticals. Their stock in trade is always the same thing anywho―enturbulation and chaos because it sells. There just seems more of it today because they are promoting it heavier and harder in comparison to the last decade when readership attention had been waning for other venues and interests. They’ve even stooped down to adnews, pretending advertising is news in order to sell internet print space. As long as folks are willing to pay to have their attentions seized, they’ll continue to do so. But in the final analysis most of it is merely poor entertainment.

    Some things are real we need to know about as these have direct affects on us, but yet another car crash or murder victim for front page sensationalism is rather pointless. I doubt most folks still pay very much attention to the nearly irrelevant entheta that’s passed off as news … they flat and bored on it. 80% of the news are not worth hearing or knowing about―just pure garbage.

    But they also do some good at times, esp. recently on the local scene about some cops hiding in bushes busting speeders on a road going over 30 m/ph hour when that stretch can easily tolerate 50. Or the inside scoop on mayors slamming down on their police forces with ticketing quotas to raise city coffer revenues.

    Then you have your bland news such as some local politician calling for some quasi-stupid irrelevant PR action/response that really doesn’t do any more than get a small column in the local rag in a puffy pre-effort to get re-elected next year. I quickly sift through any given reputable news sites for what I do need to know, the rest I ignore―probable like most other people do.

  6. For those who take exception to Lana’s post:

    I find Lana’s optimistic attitude refreshing, and evidence indicates she is taking responsibility for her environment, and actively making a better world. I doubt LRH himself would ask for more than that. If her outlook is optimistic, it is partly because she is making it a safer, calmer environment. Bonus points to her for that.

    To Lana’s point, there’s a commentator here in the US who makes a point I’m particularly fond of. When someone takes out a gun (or guns) and kills a bunch of school children or co-workers, it makes big news here. Days worth of coverage accompany such stories, analyzing to death who, what and why this person attacked these people. Endless cadres of commentators wring their hands over guns, laws, and crazy people. But this particular commentator makes this point: these acts are committed by “defective” humans. Now consider the entire population of this country. If any industry could turn out products with this low a defect rate, they would be lauded everywhere. His overall point: It’s not near as bad as you think it is.

    Are overall conditions where you live worse than where Lana lives and where I live? Perhaps. Do they look worse when you read newspapers or listen to the radio or watch TV? Definitely. This is by design. She makes the same point about the media that LRH did often.

    For those who think that Lana is way off base, try this: it goes along with “The Joy of Creating”. You might also find an echo of it in what LRH calls “rising scale processing” (spoken of in lectures shortly after DMSMH). Consider, as you move around in your environment, how much space is “yours”. Now expand it. And consider that it is a “safe” or “safer” space. Your attitude has a lot to do with how safe your environment is or isn’t. (If any auditors out there disagree, and have reason to believe that this is a “squirrel” activity, please correct me and have the moderator remove reference to it.)


  7. Many in society are living “lives of quiet desperation”, relying on others (government, agencies, society) to prop them up:

    “Many beings live lives of quiet correctness without ever once making anything do anything. Things around them just happen to be orderly. The social system props them up. But someday – bang – the society gets into a turmoil which knocks out the props. THEN we see that there were too few present who could MAKE things go right and that is the end of the society. Thus died all old civilizations. Their people lived in a system correctness and things went right only so long as nothing was going wrong. Then one day things go wrong. These sophisticated but weak beings never were able to MAKE things go right and so the whole society collapses.”

    And this explains the news media and merchants of chaos:

    “People who explain how wrong it is all going and who have reasons why and WHO AREN’T PUTTING IT RIGHT are the real crazy people in the universe. The only ones crazier than they are, are the ones who are quite happy to have everything fail and go wrong with no protest from them.”

    LRH (HCOPL 19 Aug 67, The Supreme Test)

  8. Good post Lana and you, of course, are dead on. Here’s what LRH says in the Mag Article “Merchants of Chaos”:

    “There are those who could be called “merchants of chaos.” These are people who want an environment to look very, very disturbing. These are people who gain some sort of advantage, they feel, if the environment is made to look more threatening.

    “An obvious example can be seen in newspapers. There are no good news stories. Newspapermen shove the environment in people’s faces and say, “Look! It’s dangerous. Look! It’s overwhelming. Look! It’s threatening.” They not only report the most threatening bits of news, but also sensationalize it, making it worse than it is. What more do you want as a proof of their intention? This is the merchant of chaos. He is paid to the degree that he can make the environment threatening. To yearn for good news is foolhardy in a society where the merchants of chaos reign.

    “The chaos merchant has lots of troops among people with vested interests.

    “And do not think it an accident that the current justice system will take a dangerous criminal, throw him into prison, make him more antisocial and more dangerous and then release him upon the society. The more crime, the more police are needed.

    “Ideas of this kind are found in the society to a marked degree. It isn’t just the newspaper reporter or the politician; individuals here and there also engage upon this.

    “A lot of people spend their whole lives as professional chaos merchants; they worry those around them to death. The percentage who do this may be as high as one out of four. For example, a housewife, operating as a merchant of chaos in her sphere of influence, thinks of her husband, “If I can just keep Henry worried enough, he will do what I tell him.” She operates on the idea that it is necessary to spread confusion and upset. But along with this goes a concern, “I wonder why Henry doesn’t get ahead?” Naturally, she is making him sick.

    “The truth of the matter, however, is this: the environment is not as dangerous, ever, as it is made to appear. Instead, tremendous numbers of people and vast amounts of money are manufacturing a dangerous environment. In fact, in the 1960s a huge proportion of the national budget of the United States was dedicated to atomic war. But if they hadn’t developed the threat, there would not have been one. The money that financed the horror was busy supporting the horror.

    “It is not to the advantage of those who get their income, appropriations or public interest from the amount of disturbance to make a peaceful environment.” LRH

    ML Tom

  9. I agree that expressing a positive attitude and emphasizing good news is a good thing in itself. Doing these things tends to calm the environment as it accents the positive and stimulates positive postulates. This is one reason why Self Analysis works so well on an individual basis…because it deals mostly with pleasure moments.
    Emphasizing good news does not necessarily infer non-confront of evil things either, but it CAN put them in perspective.

    I don’t think that Lana or anyone is saying that most of the world is currently a “happy place to exist”. What is being said is that it is IMPROVING. And in my humble opinion a good bit of that is due to the continuing positive influence of LRH’s thoughts into the world. Positive, directed thought (as well as action) is a much more powerful thing that is generally recognized. Unhappy people in a state of fear, anger, or apathy don’t tend to get as much done as those who cheerfully offer hope and help.
    The world IS in desperate straights, otherwise LRH and others would not have anything to fix. There is a lot of misery on this planet. No question. But are things getting worse? Let’s see…..the press is reporting a lot about the spread of the ebola virus. Several thousand people have succumbed to it. Horrible thing, true. But after just a few months there is already a vaccine which shows promise controlling it. By contrast during the dark ages Europe lost 3/4ths of its population due to the Black Plague! Slavery? Also a horrible modern scourge. But does the modern situation really compare to what went on for centuries all over the world and was even sanctioned by governments?
    No, I think that things are actually getting better and better. In fact, when all is put in perspective, us Earthlings are really on a roll !! And now that we have the Tech that LRH developed, it is time to put the pedal to the metal and win the whole damn thing!

    I agree with Lana that this all starts with taking responsibility for one’s immediate area.


    When you hear people growling, when the lines are all awry, when the auditor has flubbed and the world of Scientology looks black, just remember that in the dozen years of sometimes despairing work and heart-breaking set-backs, the dream has yet come true.

    We have it now. We can and are clearing them all—and you.

    In Scientology just remember this when all looks dark: IT WILL ALL COME OUT ALL RIGHT.

    L. RON HUBBARD” (HCOB 2 Oct 62)

  11. “The only happiness you will ever find lies within you.

    Our attitude toward life makes every possible difference to our living.

    The day you stop building your own environment, when you stop creating your own surroundings, when you stop waving a magic hand and gracing everything around you with magic and beauty, things cease to be magical and beautiful.

    They find only what they themselves put there. People become unhappy about life because they have ceased to make life.” LRH

    [Extracted from the Journal of Scientology, “Is It Possible to Be Happy?” published early December 1954]

    • CB:

      Kudos to all you guys who find the exact right LRH quotes.

      The above is sooo true it is almost frightening.

      Back when I was on staff, I sold an old Volkswagen squareback to another staff member. As soon as he took possession of the car, the transmission fell out of it. He came back to me with a real “third degree” on whether I knew there was something wrong with the car before I sold it to him. I felt really bad about the whole thing, but the truth was I’d never had trouble with the car. It was a mystery for a long time.

      Many years later, it finally dawned on me what had occurred. Without realizing it, I had been making that car run properly simply by “waving a magic hand”. As soon as it was no longer my car, I stopped doing that. And as it happened, disaster struck. (Perhaps the buyer should have waved his “magic hand” a little more.)

      And as the years march on, I realize more and more how true the above is in my personal environment. I “wave my magic hand” every day to make my environment what I wish it to be. And things tend to go as I wish them to. Not because I’ve done the OT levels; I haven’t. But just because I’m a thetan. And that’s what thetans do.

      Wonderful game, life.

      And great quote, Chris. Thanks.


      • That’s funny Paul.

        We used to have a joke around the Org back in the old days that the staff cars ran by postulate 😉

        I remember one day we traded in our old wreck for a new car. We drove it all the way to the dealership and parked it in their parking lot got our trade in drove away in a brand new car.

        Next day our Sales Lady told us that they had to tow our old car out of the lot because it wouldn’t start.

      • “Wonderful game, life.”

        It’s just FANTASTIC, Paul. Life is utterly wondrous!

        Re the VW, yep, been there too. High ARC and lack of agreement and consideration allow some interesting things to happen in the MEST universe!


  12. Im one of those annoying people who can see both sides. On the one hand, where I live, the waters are less polluted than they have been for decades, sea life and whale numbers are on the increase, the indigenous peoples are considered more, and their morale is improving, I could go on.
    On the other hand we have had an engineered global financial crisis, many jobs lost and for some reason we keep on wanting to invade an Arab country where innocent people are being killed. Are we being told the truth about it, I doubt it.
    So Theta Clear, I have always enjoyed reading your posts, I would love to read about your research and Lana I love this blog and the fact your dynamics are doing so well. But if there is one thing I have learned about communicating on these blogs, is how easy it is for misunderstandings to occur through just the written word.

    • Hi 4a ,

      Thanks for the validation and reading my posts.

      It is true. Many times the communications are misundertood here in all flows (F1, F2, F3 and even F0 ). However, at the very end, it all kind of sort out cause we scientologists love to communicate. After many exchanged post replies , we usually do just fine. When in trouble, or disagreements, just continue to commumicate and all will be well at the end. Specially with such excellent individuals such as the big MS2 international community.

      Take care.


    • Hi ,

      I probably posted a “link” that doesn’t immediately take you there. Just google search “Psychiatric Drug Facts by Dr. Peter Breggin” and you’ll get there.


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