feeling better

by Jonathon Bourke, of The Advanced Organization of the Great Plains

After three months of 223 Audited NOTS Sessions, three reams of paper, 17 pens, and two folders, A.A. finished her OT V Debug/Repair and is now on her OT VI course part A!

At eighty years old, she did the Clearing Course through OT III in 1970 -1971 with her husband in Los Angeles at the A.O.on Alvarado Street.

She then did services decades later, with the COS, in the Mid 2000’s at AOLA to disasterous result.

In order to get the money that was available, the Church undeclared them upon PT inspection of a false declare order put on both of them for writing up reports of fraud on a business matter with a since deceased partner in 1971. They then crush regged the elderly couple by sending a three person team (two of which were OT VIII FSM’s), to their home, taking a sledgehammer to their hidden savings place. Yes…, a sledgehammer.

On top of that the COS never credited them with over $100k+ of the funds taken (stolen) by intimidation.

All of these points, when I heard the facts, were utterly stunning. From their original declare to then being deemed worthy again — once the Church got wind of their financial potential. In the process, their resources were depleted utterly to the tune of $1.5 million USD, tapping them out, leaving them with little to nothing for their golden years. Leaving nothing to show for it but a grossly overt product of a caved in being who wanted nothing but spiritual freedom and happiness.

Being used as a literal ATM for never-ending stat pushes for more payments and her case being held hostage, the church put her on Audited NOTS 10-14 hours a day at the age of 76!  (Note: NOTS auditing per the tech is delivered as short sessions, so as not to over restimulate the NOTS Case of the Pre-OT.) This was disregarded by the COS, making her life miserable, over-restimulating her case beyond belief and tolerance.

Turned on somatics, masses pouring in, poor sleep, unhappiness, failed purpose on getting up the Bridge, never ending coughing, stuck pictures, sinus and sore throat pain, inability to eat, shame, blame, regret, and apathy about life, were her experiences for four years, following the butchered NOTS tech she had received.

After receiving the NOTs repair in full, here in the field, her body is in significantly better shape with no attention on her past auditing or past track. She now controls it, not the other way around.

She is currently working on her Solo NOTS Auditor Course, back on the Bridge, and winning after four long years of out tech.

Success Story – OT V Repair Completion

My (OT V) repair sessions went really, really well!

I took off a lot of charge that was left there by the Church, on my case, (in doing my OT V at AOLA.)

I had ALOT of wins doing it!


My auditor Jonathan Burke was very professional, had a lot of ARC, and really knows his data auditing and on the tech of NOTS.

Thanks to him, I feel so much better than I did before.

I’m glad to have met him, a truly nice being there.


16 thoughts on “I feel so much better

  1. What a win, fantastic!
    I am happy for both Jonathon and A A on the one hand but on the other my blood is boiling over their treatment by the cos.

    Unbelievable! and yet I can believe it. I was at Flag late 2008 to get the state of my case clarified, yeh, stupid me! Because I am from overseas when ever I previously went to Flag it was understood by the Board ICs that we needed to get over jet lag. Not this time, they pushed me to get into session immediately, I didnt do it but I was like, “what your kidding me”. The fact that they would so readily throw the Auditors Code out of the window should have rung a huge warning bell for me!

    Auditing Nots 10-14 hrs a day is just a stat push, pure and simple, and it shows how desperate they were/are, bastards! On stealing A As money, well that was par for the course with the cos now!

  2. VVWD to Mr. Bourke. (And to AA!)

    Wins like this could pave the way to an avalanche of traffic to “our” auditors and C/Ses. Think of the theta released by doing actions like this. But perhaps even more important, the potential word of mouth benefits may be tremendous.

    I would suggest that, periodically, or at the end of their time with these PCs and Pre-OTs, auditors ask the person if they know of anyone else in similar need. Not a crush reg, but just a simple question. And if you can’t service the person they mention, find out if anyone else (perhaps closer to the person) can. There’s probably plenty of traffic to go around. Oh, and I just about forgot. If you can, sell books (with YOUR name and card in them). Could be as simple as, “Would you like to buy a Dianetics book for someone else new to the subject?” Not a hard sell. Simple question, yes or no, and move on.

    I’d also suggest that, if you’re an auditor in the Field, as a minimum action, you keep track of hours audited (WDAH). You don’t have to keep a stat graph and go through conditions if you don’t want to, but just keep the stat somewhere. And at some point, we could have awards periodically for highest producers. No money or anything involved. Just a mention in the newsletter or some such.

    Just some random thoughts…


  3. Great Job Jonathan !!!

    Very, very professional indeed.

    AA , I am very happy for your wins and for finally having found the correct terminals to properly guide you on the route to freedom. My blessings to you and I wish you a million more wins like that.


  4. I also want to give a huge THANK YOU! to Lana for putting me on Mike Eldredge’s lines and introducing us. I would not have been able to do this cycle with Alean without the patience, and tireless support, both technically, and spiritually, without Mike on the other end of the communication line. Having a completely objective Case Supervisor on NOTS repair cycle like this one was imparitive. That cannot be over stated. The type of bypassed charge that is created on Flubbed NOTS actions is one of a kind and not for the feint of heart. I recommend his Case Supervision over any other Case Supervisor I have used, in or out of the Church, unreservedly. My humblest gratitude to you Mike, really, you made the difference. :)). ~ Jonathan and Carrie.

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