By Milestone Two crew

“We can do too much.

“By just flying ruds on people we could cure what often passes as insanity

“By Word Clearing we could change the whole educational picture.

“We could handle the whole problem of psychosomatic (mentally caused) physical illness.

“We could lower industrial absenteeism from illness.

“We are the only people who can cure drugs.

“We could do a thousand other things with our tech.

“That makes us unbelievable. Nobody on the whole track could ever do these these.

“So when we broadly offer everything we can do, it is too much.

“To find out what people want or will accept or will believe, one does SURVEYS.   …

“When you are serving only the same people all the time, you can hit a saturation point (all filled up) by never offering their next action.

“This next action requires a survey.

“And new people must be fed in.”  LRH HCOPL 2 Sept 1979 SURVEYS ARE THE KEY TO STATS

When Milestone Two first started in April 2013 we had 50 regular readers and a handful of articles. Since that time we have built to a steady readership of several hundred, over 280 articles posted, 3,500 comments, 150,000 views and a technical delivery network of 33 people.

With expansion there have been many requests for specific services that we do not yet have up and running. One of these, for example, is a Qual hot line where you can contact someone to get an exact LRH reference or get a technical point clarified. Another request has been for a forum, or online chat room, where people can simply meet and talk. A further request has been for a newsletter that is sent by email and is suitable for new people (ie, not full of technical terminology) and for Scientologists who are looking to connect up with others like themselves, and move up The Bridge in the field.

Setting up a monthly e-mail newsletter called ‘Community Connect’ had been our next plan to implement, but to do this requires a steady flow of information, news, local events, classifieds, etc. and there was concern that rounding up the needed data on a regular basis, was going to be more than a challenge. Is this something people even want, or is it duplicating existing Facebook groups or other networks?

We would appreciate it if you could please take a few minutes to give us your views in the below survey. There are 3 questions that are repeated from our first survey 18 months ago, so apologies for those who provided that information earlier. Maybe your views on these have changed or you have a different attitude at this time.

Please let us know.

5 thoughts on “What’s your opinion?

  1. Bahahaha! Thank you to the individual who filled out the survey with the comment that he is happy we did not, in conclusion, try to sell him a set of “The Basics”.

    PS. The truth is we did not bother as we assume you already have 3 sets at home, plus an extra 2 in the garage. LOL!

    PPS. And your money on the org account was already raided for another vital reg cycle.

    PPPS. And Milestone Two is about applying LRH basics, not about crush regging, backmail, extortion, group bank, or peer group pressure to “be in good” with the ‘powers’ that be (who actually have lost the right to power over anything due to their constant squirrelling and altering of LRH tech).

    PPPPS. And lastly, you are welcome 🙂

    • Lana, and All,
      I appreciate the sense of humor all around.
      Thank you. Your needle is floating (and to hell with waiting for the 3rd swing).

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