By Milestone Two Crew

A much awaited, and well overdue upgrade of the Milestone Two website has been completed and is now online.

You can find it here at http://www.milestonetwo.org.

Check it out. Explore it. Give us your feedback.

There is more on the way (such as resources/checksheets) Β — but this is a good start.


114 thoughts on “New and improved

  1. Very nice. I would like to see – for me, anyway, I think it’s important – the byline on the articles (most do, but some don not, even though written in the first person). Otherwise it becomes a generality. But overall, very nice. Another “new” beginning! πŸ™‚

  2. Great changes indeed !

    Even though I know that Mark Shreffler gets mentioned on one of the search items themselves, I think that his blog should be put in the “links” section itself, specially a link to his “Tone Scale Seminar”. That seminar is just marvelous for new comers to the independent Field , who have recently left the Church.

    Also I find the website “Scientolipedia” very informative and helpful.


    • Scientolipedia may be “informative”, but it’s not a good site to link to from a standard, 100% pro-LRH site like MS2. Much as I like David and admire what he’s done, Scientolipedia is reasonable when it comes to “other techs” and contrariness in re LRH.

    • Scientolipedia may have some resources (one could link to the “Having The Correct Technology” section for people to find tapes and resources), but it also allows for divergent views on LRH, the tech, auditing, etc. It’s not a site I would think a standard, pro-LRH site would/should link to, IMO.

      • “Scientolipedia may have some resources (one could link to the Β« Having The Correct Technology Β» section for people to find tapes and resources)” I like that site more in the line of the LRH materials available. That’s what I mostly use it for. That’s what I meant by having a link to it , so that others can have the materials needed that they might not be able to find at other sources such as E-bay or Amazon.

        ARC Peter

      • I agree Chris.

        Yet it’s still better than a lot of the BS out there posted by former execs who were either too naive or stupid to know what was really going on or are personally hiding something about their involvement with Smersh like say Bill Franks former ED Int who admitted on Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” some time back that he was working for the FBI.

        • Yes. They continue to commit gross overts on others who follow them (although HCOPL Enrollment in Suppressive Groups comes to mind) as they couch their misinformation in a few truths (fewer and fewer now, though) and lead others deeper into the abyss. If it was truth, it would as-is and that would be that. Right out of HCOPL Safeguarding Technology.

          • I agree Chris.

            They come off as “whistle blowers” who seem to be on the side of the angels and are offering an alternative to the Government Approved and Tax Exempt Squirrel Group.

            Same ol same ol about help becoming betrayal and all that.

            Both seem to have quite a following which mostly consists of the crowd that hang out at ARS, OCBMB, ESMB and other such pro-Scientology websites (sarcasms hard to convey in writing so I’ll note it here πŸ˜‰ )

            • ARS, now there’s an acronym from years past. ARS and ACT – some of my first forays into the “netherworld” of the Free [sic] Zone.

              • Ah yes fond memories there big guy.

                Netherworld or Alternative Universe would describe both those newsgroups.

                Though there was some good intel amongst the dross of disinfo and was a viable alternative to the BS agitprop issued by the Org about “unprecedented expansion”.

                • I was one of the on-my-own-time DSA CO$ stooges there once for a little while back in ’98 asking me to report what Gerry Armstrong was posting. I had no clue who he was, or why, they never told me. Found out once I got out here in 2009.

                  • I remember Gerry. He was a star of a video featuring him and the LAPD CID.

                    My favorite quote from the whole movie was:

                    β€œWe don’t have to prove a goddam thing. We don’t have to prove sh-t. We just have to allege it.”

                    Before that was his supporting role with NIBs AKA Ron DeWolfe. A drama produced by Flynn and Associates probably in association with the US Gov called “Seize Scientology” by making David Miscavige “a trusted friend”.

                    Though the role he should have won an Oscar for was feeding Omar Garrison and then later seeding the internet with malignant disinformation about Ron.

                    Gerry along with his main squeeze Caroline Lecterman proudly call themselves SPs.

                    No further comment needed.

                    Anyway here’s what my good friend Michel has to say about Gerry:


                    Okay now that I vented I feel much better πŸ˜‰

                • RV: “Never met Gerry personally (he ranks up there with Miscavige of people I’d least like to met in person) but I’ve had dealings with him and his various sock puppets on ARS.”

                  I got there at a time when someone accused Mayo of being “cultish” and he responded by asking what about himself was so cultish so that he (David) could fix that within himself. And that pretty much ended that discussion.

                  Yeah, them Armstrong & Lerma boys are on another doom & gloom planet altogether as I have found out since. I don’t recall seeing them at that time, but then I remember very little of ARS, and DSA wasn’t actually all that interested in any of it anyways. I was mostly a software cracker in ABW, DVD De-CSS’er in the movie groups, and h*ll I forgot where I posted DVD-A, DTS (just new then) & Quad audio rips. (Was the days when the first 24-Bit 180-gram MOFI vinyl rips of the Beatles Albums showed up. Very laborious stuff.)

                  All a blur now, but I think I ran across the Magoo chick then, as the name seemed to strike a chord when I got out here.

                  You’ve been around FZ town for quite a while I can see. Cheers. πŸ™‚

                  • Yeah I learned how to navigate the internet back in the ’80’s when I was programming and writing mods for computers.

                    Back then it was nothing but BBS and various News Groups assigned to Usenet by typing alt whatever as a string in the URL prompt.

                    Pretty primitive to what it is now. All text, no graphics. Actually pretty boring unless you were a total geek.

                    Never paid to much to what was going on the ‘net regarding Scientology till the ’90’s when we got our first ISP which for sure wasn’t AOHell but Earthlink which was for the more tech savvy when a friend of mine was whining about all the Black PR.

                    Anyway decided to fire up my dial up and launch my trustee browser Netscape Navigator BTW (even back then IE was a joke) and typed “Scientology” into Google’s search window and my response wasn’t all that WTF? but more like yeah what do ya expect? after all the out tech and alterations.

                    Anyway watching Scientology getting slammed on the internet was like watching a slow motion train wreck.

                    Then came probably what ranked as one of management’s worst ideas. Ranking up there with the Golden Shower of Tech.

                    Scientologists On Line with the cute lil’ cookie cutter websites and the ScioNanny software that only worked on Windoze.

                    Fortunately I had a Mac so being part of the Charge of the Ligh….er I mean Scientology On Line didn’t really put a crimp on my surfing habits πŸ˜‰

                    Anyway it wasn’t really what I read on the internet that convinced me to head to the nearest exit which I’ll ‘splain in part II of my opus through the Looking Glass. I mean even back then I was calling it the (dis)information super highway.

                    I mean what do ya expect from a network started by the Intelligence Community and Military establishment?

                  • Man, I’m SOOOO tired! Wonder why??? Ah, hell, this shit is all crap anyways, without merit. :p

                    (In case anyone can’t divine the humour, that was TIC and i’m just playing up the symptoms of MUs. Maybe provide a reference library for some of these acronyms, hey boys?)

                    • Roger that Chris.

                      You’ll be the first one we’ll tell once we figure out what half these things mean ourselves πŸ˜‰

                      I mean Formost has been throwing in terms that are used in sound engineering I believe but I get the gist of somewhat because I heard ’em before and I thought everybody knew what a BBS (Bulletin Board Service) was and URL well that’s Uniform Resource Locator better known web address but that’s not entirely accurate because it can locate resources on a local network and Usenet which is not really part of the Internet but an area where those working on the net’s architecture would comment on standards then became a bunch of discussion or “news” groups that covered other topics other than the net.

                      What you got to understand was that the original Internet was originally called the ARPAnet and was developed by the US Government and was inherently designed to be totally incomprehensible by it’s nature.

                      But I guess that it’s good enough for government work πŸ˜‰

                    • Thanks, RV. Yes, I knew about the origins of the “WWW” and the “intranet”. I was mainly talking about the acronyms when you guys were discussing CCR (Creedence) and downloading and SACDs (a type of high-standard CDs I believe) and CID I take it is “Criminal Investigations Division”? And the “CC” in “ARSCC”, and CMG, ASIO and DSD.

                      Anyway, there’s an LRH reference somewhere on using too many MUs on a public line. πŸ˜‰


                • RV:ScioNanny software

                  Never installed that shyte to supposedly protect my kids from SP sites. They were surfing Mutant Ninja turtles for f’sakes … lol.

                  RV:I’ll β€˜splain in part II of my opus through the Looking Glass.

                  Looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

                  Chris:Maybe provide a reference library for some of these acronyms, hey boys?

                  I’m going to play with tags here a bit more and get tech word linked to sites.

    • Virtually all the materials on Scientolipedia have been around for eons, they’ve merely promoted and popularized them to promote Scientolipedia itself. APIS had it all well over 3 years ago, and I could also set it up the same here if need be, Scientolipedia has no “Special Ins” for such anywhere. Public torrents for tape lectures were first posted some 6 years ago, but were removed by CO$ lawyers, so nothing new here.

    • I agree with you Ingrid.

      The article on the Ron’s Org, Otto Roos, etc. can easily confuse and add false information.

      Milestone Two will promote websites that stick with LRH, but cannot promote those that endorse, support or promote squirrels or out-tech. With a site like Scientolopedia, it is a hard task that David has as moderator. There are a lot of great articles — but at the same time there is also a significant collection of material MS2 does not support or endorse, and by promoting the site, MS2 would, to that degree, being endorsing that material.

  3. Absolutely great. Do you know what it feels, here, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean? Space, incredible space. Same wavelenght, same projects, same views, but at thousands of kilometers distance. It means for me a wider beingness and future! I feel BEING the 3rd Dynamic may be for the 1st time. Really good stuff. Next step is to get a dreamlike 4th dynamic.
    You’ll soon hear from me because I am soon getting ready to start my political dianetic school. I’ll start it very soon in French then in English. It will be based on the definitions and dianetic logics and axioms as applied to society problems. Surprise surprise.
    And do you know I am already a “Dianetic Reporter”. I even started to write a hat about that a few months ago. To tell that we are on the same line.
    Thanks to Lana, all the team and all of you for being here. It is quite a havingness to be with you.

    • I agree these Ozzies have a strange way of complimenting people and things.

      Then again we have argot like “that’s totally bad” for great etc.

      I think a lot of slang is the language viewed through a fun house mirror.

    • Hi Sherry,

      The site, as a concept, is a probably a decent idea, if the moderation is OK. It does not take into consideration out-tech — so if a person goes to the C of S, receives something other than standard LRH tech (for whatever reason that may be), then they go to Scn Reviews and put up a review about the service they received and how they got nothing out of it, or it was crappy, or something. Example is the CCRD (Clear Certainty Rundown). The actual service, when delivered standardly, gets results, with the person happy with their status (Clear or not). But check out the reviews on Scientology Reviews and with only 2 stars, the actual power and effectiveness of that rundown is clouded by those people and their experiences.

      In essence, the site is a highlight on people’s wins and people’s horror stories with Scientology training, auditing and organizations.

      Is this something that is going to get more people into Scientology, or doing services? I don’t have an answer for that but to date, no one has contacted Milestone Two saying they read reviews on that site and now want to do a specific service….

      My own opinion is that the site probably just adds more confusion into an already confused situation.

      What are your views Sherry?

      • You’re right, reviews do or could refer to altered tech. That brings us to a general issue: will we link to sites with some antics (like said site) but with our warning or will we let unsuspecting readers run into them without our remarks.
        An annotated link list would then point out known or possible issues.

        That’s a bit of extra work. I suggest as long as we have more urgent things to do, we should postpone a curated list of sites with minor issues. Once I have more time again (in Nov or Dec) I would create an initial set of annotated links as a suggestion, then we see whether it’s useful. (I haven’t forgotten the “who suggests a project is responsible for it” from the first MS2 site.)

        • Sherry, I think that with the existing resources we have, we have to stick to those things that are VITAL to success, and leave the other targets for a later point. Ref. HCO PL 14 Jan 1969 OT ORGS:

          “VITAL TARGET

          By definition, a VITAL target is something that must be done to operate at all.
          Man’s worst difficulty is his inability to tell the important from the unimportant. “Every target is the same as every other target” is part of A=A=A.

          It takes good sense to be able to survey an area and find out:
          1. What MUST be done.
          2. What SHOULDN’T be done.
          3. What is only desirable to get done.
          4. What is trivial.” LRH

          • Personally, I’d not link to any off-beat, squirrel, loosey-goosey, moderate, reasonable, out-ethics, old-boys-club, crappola site in any way, shape, form, venue, interchange, exchange or intercourse! Like, let’s apply Safeguarding Technology and be guides to better awareness and KSW.

            My thinkingness anyway. Phhhhhbbbt!

      • Lana,

        Honestly I used to think that Scientology Review was a good idea.

        Ya know the old adage “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

        Anyway now being reflective I personally think it’s a bad idea.

        I mean to you see Harley Davidson putting up a site allowing people to review the Pros and Cons of one of their bikes?

        Yeah I know Amazon. com allows costumers to review their purchases of various products. But Amazon is supposed to independent and unbiased (except a notice there are many phony (meaning the person making it never bought the actual product they’re rating) comments on sites related to Apple and Android products.

        (Could it be that they are trying to promote their own version of a smart phone?



        Probably just a coincidence.)

        Anyway Scientology Review even though probably started with the best intentions (sorta like Homer Smith when he started ARS as an objective forum on the current state of Scientology and the Organization that led it to the den of inequity it is now.) it is again one of those sites that can be hijacked just like ARS was.

        Maybe it’s because when you allow entheta in it eventually begins to pervade the area.

        • It’s also out of date by a couple of years. It’s defunct. Nothing to see here, move along. :p

          Re Homer Smith, I don’t know…If you want to know what the intention is, what is the outcome/result.

          • Chris,

            From what I know Homer was just a squirrel who wanted to set up a forum that was pro Scientology this evident by his original FAQ which started out mostly to be that way and then over time degenerated into nothing but a forum for SPs (who proudly call themselves SPs BTW) like Gerry, Arnie and other individuals who had questionable connections which is why Homer started ACT.

            Also you can’t blame Homer for what ARS became because OSA and Helena Cobrin and her famous “cancel poodle” was what really put ARS on the map in the Usenet community.

            Thanks to all the controversy created by that move to shut down ARS it attracted the attention of the civil libertarians and also more SPs like flies on excrement.

            Funny much like the Church they over estimated their “stats”. The fact is ARS posted more of the same crap by the same people plus their sock puppets and bots.

            If you counted the individuals who were actually posting on ARS it probably wouldn’t be any higher than say Alt. Knitting.

            I went there about a year ago and the same people where posting the SOS they were posting back in the ’90’s.

            Worse much of it was reposts of what had already been posted back in the ’90’s.

            I’d say that ARS hit its zenith in 2002 and then went into decline despite the fact that they were added to google groups making them easier to get to.

        • Scientology review was a pts site that was propitiating to those who were upset with Scientology-come you can say whatever you want to.The reality is those upsets were based on incorrectly applied tech. Any reviews would be very slanted unless qual was used very liberally. Can you imagine someone reviewing 8-8008 with a ton of MUs??

  4. I thought I’d throw in a suggestion and that is that maybe there could be link devoted to each level including Dianetics that someone could go to and read it, drill it and do it on a co-audit basis.

    And a link to anyone of us in the vicinity if they get into trouble doing the above.

    Another good one would be a link for Intro, Demo and Assist processes that would be easy to run on someone having a rough time.

    And last but not least one that gave processes that anyone could self audit like the Six Steps to Better Beingness or Hand Book for Preclears or SA Lists.

    Finally I just thought of a link to the Book of Case Remedies where one could over the Remedies and figure which one or ones are out and send one of us an email.

    Well maybe finally really unless I think of something else while I’m writing a sorta Dear Abby column for those with tech queries that could be answered by Jim or any of his tech elves like Chris or Tom or Me or anyone else who might know the handy dandy ref.

    Okay I guess that’s really the final finally πŸ™‚

  5. “Another good one would be a link for Intro, Demo and Assist processes that would be easy to run on someone having a rough time.”

    This is most important, I think, as they are simple processes that one can learn easily to help others, thus alleviating current maladies as well as introducing new people to the tech. IMO.

    And hey, who you calling “elf”? I’m no one’s lackey. Even Reggie Caldwell called me a loose cannon one day in the stairwell at AOLA. of course, that was probably after I called her a pit bull as she never lets anything go!

    Oh, one final thought (yes, final, Robin) – perhaps (and maybe I’ll mention this on Richard’s posting page) the newsletter could have a permanent page with the urls to these links as well as every month, highlight another simple, powerful intro process or assist. That would be a cool way of exporting the tech. πŸ™‚

    • Hey now don’t get your cod piece twisted up there Chris πŸ˜‰

      Ok, Ok so that elf costume is a bit of a tight fit.


      Imagine my chagrin when I noticed that Lana already had an ask qual link.

      Hey Lana maybe ….you could….ya know….kinda….make it ….sorta make it somewhat more visible for the sight impaired such as myself.

      You know like a big red button for us Bill Keen types or anyone who knows one.

      (For those who don’t know who the hell Bill Keen is. He’s a character in the False TA Tech film which reminds me.

      Foremost or any of you other guys who have managed to free the tech from the Savage Beast AKA Church of “Scientology” ever get ahold of the original Tech Films (I mean the originals filmed by Ron not those boring remakes)?)

      Anyway I’m really sorry I called you an elf ya big gallute πŸ™‚

      • Cod piece, hey? Been many moon since I fenced. LOL. I guess I need to put more smileys up when I’m laffing! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Haven’t heard of any CoS tech films, especially the original LRH ones, out here. There’s also the CC film – a key piece of tech on the Bridge – missing out here. As well as a few other choice pieces of tech. Wish they were out, however, not much training going on out here anyway, it seems.

      • [… doo doo doo lookin’ out my back door.

        “Lackeys” and “Elves” are playing in the band
        Won’t you take a ride on the flyin’ spoon?
        Doo, doo doo …]

        Just got my greedy little paws on those 2006 Steve Hoffman SACD remaster ASIO/Foobar rips of all CCR albums … 32 Bit, 192/Ks too — straight DSD transfers off the original master tapes. (End of Gobbledegook)

        … anywhoo, just having some fun.

        Those tech films LRH authorized are no longer used in the church, been withdrawn, out of print. They brought in actors who were not even Scientologists to redo them, and of course those are of no value to anyone. We’ll have to make our own out here via peer tech hierarchy reviews, something I had proposed years ago.

        • I was working at Concord Records when they bought Fantasy and Norman gave the royalties they owed John.

          Long story for another time and place.

          Anyway my favs still Fortunate Son.

          The rearranged version on Long Road Home ain’t too shabby either.

          Too bad same can’t be said about the tech films.

          In a word they not only don’t work but they suck. Lyman looks like he’s suffering from hemroids when he says “standard tech alone resolves all cases”.

          Maybe we can do a Ninja raid on CST or like you say make ’em ourselves.

          Seems daunting.

          Well at least we still have access to the Model Session tapes.

          That’s a start.

          • Yup, they ate up Stax & Telarc too, the CCR SACDs distributed by Universal.

            “Hey Tonight” was the first one I ever heard, and still my fav. Love all the others too. Came to a stop on my bike in front of row house in some guy was blasting out his window all over the neighborhood in ’70. THANK YOU … lol.

            A lot of training films exist. I would be a monstrous project to reconstruct them. Some day, when more SCNs come on board, it’ll become a viable.

            • That’s right CMG would dist through U.

              Universal is….universal and has it’s own City just down the freeway from us.

              They dist for most of the biz here. Music and Movies. More now since Sony tucked tail and ran.

              Anyway back to reality which is a foreign concept in LA.

              Films would be nice but we’d need a volume of auditors training first.

              We’re sort of back to basics. The real ones. Seems CSI is missing that reality concept as well.

              At least we got the tech or most of it so we don’t have to go around reinventing the wheel like that place in Hemet.

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