by Tom Martiniano

During the early days of the Greeks, the days of Olympia and the Olympics, there was held a race where the runners had to carry a torch from the start of the race all the way to the finish line miles and miles later. The only caveat of winning the race was that the torch had to have a flame in it when crossing the finish line or else be disqualified: So one would have to pay a lot of attention to keeping that torch alive when he was running, especially when running as fast as he could. Of course, the faster he ran the higher the chances of the flame going out. Such is life. One has to keep his flame going while he is running hard.

R&D Volume 8 explains this a little further whereas LRH talks about faith. LRH talks about a Spanish officer who sailed with Columbus to America. Afterwards he was involved in a lot of other daring adventures and so forth, very incredible man. One day someone asked him about where he stood on the eight dynamic he would look at you and say, “Why, the Virgin Mary, she takes care of me.” And he showed a locket with the picture of the Virgin Mary that he always had with him. He did the most fantastic things imaginable.

LRH says But there is faith as it can be used. And the reason it keeps going downhill is very simple – because people try to control with it.” …

“How do you rehabilitate this?”… “You finally carve it down to a point where you undo the efforts of other people to control him through a warping up the eighth dynamic.”

When Linda and I were in the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) we had to FPRD each other on all eight dynamics. I found this reference on the eighth dynamic and I wrote an FPRD form for the eighth and we pulled each others O/Ws on times we let people and groups control us. That’s when we both went free from the control mechanism of the Church. Bob Marley says, in the Redemption Song, Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.”

Faith is what it is all about. If you have lost faith it is because your flame went out, probably when you were running as fast as you could.

Faith is a mighty powerful force. It is the engine that is necessary to surviving.

And if you have faith that torch will never go out no matter how fast you run.


23 thoughts on “The torch

  1. One of the most beautiful articles I’ve read in a lonnnng time, Tom. Very true and full of hope and future. Thanks.


    P.S. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” One of my favourite songs and a great line from it. He definitely was on the right track.

  2. Faith could be characterized as (usually optimistic) consideration. And the universes runs on those. Very powerful stuff.

    I love the irony in your RPF story. By the time you were on the RPF, it was probably being used for the purposes of serving as a gulag. The wonderful irony is that being there allowed you (through the use of LRH tech) to break your chains. This is the wonder of our Tech. No matter the circumstances, anywhere on the track, the Tech can serve to free you. We are fortunate, indeed.


    • What was real funny about this was when I sent our folders up to RTC for approval. Man, they got really bent out of shape about our 8th-D FPRD Sec Check. They told us “No dice, this is an unauthorized FPRD form”. We countered telling them that there is no form for the 8th dynamic, and we had to make up our own (which they knew). They had to accept it when the only reference I could give them was the R&D Vol 8. But what really pissed them off is that I gave the sec check I mocked up to the rest of the RPF. Ha, ha! “Everybody free!!
      ML Tom

      • There is the RTC party stopper right there! 8D is used to enslave mostly, here you were using it to free others haha! Suprised they didnt execute you for spreading such herecy!

        I love the way you got creative and applied the tech to handle a
        pretty dire situation, nice one! The 8th is one dynamic is perhaps the most ignored dynamic of them all yet we fail to apply our tech to it enough. Why not, perhaps we are or have been on the wrong end. Applying things from the top down may have quicker results. Another option is working on our dynamics like an admin scale. Moving up and down the dynamics, tweaking, improving and clearing as we go. The one contant being applying the tech to all of the dynamics makes complete sense! I just happen to favour more so now the 8th D focal point, there is some catching up to do 🙂

  3. Thank you, Tom.

    Faith is a hugely interesting subject, and it is no surprise to find that LRH tackled this early on, and had taken it apart fully by 1951. It features in almost all the books, and significantly in SoS, 8-8008, and especially Advanced Procedure and Axioms, where he discusses at length, I Am Faith – well worth a study. And he was still pointing to this subject in his last publication, WTH, that’s how important it is.

    Whilst others may have come to the same conclusions as LRH on the subject of faith, I very strongly doubt they had such a good grasp as to able to develop processing for it.

    Seekers of wisdom, hard-nut scientists, believers in religion so devoted as to lay down their lives, critical thinkers and cynics of every hue, the desolate or the high-flyer, all strangely meet on this one, particular subject, which happens to sit right at the core of Scientology.

    Newcomers to long-time Scientologists who have fallen away should all chance a look at AP&A.

  4. When I was living in Raytown, MO the only restaurant I could walk to that I liked was a fried fish and chicken place. On the wall were quotes from the Bible and my favorite booth had the quote: “Believe — all things are possible to him who believes.” Whenever I read that I felt a little jolt of life course through me.

  5. I love the story of the torch. I had mine put out by life in my early 20’s and if it hadn’t been for Scientology it would have stayed out. Even with the tech it took some work to find my way back. I did recover but without auditing and training I wouldn’t have stood a chance I’m afraid.

    I am forever grateful for Scientology and LRH.

  6. A very inspiring article Tom!! Alot of people’s faith needs to be restored and I think its happening more and more particularly as more get good auditing out here. We will have some serious torch bearers.

  7. Great article, thanks Tom and thanks Lana. Clears up a lot on the 8th dynamic. It’s amazing that one has to learn this on the RPF, lol. I guess theta can find its way even in the dungeons.

  8. Well, Tom in his brilliance, went looking for references on the 8th Dynamic and found that’s it FAITH. Who knew? It’s in R&D Vol VIII. So he compiled a FPRD Sec Check and first, he did me, and than I ran it on him. It changed our lives and factually enabled us to operate on the third dynamic, but more broadly it cemented in an ability to operate on all dynamics. After years of injustices, bad senior-ing, enforced negation of policy, executive C/Sing, etc, etc, one can lose faith. Handling that loss, and your responsibility for that loss restores faith. And you are never the same again. FPRD is brilliant. Addressing how others attempt to control you by subverting your faith is just a fantastic examination. A wild ride.

    • Would love to hear the story of you and Tom in the RPF, Linda. I really got it on the FPRD cycle/Dynamic 8. Really, really cool!

  9. So for me the question is, is it faith in a supreme being? By that I mean the actual existence of a supreme being and its granting of life, or is it such a positive consideration by the individual that a supreme being exists and who will look after that individual that indeed he and his dynamics get looked after? Either way its faith!

    Right now Im at the conclusion that a clever thetan or 2 made this universe, I liked it and have agreed with it ever since, and made some stupid decisions along the way and it took another clever thetan (LRH) to figure it out. And now it pretty well works on automatic, so long as I keep agreeing with it.

    Beyond that we are pretty well on our own to make our own way. But thats ok, its just a huge playing field!

    • That’s the cool thing about Scientology – one can work it out for oneself, what the 8th Dynamic is. There’s lots of LRH’s musings and discourses on the subject, for sure, but it’s great to be able to come to KNOW what it is on one’s own. At least it is for me. 🙂

      • I agree Chris, working it out for oneself using the tech as the primary tool seems to be most enjoyable.

        I was on my motorcycle the other day cruising on the freeway. I always say a little prayer for my safety to god or supreme being. Its an old habit. Lately Ive been chuckling about this habit. Is it my GE praying to me as big thetan to protect the body or are we as a collective asking for protection? Funny musings. After a bit of thought over this I realised an 8th dynamic perspective is multiple viewpoints simultaneously (Allness of all). So if you wanted to experience god look at things from everywhere haha!

        After that realisation I noticed the MEST universe around me looked clearer, brighter and more fun. I wondered then that if things hadnt been so interfered with using hidden data (implants), we couldve treated this universe more like Lego land and had much more fun!

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