By Jim Logan

The descriptive term “decompression” has been used to describe the adjustment a number of people seem to go through, having left the environment of say the Sea Org, the Int Base, public on lines, and possibly the general environment of more or less active participation in the Church of Scientology.

Another comment made is that these people, now find themselves in the “real world”. This remark is made generally for those who spent a good chunk of time in the Sea Org at various places. It presupposes that the “world” of the Sea Org is somehow less “real”.

I’ve recently been studying a tape series, the London 4th ACC, from the fall of 1955. This tape series is covering in depth, and in practice, some of the Scientology Axioms.

In that examination, the subject of “time” is being discussed and on one tape, Base Time and the Time Continuum, from 7 October 1955, the phenomena of different rates of change is gone over (time being mechanically, the rate of change of particles in space, and being basically a consideration that particles in space will persist, which is mechanically manifested by change of those postulated particles in space).

Briefly, if you are in an environment where the agreed upon rate of change of particles is moving along at a speed, then you find yourself shifted to a new environment where the agreed upon pace of living is markedly different, either faster or slower say, then you may find yourself out of agreement with that pace, either mentally, or since consideration takes rank over mechanics, the actual physical motion of your pace of living may be out of agreement. It can manifest as “out reality”. Your “clock” is ticking at a different pace than the current environment you are now in. You aren’t “adjusted”.

Back in Scientology 8-80, there is a section describing the action of “facsimiles”, those 3D motion pictures we all take, and record on a “time track”.

“Life is a static, according to the Axioms. A static has no motion. It has no wavelength. The proofs and details of this are elsewhere in Scientology. 

“This static has the peculiarity of acting as a ‘mirror’. It records and holds the images of motion. It even can create motion and record and hold the image of that. It records also space and time in order to record motion which is, after all, only ‘change in space through time’.”

“A ‘facsimile’ brought into play by a moment of intense activity may afterwards, when the being is again producing only normal energy output, ‘refuse’ to be handled by the lower energy. This facsimile then can trap the energy of a being and turn upon him the pain, emotion, and other things recorded in the facsimile.” LRH

In order to get along with others in an environment, then the pace, the rate of change of that particular place, is going to be more or less agreed upon. If you shift from one that’s moving at a tremendous pace, to one that’s moving at a much slower rate, and personally do not make the shift, but continue to operate at the former rate of change, that environments “base time”, then you may very well end up in an “out reality” of the particles and spaces and “time” of that new environment.

The “real world” that is mentioned as something that Sea Org members aren’t in tune with for example, is a misnomer. It is a different rate of change of particles. An agreed upon “reality”, and if you aren’t in agreement then it can be kind of “unreal”. Sticking to one speed, the one you may be accustomed to, when it doesn’t go that way in the new place, can put you “out of step”. In addition, as covered in the book 8-80 (a portion is above), the facsimiles, the memories, the recordings of the speed of the previous “rate of change” or “base time of that environment” may not be able to be handled with the slower pace of output to deal with the new environment, and one may experience nightmares, upsets, and all the mis-emotions, lack of “realities” that go along with this shift.

There is a fundamental “rate of change” of this agreed upon physical universe. We agree to it, participate in it on “automatic” and so perceive the particles and changes of them in space along with all those other beings creating and moving this whole present time universe along. Each environment can have its own particular “rate of change” of the whole thing, and give the apparency of a different “clock”, the tick, tock, tick, tock of that agreed upon pace for that place. The country clock ticks along at a different pace than New York City for example.

Different people move along at different rates too. It’s all a question of the rate of change of particles in space, and one person can move stuff along briskly and have “loads of time” whereas another may move nothing and have “no time” the fundamental mechanics of time being change. A slow motion would give a longer “moment” and with hardly any change in an environment, it may even appear “timeless” that is, unchanging.

If you are having trouble with “compression”, perhaps you’re still in the “rate of change” of the former environment and “decompression” is simply being stuck in that “base time”, with facsimiles unhandled due to the change of output of energy.

The taped lecture mentioned above, and the techniques described at that time, including the raising of one’s tolerance for different motions, can help to get one unstuck from one time, and able to move along in another, or at any pace one chooses, able to “adjust” at will, and not only that, enjoy the heck out of it all instead of battling with those pictures and that portion of the time track.

23 thoughts on “In the ‘real world’

  1. Pace as well as substance are interesting hurdles to overcome for the “decompressee”. The volumne of information available to the fledgling escapee of Scientology Inc. is incredible.
    An absolute mine field of data (good,bad or otherwise) confronts one. In my case, I decided to inform myself as much as possible regarding L.R.H., the church, Sea Org, you name it, and using as the main criteria, is it real to me or not. A neat exercise to do, especially considering the fact that there’s no longer the influence of Scn. Inc. throwing a wrench in the works in terms of free thinking.

  2. Good article Jim,

    I remember reading stories on ARS, OCMB, ESMB, etc, etc about former SO, Staff and Public “decompressing” and embracing the “real world” of the social veneer and middle class PTSness.

    In my opinion they exchanged one “cult” for another.

    Anyway good on ya for posting some sanity here.


    • Excellent point RV; the “real world” of agreement, pace, what’s deemed important, the “standard” that isn’t expressed as to how to be “normal” – all that stuff as described in that HCOB on the so-called “middle class”. That is supposed to be “real” and something to aspire to? The best of all possible worlds?

      Scientology is all about changing conditions – creating new realities.

      • Right Jim,

        I know those questions are supposed to be rhetorical.

        Reminds me of a line from the novel Revolutionary Road.

        Something about living a life of quiet desperation.

        To me and probably to you and anyone else commenting on this blog. There are those of us who prefer a life of adventure.

        Sure dark forces have taken over the Orgs for now but how long will that last?

        Evil lasts for a few years, maybe decades or centuries but it doesn’t last forever.

        The amazing and heartening thing is that we are still here applying Ron’s actual tech and not some “shoddy substitute”.

        Which sorta proves you can not defeat the truth.

        I’m pretty sure Ron anticipated a time like this when he wrote Scientology Review particularly the following passages:

        Our data is too widely disseminated to be re- collected and burned.
        And just the other day I was personally looking over their shoulders.
        World clearing is possible without extensive Auditing if we just keep our own show on the road and keep track of each other.
        This was a breakthrough I didn’t expect. And it’s all ours.
        The discovery of false pasts and futures was also a bonus. For it means more TA action on more cases and faster clearing. It’s doubtful if ordinary track ever hurt anybody.


        All we’ve got to do is keep going as we are for things to improve now.
        The only thing which could slow us down is our own self-created dissidence. All we have to do is do our jobs and keep the peace and we’ve got it.
        The make-break point is behind us. Ahead are only better days, improving little by little, day by day.
        We’ve made it over the worst part.
        LRH :dr.cden
        Copyright © 1963
        by L. Ron Hubbard
        L. RON HUBBARD

  3. I had a period of so called “decompression” and once handled, I realized it was a case of out int. But moving from the SO environment to the “real” world was a surprise! The 8-hour day, free weekends and a production level that makes you wonder how anything actually gets done really was a walk in the park and a bit of minus randomity – and I landed in NYC.

    On another note, the data above on the “intense activity” vs normal energy levels for me was very directly experienced on the Running Program. On the program the thetan increases his energy level to higher and higher levels. I hit a point, completely exterior, where I was blowing past energy masses one after the other to the point where I thought I better slow down! Or I might not find my way back to my body or the physical universe! A very direct application of the above data. Of course the program can be altered and misused, but if anyone tells you that it is simply running around a pole they are very mistaken!

    Very good article Jim!

    • MT I could not agree more regarding the Running Program.

      When I did the running program in the late 90’s my energy levels went out the top, though one would think that running for hours would deplete energy, not restore it.

      I would hang an anchor point on that tree, and just swing the body around, effortlessly, for hours, and there was an electrical hum I could sense, from time to time, or an arching blue flash from me to that tree. I did not know what it was all about, or what was occurring, but I found that over that 3 week period, running around that tree, I moved further and further out from the body, with a powerful peacefulness I had not experienced in a very very very long time.

      Yes, there are people who were assigned to the program as “punishment” by DM, many times, but heck, it was incredible and I am thankful I had the opportunity to do the program and receive the gains.

      Highly recommended as a rundown, and also something that can be done, quite easily, outside of the C of S.

      • Tom and Lana I completely agree with your take on The Cause Resurgence RD (Running Program).

        The CRRD brought me to a very exterior state and I came to recognize that I was “networking” with everything around me, everything in sight on a very simple and clean energy level. A remarkable sense of peace accompanied the experience as well.
        It would be great to see more Independents take advantage of this tremendously simple tech. It has the advantage that it can be done without have to travel to see an auditor, it is inexpensive to do and the gains are tremendous and unlike any other auditing action I have experienced. I am going to ask to be CS’d to do it again after I finish my current auditing program.

        Ronit Charny did a wonderful job C/Sing me through it with the assistance and advices of Dan Koon who was right there with LRH when it was originally piloted.

  4. I always thought talk of decompression was just psycho-babble from a few who wanted to show how much they weren’t Scientologists anymore. Reminds me of a reference of Ron’s about there being enough victims in the world already and that the definition of a Scientologist was one who wasn’t a victim.

  5. There is a lot of truth in this point of speed of particle flow from various LRH sources Jim posted.

    I have never been on staff or in the Sea Org. I simply left gradually coasting off lines over a span of 10 years and slowly into the FZ/Indies zone. At no point did I ever experience any adjustment or need for relief of pressure. Any and all relief was resolved in continuing my bridge auditing and training.

    I understand the sudden change of pace after leaving a pressure cooker like the SO after a decade or longer which would furnish relief from that scene into an environment usually much less demanding. Someone coming home after a long hard day of work esp. after having dealt with irrate clients can also leave one in a position of needing to unwind; the magnitude may be different, but it’s pretty much along the same lines … similar deal, and is why vacations probably exist.

    Had the working hours in the SO been such as to allow for a few hours each day for one’s own dynamics, the food decent, the conduct among each other of good ARC, free of unreasonable demands and stat pushes, promised vacations made good on, etc., perhaps this needs for “decompression” wouldn’t be such a big issue. Seems life in the SO is/was to a greater or lesser degree suppressive, and getting away from that could possibly be a PTS handling in itself. Many folks 5 years later state they’re still in some sort of uncompleted decompression cycle should probably avail themselves of a few sessions to sort themselves out; can’t natter about it forever, life goes on. After a while, should finger-pointing go on to no end in sight, it could probably be considered to be a self-generated issue and subject to a personal handling.

  6. Thanks Jim, good article. I always said that my year in Vietnam lasted for ten years. It seemed that every day lasted for about one week. We used to refer to the USA as ‘they world’ or ‘the real world’, but we were being sarcastic. We could see the false environment from there and actually started to despise it.
    I think the reason that time slowed down there for us was because, believe it or not, the restimulation factor was down to a minimum. We lived in the jungles and mountains with no electricity, no music, no TV, no nothing, really. So when I stepped back into the ‘world’ (USA) it was like stepping into a raging river and I got swept away. It was a ‘no contest’, really.
    I finally found that bars (Pubs) had slow time so I found my ‘solace’ there.
    So I actually think that being in the Sea Org was less restimualtive than being in ‘the world’. There were only a few restimulators in the Sea Org – and they were big ones – but there are thousands of them here. IMHO, we are not decompressing out here: We are getting used to being in this raging, insane river that we are all in. At least in the Sea Org we were exterior to it.

    ML Tom

    • Tom,
      You brought out something I had a cognition on while studying the material this article originated in; changes in pace of particles gives a different view of time. Time for each individual is a consideration that space and particles will persist. The manner of motion gives a differing sensation of the passage of those particles in that space.

      The scene you experienced in Vietnam is one of those.

      There’s a wild ass process at the end of Scientology Clear Procedure – Make Some Time. In the 19th ACC, a lecture on 13 Feb 58, Other Processes, The Help Button: Q&A Period, he gives an example of running this.

  7. This comment is not about decompression.


    Thank you very much for your article (and your comment about the butterflies, see my new comment there).

    During my daily life I’m changing environments. I was having difficulties switching from one environment to another.

    Some hours after reading your article I got a cognition about was going on during my switchings and how to improve them. I tried it, and now my switchings are easier and better.

  8. Here is a companion piece article to your great article.From R&D vol 29 Oct 51

    The Governor:

    “If an individual is riding at tone 20.0 he is riding there because he is running at the speed of tone 20.0. He is set up as an organism to run at optimum speed,and he sets himself up. An individual speeds himself up or slows himself down in order to meet various situations in life.

    You can see him do this when he decides to walk or run, but it is more subtle than that. The metabolism and everything concerned with the body can be speeded up or slowed down by conclusion, postulates and so forth.

    You can find the Governor in yourself. It is not even as difficult as learning to wiggle your ears.

    I will show you how this governor works. The governor uses theta facsimiles, but it doesn’t depend on theta facsimiles. The governor puts facsimiles or chosen speed into use.

    In other words, the governor says, ” I want to run slow. The best way to run slow is to pick up a slow theta facsimile,” or it says,” now, I want to run fast: therefore,I’ll pick up a fast theta facsimile.” and it does worse than that: it can postulate or imagine a slow theta facsimile and then run on it, or it can postulate a fast theta facsimile and run on that………..

    Just imagine to yourself being able to conquer the whole cockeyed universe, doing anything you want to do, being utterly, completely, unrestricted and free in all directions to do whatever you pleased–bad good or indifferent—and being strong, powerful and unassailable. Just think of yourself in those terms. that governor starts you speeding up.

    Just think of yourself as doing that. go ahead, think of yourself along that line. I will tell you a little mechanism that is probably going on in your mind: the second you start to think that idea unlimitedly, you start bumping into postulates where you excused the fact that you weren’t running at that speed in the past. Isn’t that right?

    But if you just sit down and say to yourself, “this is the way I think about things, and I’m going to think about these things in spite of anything that comes up” you will be bringing in your own postulates against this and just knocking them out, because they come in and try to go up against it and they blow, and they just keep blowing. You just go ahead on that forward vector and you will keep running into these locks and they will keep blowing.this is practically an automatic clearing device, I don’t know how many hours you would have to sit and postulate that in order to blow everything out, but everything would blow.”

    These last 2 paragraphs I think explain the efficacy of the running program. I also know being on staff I blew through alot of “can’t dos.”

  9. I had my own experiences as to the “in the real world” concept is concerned.

    Back when I when I was on staff ,decades ago, we had a concept of “comparable magnitude” : “in the world outside” or “in the wog world”. Actually those concepts were solid real for us. We have the two “worlds” separated on our minds.

    A trip to the “outside world” to take care of some family issue or government related matters, always had as a preliminary step, the mental and spiritual “preparation” for all the unknownness that we were liable to collide with.

    Fear and anxiety were the most common emotions when faced with those trips.

    I remember back at PAC, when a few of us EPFers were sent to help set up the big Christmas tree that the Org used to put on the area near the LRH Exhibition at the Hollywood zone. It was an activity where the way to happiness booklet was handed out to public on the street. It was actually quite nice.

    A friend of mine had this scared look and I asked her what was happening. She told me how difficult it was for her being there in “the outside world”. Others friends of mine had that same scared look too ; they looked overwhelmed and suppressed by an unidentified “environmental menace”.

    I remember that I started then, to analyze that subject and decided to get to the bottom of it. I didn’t like to feel “trapped” in any region of spaces, I wanted to learn to be part of life just as it exist. So I eventually routed off and went out to find out what was this “outside world” all about and learn to confront it instead of fearing it.

    I found out that such an attitude from many fellow SO members and class V Orgs staff was rather prevalent. Actually, many of them, incredible suppressed by big assholes as seniors , tolerated all that bullshit just because leaving wasn’t ever an alternative for them. The “outside world” was even worse on their minds than all the suppression they were subjected too by people who understood Scientology as a kindergarden kid understand physics.

    All groups develops a “culture” inside of them as the result of bank agreed ideas of how some area of life is according to their uninspected concepts resulting from plain M/Us and false data. “The greatest good” is one of such concepts that were twisted and perverted and a whole “culture” and attitude were built around it.

    The supposedly “impenetrable and crushing” character of the SP was another of such concepts bank agreed. The SP was promoted as pure evil and someone to be left alone and stay very away from. Someone to be feared indeed.

    Even though LRH created the PTS/SP course so that Scientologists could confront and shatter suppression, still , all that was perverted and all you had to do to really get somebody Not-issed ,was to label him an SP. That’s actually all you had to do. And it was like if you had pointed out towards someone who had Leprosy.

    A culture of fear was created , a culture of retread from the environment and from “antisocial personalities”. The ability to confront and the application of drills to bring it about , was totally neglected except perhaps in relation to some terminals who handled Legal and OSA.

    “The real world” is the entire playing field of this planet with all its people in it and an increased ability to handle all areas of life and all kinds of personalities, social and antisocial as well. People are just people. And all of them can be easily dealt with and handled ; if one really cares enough for them.

    The only real enemies there are , are ignorance and stupidity.


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