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by Remote Viewed

*This is part two in a series, which will probably continue for some time. You can read part one here.

To provide a background, for those not familiar with the history of the C of S relating to the Guardian’s Office (and the alteration of LRH’s “Operation Snow White”), in the early 1970s, the Church of Scientology was increasingly scrutinized by US federal agencies, having already been raided by the Food and Drug Administration in 1963. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) claimed the Church owed millions of dollars in taxes and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent agents into the organization. The Church’s response involved a publicity campaign, litigation against the IRS and in 1973, a program of infiltration of government agency offices, based on a Guardian’s Order 1361 (not written by LRH). Around this time L. Ron Hubbard himself wrote Guardian Order 732, which called for the removal and correction of “erroneous” Scientology files. It is here that ‘Operation Snow White’ has its origins. This order called for this to be achieved by legal means, however this was altered by those within the GO, resulting in LRH later being named by federal prosecutors as an “unindicted co-conspirator”.

Now, to focus more on the events at that time, in the early 70’s, a CSW was sent up to the Guardian, Jane Kember, by the then-Assistant Guardian for Information for the FCDC, Mike Meisner, (who some, including myself, suspected of being a plant, or in FBI parlance a “Confidential Informant” or CI — which is a serendipitous abbreviation for sure, because it directly resulted in the raids that followed and not “Operation Snow White”).

This CSW resulted in the Guardian’s Order 1361, which was to find a Guardian Assisting Scientologist (GAS) also known as “FSM”, to infiltrate the main offices of the IRS in Washington and basically make copies of any files the IRS had on Scientology relating to its ongoing appeal and dispute with the IRS regarding their decision to revoke the Church’s 501Ciii in 1967.

Again, serendipitously, they managed to find a GAS or FSM by the name of Gerald Wolfe whom they code named “Silver” (and who some, including myself, suspected was a plant or CI), and who was immediately hired by the IRS as a clerk in their central office.

What is somewhat suspicious about Wolfe being hired is the fact that due the recession at the time the US Government had instituted a hiring freeze yet despite this fact Wolfe was “hired” almost immediately upon applying for the job.

As Lewis Carroll has Alice saying “Curious and Curiouser”.

It seems that Meisner and Wolfe had thrown all trade craft out the window and began photocopying mass quantities of files relating to IRS’ case against Scientology on the IRS’ photocopy machine.

Another thing which led to Wolfe’s immediate arrest was that he was carrying a forged ID. One he didn’t need, because as an IRS employee he had his own valid ID, granting him access to the Government Library were he and Meisner (who was also carrying a forged ID) were caught.

That and the fact that after they were caught red handed, committing acts of espionage against the US Government, they both received rather light sentences. They were both ordered to do some community service and they were put on probation while their “co-conspirators” (including Mary Sue) ended up spending time in jail.

Of course we are assured by Marty Rathbun, in his book, that Meisner was just “disillusioned” about being a Scientology Warrior, and that there was “absolutely no evidence that he was a plant”. This coming from Marty, who himself has a somewhat shady past with definite connections to psychiatry, which he tries to defuse by admitting to in his “limited hang out”.

In summary, the GO activities were a rogue operation which totally violated LRH’s Snow White’s objective to obtain the information “by any *legal* (my emphasis) means”, using the Freedom of Information Act, which many GO members worked assiduously on, along with other like minded organizations, so they could do just that, instead of take the easy illegal route that they took in GO 1361.

More coming soon…

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  1. One small point. A guardian activities scientologist (GAS) is not the same thing as an FSM (field staff member).

    A GAS was a trusted and vetted scientologist who help as a volunteer in the various activities of the guardians office such as CCHR, Narconon, Criminon, and other legal, and PR projects.

    A FSM is someone who “selects” people for services outside the internal dissemination and Div 6 functions of the org or mission, and gets a commission on their arrival.

    I’ve been both.

    • Good point Dave.

      Thanks for bringing it up.

      “FSM” is used in Omar Garrison’s book Playing Dirty to describe people who are actually GAS.

      So I went with it.

      Actually shoulda known better.

      As my wife worked as a GAS.

  2. RV:

    Would you mind if I quoted you for the Scientology History Project? Actually, I might rewrite what you’ve written to make it more neutral, but retain the essential facts. I would cite you as the source, though.

    By the way, it would be good to know your actual name. Others here appear to, but I don’t. You’re welcome to email me privately if you prefer not to have it in print.


  3. Very interesting. We need correct data on what has really happened. So many with nefarious agendas write tons of “researched and factual data”, when in actual fact it is hogwash to undermine Ron and the tech.

    • While I’d like to see this all sorted out – without an assumptions in place of data (i.e., no “answer hungers”) – I’d like to see it as a special project over in Div 7 (Dept. 19? or is it 21?). Just my view, but outside of that one lonnnnng thread arising out of Tom’s post on an OT win that morphed into a discussion on the Bridge, a lot of the comments on MS2 deal with “what happened” and “who was involved”. The thing is, IMO, it is what it is now, the scene is the scene, and resolving that past point in time may only blow some charge for some; but not for me – it’s actually on overrun (except you can’t really overrun a thetan).

      For my two cents – and this is probably because of my history in Scientology, in Tech and Qual and in KSW and as a custodian of standard tech – my focus is on correct application of LRH tech (not some “other” tech) to the individual specifically and to the field in general. In other words, sorting this out is NOT going to move anyone further up the Bridge; getting them in session and getting them trained will.

      That’s my plugged nickel on this. 😉

      • CB:

        With all due respect…

        While this may be all water under the bridge at this point to you, it is clearly not to many other people. Incidents like the one RV talks about are group engrams, which only appear to get worse over time. The amount of false info in the Field is incredible, and appears to be repeated so often by so many, that it can have an adverse effect on even us “with LRH” people. When you mention that “a lot of the comments on MS2 deal with ‘what happened’ and ‘who was involved'”, that makes it clear that more than a few people are interested in the subject.

        As for where this belongs, you’re probably right. the project to resolve these questions probably does belong somewhere in Div 7. Unfortunately, this aspect of Scientology was left off the org board. It is much like the “lost battle” slot LRH mentions being left off of the military’s org board in Org Board and Livingness. And no one stepped forward to take up this function until the Scientology History Project. And so we’re slowly playing catch up on over 50 years of history.

        You might want to look at it this way: While we doubtless all agree that our main focus should be on getting people onto and up the Bridge; and while we are grateful for people like you who are actively engaged in this part of Scientology; meantime, someone has to keep the lights on, someone has to take out the trash, someone has to drive to the store to buy more pens and paper and folders for the auditors. And someone has to tackle the task of sorting out the past and resolving the group engrams. (And frankly, those of us engaged in sorting out the history are not currently qualified to do what you’re doing. So we do what we’re qualified to do instead.)

        You may disagree that the start of resolving one or more points of history should take place here on this blog. Duly noted. But RV wanted to come here, and the moderator apparently agreed. I won’t argue with either viewpoint; I see both. I’m only grateful that someone has stepped forward to provide the facts.

        I can sympathize with you in this way: While I’m not a fan of the “against LRH” crowd, I am glad they’re willing to do the heavy lifting on debunking the fabricated stats and facts the Church puts out, and investigating just how empty the Ideal Orgs truly are. I don’t track their blogs these days; I’m pretty bored with that subject myself. And I have my own thoughts on their actual purposes and where their loyalties lie. But I’m glad at least one of them is still concentrating on that. And as long as he concentrates on that, he’s not bothering us.


        • Hi Paul,

          Man, I hate it when someone begins with “with all due respect”. Makes me wonder what’s coming! lol

          Anyway, re water under the Bridge to me, you’re right, that was an added inapplicable comment dealing with my case on the subject and actually should have been left out of my comment. Apologies.

          Now, as to the rest, you bring up group engrams. I understand. But if they were being run out, they would be dissipating and as-ising. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though, as the subject continues to dominate discussions, at least, as I said, IMO. On top of that there is added conjecture and filling in the holes with “surmises” and assumptions and guesses. No matter how closely these approximate truth, they always will contain some piece of a lie as they are to some degree an alter-is; in other words, they continue.

          Why I posted my comment was simply to express an opinion that this doesn’t move people up the Bridge. It may answer some questions and I think every once in a while there’s an “Ah-ha!”, but from what I’ve read, that’s more the exception. Again, it’s just my viewpoint on it, and if you can show me how it’s moving people up the Bridge, I’d be happy to run it as a process! (J/K) What handles BPC and ARC (as this WAS a break in ARC, wasn’t it?) is auditing; what keeps one stable and able to look and run through the morass crap out here is training. And both allow one to rise above it.

          Again, just my view on it, a “tech view” if you will. But people like to talk more about “National Enquirer” type news than freeing beings and application of LRH tech in life. Which is, as Lana has stated, the purpose of this blog:

          “This blog is about the standard application of LRH technology — whether that is in the auditing room, at work, at home, where ever.”

          Cheers, mate.

        • Paul,

          I like the “Scientology History Project” and I think it should be something that is put together and contributed to, maybe as we’ve said, somewhere in Div 7. But I do like it. It’s probably quite valuable. It’s why I also like what Dave Lacroix is doing with Scientolipedia, (the website, not the FB page) as it’s a compilation of many different viewpoints on Scientology, including what happened before, during and after this point (and “this point” is different for many people as well, another conundrum). However, one needs to really put on their Data Series hat and logic hat when wading through it as there’s false and misleading data and opinion mixed up in it all. So, I’m not adverse to this, just noticing how much it captivates people’s attention. 🙂

          • CB:

            You’re not kidding! I have struggled with this mightily since the History Project was started. Even with the full Data Series, there is no way to determine the veracity of a single fact unless you were there to witness it yourself. You can grade a datum in terms of what outpoints or pluspoints it might represent, but you can’t determine its veracity positively unless you were there. Still a history project must attempt to do exactly this. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, including me.


            • Paul,

              Even if one was there it is hard to determine the veracity of the data. Since it is viewed by so many viewpoints. Ron discusses this point in Dn 55 using the example of a traffic accident.

              Going by documentation is good as long you get guys like Gerry Armstrong putting forged docs on the line.

              This is also what happened to a bunch of UFOlogists when they received the MJ12 docs that proved conclusively that the USG made some unholy pact with aliens.

              So even there you have to check the provenance of any doc.

              BTW any document received via FOIA that has been classified is redacted and very few if any of the so called MJ 12 docs had any redactions. That is sections are blacked out unless they are things like open source news reports and have a release date stamped on them.

              Funny thing is that unlike Marg Lake or Omar Garrison the last two so called “journalists” who recently released books about Scientology never bothered to verify the validity of the docs that were already in circulation but just accepted that was all they had.

              Yeah that’s what they said to John Marks so he sued their asses off and ended up with 186 bankers boxes full of files.

              In short it is very hard to get accurate information even when you solely rely on documentation.

              So all you can do is verify your information as best as you can and go with what seems true or correct by cross checking sources.

              Even then you can screw up like I did in the case of Gerald Wolfe in my recent article.

      • CB, there is always the idea that if one doesn’t learn from history, he is liable to make the same mistakes. Also, it is nice to know where the problems came from, and how the solutions arose.
        Then again, everyone is different, and may or may not need to run out a part of the 3rd dynamic incident.

      • Chris

        Maybe it doesn’t make a lot of difference to cases being audited individually but I feel it makes a difference on a 3rd D level.

        I mean some people when they leave the Church grab a copy of BFM and accept these lies, half truths, distortions of fact and disinformation as the “truth” then spread them around and thus create antagonism not just toward the Church but the subject in general by creating BPC which true can be handled in session *if you can actually get them in session* which in many cases you can’t.

        Don’t get me wrong I spent most of my time on technical posts and always thought the Tech would prevail. In fact I kept showing my friends in the GO the PL “Attacks on Scientology” and that we should be promoting “Total Freedom” instead of wasting time on attacks.

        But the facts of life are that you do have to handle attacks to a greater or lesser degree which is probably why the Ol’man wrote Attacks on Scientology (Continued) which I’ve seen many ersatz copies of floating around in cyberspace so I’ll post the originals here:

        HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
        HCO POLICY LETTER OF IS FEBRUARY 1966 Remimeo Francbise FSMs
        (Cancels all Sec Eds and Pol Ltrs to the contrary)
        Having had some time to think this over and having studied the matter with great care, I have isolated the most successful response to meeting any and all attacks on ScientologY, its organizations and Scientologists and as of this date this becomes policy.
        ADVOCATETOTALFREEDOM That is the policy-advocate total freedom.
        There are technical reasons for this which an auditor will recognize. To discharge later incidents from a mind, one must get the first or basic incident of that kind. In this case the basic aberrated incident was the suppression of freedom of the being. Just before that there must have been freedom. Thus advocating total freedom hits the true basic incident.
        This is also the basic purpose of Scientology and the basic purpose of people, so it all agrees well.
        This is also easiest to do. It is easier than fighting Parliaments or building up cases against people who attack us.
        The only liability of using this policy (total freedom) is that it releases energy (a Scientologist knows this as “blowing locks”) which looks disturbing but is weakened.
        No other approach we have used worked. We are alive not because we fought but because we went on doing Scientology in spite of anything.
        So never advertise an attack. Just advocate more strongly “Total Freedom!” and show how Scientology can attain it for the individual.
        Careful summary of our past actions in the face of attacks and an analysis of various changes in human history show that the best and only effective thing we did or anyone ever did was advocate freedom. The precise practice of Scientology obtains total freedom so never advertise anything else but total freedom and the Scientology services and steps that bring it about. Courses, processing are the gradient scale to total freedom.
        That’s the answer no nation or person can stand up to-if we keep saying it long and loud. SCIENTOLOGY IS THE ROAD TO TOTAL FREEDOM.
        Used in argument one can invent -reasons to baffle the attacking agency or person-but all these reasons should add up to everyone has rights to total freedom.
        I think this alone can move mountains.
        Copyright @ 1966
        by L. Ron Hubbard
        L. RON HUBBARD
        HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
        Gen Non-Remirneo Exec Sec Hats HCO Area Sec Hat Legal Hat Section 5 Hats ATTACKS ON SCIENTOLOGY
        (This Pol Ltr augments HCO Pol Ltr of IS Feb 66, Attacks on Scientology)
        When you hold up an image of freedom, all those who oppress freedom tend to attack. Therefore attacks, on whatever grounds, are inevitable. Holding up a freedom image is however the only successful forward action even though it gets attacked.
        It remains then to take the handling of attacks off emergency, predict them and handle them by proper tactics and administrative machinery.
        The first group of actions have not been effective in handling attacks: (The G stands for Group, the following are 3 different Groups of actions):
        G. 1. 1. Hiring expensive outside professional firms;
        G.1.2. Writing Scientologists to write their representatives in government; G. 1.3. Advertising the attack to the Scientology “field”;
        G. 1.4. Being carefully legal in our utterances.
        This Second Group of Actions has been of some small use in deterring attacks:
        G.2.1. Direct letters from the org to a Congress or Parliament (ruined the US Siberia Bill);
        G.2.2. Circulating pamphlets about the attack (got rid of Wearne out of the Enquiry);
        G.2.3. Suits against sources of libel and slander.
        The Third Group of Actions have been positive in stopping attacks:
        G.3.1. Investigating noisily the attackers;
        G.3.2. Not being guilty of anything;
        G.3.3. Having our corporate status in excellent condition;
        G.3.4. Having our tax returns and books accurate and punctual;
        G.3.5. Getting waivers from all people we sign up;
        G.3.6. Refunding money to dissatisfied people;
        G.3.7. Having our own professionals firmly on staff (but not halfway on staff);
        G.3.8. Going on advertising total freedom;
        G.3.9. Surviving and remaining solvent by stepping up our own usual activities;
        G.3.10. My catching the dropped balls goofed by others and hired professionals;
        G.3.1 1. Being religious in nature and corporate status.
        As you read over the above you should be able to see where our funds should be placed.
        In the first group you can see large possible outlays to professional firms, attorneys, accountants. This is money utterly wasted. They flop and we have to do it all ourselves anyway. The fantastic cash cost of mailings to Scientologists was evident in DC where it ate up all their “freedom funds”. And by advertising the attack to Scientologists we only frighten them away from the org and lose our income as well. So we must never do these three things.
        The second group above are not very costly and constitute a proper line of defense and should be undertaken. But they must not be counted on to do more than impede an attack. They will never stop it cold. This second group is like an infantry defensive action. It is necessary to oppose the enemy but just opposing will not finally win the fight. That is done only by taking enemy territory.
        The third group contains the real area for the outlay of funds and stress of planning. This group has an excellent history and has ended off a great many attacks beginning in 1950. Therefore one should take care not to leave any of these out whenever an attack is mounted on us.
        It is a curious phenomenon that the action of investigation alone is head and shoulders above all other actions.
        This is most like Scientology processing, oddly enough, where the practitioner seeks the hidden points in a case. As soon as they are found the case tends to recover, regardless of anything else done.
        Groups that attack us are to say the least not sane. According to our technology this means they have hidden areas and disreputable facts about them.
        As soon as we begin to look for these, some of the insanity dissipates.
        It is greatly in our favour that we are only attacked by mad groups as people in that condition (1) invariably choose the wrong target and (2) have no follow-through. Thus they are not hard to defeat providing one (A) looks for their hidden crimes and (B) is irreproachable in his conduct himself.
        We discovered this more or less by accident. The basic discovery was that the interrogation of a policeman produces a confusion and an introversion; it is his job to interrogate-so you reverse the flow, mix up his “hat” so he doesn’t know who is which, and you reach for his own doubts.
        These people who attack have secrets. And hidden crimes. They are afraid. There is no doubt in their minds as to our validity or they wouldn’t attack so hard at such cost. Society tolerates far worse than we are. So they really believe in us. This hampers their execution of orders-their henchmen really don’t share the enthusiasm for the attack for after a bit of investigation it becomes obvious to these henchmen that the attack smells. This impedes follow-through.
        And when we investigate, all this recoils on the attacker. He withdraws too hurriedly to be orderly.
        An attacker is like a housewife who tells City Hall how terribly her neighbours 492
        keep house. But when you open her door, the dishpans and dirty diapers fall out on the porch.
        All you have to do in lots of cases is just say you are going to rattle their door knob and they collapse.
        I can count several heavy attacks which folded up by our noisily beginning an investigation of the attacker.
        Our past liability in this was that we depended on outside firms, enquiry agencies, etc. And these have too many clients and we have too little control of their direction. The answer is to organize and maintain our own proper corps for this action.
        The other items in the third group are self explanatory and if any of these are missing then we will be less successful.
        For years and years I have had this “hat” of attack handling. In January 1963 1 took a calculated risk and devoted my time to research. I knew we had better get all our answers and complete our technology. But in doing so I could give only a small amount of time to the US and Australian attacks. DC followed orders and we got out of the US morass. Australia didn’t and sank. But it became plain to me that we had to set up a part of our orgs to handle this “hat” as obviously I can’t be there forever. So even #10 in the third group-my handling counter-propaganda-will have to have help.
        To hold up to Man an image of spiritual freedom is adventurous. Man is suppressed. And those who oppress him have a peculiar frame of reference. This is:
        I . If anyone became free or powerful, a suppressive believes he would promptly be slaughtered. He never realizes that it is the suppression that gets him knocked out, not the character of Man.
        2. If any advance were made that would improve Man, then all old commercial interests with their answers, would become worthless. It never occurs to such to advance with the times.
        3. They have dirty houses.
        Thus, in meeting any attack we must:
        (A) Recognize an attack in time to act;
        (B) Get Group 3 above in full action with an emphasis on investigation;
        (C) Get Group 2 in action as needful for defense.
        Thus we have LOOK, INVESTIGATE, DEFEND as the short formula. And all the while hold up an image of total freedom and have ourselves clean hands.
        L. RON HUBBARD
        LRH:ml.rd Copyright (D 1966 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

        You’ll also note that part of the Dissem Drill includes handling any antagonism as well:

        HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
        Remimeo Field Staff Members Sthil Grads Sthil Students DISSEMINATION *DRILL
        The Dissemination Drill has four exact steps that must be done with a person you are disseminating to.
        There is no set patter, nor any set words you say to the person.
        There are four steps that must be accomplished with the individual and they are listed in the order that they should be done:
        1. Contact the individual: This is plain and simple. It just means making a personal contact with someone, whether you approach them or they approach you.
        2. Handle: If the person is wide open to Scientology, and reaching, this step can be omitted as there is nothing to handle, Handle is to handle any attacks, antagonism, challenge or hostility that the individual might express towards you and/or Scientology. Definition of “handle”: to control, direct. “Handle” implies directing an acquired skill to the accomplishment of immediate ends. Once the individual has been handled you then-
        3. Salvage: Definition of salvage: “to save from ruin”. Before you can save someone from ruin, you must find out what their own personal ruin is. This is basically-What is ruining them? What is messing them up? It must be a condition that is real to the individual as an unwanted condition, or one that can be made real to him.
        4. Bring to understanding: Once the person is aware of the ruin, you bring about an understanding that Scientology can handle the condition found in 3. This is done by simply stating Scientology can, or by using data to show how it can. It’s at the right moment on this step that one hands the person a selection slip, or one’s professional card, and directs him to the service that will best handle what he needs handled.
        These are the steps of the Dissemination Drill. They are designed so that an understanding of them is necessary
        and that understanding is best achieved by being coached on the drill.
        Position: Coach and student may sit facing each other a comfortable distance apart, or they may stand ambulatory.
        Purpose: To enable a Scientologist to disseminate Scientology effectively to individuals. To enable one to contact, handle, salvage and bring to understanding another being. To prepare a Scientologist so that he won’t be caught “flatfooted” when being attacked or questioned by another.
        Patter: There is no set patter. The coach plays the part of a non-Scientologist and displays an attitude about Scientology upon being approached by the student. The student must then handle, salvage, and bring the coach to understanding. When the student can comfortably do these steps on a given coach’s attitude, the coach then
        assumes another attitude, etc, and the drill is continued until the student is confident and comfortable about doing these steps with any type of person. This drill is.coached as follows:
        The coach says, “Start”. The student must then (1) contact the coach, either by approaching the coach or being approached by the coach. The student introduces himself and Scientology or not, depending upon the mocked-up situation. The student then (2) handles any invalidation of himself and/or Scientology, any challenge, attack or hostility displayed by the coach. The student then (3) salvages the coach. In this step the student must locate the ruin (problem or difficulty the coach has with life), and point out that it is ruinous and get the person to see that it is.
        When (3) has been done, you then (4) bring about an understanding that Scientology can do something about it. Example: the coach has admitted a problem with women. The student simply listens to him talk about his problem and then asserts-“Well, that’s what Scientology handles. We have processing, etc, etc.” When the coach indicates a realization that he did have a problem and that something might be done about it, the student presents him with a selection slip, or a professional card, routing him to the service that would best remedy the condition.
        The coach must flunk for comm lags, nervousness, laughter or non-confront. The coach would similarly flunk the student for failure to (1) contact, (2) handle, (3) salvage, and (4) bring to understanding.
        Training Stress: Stress giving the student wins. This is done by using a gradient scale in the coach’s portrayal of various attitudes, and staying with any selected until the student can handle it comfortably. As the student becomes better, the coach can portray a more difficult attitude.
        Stress bringing about for the student the accomplishment of the purpose of this drill.
        A list of things to handle and another of ruins to discover can be made up and used.
        Do not specialize in either antagonistic attitudes or an eagerness to know about Scientology. Use both and other attitudes. One meets them all.
        L. RON HUBBARD
        LRH:ml.rd Copyright Q 1965 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

        Then there is the fact that Scientology deals in the truth on an totally philosophic level.

        I suggest that if you have a copy of RJ 68 you listen to that lecture.

        Aside from that is the fact that if Ron saw Standard Tech as the only way to handle the Scene he probably would have never developed organizational tech or wrote anything like the Data and PR Series.

        That’s my plugged nickel big guy.

        You can use it to buy yourself a Coke on me 😉

        • Hi Robin,

          I miss our chats at your place. Wish I coulda made it down there again this year. But we’ll chat more at the local cafe sometime in the future again. 🙂

          Meanwhile, I do get you. However, I don’t read posts that long! Man, I got kids and a wife and life too, you know! :-/ But, you know, if it was handling it, it would be blowing, as-ising, hasta la vista-ing out of town. It ain’t. And you have to admit there’s also conjecture and assumptions mixed in which, per the axioms and basics, will make sure it persists. Even if the “BIG WHY” were found, what then? One still has to go up the Bridge and handle their own case on all their dynamics.

          Anyway, I’m going to go get my Coke now. I’ll bill you the balance. LOL

          • Roger that big guy.

            Auditing is the ultimate direction we are heading toward because as you know according to the RED All Roads Lead to Auditing. They do.

            Also to me at least it is a refreshing change to post some truth in this swollen river of lies about Scientology.

            We both know that if the actual why was found then we could handle the scene. A point some people tend to ignore when they post that the why is Miscavige which is pretty much like saying the why is god or more like the devil.

            Anyway sure there is some conjecture and assumptions but the overall purpose is to get people to discuss this and come to their own truths about what really happened.

            Remember the axiom about live communication ol’buddy.

            I miss our live chat sessions too. Hopefully you’ll heading back to LA so as we can continue them.

            Meanwhile while you’re getting yourself a Coke. Get me one too and put it on my tab 😉

            • Gotcha, and while maybe not always on the same page, at least in the same chapter of the same book. 😉

              And hey, the bartender said that your Tab has Pepsi’ed out and he’s not stoking you any Coke! But I’ll save you some sips of mine. :p

              • He’s probably upset by those rubberized checks 😉

                Tell him I’m good for it and that the real check is in the mail 😛

                Same story for sure.

                Gotta love Lana’s choice of media for these bogs though.

                I betcha ya can’t spot Jimbo there in with the dwarves. I mean we all know who Lana is 😉

          • CB:

            There’s in internet abbreviation for that, much like LOL or OMG. It’s TL;DR or TLDR. Stands for “too long; didn’t read”. As if it wasn’t blindingly obvious, I tend to be wordy, and someone pulled that one on me the other day. I had to look it up.


      • Chris: The thing is, IMO, it is what it is now, the scene is the scene, and resolving that past point in time may only blow some charge for some; but not for me – it’s actually on overrun (except you can’t really overrun a thetan).

        My sentiments also. There is nothing further in respect to setting anything straight to blow charge, remove False Data, etc. about the CO$ that has any bearing on my SCN future, although I appreciate the historicals Bernie, RV and others have presented.

        scatjappers: Incidents like the one RV talks about are group engrams, which only appear to get worse over time.

        They’ve been yakking about it for over 25 years and you’ll still hear the same thing over and over again for the next 25. Personally, and I can only speak for myself, I don’t have any group engram because I don’t keep mocking it up. And I agree with Chris, get a session or FD handling if it blocks your progress up the bridge, and then continue up the bridge. I have never ever come across even one single piece of CO$ inside hidden-data revelation that had held up my auditing or training progress. And even further, and this may be somewhat irrelevant to this reply, but most of the folks that kept serving up this group engram as an explanation to harp on the past were not moving up the bridge either, but were for years involved in the same old tired blog discussions & natter without arriving at any resolution. And whatever was lamented today, there’d be more of it tomorrow of yet another CO$ misdeed. That’s following the Alcohol Anonymous line of PERSISTENCE, not standard SCN tech which is AS-IS. Just a few thoughts, a few things I wanted to say.

        • And well said they were! Again, you got your finger on the pulse, m’boy. You’re speaking sooth. One day, maybe, if someone reputable comes out with a book, I may read it. Maybe. Depends on what planet I’m on and what’s on my plate at the time. 😀

  4. RV, as always thanks for the historical insights. : It never jived with me that LRH would instruct along illegal lines, that’s just not him.

    • I agree 100% Ingrid.

      And Formost actually the fact that it was GO 1361 and not the Snow White Program is in the Stipulation of Evidence and in Garrison’s book.

      News reporters which we know are bastions of veracity (yeah right) and always get their facts straight (sure, sure) clumped it all on what they called “Operation Snow White” as if it was some kinda “covert” op (gimme a fricken’ break) when in fact Snow White itself had very overt (as in open) PR and Legal actions which involved various FOIA suits against various Government agencies.

      The big mistake Jane Kember made was to cross intel and PR which is a no no per the PR series. Aside from signing off on something that was as blatantly illegal as GO 1361.

      As even former spooks say about they’re strange profession that they are basically government sanctioned criminals who entice another country’s citizens to commit acts of treason on a daily basis.

      I mean if they were doing their spying on say the USG’s behalf as it appears they were doing in Greece sometime back and the FSB suspect they are doing in Russia they’d probably have certain transgressions that they were currently committing here let’s say overlooked.

  5. RV do you know what happened to Meisner and Wolf after the Snow White debacle? Did they remain on staff, stay in Scn, disappear, what happened to them?

    • As far as I know both Meisner and Wolfe received relatively light sentences compared to their other “Co-conspiritors”. Neither of them did any jail time.

      Personally I was surprised that Meisner wasn’t granted full immunity for turning state’s evidence but I suspect it was more of an effort to protect his cred as a CI.

      Probably because it would give the appearance of someone who was “disillusioned” that some superficial “observer”would accept as “fact”.

  6. I knew Meisner slightly when I was a GAS, always thought that he seemed rather unstable, and that he didn’t seem to be a real Scientologist in the sense that he studied and applied it.
    This was definitely not the case with other GO people I knew. They were generally great people.
    One thing I always wondered is what were the circumstances by which Mary Sue became an “un-indicted co-conspirator”?

    • E:

      Agreed regarding GO staff. They have all been universally vilified since then, but I know some who were very good people. I will say, however, that many I knew dropped a full tone level or more when they went into the GO. Sad but true.


      • Paul,

        The reason for this drop in tone is covered in the HCOPL PTS Personnel and Finance and other PLs regarding personnel who have to handle entheta on a daily basis.

        (Not create it which is what OSA seems more capable of doing but I’ll move on.)

        Some of us tried to ameliorate this effect by auditing their staff and making sure they got their enhancement but there is only so much you can do aside from transfer them to a less restimulative post of some kind.

        • RV:

          There was also a cultural component to this. Our almost-fully-manned GO in Austin proceeded on a generally 1.1 tack. People recruited (quicksilvered) from our staff were generally higher toned than that, but dropped in the GO.

          Yes, as I recall this same auditing/de-PTSing policy applied with regard to Div 6 and HCO personnel.


          • Another point is as John LeCarre and other writers of spy novels suggest is that area of deception and cover tends to attract low toned individuals who tended to be 1.1

            Just like HCO tended to attract a lot of fascists in the anger band which later become the Sea Org when they promoted themselves being hard and cold as chrome or whatever.

            This is why we have Quals to either process or weed such people out.

    • Espiritu,

      Mary Sue being the good person that she was violated basic trade craft and tried to get Meisner handled instead of burning his sorry ass and plausibly denying his actions.

      Also she in my opinion should have thrown Jane under the bus as well since she was the one who approved GO 1361.

      Funny thing Jane “the penguin” as a friend of mine called her. Because she looked like one when dressed in ministers garb is in like Flynn with the new management and who’s son Chaz was the Auditor (De) Activation Chief that illegally canceled all field auditor certificates.

      As I wrote Mary Sue was probably too good hearted to allow her juniors to hang out and dry when in my opinion she should have.

  7. As regards Gerald Wolfe (Jerry) I hope I can shed some light.

    Jerry was my course twin on Pro-TRs, Key to Life and LOC in the mid-90’s and I found Jerry to be a very good Scientologist, friend and twin. He was always, generous and patient with me and I trust Jerry completely. He was very intent on getting all he could from his courses and never wanted to short cut LRH’s materials.

    He told me that he had gone to prison for Snow White (A low security white collar facility if I remember correctly) and he and his cellmate spent their time listening to the PDC Lectures and relayed how much fun he had going exterior studying those lectures.

    Jerry is a very intelligent guy who had done the original OT 4 through OT 7 levels. He did the L’S at Flag and was an accomplished French trumpet player and a computer savvy consultant in L.A. On at least one occasion Jerry was invited to play horn with Golden Era musicians at one of the events in Clearwater.

    I honestly believe Jerry did what he did out of a great love for MSH and LRH. He loved Scientology and was completely onboard. His wife is an OT 8 and they both contributed heavily to the IAS and the Ideal Org in St. Paul, Minnesota. I was last in communication with Mary Lynn (Jerry’s wife and my FSM) and Jerry in 2012 when we spoke on the phone about Debbie Cook’s letter which I had forwarded to them. They were both in a bit of shock about the contents of Debbie’s letter but didn’t get angry with me for sending it. We have fallen out of communication since but I believe they are still in the Minneapolis area and still connected to the church.

    Finally I think Jerry acted out of love for LRH and “youthful enthusiasm” for a cause is much more likely an explanation for what Jerry did than any ill intent. I don’t believe at all Jerry would ever agree to work as a plant.

      • He was and is. When I finished writing my post here earlier I wrote a personal letter to Jerry and MaryLynne. I hope to hear back but my SP status very likely will make it very difficult to for them to be able to respond.

        • You never know. I had thought the same of some friends of mine; Jon was a friend from when I first got into Scientology. After my declare, I dropped out of comm with them (with the exception of a couple of emails) so as to not put undue pressure on them or put them in any type of situation that would be uncomfortable. However, I recently was out west where they live and on a lark decided to call them. They were overjoyed to hear from me, invited me over for dinner, and I stayed the night and had breakfast with them in the morning. Jon said he would never have dropped me as a friend – they knew I wasn’t an “SP” – and in fact, they had stopped going to the church and stopped services over a decade earlier and were actually out of the church now. And they too, had read Debbie Cook’s email and it had opened their eyes further. So you never know. 🙂

    • Thanks for the info, Espirito and RV. Thanks KF, Jerry sounds like a good guy!

      For me this info goes toward handling the 3rd dynamic engram. It may not completely as is it, but without a full invest, as Margaret Lake did with LRHs war history, this is the closest I can get to finding out what went on, and I appreciate all the input.

      To emphasize that, Rons war record no longer has my attention, whereas before Margaret figured it out I had a lot of attention on it. The more attention I have off of those 3d engrams, the more interest I have in the Tech.

      This history is really something the church should have done years ago, and would have if dave wasnt in the middle of most of it.

    • Thanks for clearing this up K.

      Never knew that Jerry did time. The data I got was that he got probation or something like that. He was probably playing straight. A lot of GASes I knew and audited including my wife were for the most part good people.

      Only one outpoint that stuck in my craw was that Jerry got hired during a hiring freeze.

      From what you write though it was possible like everyone else probably with the exception of Meisner Jerry was set up and burned.

      Makes sense.

      The only one who out of all the Scientology Eleven that turned was Mikey who had the dubious honor of being listed as a “fugitive” yet in the same stipulation as a “kidnapped federal witness”.

      Aside from the blatant violation of double jeopardy is the fact that Mikey told everyone he needed to go Frisco’ to do some research and called the Feds from a bowling alley in either Montrose or NoHo.

      Not exactly what you’d expect from someone allegedly being held against their will.

      But again there were so many outpoints in what they call a “Stipulation of ‘Evidence'” that aside from driving a Sherman Tank or a Mac Truck through it. It would probably take a whole unit of well trained HDSEC grads a week to list ’em.

  8. Thank you for this Chris, what a great story!. I hope really hope this happens for me as well.

    In my letter today I let Jerry know about the Snow White article. I hope he finds his way here and takes a look at what and who is here. Jerry would recognize many of your names I am sure. He has been in Scientology for a very long time and would support any forward push in the direction of LRH as well.

    • K Francis,
      Thank you very much for putting some factual data re: G. Wolfe here. I suspect this is one of the only places this data will be found, and hopefully will now be disseminated.

      As the discussion here has mentioned, all of this type thing is toward a clarity of event that occurred in the 70s-80s, that for the 3D were engrammic in greater or lesser extent.

      I’ve had my own discussions with others who were closely involved in the situations with the G.O., and how the game was going between us and the FBI, during those years. It was a wild time, involving all sorts of things.

      It ranged from government plants in the Church, cloak and dagger exploits into government, COINTELPRO, vested interests, O/Ws and justifications, violation of this and that, skullduggery etc.

      Your report here on Gerald Wolfe does put to rest largely the questions related to him. This narrows the speculations and perhaps over time with more people willing to describe details heretofore withheld, we can as a group of individuals, and lots of us having gone through those time periods, get to the as-isness of what actually occurred, free up that attention, and pour the freed attention onto purposes again.

  9. This is in response to Chris. I am a tech terminal as you are and as you most of my attention is getting people up the Bridge. It is always of interest to me how people stop caring about negativity regarding Scientology once they are really winning.
    But, there is a PR issue and alot of people are affected by attacks. Ron came up with alot of tech on handling this area starting with SP/PTS tech.
    The PL ” How to handle Rumors and Whispering Campaigns”is a must read:
    “There may at be times when one’s reputation comes under attack by rumor or gossip,giving one a false reality and making him unreal and out of agreement with the people he is in contact with. This situation is the opposite of what good public relations is supposed to accomplish.It amounts to ‘bad works falsely publicized.
    Often a person just shrugs and accepts this is part of life,this is the way it is and there is no trusting human nature………
    ……..The technique of black propaganda seeks to bring a reputation so low that the person ,company or nation is denied any rights whatever by “general agreement.” It is then possible to destroy the person, company or nation with a minor attack if the black propaganda itself has not already accomplished this…….
    …….A person comes to fear bad things being said about him. In the face of a whispering campaign, real or imagined.one tends to withdraw, tends to become less active and reach less.
    this is equally true of companies and nations.
    thus, unless one knows how to handle such an attack, one can in fact be made quite miserable and ill…..”

    He explains how to handle it in the PL.

    For quite some time we have had to endure alot of black propaganda out here.The main comm-lines have pushed just that. and alot of people have withdrawn.These comm-lines “have the inside poop” And they will infiltrate any where they can. It is vital to handle this and Ron has given us the tech on this. For me that it is even being addressed is a step in the right direction.And it does garner alot of interest!!! It brings them out and they write in with” I knew that about Ron”

    Again,most people cannot spot source. In the same PL he writes ” There are random individuals in the society who do not understand very much….
    ….this is not isolated to the illiterate only. What they do not understand they substitute for with imaginary things. Thus such persons not only listen to slander but also corrupt and twist even it. thus a rumor can go through a society that has no basis in truth”

    I think MS2 has a healthy combination of promoting the good and exposing the bad.

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