by Ingrid Smith

I love marriage counselling. I have done plenty of them. And on brand new people. I’ll never forget one where as the husband picked up the cans looked at his wife and said “See I am even willing to get electrocuted for you” (jokingly of course).

Here is a real win with a couple who are brand new:

Wife’s Success Story:
My husband and I came to Ingrid on the verge, for me anyway of apathy.Divorce was a great consideration. I now feel the need to be a friend and a loving wife and to be more understanding of his feelings, about family, careers and hobbies.

We hope to start our lives together and be happy all over again.Here’s to a new beginning!


Husbands Success Story:
The marital counselling course is what I will recommend to other couples I meet in trouble.No other course of counseling can give the intense counseling needed for marriages in trouble. Don’t waste time going to a psychologist or psychiatrist who will meet with you a couple of times a week for 45 minutes a session. This (the Scientology counselling) type of counselling is what got me and my spouse talking again.

Most importantly we are talking about our future TOGETHER!


16 thoughts on “Repairing marriage

  1. Great work Ingrid !!!

    Families are the building block of society , and it all start with a sane and responsible relationship between the marital partners.

    I loved the photo too. It communicates the subject so well. I wonder where Lana always gets such excellent photos.


  2. Not to detract from Ingrid’s win in any way (as always, VVWD Kiddo), but fortunately I don’t need marriage counseling. I know this because my wife proclaimed to me today (two days after our 27th anniversary) that she wants me to be happy, so she’s here to educate me in what makes me happy. So, for example, after all these years thinking it didn’t make me happy to go shopping with her, I now know instead how happy it makes me to go shopping with her.

    So… I got that goin’ for me.

  3. Well done, Ingrid. As a former Div 6 staffer, this is exactly the kind of action needed for reaching out into the field and raw public. Plus, in today’s society, there’s such a need, too.

    And as soon as I tell Paul (Scatjappers) how happy it will make him. I know he’ll agree. ;-}

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