By Lana M.

Our society stresses that thinking is a good thing and that thoughtfulness and consideration are more survival that impulsive decisions.

Western society invalidates a person who simply does something based on his inherent knowingness, as this is considered naive and to that degree, impromptu, unplanned, unsophisticated and unintelligent.

It is stressed that we need to think carefully, and not make decisions lightly

As I have progressed up The Bridge, my experience is different. When auditing strips away facsimiles and past aberrations, my own space gets quieter and quieter.  There is less thinking and more knowing. There is less mental ‘noise’ and certainly less mental procrastination.

Recently restudying LRH’s book 8-80, I understood better why that is.

Life is a mirror, and our mind is our suitcase that carries all of these reflections. Our mental baggage, over lifetimes, gets pretty cumbersome, and soon it is all about the baggage and we have forgotten who we actually are, and where we were going in the first place.

Auditing is better than a baggage carrier. It is actually like a Spring clean where one realises that we don’t need these zillion bags, boxes, suitcases and files. Toss them out, and OMG, travel (and life) has suddenly become a hell of a lot lighter.

And so has your thinkingness, and your knowingness.

This baggage was not you in the first place — just the same as the old favourite sweater that you have been been refusing to throw out for sentimental reasons, is also not you.

Life is a static — and whilst we can become fixated on the mirrored reflections that can be generated easily — they get you nowhere, and they are truly, just reflections.

“Life is a static, according to the Axioms. A static has no motion. It has no wave length. The proofs and details of this are elsewhere in Scientology.

“This static has the peculiarity of acting as a “mirror”. It records and holds the images of motion. It even can create motion and record and hold the image of that. It records also space and time in order to record motion which is, after all, only “change in space through time”. Played against motion as a kinetic, the static can produce live energy.

“In a mind, any mind, the basic beingness is found to be a static on which motion can be recorded, and which, acting against motion, produces energy.

“A memory is a recording of the physical universe. It contains—any memory—a time index (when it happened) and a pattern of motion. As a lake reflects the trees and moving clouds, so does a memory reflect the physical universe. Sight, sound, pain, emotion, effort, conclusions, and many other things are recorded in this static for any given instant of observation.

“Such a memory we call a “facsimile”. The mind, examining a facsimile it has made, can see it, feel it, hear it, re-experience the pain in it, the effort, the emotion. 

“There are billions of facsimiles available to any mind. Billions of billions. These facsimiles can be brought into present time by the environment, and “unseen” or “unknown” by the awareness of awareness of the mind, can reimpress their pains, efforts, and aberrations upon the being, thus making one less liable to survive. All unknowingnesses, confusion’s, aberrations, psychosomatic ills are traceable to facsimiles.

“One believes he can use any facsimile he has ever received. He has been hurt. He uses the facsimile of being hurt to hurt another.

“But since one survives as well as everything else survives, to hurt another is wrong. One regrets the injury, seeking to turn back time. Thus the facsimile he used becomes interlocked with his facsimile of trying to use it and both facsimiles “hang up” and travel with present time. One even gets the pain he seeks to inflict on another, this being the action against him of the facsimile he sought to give, by action, to another. It startles the preclear, when run through a boyhood fight, wherein he hit another boy in the eye, to feel the pain in his own eye at the instant of the blow. And so it is with all inflicted injuries.

“This is a simple matter of the interaction of the pictures of energy.

“This is a “maybe”, indecision, inaction. This is aberration—trying to do unto others what was done to you—good or bad.

“An interplay of static against motion or between two classes of motion, one relatively static to the other, can and does produce active electrical energy in beings of different characteristics and potentials. This makes a living being an electrical field more capable of high potential and varieties of waves than are known to nuclear physics, of which Scientology is a basic.

“This created energy played lightly over a “facsimile” reactivates it and causes it to bear upon a being once more. This is an activity of thinking.

“A “facsimile” brought into play by a moment of intense activity may afterwards, when the being is again producing only normal energy output, “refuse” to be handled by the lower energy. This facsimile then can trap the energy of a being and turn upon him the pain, emotion, and other things recorded in the facsimile. The facsimile thus can absorb energy and give pain, especially when the being holding it has forgotten it or does not perceive it. This is restimulation.

“By concentrating a live energy flow upon a facsimile directly, the being can erase,
disintegrate, or “explode” or “implode” it.

“As heavy facsimiles are the hidden source of human aberration and psychosomatic illness, their erasure or better handling by the being is intensely desirable.

“The remedy of human aberration and illness is a minor goal of Scientology. Its discoveries make this possible.”    LRH, Book: Scientology 8-80

12 thoughts on “Life is a mirror

  1. Can’t recall where, but I recall LRH making the point in various places that thetans make decisions, and only then provide reasoning for them, not the other way around. We’re so convinced we do it the other way around that it’s hard to persuade someone that it happens that way (decision/action, then reasoning).

    My wife is particularly good at this business of “going with her gut”, and her gut is seldom wrong. In fact, women in general are better at it than men. Personally I suck at it. It’s funny how a guy who’s often been attacked for having too much self confidence (misinterpreted as arrogance) can have such self-doubt when it comes to trusting my “inner knowingness”.

    I look forward to having Lana’s “serenity” one day. I’m glad it’s sitting up there ahead of me on the Bridge.

  2. Lan:Western society invalidates a person who simply does something based on his inherent knowingness, as this is considered naive and to that degree, impromptu, unplanned, unsophisticated and unintelligent.

    Probably an assessment by the good folks of higher moral fiber of the time who have brought common rules of deliberation into existence to keep reactive conduct at bay. (the whole of religion did exactly that on the 3D/4D) Due to lack of education, disease, Serfdom PTSness and what not, it has been said that as far as 300 years ago they’d be considered complete imbeciles by today’s standards. It was not conceivable to them in those days that you wouldn’t be a nutcase as well, so the inval to “uncontrolled/unself-restrained” conduct based on their mores was in full swing. Witness the stuffinesses, masks and pretentious social graces in the higher European nobility gatherings is a pretty good index what was going on … the mutual restimulation must have been next to unbearable.

    We’ve come a long way, but it’s far from perfect.

  3. Lana,

    Loved 8-80.

    Especially the section on the difference frequencies and wavelengths of various bands leading to theta.

    Some very OT data.

    This too about how theta mirrors motion. I think it was around this time that the first exteriorization techniques were developed.

    One he mentions on the BC I remember is “Don’t be three feet back of your head”.

  4. Nowadays, it is extremely important to show the big difference between good and sane Scn and the dark side (the Co$), because people are confusing black Scn with Scn.
    This is why I cheer up people like Chris Black, Ingrid Smith, L[auto-censured 🙂 ], etc.

    The Price Of Freedom EyesWideShut.

    “My first major win in Scientology came from doing an O/W write-up, followed by conditions in which I made up the damage I had created. I was blown away at this one factor that I actually had to make physical universe changes to ‘rejoin the group’ and couldn’t simply charm my way back into everybody’s good graces like I had previously always managed to do. This very simple action gave me a shift in viewpoint” …
    “Since leaving the church and joining the independent field I have really experienced the tech as it was meant to be. I have had phenomenal auditing: the kind of wins that can never ever be taken away from me.” …
    “Ethics conditions in the independent field are done with ARC, they are done with the intention to help” …

    • I read this article today. Very nice. Reminded me of my early days and getting blown away. You never forget those original cogs that shifted your whole universe. I’m glad to see – and to help make – those wins again for people. It’s what it’s really all about. Not the buildings, the fanfare, the expositions, the hoo-rahs; just the simple acts of awareness returning. Nothing could be finer….

  5. Another one worth posting here.

    Hemi on November 13, 2014 at 12:03 pm said:

    For many months I kept “being shocked” by the fun, simplicity and wins of Indie (and totally professional) auditing and services.

    My last CoS tech estimate, after being bogged for years, was 6-7 intensives, and then (hopefully) back on bridge. (OT4). Hopefully … I never bought that.

    Instead, joined a GOOD indie service (Dror, Israel), and after 4 (repeat four) sessions, I was happily flying on OT4. In the 1st session I kept asking my auditor: “is this a session?”
    And he replied: “sure is”.
    And I said: ”but, but, it is like a fun chat over a cup of coffee…”
    And he said: “it sure is…” and smiled.
    And I said: ”and the session?”
    He said: “sure, right here, let’s go, shall we?”
    And I said (with probably LFBD of several dials …) ”of course buddy, let’s go!!!”
    And then, the most brilliant, professional session, with total attention on my case and NOTHING ELSE.

    It is so true: Huge difference between auditing/ethics in an un-safe environment and doing “the same” in a safe and sane area. They are not even in the same universe! And explaining this to someone who for years lived, got auditing/ethics, in a (usually) heavy, unsafe, threatening and often totally suppressive, CoS environment is nearly impossible. Until actually experienced. Like explaining the joy of dolphins to a deep desert man …

    I can write loads on Indie services, from many angles. Even the “type of wins” as an Indie are different, much wider in scope, and MUCH MORE UNIVERSAL AND LESS CULTISH!!
    Here’s one win (out of numerous) which touched my very core, on that very subject of BEING RIGHT. See below:

    Love to all!

    Win Nots March 4 2014

    I arrived today very “noisy” full of issues, good bad, ugly, but uncontrolled and hectic. Too much.
    Auditor cheered me up, saying that’s being alive, and really living. Yes, true, I am alive, I totally agreed. But it was a bit obsessive … too alive.

    We set to work, step by step slowly at first, quicker later, but always professional and positive. And with results! In the end of the day, I felt really good. Yet another angle of good, another layer of goodness. A different taste.

    What a tasty level, this Nots! Endless dishes and menus, some fantastic, some hard to digest (oh yes..!), some piece of cake … but all of them life shaking, life changing. And mood and tone altering, oh … BIG time. I started slow and half blind, then got better, and better. And then I was doing difficult, elusive things correctly and more and more RIGHT! Oh, the team work: at times fantastic and vital guidance by my auditor. At times I guide, and auditor follows, without interrupting, almost solo … but all really bingo and successful! Totally self-determined cooperation.

    And there’s the core of my great feeling today:
    The wins come from working on the case, blowing charge in loads. But under all that, and below the ability to do it and do it so well, lies a wonderful carpet, a flying carpet, a powerful tool to work with: Being RIGHT. I get in this place the feeling that I am right. Always. In session I get it in such loads from my auditor that it helps overcome anything! I realized today how absolutely vital this attitude is! I know today that this angelic, theta beingness by my auditor is the most powerful help there is. It is priceless!

    Tami, thank you so much for making me right, and holding it in place no matter what. This is the real thing, the life provider. It is!

    My universe is full of wrong things. That’s why I work so hard to fix it. And I can confront them all in time and make them right. But only by learning and adopting that example you give. And that everybody here at Dror gives. That I am right! This is the big secret, the key element in getting all the countless wins I had so far. And perhaps the biggest win of them all.
    Thank you for making me right. Yes, even when I totally forget it myself!!

    Here’s to you and to all the rest of the freedom (Dror) gang! Cheers!
    and much love,


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