By Lana M.

If you listen to young children, they will say the darndest things.

Today my 5 year old walked up to me and asked what a specific word meant in German.

I questioned his request asking “You mean what does it mean in English?”

And he corrected me “No, what does it mean in German?”

We looked the word up on Google, and yep, it was a German word, so I told him the definition.

He cheerily thanked me, happy with the answer, and continued with his play.

(Note: We don’t speak German in my household, have no German relatives or friends, my son has never been overseas, and has had no contact with the German language in the last 5 years).

26 thoughts on “We don’t just live once

  1. Same here, Lana. My son has said a few things that have tried my TRs as well. It’s interesting to say the least. You answer the question and carry on. Auditing will open up their past for them, on their own, never forced or evaluated. 🙂

  2. When my daughter was 4 and 5 she used to ask me about every three months “Daddy, when are we going back to England?” I would answer; “I’m not sure honey, why do you ask?” Two times she said to me, ” Because I miss everyone.”

    We’d never been there.

    ML Tom

  3. I’ll have to get the details from my mother, but I recall a story of my brother at something like 3-4 years old, making her drive to a house in the city we lived and told her he used to live there.

  4. It’s good to clear their MUs as soon as they come up. My kids used to routinely ask what this and that meant and I went through extensive lengths to ensure they understood them afterwards.

      • Lol … reminds me having to define Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jargon for my then 8-year old … and I did learn the whole fictitious shebang. 😀

        It became a daily routine I was asked to define words for him almost every hour or so. Kid was quite bright after he grew up, although he had little liking for school, be it the SCN school which I paid dearly for over a decade or the later public schools.

  5. I’ve got one of those stories too. When my youngest daughter was about 3 years old, she walked into the bedroom and picked up a jewelry box which had been left to my ex wife by her aunt who had passed away a year or so before my daughter’s birth. As my daughter started to walk out of the room with the box I said, “Honey, please put mommy’s jewelry box back.” She looked back at me and said, “MY jewelry box”, then confidently frumped out of the room.
    ……I did not dare to say a word. : -)

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