By Natalie C.

A friend of mine had a baby a few months back. Her bub was not settled and though the new parents were obtaining advice from friends and family, they had gone through 4 months of heavily broken sleep and frazzled nerves trying to get their newborn to breastfeed and sleep regularly.

Having not seen her since before the baby was born, I called to find out how things were going and the new mom confessed on the phone that life was miserable. She was at the end of her tether and family life was stressed beyond what she had ever anticipated. She felt she had never really bonded with the baby, and instead of enjoying the last several months she instead felt resentful, confused and desperate. She had always envisioned having 4 children – but just 4 months with her first had her changing her mind. “I have had terrible thoughts (about the baby)”, she admitted to me. “I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

I went to meet the little one with the hope that I could, as an auditor and a friend, relieve the situation.

Cooper, the little bub, was alert but clingy. I walked around the room with him and had him look at and also touch objects in the room. He listened and followed the commands quite willingly, and became more attentive as the process continued. I explained to his mother that a Locational Assist does wonders to help a baby or toddler or child stop crying. She had explained how sometimes, of a night, the baby would start to cry and it would take her 3 – 4 hours to get the crying to stop (yet all the trips to the doctors had found nothing physically wrong with the child). Cooper and I walked around the room – engaging in conversation on all the objects we discovered – with me ensuring that I got a response to each command and gently taking his hand and directing it as needed. His mother commented that she was surprised as Cooper is not normally comfortable being held by strangers, and normally has to be held by her or have her in sight at all times.

Cooper smiled at me and happily did the assist.

We then did Reach and Withdraw from mom, with the baby. I held Cooper and we had him reach for mom (helping him at first) and then I would step back with him and we would withdraw from mom. Each time we progressed a little further away from mom till we were walking of the room. Cooper loved this assist. As we got closer to mom each time he would squeal and laugh, and then chuckle as we hid from mom in the other room.

Once taken to a good point, I lay Cooper on the rug on the floor and I showed his mom how to do a Body Comm Assist. Cooper cooperated perfectly, in fact, he relaxed completely and just beamed up at us. His mom originated that it was such a simple process, but clearly worked, as Cooper was relaxed and happy (apparently something she was not very used to). When I had finished the assist on the baby, I gave her a Body Comm, so she could experience it herself and so that she can tell her husband how to do it and get him to give her one every day.

I left with a hug and a kiss and told her I would be back in a few weeks and to call me if she needed anything.

Last week I called her to ask how things were going. She enthusiastically told me she had been doing that “body touchy thingy” with Cooper three times every day, and he just loved them. Actually, she said, it has changed everything, as it is like their own time together (mom and bub) and she does not know why, but both of them have relaxed with each other and really enjoy the time. He is sleeping way better, and life in the family has improved for everyone. I told her I would come check on her again soon and give her a few more tools to keep things progressing.

Such simple processes – but so powerful.

My friend has never heard of Scientology and there was no plan to get into a detailed discussion on the subject itself — but certainly, by giving her some basic communication processes for both her and the child, conditions have been improved for all. And I suspect that she will want to know more (which I will happily give her).

Thanks LRH!


28 thoughts on “Newborn troubles

  1. A beautiful story. Such changes that are wrought through the simple application of LRH tech. Well done, Natalie. Your friend is lucky to have you as her friend. Thanks for sharing this theta. 🙂

  2. Standard Tech being applied by a live, caring being (as opposed to being robotically dispensed) is very powerful. It takes a truly powerful being to do simple standard actions with A, R, & C. And that’s what standard auditor training teaches people to do!
    The results here are: Happy Baby, Happy Mommy, Happy Husband, Happy Friend, and last but certainly not least, Happy Auditor!
    Very Very Well Done, Lana !!

  3. If you’ve ever surveyed women’s magazines (the less obnoxious ones), they’re all about, “Ten Ways To Lose Weight While Eating Donuts”, and “Six Ways To Wax Your Floor While Doing Your Nails”, “Three Ways To Make Love While Rebuilding Your Car’s Engine”, “The Surprising Chemical Which Strips Paint And Tastes Good On Salads”, etc. Most of this stuff is pure fluff. But wouldn’t it be kewl if you had women’s magazines with articles like the above, and a sidebar telling you how to do the assist (and giving due credit to LRH)? Then you’d really have something which could help other women in similar circumstances. In an ideal world, this is the kind of stuff that women’s magazines would be full of, instead of all the BS they’re full of now.

    Also It would be great if we had a place on MS2’s main site to hold stories like these. Just hundreds of searchable success stories on the Tech in use. Maybe with a section on just assist-centered successes. I think such stories would provide a good intro for new people to show them the absolute lowest level of what’s possible with Scientology.


    • Totally agreed Paul and great suggestion on a section on the MS2 site for assists or basic application in life or something. Leave that with me and I will set that up
      PS. We could call it 101 Ways to Make a Difference and Help Another While Also Helping Yourself. Just kidding. Better one would be 101 Ways to Be a Better Human Being While Finding out You and Everyone Else are Spiritual Beings that Never Die.

      • LM:

        Putting on my marketing hat, “101 Ways Basic Scientology Can Help You And Those You Love”. Short, sweet, direct and punchy.

        Matter of fact, I wonder if you couldn’t do a tab for “101 Ways”, and then it takes you to a page which has several “sections” each of which are just an introduction to the following sub-pages. There might be one on basic assists (what’s been mentioned here). Then one on lower Bridge wins. That might be “101 Ways To Improve Your Attitude And Outlook”. Then maybe another section on more advanced success stories. Section title: “101 Ways To Gain Greater Perception And Control Over Life”. Then, after the section intros explain in more detail what each section is about, you’re taken to the action success stories themselves. Define as many sections as you like but make sure they all deal with the same type of material (assists, grades, OT, etc.) Introduce each so the user knows what they actually deal with.

        Maybe the main page tab should just be “Successes”. The “Ten Things…” was really just me poking fun at the way womens’ magazine advertise the articles on their covers.

        Anyway, just some more thoughts. Worth every penny you paid for them. 😉


  4. I’ve often mentioned to Paul that one of the best ways to promote Scientology is to just live it and be a good example to others. That includes helping others with assists, word clearing, third party tech, etc. You don’t need to start by saying, “I want to do this Scientology process on you.” Just do the process. After they have a win on it, then you can tell them that was Scientology. Many years ago I had a co-worker come in to the office very shaken and upset (due to something that had happened the night before). I took her outside for a walk and did a locational. It brought her back into PT and she felt much better. Simple tech that works wonders.

    • FAB et al:

      This ties in with what LRH says in the Art Series about life itself being an art. Your life, as you conduct it, can be an example of an artistic endeavor, as well as an example of uptone-ness or whatever to other people.

      Nancy and I tease each other constantly (all in good fun) both in public and in private. I can’t tell you how many cashier people’s tones we’ve raised and whose day has been made by us simply teasing each other humorously in front of them. Including the cashier in the jokes improves their whole outlook for the day, and shows them what a good marriage can look like. If you can provoke their spirit of play, even just a little, it brightens them up quite a bit. We’ve had many many of them tell us that they’re always glad to see us in their line, because it brings a bright spot into what otherwise is usually a dreary day. (Being a cashier, let’s face it, isn’t the most fun thing you can do.) I figure if I can get a cashier to smile or laugh with us, I’ve done them a favor and injected a little more theta into the environment.


    • Maybe it’s just becoming “human” again; “being” with another, communicating (listening and understanding); loving another.

  5. Here’s some LRH I came across that I think is relevant to this article and what many have commented in response to it:

    “A Scientologist is one who controls persons, environments and situations.

    Scientology means knowing in the fullest sense of the word.

    Scientology is used on Life and its forms and products.

    A Scientologist operates within the boundaries of the Auditor’s Code and the Code of a Scientologist.

    The chief uses of Scientology are in the fields of education, organization, mental disability and religion. Scientology is the first to give scientific meaning to these.

    A Scientologist is considered a professional if he uses Scientology in any of these fields and has been thoroughly trained in Scientology.

    A Scientologist is a first cousin of the Buddhist, a distant relative to the Taoist, a feudal enemy to the enslaving priest and a bitter foe of the German, Viennese and Russian defamers of Man.

    The religion of the Scientologist is freedom for all things spiritual on all dynamics which means adequate discipline and knowledge to keep that freedom guaranteed.

    We are the people who are ending the cycle of homo sapiens and starting the cycle of a good earth.

    There is no barrier on our path except those we make ourselves.

    Our ability belongs to all worlds everywhere.” LRH (PAB 137, 1 June 1958, More On CCH Processes)

  6. Great win!! It is amazing how some simple actions can be so effective. Not too long ago I handled a very aggressively upsetting little 4 year old boy who was terrorizing his mother. I started throwing a ball to him. At first he didn’t know what to do. Then he was throwing it back and pretty soon he was very uptone. Then his father got home.His father, his little sister, him and myself were throwing a ball around in a very expensively decorated living room til everyone was in exhilaration!!

  7. Congratulations and VVWD, Natalie. You are OT and creating a safe, OT environment in which you are cause.
    Thank-you, so much for wearing your hat as a true Scientologist.


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