By Lana M

Apologies for the limited number of posts in recent weeks.

Currently, here in Australia, I have 3 preclears for full time auditing, and just today did 7 hours in the chair while juggling two kids, a household and the pre-Christmas madness.

It seems that the best gift you can give yourself at Christmas is some bonafide Bridge progress and accompanying floating needles and releases. Along this line, one of my preclears just attested to the Scientology Drug Rundown and is now happily rolling on ARC Straightwire. More news of completions will come shortly.

So… sorry it is a little quiet here.

Articles are always welcome — particularly when I don’t even have time for a good drink of egg nog! So let’s hear from the many of you who have plenty of stories and examples of applying Scientology tech in your lives and across your dynamics.

Ho Ho Ho!

16 thoughts on “Just saying…

  1. A very well done on your auditing successes, Lana. That is definitely the best Christmas gift someone could receive. No apologies needed. Keep up the awesome work down under. And a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Awesome, Lana. 7 hours is no small feat, so simply awesome. Have a great Christmas season, and like FAB says, you’re giving people the best gift ever – themselves! Cheers.

  3. “Articles are always welcome — particularly when I don’t even have time for a good drink of egg nog!”

    Can’t have our girl go without egg nog! I’m working on something now, Lana; hope to finish it in a day or so. 🙂

    • Definitely should be added to the check list especially at Xmas time 😉

      Jim and I will see about modifying that HCOB. I mean if RTRC can do it. Why can’t we?

      (That’s a joke but it’s true that at some point some of us will have to sort out the wheat from the chaff with the Verbal Tech Checklist in hand.)



      On doing 7 in the chair all you need is 3 more and you’ll have that C/S Series 52 rec in! (or at least that’s what my Intern Supes used to tell me 😉 )

      Just kidding.

      I know how rough it is to audit in the field without a Tech Div backing you up. So 7 WDAHs is damn impressive!

      Keep up the excellent work and have a Happy Holiday season.




      • “The “ok to audit” system is used.

        One takes any graduate and Internes him on the lowest Interneship he has missed. He reviews his material, gets his drills checked, gets his misunderstood words cleared and gets an “ok to audit” for that level. If he goofs he is crammed. And sometimes wholly retreaded. The “ok to audit Dianetics” would be his first okay. This suspends if he has to retread.

        When he then has turned out pcs, pcs, pcs, pcs, 5, 6, 8, 10 hours a day for weeks and weeks and is a total success as a Dianetic Auditor, he can go on up.

        At first as a Dianetic Interne he is part time studying Dianetics. Then as he gets flawless and while he is getting experience and practice on Dianetics, he can gradually phase over into re-studying his next Interneship, usually IV or VI.

        Then one day he is word cleared, checked out on his drills, and he qualifies for “ok to audit” for IV or VI.

        Now it begins all over again. Flubs—Cramming, midnight oil, audit audit cramming audit audit new word clear new drill work audit audit audit audit 5, 6, 8, 10 hours a day.

        Now he is a IV or VI auditor.” LRH (C/S Series 52)

        • Exactly Chris.

          They made many good auditors that way.

          Actually when I was auditing in the HGC at AO I ended up doing over 11 hours in the chair in one session. Running one heavy Narrative Engram from an L3 off the 53 section E.

          It was around 8 PM and the D of P told me it was gonna a quick cycle.

          Sure, sure.

          Got outa session at 7 Am in the morning but at least I got the F/N to the examiner.

          Seems engrams don’t pay attention to time constraints 😉

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