By Lana M

A year ago I received a phone call from a person who had done a few Scientology services, but had ended up off-lines after a number of bad experiences. Incomplete on Objectives (having run hours and hours and hours of them), and with a history of depression (accompanied anti-depressant usage) she had been treated like a leper by the local org because of her “drug history”.

She had jumped through all sorted of hoops just to get OK for auditing in the first place, and then at the slightest hint of something going wrong, the bony finger had been pointed at her and blame squarely placed on her shoulders because she was a “drug case’.

In truth, as we discovered once she was on the meter, the issue was actually out-tech in the co-audit course room, with the org never investigating or handling, and instead blaming it on the pc.

On her first visit we sorted out and completed her Objectives, which required  rehabbing many that had been overrun, and then completing those that had not been done. This amazed her as she was convinced that the Objectives were a (virtually) never-ending process and that it would take another hundred hours to get them finished.

We then did a thorough Life Repair that got her back on her feet in life and sorted out those things that she had been upset about, worried about, and having problems with.

On this last visit, we took up and handled her heavy drug history with the Scientology Drug Rundown. As with the majority of people, the drug list was long, but the wonderful rundown took up each one and handled the charge associated with them (street drugs, medical drugs, psych drugs and alcohol). She experienced great relief from the harmful effects of drugs, as well as the stigma that had been placed on her by the C of S.

To top it off, we put in the hours and got her ARC Straightwire done before she went back home again. In between sessions she is studying to be an auditor and we got many meter drills done, and she is rolling on her checksheet, and will continue on this on her return home.

Since I met her, I have watched an uncertain, confused, introverted person, turn into a confident, stable and extroverted individual.  I am so proud of what she has achieved and if gives me continued faith in the simple power of LRH technology to help someone out of the morass that many call ‘life’.

I am honoured to have been able to provide service. You will, undoubtedly, hear from her over coming years, as she is going to open her own centre to get Scientology tech delivered to others.


“The drug rundown was quick, fluid and smooth. How easy it was to do and come out the other side, free from the harmful effects of drugs.

“I now know I can move on up the Bridge with certainty that I will no longer have this stigma that was hanging over my head ie. Drug Case! 

“He He”


“With a wonderful Auditor anything can be accomplished.

“Thanks to Lana for excellent skills in getting me through ARC Straightwire. I now feel more confident in myself and my own abilities. I trust myself more and I know that I will continue to raise to raise my awareness of myself and have greater ARC for myself and others.”


13 thoughts on “Blaming the pc

  1. Reminds me of C/S Series 80, Dog PCs:

    “Every “dog pc” investigated traced to incompetent programming, C/Sing, out TRs, bad metering, Code breaks and bad lists.”

    Also C/S Series 81R, Auditor’s Rights Modified:

    “Nearly every “Dog Pc” has out lists or incomplete chains or is not being run on what needs to be handled. In other words they are simply problems in repair which modern tech handles easily. The drug case who is audited on grades but has had no drug rundown is an example of misprogramming.”

    Good post, Lana, and good salvage and handling. Now that you’ve done the Scn DRD and ARC S/W, have you thought about doing the NED DRD and really erasing the effects of drugs, once and for all? She’s all set up for it.

    • Good suggestion Chris. I will leave the decision to the C/S.

      The pc is keenly studying and may very well do the Method One next, to help her become an auditor.


      • Of course, I wouldn’t suggest otherwise. Just wanted to put a thought there. 🙂

        Training, you say! Now that is a very good indicator. Very cool! I’m auditing one of my pcs on M1WC right now as well and I can’t believe the effect it’s having on him and his dynamics, and not just in a “recovery of one’s education” way either. So, it’s a fantastic piece of tech, Lana, but then, which ones aren’t, hey? 🙂

  2. There are at least 50,000 similar stories of abused pc’s out there. We need to pick them up and handle them just like Lana did. Good product Lana!

    ML Tom

  3. Wonderful, Lana! Good old Standard Tech being applied standardly by a well-trained auditor for the benefit of the PC.
    This is the way it is supposed to be. Unfortunately, most people who have gotten involved with the Church of Scientology during the past few years only get a watered down or twisted version of the Tech that Ron developed. Fortunately, there are people like you in the Indie field who can correct the out-tech. The public is already “staying away in droves” from the COS. But also, little by little, they are finding practitioners of Standard Tech because this is what they really want. Real Scientology will win out because of people like you.
    Lies eventually die, but “the truth persists”.

  4. How would someone interested in Scientology, but not wanting to get caught in anything not correct in the Official Church of Scientology, find trustworthy independent source of original Scientology teachings?

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