By Tom Martiniano

The entire subject of religion is starting to become a liability on this planet because of the amount of killing and harm that is done in the name of religion or God.

Today’s headlines detail reports of murder, rape, killing of men, women and children and a recent headline read that 130+ children were murdered by religious zealots who were trying to prove that their religion and that their god are the “only ones”.

Religion used to be what people relied on to get them through life successfully.

Religion is what normally succors people from the harshness of life.

This whole subject has desperately needed to be confronted — head on. We needed to get to the bottom of it. And get to the bottom we did!

You’ll be surprised at the findings.

From the Crusades to the Jihads, religion is fast becoming one of the leading causes for death on this planet and if this does not change, and fast, man will outlaw religion because it well be deemed “deadly”.

This has to change because without religion we’re all doomed.

We need religion for spirituality and for succoring the needy.

We need religion as a guiding light; from where to get our moral compass.

Without God we are done for.

You can buy my new book on Amazon, either in paperback, or as an e-book on Kindle. Just click here.

Spread the word.

Let’s get some sanity into the subject.

REVIEW:  I purchased this book several days ago, curious to read what Tom had discovered on his research into the crazy religious scene on this planet. Once I got into it, I could not put it down. It’s a great book and a VWD, Tom. Highly recommended read.  Cheers- Lana M.

9 thoughts on “Hate in the name of God

  1. I just ordered Tom’s new book, My God is Bigger than Your God, from Amazon. I am waiting eagerly to receive it, but cannot yet say anything about it.
    I did read Tom’s earlier book, Vietnam – The Teenage Wasteland. Tom’s writing is gripping, intelligent and witty. Tom is a great friend of “indie” auditors, he draws on years of life experience and a study of LRH. He is a brilliant intellectual, so I have no doubt that his new book is a ‘must read’ too.
    Tom, thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight with us.

  2. Good accomplishment, writing a book. Not an easy task.

    These wars have been going on for millennia, and the impulses are part of the whole track, fostered in GPMs and implants. And on this planet, outside of a very few, most religions – even Christianity – have sparked wars and oppterming. I remember when I was young reading James Michener’s “The Source”; that was a beautiful book on the genesis of religion on this planet. It explained a lot. But LRH really nailed it in the discovery – and resolution – of the R6 bank.

  3. Ron has characterized religion as a big control operation. He also characterized it as the sole civilizing influence of large sectors of this planet. Both viewpoints are correct. Religion has been used by many down through the ages to push agendas that had nothing to do with religion. I rather suspect this has been the biggest problem with religions. (Note: I have not read the book in question, so I can’t say how any of this squares with Tom’s thoughts.)

    I can speak, though, for Tom’s ability to reason and his clarity as a writer. Since his first blog posting many moons ago (I have not read his books), I’ve been impressed with his writing. And I assume his current book is more of the same.

    Best to you, Tom.


  4. I bought and read the book.
    It shows you healthy insights on the subject of religion.
    It’s a timely subject, I think.

    And the title is really funny, I like it.

    Thank you very much, Mr.Martiniano

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