By Ingrid Smith

I have been working with a family of four over the last few years now.

I am their “center” and I have audited them, consulted them, supervised them  and been a chaplain etc. they have never been in the Church.

To start off the New Year, the mother of this family wrote me this nice success story:

Success Story:

Mere words cannot explain how much Ingrid has helped me, my husband, our relationship, and how I see the world.  Through the techniques of Ron Hubbard, and her way of teaching, my life has
changed significantly in many ways.

Ingrid has been our rock for many years.  She has been so patient with me and I have learned how to communicate better and when to “just be there.”

My relationship with my husband has gone from stress and anger to love and understanding.  Ingrid really understands me and my family and I feel is “spot on” most the time when she analyses some situation.  I’ve done auditing a few times and it has healed “deep pain” that I had been carrying around (especially by understanding things about my mother.)

She has helped us with our business and making important decisions (thus, we have  successful businesses).

I will be doing more auditing this to year clear up a few more confusing things in my life.

She just “gets me” and knows how to apply Hubbard’s technology to help any situation.  Whether it is regarding work, family, friends etc…

I love nerve assists and body calms and other processes for particulars areas that may be weak.

I love Ingrid like family and anyone would be fortunate to work with her.

I am so thankful she is always there for us.

12 thoughts on “Mere words cannot explain

  1. I just want to relay an interesting story about the mother. She is Christian and several years ago she was denied becoming a dean at her church because she was getting auditing in Scientology. (It turned out that the minister’s wife was a psych) Without much hesitation she left that church as she was really winning with the auditing.She was pissed. Then I showed her the non-e formula and she applied that successfully to her next church.

  2. This is really wonderful, Ingrid!
    Also, I happen to know that, like LRH, you are telling “the lesser story”, because I also know of another family who you have also been helping in a similar way. My guess is that you do this sort of think on a regular basis. 🙂 This is a really, really wonderful testimonial to standard application of Scientology.

    I particularly appreciate the way that you do not negate other religious practices like the COS usually does, but rather you encourage and help people to become even better Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons, Muslims, etc. as LRH recommended.

    • Espiritu: “encourage and help people to become even better Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons, Muslims, etc. as LRH recommended.”

      Below question is for all knowledgeably readers.

      Did LRH specifically recommended to encourage and help people to become even better their own religion, (Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons, Muslims, etc.)? Or did he recommended not invalidate other people’s belief (including religion), and to encourage and help people to become better according to their (ethical) goals?

      • Mabu, you may very well be correct. I do not recall if he mentioned specific religions. I searched my tech vols but could not find what I seemed to remember. What I did seem to remember is that there was a discussion about disseminating to people who “have and ‘answer’ ” and that one should not invalidate peoples’ beliefs but rather tell them that Scientology can make them a better ______. ……Which is similar to what you said. But I could not find a specific reference saying exactly that either.
        Does anyone know of a reference which addresses how to disseminate to someone who already “has an answer” or something like that?

        • The reference I remember is you don’t disseminate to people who have an answer. Maybe Shreff has the exact reference?? Anyway, try disseminating to a born again Christian! However there are plenty of people who have a faith,but are at screaming need of change and don’t have an answer and will definitely seek out help outside their faith.

  3. Ingrid, I have been admiring your posts and the work you do for a while and its high time I mentioned it! Thankyou for what you are doing!!

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