By Bernie Wimbush

Suppressives are not a new thing invented by LRH.

He spotted the phenomenon and came up with ways of handling them.  A little less radical than the early Romans who considered Christians to be suppressive to them, and fed them to the lions. And what about those witches of the middle ages, burning at the stake seemed to fix them? Or DM’s method of declare on a whim?

Being influenced by suppression has a number of indicators. Being careful of… is one of them. If you have to be careful of what you say or do around someone for what ever reason you are putting that person or thing in a position of power and given yourself a problem.

And you won’t make case gain.

If you are “under the radar” you have to be careful the Church doesn’t find out and again this is a problem. It is hard to make progress. So what’s the point? When I left, DM had a problem. He’d done his worst, but I had freedom, I found that the materials were freely available outside, and a lot cheaper. The tech was better, after all it was the top technical terminals that were outside the church and it only left him with the fair game law. In all the years that I ran my group, the only thing that had a little effect was to tell my clients that I was a Scientologist. It only worked because of the misunderstood word phenomena and that was easily fixed.

Another phenomenon associated with suppression is shortage.

The world is full of abundance and yet some of us feel shortage of money. The other day I ran into a friend who was experiencing money problems. Being a bit low on lions and stakes I used one of my favourites False Data Stripping. Turned out he had $20,000 in the bank, but still felt the shortage. We chased the datum down and found it was his dear old departed Dad that had given him the datum that his family would always be short of money. Needless to say the valence blew and rationality returned.

And that’s how subtle it can be.

But that is what suppressives do. They give us problems and prevent the handling of them.

The solution is in the materials, and this subject, like all of Scientology, requires study. If you are not studying and or being audited, you are standing still, banging your head against forces you haven’t confronted yet.

It is all there.

10 thoughts on “Walking on eggshells

  1. “The solution is in the materials, and this subject, like all of Scientology, requires study. If you are not studying and or being audited, you are standing still, banging your head against forces you haven’t confronted yet.”

    Amen. A beautifully written and expressed article, Bernie, that nails the “careful of” and “scarcity” premises squarely on the head.

  2. Speaking of eggshells, I have a step-brother who was a pretty normal, pesky sibling in my teen years (he was two years younger than me). I went off to college and to see the world. He got into drugs and ended up in prison for a few years. Eventually he got out, and years later, we reunited at my mom’s house. She was old and so we agreed to do some maintenance-type work for her that she couldn’t do. As my step-brother and I shopped for parts and did the work, I was stunned by the extent to which he had transformed directly into a “biochemical personality”. Most noticeable was the ARCXiness he exhibited constantly. One had to be extra careful in dealing with him, so as not to set him off.

    Ron was right, again.


  3. This was a great article. Thank you for writing it.

    One point I would add. “If you are not studying or getting audited, then you are standing still.” This is not true, even according to Scientology doctrine. At any level of the Bridge, or in one’s life, a person holds the ability to cognite, confront, as-is, and change conditions. This is the beauty of who we are. Having done OTVIII, L’s, and Class VIII, I can say the Bridge has helped me be more of who I am, but it does not give you these abilities.

    You continue to have your inherent abilities, including confronting suppression, even if you aren’t reading technology written by LRH or getting auditing.

    • “Don’t ever miss this in what I teach you, don’t ever miss this. I am telling you how to get there, not what is there.

      “Got that? My teachings are entirely a Tao, see?

      “And people miss it, because I don’t keep describing some of the paradises or some of the way stops or some of the pay stations. Once in a while I do this because I find them interesting, but I comment on what has been discovered. ”
      16th ACC, 12 Feb 57, Final Lecture: Question and Answer.

  4. Bernie,
    As you know, during our recent visit together, you and I were talking about Review type actions, having both of us worked in Qual and being familiar with this type of cycle.

    In fact, our conversation led me to a realization of the broad scope and particular applicability of the body of materials on the phenomena of PTS/SP – the manifestations of problem.

    You’ve aptly described it as “problem generator” in that a person in a situation of being PTS, generates problems, as does the SP he is connected with. An SP is PTS to an SP and has snapped terminals to become that which he had the problem with in the first place.

    All the shades of grey in a PTS sit, from a problem with an auditor going past an EP (see A Briefing of Review Auditors, BC tape of 14 Oct 65) to a present time nasty on one’s lines, to a restimmed nasty to a full blown become the nasty, all sit on this thing of “problem generator” as the simplest indicator of something going on.

    I have become aware of the difference between the 20% or so PTS/SP, and the remaining lot that aren’t hung in the problems. It has freed up all sorts of attention that I’d had sitting on THEIR problems – not mine, as I mulled over how to handle them and their problems. Their problems had become to greater or lesser degree my problems, and there I was chewing away on back burners, working to handle problems that weren’t mine. By that alone, I’d taken up a problem and the problems in greater or lesser degree became mine, mis-owned as well as my own resisting of them (opposing) having problems. So, in the end, I had a problem. Yikes!!

    Having done a really good Grade I, and having done a thorough study of the PTS/SP materials, I wasn’t hung in these things beyond the attention suck of “how do I get that other guy to get up to handling his own problems, when he’s generating them constantly?”

    In other words, for me personally, this was something I’d apply KRC and skills toward, so it was as “theta the solver”, yet, what I wasn’t recognizing clearly was that the other guy was “theta the problem” and so I was missing the maxim of that guy plus me is greater than the problem.

    At this stage of the game, I’m perfectly willing to let that guy generate his problems, and when he gets to the point of willing to shift over to theta the solver, well, I’ll be more than happy to carry it through his own Grade I, PTS/SP hatting, and the power of choice over what problems he wants or doesn’t, himself. In the meantime, it ain’t my problem 🙂

    • Exactly Jimbo.

      One of the actions I specialized in when I audited at AO was the PTS RD.

      Another interesting point is that many who were PTS were PTS because they were creating antagonism with the “SP” like borrowing money from them and not paying them back (a common one), using their concept of “Scientology” to make them wrong (another common one) in other words many of the examples Mary Sue gives in the policy on how to win enemies and wrongly influence people.

      I mean when you look at the policy on the Antisocial Personality and the fact that there is such a small percentage of actual SPs then one can see that many “SPs” are made by the PC creating antagonism in some way.

      Also it becomes a revelation to some when they run F2 engrams or Overts as part of the Ruds that they did the SP terminal in in some way on the past or recent track.

      Then of course there are false PTS conditions created by the PC’s misapplication of Scientology. One popular one is falsely accusing others of having overts against them or as covered in the HCOB on False PTS Conditions. Having a continuous W/H or Overt or out ethics as covered in the 3 May PL.

      Not to mention case phenomena as you’ve mentioned and is covered in a SH Talk to Review Auditors such as Overrun plus other factors that become evident in the actual set-up as per the section on “Breakdown of the Rundown” to the PTS RD like drugs for example or the PC trying to prevent something by continuously committing overts and other things covered in the 53, GF and 40 section which includes being falsely labeled “PTS” or the person Pretending to be PTS.

      Still whether the person is connected to an actual SP or a restimulator of an SP they can all be handled. Some with just a simple 10 Aug. Others with a C/S Series 79 and maybe 3 S&Ds while others may need the full PTS RD and maybe even the Suppressed Person RD. They can all be handled with auditing.

  5. Nice article Bernie. So much suppression has ruined so many lives. This tech is vital to living a fun and prosperous life.

    ML Tom

  6. /Thanks to you all for such positive feedback. There are so many aspects to this tech and it is so powerful in improving life.

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