laughing kid

By Ingrid Smith

I have a Success Story of someone who is finally attesting to Clear after being told twice in the CoS that he is not. He suppressed his knowingness for years that he was and now it is fully validated!!

Success Story on Clear!

Wow! So I was right —  Clear after all, for some time.

Feeling relief and grief.

I really must have wanted to hang on to that sucker!!

No wonder “nothing worked.” Been clear this whole life. Always thought I had “gotten ahead of myself”, that it was the upper level stuff kicking my butt. Why I chose not to be cause had nothing to do with the state of Clear-thats others cause or decisions etc…

No effing wonder I had so much trouble. They C/Sed me as if I were yer basic dead-in-the-head guy!!

9 thoughts on “Clear after all!

  1. Now that’s what I call cutting through dark clouds of invalidation with a theta laser, illuminating the truth within and setting someone free from the shackles of out-tech!
    Once again, standard tech brings order to chaos and handles a being who was messed up by out-tech.
    Great job, Ingrid.

  2. VWD Ingrid! And to the pre-OT in question, congratulations! Very happy for you.

    The invalidation and refusal to declare the Clear state is one of the most evil crimes I can think of. As can be seen, it causes no end of difficulties, no matter how you look at it. In fact, it can, on occasion, even be lethal. Fortunately, we have a good crew out here who know what they are doing with regard to the state, and how to sort it all out.

    Espiritu: Good point. The Tech is even able to handle situations where it’s been abused or incorrectly applied. Pretty nifty!


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