community tree

By Milestone Two crew

Our next newsletter, Community Connect, is to be distributed this coming weekend. It comes out monthly to a growing number of people around the world.

We feel that community is important. And based on feedback we have received from our readers, subscribers and network, they feel the same. It gives a sense of belonging and it is a pleasure to work within a group of like-minded people. And there is much satisfaction working with Scientologists who have common backgrounds, realities, purposes and goals.

For those that are no longer within the Corporate church (with or without their choice), being part of a community on a local, regional, national or international basis, is important.

We have created the Community Connect newsletter for the express purpose of keeping people informed and connected. We want it to be populated with news, information, resources, successes, dissemination and more.

And it is an anonymous mailing list — not provided to anyone, or published anywhere. You can be on the list regardless of your standing with the Church of Scientology.

The newsletter is the place for classifieds  where people can buy or sell meters/materials, look for co-audit twins, or simply promote their delivery services. It also gives Milestone Two an opportunity to communicate what is happening with delivery and dissemination of Scientology, across several different continents.

There are two things needed at this time, from our blog readers, subscribers and followers:

1. If you have not already subscribed your email for the Community Connect, you can do that by following this link.

2.  We would love contributions for the newsletter from your region.  News, pix, information, successes, advertisements, tech wins, etc.  Please send all contributions by email to newsletter@milestonetwo.org. Letters to the editor are also welcome.

7 thoughts on “Connect up

  1. I’m signed up.

    I’m also a little slow today because I just duplicated the Aussie background to the image at the top of the page.
    What a beautiful communication!
    I’m curious as to who drew this.

  2. i have enough of these ex-Scientologists who do not only criticize the COS and Miscavige, but also the tech and Ron ….. that’s pure natter natter ….. let’s see if this group is better and so i could refind my path…..

  3. Mike Rinder: “Dani and Tami Lemberger are two of the nicest, most caring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They are long time, highly trained scientologists. They have a team of like-minded people working with them. The ‘ideal org’ in Tel Aviv is like all the rest, an ideal morgue. Empty, shiny floors and vacant custom built chairs. Yet, a few miles away sits a flourishing center of activity. No marble floors. And no IAS Regges. No FART Div 6. And no Facebook Police. No GAG II. And no teenage Hitler Youth Ethics Officer.”

    Dani Lemberger: “we are getting a lot of new public on lines. In November-December 2014 we had eleven[!] new people start services, most of whom have never before done any Scientology.”

    Dani Lemberger: “The church has destroyed the profession of auditing. I know of no young person aspiring to be auditor. We must create many new, young auditors. That’s my major goal in life now.”


  4. “Dani Lemberger: “The church has destroyed the profession of auditing. I know of no young person aspiring to be auditor. We must create many new, young auditors. That’s my major goal in life now.” ”

    This idea needs a giant asterisk and numerous exclamation points because it is SO important. Young auditors are the only safeguard and guaranty that auditing will continue to be available in the future. Young auditors ARE the future.

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