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Success provided by Ronit Charny

Finally and at long last I am getting standard LRH results!!!

Kudos to my auditor Ronit and of course to LRH!!!

I spent 25 years floundering around alongside of the Bridge but never on it. Six of those years were spent as an executive on staff.

I have paid for and received too many hundreds of hours of auditing that did not go well. Scientology has been the biggest single investment of my 60 plus years on Planet Earth.

I was a failed PC. I could make it through all the hoops and barrels of ethics and finance, I could finish all the courses required. I could apply standard tech to get standard results. I remained an habitual upstat on post. I could make any ethics change and help others. However… I remained a failed pc for 25 years.

I gave the church one last chance at helping me. I purchased about 10 intensives at a big org. I routed out of the HGC with almost half the hours unused due to poor non standard results I was experiencing.

Now, after less than 3 intensives with Ronit. My past 25 years of mishandling has been corrected!

This is HUGE!!!

These are the LRH results Hubbard predicts!!

I am stable and the crippling PTSness I had held at arms length for the past 25 plus years is handled! Now I am cleared up and winning! All done and accomplished standardly without the church.

Thank you again Ronit for delivering what I had spent my life’s best energies trying to achive.

I will continue training and getting audited outside the church. One day not too terribly far off, I will publicly join in and denounce what the church has become, and work to resolve it to LRH’s intention.


14 thoughts on “I was a failed pc

  1. WB and Ronit:

    Thank you for proving again that LRH Tech, delivered standardly produces the exact results LRH says it will, and does in fact fish a PC out of the mud. VWD. And WB: I’m happy for your win. Feels a lot better, doesn’t it?


  2. I had a very similar success with Ronit as my auditor.

    I had difficulty holding on to my gains in auditing for many years in the church. It wasn’t until Ronit handled the Hidden Standard on my case that I was able to have gains and then hold on to them without rollercoastering.

    In 1980 I found my way into Scientology to handle a problem, 33 years later and after many hours of auditing in the church I was still trying to get over that problem. My auditing was measured against whether that original situation was getting better.

    The relief and freedom I felt having finally blown the Hidden Standard on my case was really breath-taking.

    Ronit is a wonderful woman, technically standard and I highly highly recommend her to anyone who wants to win with Scientology.

  3. Ronit, the info I hear and read about you and your results is always good. When I read this story, I imagined an arm reaching down from the clouds above, a chuckle, and a flip of the folder, followed by a quick note, VWD, on the final worksheet.

  4. After reading all these horror stories about out-tech at the Church. I’m glad I decided to co-audit instead of get “professional” auditing from the Church.

    The only action I actually paid for was the Truth Rundown because allegedly it couldn’t be done as a co-audit.

    I could probably go on and on about how the auditors code and assignment policies were violated or how my first the so called “auditor” claimed I restimulated him so badly that he refused to continue to audit me 🙂

    But suffice it to say it was the *worst* “auditing” I’d ever had.

  5. This is a beautiful success! I hope that everyone in the COS reads this. The world of Scientology needs to know what this success illustrates: That the gains to be had with standard tech are usually not “slight”, mediocre, or absent.

    There is a good possibility, for many people who came in contact with the tech after LRH ceased to be in control of the COS, that they never received and experienced standard tech. Worse is the possibility that such people will conclude that the out-tech they received was actually Scientology. It was not.
    Real, in-tech Scientology produces true “miracles” as a usual result. This is how it is supposed to be. This is how it really is.

    Thanks for being living testimony to this fact, Ronit and WB !

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