by Jim Logan

I saw a BBC program the other day, Judge John Deed, which had the story line that major pharmaceuticals were working to get legislation “snuck” through Parliament in England to make them immune to lawsuits for any damage caused by their products in the “war on terrorism”. One line in the show struck me — that this had already passed in the United States. The episode is entitled “Evidence of Harm” in two parts, from 2007.

Sure enough, it’s part of the Homeland Security Bill of the early 2000s. I found this link on an article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., among others describing the issue and how a specific company, Eli Lilly, had managed to gain protection against suit for its product “thimersol” which is a preservative used in vaccines.

On the heels of reading this, and other commentary on this unbelievable situation, I just saw a video posted by another individual chopping up Heber Jentzsch for his work in the late 80s, early 90s to bring about awareness of the invasion of the pharmaceuticals with deadly concoctions into the culture, and Eli Lilly in particular.

Two things strike me at this point: First, the ingress of pharmaceuticals and the patent vested/conflicted interests in their influence on legislators to put themselves above any law that might rein them in as they carry on drugging the society with what they know are noxious substances. Second, the irony and weirdity of “ex-Scientologists” now aghast at Heber for speaking out against the drugging of the culture and somehow finding it sensible extolling the victimhood of drug companies in the name of “surviving Scientology” (?!)

That last one, man, if that isn’t a flip on the GPM then Robert’s not your father’s brother.

49 thoughts on “Drugs

  1. Just for the record and not to defend the action of Big Pharma companies, according to Wikipedia (yeah, I know), thimerosal is a mercury-containing compound at one time used as a preservative in vaccines (it has other antiseptic uses). There was concern at one point that mercury in the compound was causing autism in children being vaccinated. As a result, it was phased out of use in vaccines. Unfortunately, that hasn’t made a difference to people who argue against vaccination. They still hang on to the idea that vaccines may cause autism. Considering the number of deaths caused worldwide by diseases for which we have vaccines, it seems a shame people don’t do a little more research on the subject. And considering the overly litigious nature of Americans today, I can’t say I much blame Lilly for trying to cover their asses legally. However, their ability to buy their way into ass-covering legislation is pretty frightening.

    As for mercury, I suspect, despite the high toxicity of it, the hubbub about it is much ado about nothing. Kids used to roll balls of it around in their hands and never suffered any noticeable damage. But mercury is commonly used in the fluorescent lamps (for example) that the US government has virtually mandated recently. And it’s virtually a hazmat (hazardous materials) situation if you break one of these and get mercury on stuff. There is such a thing a toxicity threshold, and there is such a thing as common sense; don’t eat mercury off the floor if you break a fluorescent bulb. People are pretty silly, sometimes.

    All that aside, Big Pharma is and has been quite busy for a long time trying to deliver a chemical compound for anything and everything you might run into. Worse yet, they’re perfectly willing to go as far as to lobbying legislatures for mandatory application of their drugs if necessary, and/or infiltrating regulatory agencies. Read the list of side effects for any given drug (mandatory in all drug advertising in the U.S.). It’s laughable and tragic at the same time. Anything which happened to a human during drug trials (like getting a cold) may be listed as a side effect of the drug (anyone understand cause and effect?). And then there are the truly horrific side effects; one couldn’t blame someone for being frightened of taking any preparation from these people. This also marks the nearly casual attitude Big Pharma demonstrates when it comes to consumer safety. And Big Medicine (and every doctor trained in a medical school) is inured to the solution of “have a condition = take a pill”, thanks to Big Pharma. Chiropractic, naturopathy, and nutrition education are virtual blank spots in the education of doctors, thanks to the combination of Big Medicine and Big Pharma.

    Imagine a society where everyone is taking some pharmaceutical preparation for something, up to and now including THC/marijuana. And in general having to take more than one drug to handle the side effects of other drugs. This is the ideal world of Big Pharma. They have a LOT of money and they’re willing to double down and go all in to make it happen. Want to know why cancer will never be cured? Look no further than Big Medicine, Big Pharma and Big Charity. Heber had it right, as usual, along with LRH.

    (Unlike a lot of conspiracy theorists, I don’t prescribe to the idea that these people get together every week to coordinate their efforts. They don’t have to. Since their aims are nearly one-for-one identical, they don’t have to get together at all to act in concert with each other.)


    • Paul,
      The vaccine debate wasn’t what got me about all this. It was the legislated immunity the pharmaceuticals slipped in. That has ramifications way beyond the autism controversy.

    • Yes, Paul. It does seem that birds of a feather do naturally flock together. They have common purposes.
      Also, the idea of protecting themselves against being “harmed” by liability lawsuits is ironic in the light of Hippocrates’s admonition to healers to “do no harm”. It’s an inversion.

      • ES:

        One of the key problems regarding expensive medicine, liability lawsuits, etc. is tort law. In the U.S. at least, liability lawsuits (and the lawyers who handle them as a specialty) are completely out of control. Why? Lack of tort reform laws. And why can’t tort reform laws get written and passed? Because the folks in charge of writing laws are the very same fellows who get rich off prosecuting frivolous liability lawsuits.

        And sadly, in the field of doctoring, Hippocrates has left the building and moved to some mountain in Tibet. I currently have a niece who has been recently turned into what is essentially a cauliflower by a bunch of doctors who mishandled her health care badly. As soon as my brother in law gets to work on it, they’re due for an expensive and richly deserved lawsuit. Will that lawsuit lead to reforms at the health care facilities which mishandled my niece? Unlikely, and even if they do, the reforms will probably not be of the caliber necessary to prevent such events in the future.

        If you believe there is some ironic hypocrisy in my statements above, bear in mind that I never said that all liability lawsuits are a waste and a bad idea. There is such a thing as true incompetence and carelessness which leads to true liability. And then there is trumped up liability encouraged by “ambulance chasers”. And even in the former case, most lawsuits are far more expensive than they should be. Awards in the millions should often actually be awards in the thousands or hundreds. This whole area of the law is lacking in any smidgen of common sense, and infused with greed more than anything else.


        • Personally I don’t think tort reform is going to do anything then give many corporations like the Pharmaceutical Industry a free pass.

          What is needed is saner Judges (who has the final say on a verdict.) and more competent jurists in general not yet another law.

          Never been a big fan of putting another law on the books because I think we should start repealing the excessive amount of “laws” we already have.

        • Hi Paul,

          I did not feel and do not feel that there was “hypocrisy” in your statement. Sorry if you got that impression. The word I used was “irony” and I was referring to the drug companies.
          And the irony that I was referring to is that drug companies are, (theoretically at least) supposed to be part of the
          medical-healing industry and should therefore feel constrained from “doing harm” to patients. …Instead, they are seeking legislation that constrains patients from doing harm to them!

          The “Hippocratic Oath” from Hippocrates which I referred to has nothing to do with “hypocrisy” which is a completely different word with a similar spelling. Maybe that’s where the confusion came from.

          As for your brother-in-law, good for him. Even though it is very difficult to effect reform in that industry, the only thing that they really respond to is government enforcement or a good swift kick in the pocketbook from a consumer. That’s why I support these two Ralph Nader inspired groups:

          • ES:

            Be of good cheer. None of my statements had you particularly in mind. I didn’t think you were accusing me of anything nor implying anything in particular.


        • Paul,

          I did not say that there was “ironic hypocrisy” in anything you said.

          I referred to the Greek physician Hippocrates wrote the “Hippocratic Oath” which was an ancient moral code for healers. The best known part of that code is popularly known to be “do no harm”.
          The name Hippocrates has nothing to do with the word “hypocrisy”. They just are spelled and sound similar.

          The irony I was referring to is that the drug industry, which claims to be a part of main stream medicine, should be feeling constrained by the admonition to “do no harm” (to patients). Instead, they are seeking legislation to constrain patients from doing harm to them!

          I hope that clears up the misunderstanding.

          • ES:

            There was no misunderstanding. I understood what you were saying, and none of what I said was aimed at you. We used similar terms and similarly sounding words, but we were making two different (and not contrary) points, I think.


  2. Second, the irony and weirdity of “ex-Scientologists” now aghast at Heber for speaking out against the drugging of the culture and somehow finding it sensible extolling the victimhood of drug companies in the name of “surviving Scientology” (?!)

    I thought Heber did quite well too based on the material I have come across. The ex’s only see what’s wrong with the DM/church, one-sided view, hence blind spots.

    • FM,
      Yes, there’s another one of the inanities propounded by an “ex”; the absurd, ironic hack that Scientology is “two-valued”. Strikes one that that same person has gone to “one-value” i.e., “it’s very bad over there” and not just DM/church but anything LRH/Scn.

      There’s another “ex” who said he thought OT III was a joke, but then says he was put on the Level never having run track!?

      The psychoanal-izing of the experience of Scientology as the clever trap of “it works” and before one can stop it, he’s had gains, his life has improved and questions have been answered and voila – he’s been got.

      I mean, how does one take these fools as serious? Talk about a self-constructed “bubble”, oh my.

      • Jim, yes, very much so.

        A few exs and antis such Prince and Haggis have made some rather offbeat statements in respect to their experience with that OT level what and how its run, leaving the impression the LRH/CO$/OT Levels are bizarre actions. Based on my observations they folks lie and generate falsehoods to forward their own personal agenda, which is not the correction of the church, but to destroy it.

        Church off-policies, altered tech and fundraising, etc. provide an avenue for these people to piggy-tail on the good intentioned to reform for their own questionable motives.

        • FM,

          I’m pretty sure that Prince never ran III but coped it like he did with II.

          I know this because he was bragging about the fact that he never actually ran the grade and faked the EP on ARS

          WD Jesse!


          Well whatever gains he had he’s pretty much sold them out by hooking up with Wright.

          • Prince was a Class IX C/S even charged with getting standard Tech into effect at FLAG. If in fact he never properly comp’d II and III, he was already in treason, even confusion way back when. But as with most of these ex’s, they tend to revise their stories, so you don’t know what to believe.

            • FM,

              I figure Jesse the Prince was a plant like St. Gerry of Armstrong. Much of what he said on ARS I found hard to believe except for the fact that he never really did the OT Levels.

              Remember what they call “Class IX” these days is just a Grad V who has done the Advanced Course Specialist Course.

              Jesse like Marty thinks he knows every thing there is to know about the Tech and they both are in my opinion “know bests”.

              Anyway like RVY, Gerry and Arnie he’s just another fading star who like Marty and Mike will sooner or later end up being a Black Hole.

              • Yup, seems that way.

                This boy is gonna have a book out soon to cash in on the trend while it lasts I guess. I had a preview on some of the data in it, and some folks have already ripped into him on false and misleading data. The way I see it, if they go squirrel, ex or anti, they never had a case to begin with beyond the scope of a sec check session … lol.

                • Seems all you need is book baby, iBook or any of the other self publishing formats these days to become a “published” author.

                  I find that occasionally you get a really good book like Merrell’s Arrows in the Dark but for the most part it is unreadable dross like Marty’s various efforts.

                  Thankfully you can always download a sample or read it on Amazon’s website before purchasing it.

                  Merrill’s book I downloaded a sample and was so intrigued that I felt I had to buy it.

                  While Marty’s on the other hand was hard slogging until I got to the part about Michael Meisner. At which point I just quit reading it.

                  I figure if someone like Marty is going to tell me authoritatively that the guy wasn’t a plant and not allow the me the reader to at least speculate on the possibility and draw my own conclusions that more than likely he probably was and that all Marty is doing participating some kind of a cover up.

                  That said his previous effort which I found in the PC waiting area of a field auditor friend of mine entitled “What is Wrong with Scientology” despite his bleating about distinguishing in the beginning the Subject from the Organization and taking the “middle road” and being perceived as the Martin Luther of Scientology etc is nothing but a shoddy attack on the subject and it’s founder.

                  Aside from his blistering attack on KSW and his support of verbal tech with which he includes with the *hidden data line* that Ron had ordered the elimination of the level known as Section III which sorta of tells me at least that aside from being a purveyor of verbal tech. Marty like his friend Jesse never honestly did the level and probably copped it.

                  In other words another book from another By Passed Case.

                    • Actually as I was saying Merrell’s book is really good. I mean as I said I wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t think so.

                      Marty’s book. I wouldn’t read it even if it was free. Like I wrote read a few sample chapters and passed.

                      That said I highly recommend Merrell’s book.

      • I totally agree Jim,

        The mental gymnastics that many of these “exes” and so called “indies” go through is nothing short of amazing.

        I mean you’d think they were trying to justify their overts or make Scientology wrong in someway by saying Psychiatry ain’t all that bad really. I mean aside that it can forcibly confine someone and subject them to forced medication and electro-shock they’re just a buncha real sweet guys and gals.

        Yeah whaaaaat eeeeever!

        Maybe they should sign up with APA and join their shill squad in Congress.

        Interesting what Ron says in the PL Wrong Target using Big Pharma as an example:

        Example: The multibillion-dollar drug cartels push out 65 tons of habit- forming hard drugs. A government campaigns against cigarettes.

        Yeah he pretty much fingered it.

        BTW it was our friends Eli Lilly who supplied CIA with enough LSD 25 for thier Mk Ultra experiments because Sandoz couldn’t supply them with enough of it.

        According John Marks in the book The Search for the Manchurian Candidate. CIA pretty much cornered the market on that lil’ wonder drug.


        Doncha think it was nice of Eli Lilly to pitch in and give ’em helping hand with their plans to drug America’s youth:


        Funny story that both Ron and John mention of how our friends at Langley tried to use it in the water supply of some small town but the dose was too diluted to cause any nominal effect.

        Can’t say they didn’t try.

        Anyway still a good read to read about all this craziness is Ron’s Sci Fi series Mission Earth.

        Personally I don’t worry about drugs that much since with Dianetics and Scientology has effective means of handling them.

        I just worry about these morons who were once Scientologists promoting them.

        I mean what the hell are they smoking?

      • JL:

        I know who you’re talking about with the OTIII/no whole track thing. Don’t recall his name, but I remember being incredulous when I heard him say this stuff. You almost couldn’t make this stuff up.


      • “There’s another “ex” who said he thought OT III was a joke, but then says he was put on the Level never having run track!?”

        Haggis – a bypassed case. Chased up the Bridge to the OT levels rather than handle him at lower levels.

        • That was pretty common back in the hay day of Quickie Grades and Dianetics.

          Even so if power and power plus had been run to their EPs Haggis would at least of had some reality on Whole Track before going onto R6 EW.

          No reality on it on III means this guy was about as By Passed as it gets.

    • FM,

      A lot of exes don’t like to be confused by *facts*. To them MIscavige = the Church = the subject = Ron etc. and 2 + 2 = 5.

      Their “critical thinking skills” which they all claim to have are totally MIA.

      • Most certainly I acknowledge some of them have been hit in bad ways, gone completely apathetic, lost all purpose … but if they were to apply the tech to themselves and their lives, they’d be doing something effective about beyond dramatizing other people’s/CO$’s O/Ws … they are not being cause, and most certainly not the lot that would set things straight.

        Some of these guys were decade(s)-long veteran OT auditors at AOs and Flag, and now you find them on the natterblogs telling us it’s all LRH’s Delusions and Conjobs. There is an unanswered gap which lies between that and the hundreds and if not thousands of PCs who have been blown out in session, had their ruins handled, their lives improved. How their thinking, logic and reason can consolidate that is beyond me. I mean … there musta been some really serious fuses blown, and I can’t relate to that.

        • Ingrid posted a quote from an HCOB that would apply to these why these guys turn sour which is covered in Release Rehabilitation Goofs regarding the PC’s own postulates etc.

          Another one is the PL Quality of Service.

          And another factor is that these guys were plants and are therefore covered under A-J as in Potential Trouble Sources.

          Get gains then lose them or they are just plain SP and didn’t make any gains to begin with or do not have any personal hope or desire to get better or something like that.

          BTW in my opinion if the person was an actual plant or informant they’d pretend to make gains as part of their cover.

          Probably if an experienced C/S went over their folder they’d find that they got very little actual TAA on any action they ran.

          Another thing is that they develop all kinds of tricks like tightening and loosening their grip on the cans. Thinking of something else (as in the Drill on how to produce different needle phenomenon) so that they “F/N” on something else instead of the process or action they are running. Especially if they are somewhat trained like Jesse and Marty.

          Some of them are so low on the tone scale that their Stage Four Needle is confused with an “F/N”.

          Then there are the status seekers that Pretend training or grades not attained which is covered on the 40X.

          Some basically con auditors and C/Ses into believing they are there to make case gain when in fact they are there for some ulterior motive.

        • “How their thinking, logic and reason can consolidate that is beyond me. I mean … there musta been some really serious fuses blown, and I can’t relate to that.”

          It definitely is confounding, FM, for sure. But LRH does describe it in various references, such as the KSW PL; C/S Series 9, Superficial Actions; KSW Series 6, Tech Downgrades; and HCOPL Cutatives; to name a few. Robin and ingrid have listed a few other references as well that help explain it (athough IMO the emphasis Robin placed on “plants” is a bit much). I find the PL “Cutatives” (KSW Series 7) nails it nicely. Resistive cases could also help explain, but then you were talking about trained auditors, long-time veterans. Again, this quote might help shed some light on it:

          “When we consider this further, we see that the ability of the auditor to control minds and mental reactions is dependent upon his getting results in preclears. The preclear’s results simply stem from the preclear’s gained ability to control his own mind and its reactions. Thus, of course, we have entirely different values.

          An auditor who does not consistently get good results is going to have his own case cave in on him. The only way an auditor can keep his case up is to get continuous and predictably excellent results upon preclears. Thus an auditor, to have his case in good order, would have to be in good order as an auditor; he would have to be able to get results upon those he processed. In view of the fact that he could get results upon other human beings, he could then, of course, know continuously that he could control human reactions and mental reactions; and so, with this confidence and this control, be completely unworried about his own case and be able to do actually anything he wished with his own mental machinery.

          The case of the auditor actually depends upon his successes in auditing.” LRH (PAB 42, 24 December 1954)

          • (athough IMO the emphasis Robin placed on “plants” is a bit much.)

            I guess if you hadn’t had to deal with actual individuals who had infiltrated the Organization to cause trouble it would seem “a bit much”.

            Fact is I doubt that Ron would have spent too much time writing the policies on Infiltration and Counter-Espionage. Writing various GO Directives on the subject and developing Roll Back tech and Plant Checks if it wasn’t a factor.

            Yet it was and still is and I believe that it directly led to someone like Miscavige being able to seize control of the Organization.

            Personally I suggest you read both books Hidden Story and Playing Dirty which are available here:



            and the following Aides Conference on Covert Actions:


            Also Merrell’s book Arrows in the Dark.

            Instead of to me seeming like some wide eyed virgin walking into a brothel.

          • Chris: … but then you were talking about trained auditors, long-time veterans.

            I am fully aware of these references and they do shine a lot of light on it, but fall short of what I have observed … doesn’t quite make it there, still doesn’t add up fully. I mean, some guy posts a win someplace, obvious as daylight he’s gained an ability and betterment in life, which is then followed up by some sarcastic remark, eval, inval, etc. by someone who was highly SCN trained in NOTs auditing and C/Sing for decades.

            The plant, SP thing or other agendas developed subsequently … doesn’t quite make it there for all of them either, although perhaps part and parcel on the overall thing. What strikes me most, and what makes most sense to me is that some of them went utterly and completely nuts or the previous thetan is no longer there. The disassociation between helping & attacking on the superbly-trained is far too severe to even be real … imagine the pope picking up an Uzi and fighting alongside ISIS … wrong reality, wrong planet. Closest comparable and not too dissimilar would be in that some of the most trusted religious figures particularly along Catholic lines get pedo-busted 30 years later … their congregation completely stunned, shocked, in disbelief. It’s on that magnitude almost. Perhaps things can be so inherently wrong with some beings it nearly defies imagination. Perhaps its just undetected psychosis.

            • The progress of psychosis then begins with a belief something is evil. This is followed with an effort to stop it. This stop becomes general. A basic purpose is then formed which contains an evil intent.

              HCOB 9 May 77 II Psychosis, More About (XDN Series 24)

            • FM: “…the previous thetan is no longer there.”

              What? I don’t know about that. I think it’s more to do with overts and withholds in the main. But these are all generalities. Ron does give the tech for it, but each would have to be looked at individually. Each will have their own Why, even if they coincide.

              • Chris: What? I don’t know about that.

                Well, unless you had a lava lamp with a darkroom filter how would you have known the Dalai Lamaresque thetan left and Stalinistic one entered? 😀

            • FM: “I am fully aware of these references and they do shine a lot of light on it, but fall short of what I have observed … doesn’t quite make it there, still doesn’t add up fully.”


              This may answer it more fully. From HCOPL 23 Feb 70, Quality of Service:

              “ARC breaks bring about and restimulate a desire to get even.

              An ARC broken person attacks.

              Criminals, revolutionaries, great generals are simply dramatizing the effects of an ARC break of long duration.

              Madmen seldom attack that which ARC broke them but choose wrong targets.

              Any and all attacks suffered by orgs are from ARC broken persons.

              Even when such persons were really ARC broken with some other activity, they mistakenly attack us.

              Most ARC breaks are caused by bypassed charge. This charge is usually the restimulation of some earlier ARC break not caused by us.


              When persons are poorly processed or poorly trained they can restimulate a great deal of bypassed charge.

              When persons are permitted to take higher grades without really attaining lower grades, bypassed charge is inevitable; hence we see refunds, attacks and upsets in orgs and the field.

              The true cause of attacks is ARC breaks of long duration which transfer to us when we permit technical goofs.” LRH

  3. I got all my immunizations routinely when I was young, I think every year or two. I also got the measles, the mumps, chicken pox you name it, I got it all.

    30 years ago I was dead against the idea having my Kids immunized after much research and I never did. And they never caught anything, in fact rarely ever got sick. Me, I used to get severely sick 2 – 4 times a year as long as I could remember right up into my teens. Since my first Purif 30 years ago, I haven’t caught even as much as a flu or a cold. Based on my personal and family experiences, I consider immunizations a big joke in this day and age in advanced hygiene societies.

    This legislation is irresponsible not holding BPs to account for their screw-ups.

    • Yeah they push flue shots down here and then end up with “Super Flues” that they can’t handle.

      I’m mixed on immunization. It seems to have worked in the case of polio though that could be a placebo 😉

      Anything else is probably a waste of time. I mean there has been no decline in measles or chicken pox or mumps or any other childhood illnesses.

      And as you say it may exacerbate them by weakening the body’s defenses to ’em.

      Had ’em all when I was a kid. The thing that handled it for me was OT II. Strange but true 😉

  4. For serious journalists and anyone who wants to expose a truly abusive therapy the real target is Psychiatry!! Drugging, electric shock treatments and lobotomies are all still being done!! Interestingly enough the panel of ‘experts” (one of them being Rinder)on Scientology for the upcoming movie “Going clear” are pro psyches!!!
    Here is an excerpt of the history of ECT:
    “Almost everyone who I know who has undergone electroshock therapy and every doctor associated with mental illness treatment seems to know the same horrible story of Ugo Cerletti, the Italian psychiatrist, who in 1938 came up with the idea for treating human beings with electroshock therapy. Cerletti was observing the barbaric act of slaughterhouse pigs being electrocuted into unconsciousness to make it less difficult for workers to slit their throats and thought that it could be applied to the treatment of mental illnesses in human beings. It’s not too pleasant of an image to think about while you’re laying on a gurney about to go into the operating room for your first treatment.”

  5. “Seeking to achieve any single desirable quality in life is a noble thing. The one most difficult – and necessary to achieve – is to love one’s fellows despite all invitations to do otherwise.” LRH

    • Agreed, Tara. There is no substitute for Responsibility: “the willingness to own or act or use or be.”

      Upon that our futures depend.

      LRH was fond of the line: “Look not for whom the bell tolls…” because he understood it implicitly. Thanks to him, so do I.

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