feeling good

By Chris Black

Ian recently completed his Method One Word Clearing. I was constantly in awe at the amount of real case gain available from “just” clearing words. Needless to say, I’m grateful for a technology that can give such renewed life, and for being trained as an auditor and being able to help others.

“After doing this rundown, I have realized that I can be an expert subject matter in any subject I choose, it is all about what I am willing to know and what not. I am cause over my own knowingness  🙂

“My space has increased considerably, I feel I am physically close to people, and that I share their reality. One problem bugging me was that in crowds I usually walk faster than the average person, and when trying to pass a person, most often they would unconsciously try to stop me, block my path. When I try to pass by their right side, they would feel an urge to step to the right; when I try to pass by their left side, they would feel an urge to step to the left. One day, after getting out of the subway and going through a narrow hallway to a food court, I had this frail looking old lady in front of me, moving slowly, looking ill and in pain. When I would try to pass her, she would get a spring in her step and briskly move sideways the same direction that I did. She did that for about five or six times, so I stopped and I looked at her, and then she looked like she remembered what she is supposed to be like, and she put back on the coat of being a frail, pained and slow old lady lol.

“Well, somehow now people let me pass by them, and sometimes even give me an agreeable go-ahead.

“A couple of my long lost ex-es contacted me, and they ate crow saying that they did not put enough effort into making our relationship work, and they demanded that I give them another chance. I was shocked at the energy and determination they both had at getting another shot at it.

“My daughter is 20, her world revolves around friends and school — she made a point of coming to me to tell me that she feels I am wise, and that I have been acting kind of cool lately.

“There are many little changes, it would take hours to write them all. It seems that I keep a bright space around, and people in general want to somehow send me a nod of approval.

“This may be the funniest win ever – there is nothing serious about it! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Nothing serious about it

  1. VWD Chris,

    Another great product. More then what one would expect from M1 W/Cling but as Ron says if the PC isn’t making gains beyond their wildest expectations then auditing isn’t being done or something to that effect.


  2. I completely agree, Ingrid.
    …But if they gave Ron a Nobel Prize for M1, wouldn’t they they have to give him one for the Purif, and what about TRs, and the Axioms! and……….. I just don’t think that the Nobel Prize committee could confront the magnitude of the task!

    This success was so much fun to read and brings back pleasant memories. I received about 100 hours and delivered about 200 hours of M1 on the Method I Co-audit. It was a great action and ever since then I have not been even able to pass an MU unless I decide to do it intentionally as a matter of evaluating importances.

    Method One has the capacity to free up a person’s ability to learn. And also, in my opinion, can release lots of other abilities because it is such an undercut of just about everything…
    As Ian’s success story so vividly illustrates!

  3. “I can be an expert subject matter in any subject I choose, it is all about what I am willing to know and what not. I am cause over my own knowingness.”

    This brings up an interesting point. It’s remarkable what people don’t want to know. My mom’s like that. She can barely operate the remote control for her TV, and when it doesn’t operate the way she thinks it should, rather than trying to figure it out and master the device, she calls the cable company. She simply doesn’t want to know any more than she absolutely has to about it.

    This is sort of a hard one for me to duplicate, because I’ve always been a sponge for new knowledge. But I’ve seen it as a relatively common thing in modern society– people don’t want to know more. That is, they don’t want to take more responsibility for knowing more. Imagine repressing your own KRC triangle!

    I suppose for some people learning is a painful process. I’ve never found it so, but apparently it is for many people. Sad, really. Fortunately, Ron provided solutions.


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