By L. Ron Hubbard

Early in 1968 we announced a humanitarian objective and this is why I was keen to make this talk for you, because this is where you can help. The humanitarian objective is to make a safe environment in which the 4th dynamic engram can be audited out. By engram we mean the mental block that prevents peace and tolerance.

By 4th dynamic we mean that impulse to survive as mankind instead of just individuals. Obviously we must do this. An auditing session where Scientology processing is administered cannot be continually disturbed or held in a noisy mis-emotional place. Therefore the upsets and conflicts and intolerance of the planet would prevent or slow progress in trying to audit the world, that’s obvious. So we have a humanitarian objective to make a safe environment in which the 4th dynamic engram can be audited.

Therefore you, and we and all of us have a responsibility. You cannot live sanely in a world which nations behave like criminals to their peoples and toward each other. In a world where pressure groups stamp out all rights in order to advance their own. Only to small extent, to some small extent does the individual have any rights or justice.

Therefore by defending the individual or group against injustice and oppression and by advancing the cause of human rights, great progress can be made toward the humanitarian objective. And you can help it’s easier than it looks.

(excerpt from Ron’s Journal 68)

45 thoughts on “Impulse to survive as mankind

  1. A beautiful, wise observation from a great man. Nice. It reminds me of this quote, which I hold to be true:

    “If we are doctors (by which might be meant ‘repairers’), then we are doctors on the third and fourth dynamics, the dynamics of groups and mankind as a whole, and we handle the first (self) and the second (sex and family) only to achieve better function on the third and fourth.” LRH (SCIENTOLOGY 0-8)

  2. I hope all you naysayers read this quote from LRH because it shows that the man is indeed a humanitarian. If people of Earth abide by his precepts from the Way To Happiness alone, the world would be a better place to live. LRH wanted to make the world a better place and he made a lot of inroads in this endeavor. Unfortunately the top of the org board became laden with execs who were 1.5 and as we know, 1.5 destroys everything.
    This planet is sick and Scientology is needed to fix it. we must pick up the torch where LRH left off and handle this mud ball.

    ML Tom

    • I agree Tom.

      The Church cynically uses WTH as some kind of money making racket to get donations.

      Personally I think we should get back to promoting the book itself like Ron says in the RED when it first was released.

      I think if that book was properly promoted the way Ron says to do it.

      It would change the world.

      • Any opportunity to capitalize on and pervert LRH intention to scam yet another buck is what the church has become. What was once the path to freedom is now an avenue for money.

        • So true. You can see how far the Church has gone down the following scale:


          The weakest motivation is money. People and businesses that are motivated only by money are wobbly people. A primary cause of Franchise failure is money motivation.
          The scale of motivation from the highest to the lowest is:

          Duty – Highest
          Personal Conviction
          Personal Gain
          Money – Lowest.

          Money is important in the world. But it is the grease on the machinery, not the motors. In a society which has lost its patriotism and pride, money will be found as a primary motivation. True, one is in trouble without money and it is a crime in the eyes of the society to be without money. But one also needs dirt to grow things in and yet dirt cannot be said to be the primary motivation for living.

          So money is a tool, a gas tank. It is a MEANS of getting something done. It is no valid end in itself.


  3. The above was followed by the following as well as the Reform Codes:

    It is pretty hard to handle a downstat (one with low, declining statistics). It is easy to handle an upstat.

    In a world which is taught by the old school that it is a dog-eat-dog, jungle world, one has incompetent governments, wars, pressure groups, conflicts, economic pushes and generally a hard environment in which to operate.

    The Humanitarian Objective of Scientology is-TO MAKE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH THE 4th DYNAMIC ENGRAM CAN BE AUDITED.

    A suppressed and insecure society is a hard one in which to operate.
    The answer then is to generally increase the security of races, groups, individuals.

    A true democracy is possible only when the group is made up of sane, thinking individuals. We can produce these and out from them goes a zone of greater security. However, it is perilous to neglect the further out surroundings and it is necessary that one give some thought to other dynamics beyond the first dynamic (self).

    We are not engaged in a conquest or to achieve some planned Utopia. All we are trying to do is lessen the turbulence and insecurity in the society, which is the basic role of a church.


    Personally I think somewhere along the line the Church lost its Humanitarian Objective due to various factors. This and of course out-tech, off-policy and of course in-justice has contributed to the decline of the Organization in my opinion.

    That said. The above aligns with the basic purpose of Scientology on a Fourth Dynamic basis.

  4. I posted this article as it so clearly articulates what LRH’s aim was.

    My opinion, and it is my opinion only, is that the Church of Scientology became what it resisted. It was fighting the bank, and because the individual members within the group did not get trained or go up the Bridge so they truly understand how the bank is made up, how it works, or how to deal with it, the group became more and more enturbulated and reactive and keyed-in. Misunderstood words, overts and withholds, PTSness, restimulated false purposes and confusions, all add up to the group becoming what it was supposed to handle.

    They have lost the plot.

    Now, there is protest PR from the general pubic about the insanity of destructive actions from the C of S, and the group does not resolve these issues but instead get more and more reactive, digging in their heels and determined not to be wrong (or responsible).

    Again, and sorry for repeating it often, it is an example of the Scientology Axioms at work.

    And all of the above has absolutely NO bearing on the fact that Scientology does work, and can bring a person, a family, a group and mankind up out of the muck — IF applied by those who are themselves expert in the handling of the reactive mind (bank) .

    My two cents.

    • “And all of the above has absolutely NO bearing on the fact that Scientology does work, and can bring a person, a family, a group and mankind up out of the muck — IF applied by those who are themselves expert in the handling of the reactive mind (bank) .”

      I don’t see anyone here suggesting otherwise.

      Like you say the Church has gotten in the position it has gotten itself in due in part to the violation of the policy on Staff Cases and Morale and failing to deliver Standard Tech or practice the technology as covered in the policy KSW.

      Regarding protest PR


      Outright protest PR, based on facts, is a legitimate method of attempting to right wrongs.

      It has to be kept overt. It has to be true.

      Protest PR can include demonstrations, hard news stories and any PR mecha- nism.

      Minorities have learned that only protest PR can get attention from politicians or lofty institutions or negligent or arrogant bosses.

      Where protest PR is felt to be a necessity, neglect has already occurred on the issues.

      RCO POLICY LETTER OF 11 MAY 1971 Issue III
      PR Series 7
      BLACK PR

      Note Ron says that “protest PR, based on facts , is a legitimate method of attempting to right wrongs” then goes on to say “it has to be kept overt. It has to be true.”

      Problem is that most protests I’ve seen violate the above either by hyperbole or outright lies and instead either engage in Black Propaganda and thus is either “using a wrong way to right a wrong” (as given in the above PL) “or confessing he can’t make it in open competition” (ibid) which is probably why there are a lot of squirrels and shills for psychiatric front groups involved in many of these so called “protests”.

      Whether the public in general actually supports them is rather questionable. Personally I don’t think so but could actually be confirmed by an actual survey to determine how the actual public in general views Scientology. Not the media which is something different.

      BTW I’ve noticed that the Church’s incompetent OSA has fired another 50 calibre foot bullet by trying to discredit the sources instead of their documents like it says one is supposed to do with the Dead Agent caper.

      DEAD AGENT CAPER, I. the dead agent caper was used to disprove the lies. This consisted of counter-documenting any area where the lies were circulated. The lie “they were …”is countered by document showing “they were not ….”This causes the source of the lie and any other statements from that source to be dis- carded. (HCO PL 11 May 71 111) 2. meaning getting documentary proof that what was said was lies. (OODs 22 Jun 70)

      Thus the Church seeks the wrong way to right a wrong by a launching a Black Propaganda campaign against anyone involved in the documentary.

      Ironically Julian Assange did a better job going up against Gibney then the Church using the above instinctively while the Church keeps doing the foot bullet dance using the old discredited “tech” of character assassination.

      Anyway I agree that we can still get people on the bridge and audited while the Church is doing whatever its doing.

    • LM:

      Oh hell, girl, that was worth at least five cents. 😉


      Interesting way of looking at it– they/we got what they/we resisted. I’m absolutely with you in that, particularly with those in charge, there was insufficient training, hatting and processing. And that was key to the degradation of the Church. Goes along with the point I often make about insufficient 7, 8, 9 and 10 from KSW.


  5. “A thetan’s always had the impulse to help but not the technology….

    The composition of what is an overt act contains omission seldom looked at, it’s omission…..not to do things for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

    That becomes an overt act; and one cannot maintain his freedom in the face of an overt act of that magnitude.

    A guy will only go as OT as he is responsible and can accept the definition of an overt. There is no other barrier to OT.

    I’m telling you this is shortsighted irresponsibility which will wind us up in the soup.

    We have to continue to take on responsibility for our fellows – we cannot continue to exist on an irresponsible line of just forget and abandon anybody…..that attitude breeds for each one of us entrapment….

    We have to learn to take care of our own.” LRH (SHSBC 6307C09, The Free Being)

    • Thanks for posting this Chris,

      Good lecture. I remember listening to it way back when I did the BC and several times since.

      I am sure that you, me and a few others are doing just that by picking up the twisted wreckage strewn in the wake of the Organization.

      It’s a gradient of actually being able to handle the Organization itself at some point in the future.

      As Lana was pointing out a lot of those working in the Organization itself didn’t avail themselves of the Technology that was available to them and “have lost the plot.”

      Not to mention the whole story or the entire picture.

      The good news is that just as in auditing. On a Third Dynamic basis we can use Scientology to fix Scientology in general.

    • CB:


      The rehabilitation of the vast waste of people driven away from the Church has become our responsibility here in the Field. And if and when we can recover the Church itself, we will be required to man the upper echelons, lest history repeat itself.


  6. remoteviewed says:
    March 17, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    “Thanks for posting this Chris, Good lecture. I remember listening to it way back when I did the BC and several times since.

    I am sure that you, me and a few others are doing just that by picking up the twisted wreckage strewn in the wake of the Organization.

    It’s a gradient of actually being able to handle the Organization itself at some point in the future.”

    Robin, I just want to point out that your above comment is truly OT and brilliant beyond comparison. You’ve put a finger exactly on a point where responsibility for our fourth dynamic begins.

    With five children and on staff in the nineties I was posted by an OT 7 at NWC Int as Super Power Project I/C Canada. This was a 4th dynamic activity which I operated at tone 40. I had very much taken the post to heart and found a door miraculously opening into Government at Federal level when a family tragedy involving a CLO staff and OSA threatened to unmock six years of hard earned gains on the fourth dynamic. Somehow, I managed to completely skip the blame, shame and regret but instead, deciding to come up the scale of responsibility, I studied various LRH references including HCO PL “Cause”. On my own cognizance and with C/S OK I wrote up O/Ws resulting in multiple wins of magnitude. I had cognitions that simply blew my head clear off. It changed not only mine but the lives of many as the MEST universe began to magically comply to my postulates.

    This brings to mind your comment above re; “picking up the twisted wreckage strewn in the wake of the Organization” and “It’s a gradient of actually being able to handle the Organization itself.”

    In “A New Hope For Justice” LRH says; “Who is Public Enemy # 1 today? The FBI!”

    OK, so, if the FBI is running the church, then what’s the point of resisting it? Those guys need to either get their ethics in and wear their hats properly, apply standard Ethics, Tech and Policy or get the hell off LRH’s lines and let the real Scientologists get the show on the road.

    How much freakin Dev’t do you think we should put up with?

    Message to FBI, RCMP, CIA or whatever you call yourselves; “Hey guys, you are doing a really shitty job. But, take your win. You did manage to temporarily stop Super Power program.

    That’s it! Your war is over and no-one worth their salt likes your tired, old game anyway. And, if you don’t behave, you never will get Super Power nor any other Standard Scientology thus debarring your own route to freedom. How stupid can you get?

    Wise up and route yourselves to ethics, now! All of you. Start!”

    Lou Landry
    CL IV

  7. Hi Lou,

    Thanx for your vote of confidence 🙂

    Actually what I meant by “twisted wreckage” was the mishandled and unhandled cases now muddying the field.

    Remember an Organization is composed of people. A concept which seems to be lost by the Organization for the most part composed of deluded individuals which currently think in terms of MEST acquired as in these so called “Ideal Orgs” which bears absolutely no relationship to the actual PL DS 40 or the RED that it is based on.

    By “deluded” I mean that many there believe that if one puts up some kind of edifice that people will be attracted to it.

    This is whole track tech used by implanters and still dramatized by places like say Las Vegas and Atlantic City 😉

    Who knows maybe if they instal a bank of slots and set up a few black jack and crap tables, have some roulette and a big wheel they might get some public 🙂

    Regarding the FBI who like the IRS and the FDA along with their controlled media are just tools used by various vested interests who consider actual Scientology a threat to their monopoly.

    Seems they have no objection to what since 1993 has been called “the Scientology Religion” which is “based on” meaning in a derivative sense as in *squirrel* “the works of L Ron Hubbard” which is probably why they don’t get all hot and bothered when someone like Mike keeps bleating for an investigation of some kind of the hen house by the fox etc.

    It sort of emphasis the point that as Ron says there is no other hope but ourselves in straightening up this mess.

  8. I understand and agree, Robin. In the covert ops and overt ops and Alphabet soup government agencies, I know there are a thetans with enough integrity to actually take a small step in the direction of helping himself and his fellows. We do occasionally see one come out and blow the whistle etc., Well, lets help that guy. The one demonstrating a bit of courage, openly in disagreement with the incessant insanity within those groups, the police, “justice system” and modern governments.
    I know its a daunting task, a formidable challenge but such is the state of our fellow man, our fourth dynamic. At no small cost in terms of attacks on my own dynamics, I have continued to do everything I can to leave the door open if only a small crack so as to provide my friends, my family and Mankind an island of sanity in this sea of insanity so as to make it possible to run out the fourth dynamic source of insanity. I know you do too as do all members of our unique group. This is a noble thing, a thing only made possible and accomplished by the very best friend Mankind has ever known, L. Ron Hubbard.

  9. I’ve really enjoyed all of the great LRH quotes in this article and by commenters which directly and indirectly discuss this 4th dynamic engram that we need to handle. It is so nice to come to this blog and read or re-read some LRH’s policies and bulletins straight, unfiltered by comments and opinions. I enjoy the comments and opinions too which are always identified as such. 🙂
    While reading the original article which quoted RJ68 with regards to the 4th dynamic engram, I thought of the original Freedom Magazine before it became Freedumb Magazine. Originally, its purpose was to expose 4th dynamic injustices and crimes which directly affected the inhabitants of this planet. It exposed specific inhumane and criminal acts by psychiatrics, governments, politicians, and other groups and individuals to the light of day for all to see. It gave nothing but time, place, form, and event. It’s articles used to be picked up by other press and its reporters testified before government committees. It blew charge on the 4th dynamic.
    The current Fleadumb Rag has dead agented itself by telling lies and half-truths, and engaging in character assassination instead of exposing real 4th dynamic ills.
    So, the thought I have is that Scientologists can bypass this sad situation by simply beginning or continuing to speak up about 4th dynamic issues as individuals and as groups.

    • I agree Espiritu, I really enjoy reading the LRH quotes and, and the experience of the use of that data by the very knowledgable people on this blog.

      I would like to share a result of that. I have had a problem with a person for quite a few years now and always looked at it from an effect viewpoint, how I was suffering. I cant even remember what it was I was reading about on this blog, (it asisd quite thoroughly), but I started looking at what I was doing to cause this situation.

      Well, a why just popped up, situation solved, the best possible solution across the dynamics. I am not talking about a minor situation, its been a REAL PROBLEM!! (thats pain in the arse level) 🙂

      Thanks people, please keep it up!

    • I agree ESP,

      Freedom Mag has declined into such a parody. I’m pretty sure the Government, Big Pharma and Institutional Psychiatry are happy with this change in format. Probably they’re likely gleeful with the change in tact to nothing bunch incessant whining a bunch of so called “Squirrels” and their friends in the media.

      Actually their efforts to discredit the messenger instead of the message makes them look like to quote Sam from Burn Notice “a bunch of bitchy little girls” 😉

  10. Hi Lou,

    When I first read this post it looked like you were saying that the original Freedom Mag was sponsored by “the world bankers, Rochefellar and mob”, and I said to myself, “say, what?!”. 🙂
    But I then I got what you were saying.

    Anyway, to my recollection the original Freedom Mag seldom if ever got that deep into that stuff, because they had a policy of only reporting stuff that could be irrefutably documented in the physical universe. It was because of that policy that people, the press, and governments listened to them, just as it is from lack of that policy that no-one takes DM’s FreeDumb Mag seriously today.

    • Yea. Sorry for not being more precise on that, Espiritu.
      First, I should have validated your keenly, perceptive eval of what happened to Freedom mag. You nailed it spot on. Dealing in truth as you did, gave me one of those, “Yea, of course” moments and I thank you for that.

      As for the Rochefellar issue, the “elite”, the Illuminati, the world bankers, the “Brotherhood of the Serpent”, “Skull & Bones”, Bildebergers, etc,, I think LRH had all those 4D sources of insanity identified as one and the same group back in 67 with RJ67. Interesting how RJ68 followed soon after.

      Also, here is Tech Dictionary def for 4th dynamic engram;

      FOURTH DYNAMIC ENGRAM, l. the basic aberration of the planet. (LRH Def. Notes) 2 . the humanitarian objective is to make a safe environment in which the fourth dynamic engram can be audited out. By engram we mean the mental block that prevents peace and tolerance. By fourth dynamic we mean that impulse to survive as mankind instead of just individuals. (Ron’s Jour 68)

      This shows that DM had data on RJ68 long before GAT 1. Why did RJ68 disappear from the ken of men in C of S?

      • Lou,

        Personally I doubt if Miscavige ever read the Tech Dictionary. I sorta figured his understanding of the Tech wasn’t all that broad when he denied that Ron had ever recorded Between Lives Implants on Ted Koppel’s Nightline.

        I think this guy is assigned too much cause. For instance the restructuring of the Grade Chart started with Mayo and basic alterations began with the so called “Life Improvement Courses” be fore Miscavige ever became COB and displaced “Loyal Officer” Broeker.

        RJ68 was just never promoted as much as RJ 67 was especially in the early 80’s when the New Management or as I call them the Junta began to repudiate the Reform Codes which included such luminaries as Mssrs Rathbun and Rinder who supported the power push and outright mutiny given the cover of “reform”.

        I mean they continued to wave that false flag until they both found it more profitable to become outright media whores by maligning not only the Organization (which they assured their star struck followers was different from the subject which made them different from typical “haters” and those not following the “middle road” etc.) but now everything connected to it.

        In fact the last time I checked Rinder’s Itsa Overt and Rathbun Moving Lower blogs they were promoting the blatant Character Assassination of Ron and false narrative spewed by Gibney and Wright as the Godspell Truth.

        • OK. Well done, Robin. This is why I think DM, M & M, Gibney, Wright, FBI, all alphabet soup agencies and especially Office of Squirrel Affairs all work under one boss. My first guess is Rochecenter.
          Our next step is to asis the entire effort by drawing up their exact org board, comm lines and main goals, orders, plots and policies etc.

          By the way, I am totally OK with conspiracy theories. In fact I like pretend games and provided we name them as such, hey, lets have some fun and have at it.

          Is everyone OK with this?

          • Hey whatever float your boats Lou.

            Me I’m not all that big on conspiracy “theories”. More into facts that can be documented.

            Though even with the actual facts and evidence there seems to be a knee jerk reaction to label them as “conspiracy theory” especially if they involve some Government agency.

            Funny how that goes?

            However I a wasn’t even discussing some beast from the dark side but the fact that in the beginning that there were other actors involved in the destruction of the Church other then Miscavige.

            Mutiny. Definitely since the actual Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology per the policy Founder were mainly members of the Guardians Office. So how could they be as Miscavige claims trying to take over the Church in his affidavit of ’94 since they already had control of Scientology at the time?

            Makes no sense. What is called “contrary facts” in the Data Series.

            I mean if Ron had lost his faith in their ability to sort out Scientology organizational structure after the raids by the FBI then why was a Management Overhaul assigned to them?

            Per RJ 31:


            Increased activity requires increased management.

            Positioned above existing Flag Management orgs, a new
            Executive Strata is being formed on Flag called the
            International Management Committee. These executives are
            individually responsible for each of the standard functions
            which make organizations really operate and expand.

            The Guardian Office has achieved the support of two new
            management committees: the Controller Committee and the
            Guardian Committee, formed to assist the Controller and

            None of this reorganization changes any existing terminals,
            lines or issues. It just makes certain the job gets done
            expertly and smoothly and that full management does occur.

            Documented fact.

            So what really happened after that?

            Other then what Rathbun and Rinder tell us verbally which I trust as much as an announcement by CIA that they were never involved in gun running and drug trafficking or had anything to do with the failure of BCCI.

            You know the same level of credibility.

            Sure it’s fun to speculate on possible “conspiracies” etc like the Illuminati, the so called Aquarian, Marcabians or whatever.

            But I think some hard research on the facts would serve us better.

            Personally I think Merrell’s new book is a good start.

            • Great idea, Robin. I love Merrell’s new book too and have read it cover to cover.

              Perhaps I should clarify about conspiracy theories. I agree that we should follow strictly and only empirical fact and MEST universe observation, ie; Obnosis using LRH’s Data series tech. Bear in mind that my knowledge of Law is next to non-existent beyond aviation (I have a pilot license) and ground traffic (driver license). However, I agree that there are buttons on conspiracy. But, note that Omar V. Garrisson had no qualms about stating as fact that there was definitely an ongoing conspiracy against the church a long time before 1980.

              Also with many of my own relatives and family involved, it was quite a stretch of the imagination for me to even consider, before reading Debbie Cook’s New Year KR that LRH’s church had been infiltrated and unmocked. It became clear that there sure is a conspiracy to hand. With that overwhelming loss of stable data and my own daughters, I was badly shaken but immediately started looking for details of the coup wanting to know exactly what had happened. I too, along with all too many others, fell into the M & M misdirector engram. I even bought and read Marty’s book and was thus introduced to an ever increasing quantity of squirrel tech and an evolving natter fest and long stream of enemy lines emanating from that quarter. Thus I spent long hours surfing the web when Lana and MS Two came to my rescue with her noble purposes of restoring the application of standard Tech and providing a forum for open comm for honest Scientologists. I brought my damaged spiritual aircraft down for a safe landing at the beautiful MS Two site of sanity restored amongst the best friends I have ever known, anywhere, anytime. And you are at the top of that list, Robin.

              In fact, perhaps you or Merrell would agree to serve as presiding officer over the investigation and I would appreciate contribution and participation of every Scientologist everywhere.

              Is this a call to arms? You bet it is!

              OK, lets first set the goal, purpose and policy. (Admin scale?)

              • Lou,

                I’m glad to read about your wins on finding Lana’s site. Also I agree that it would be a good idea to do a B of I at some point couch the findings and make recommendations based on them.

                (I mean even if the recommendations are never followed this action in itself would be illuminating.)

                Here’s the policy that applies:

                HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
                HCO POLICY LETTER OF 4 JUNE 1966
                DIVISION I
                Boards of Investigation are hereby established. CONVENING AUTHORITIES

                They may be convened by the LRH Communicator The Guardian An Assistant Guardian The Advisory Council An HCO Exec See An Org Exec Sec An HCO See The Director of Inspection & Reports

                The LRH Comm (Area or Cent) may convene a Board of Investigation on Executive Secretaries or any other executive or staff member below Executive Secretary but not on the Executive Director, a Guardian or Assistant Guardian.

                The Guardian may convene a board on anyone but the Executive Director.

                An Assistant Guardian may convene a board with permission of the Guardian whose authority the Assistant Guardian uses.

                Executive Secretaries may convene a Board of Investigation to be convened by the HCO Area Sec on any executive or staff member in their portion of the organisation but not cross-portion (i.e. the HCO Exec See may not convene a board in the Org portion and the Org Exe.p Sec may not convene a board on the HCO portion).

                The Advisory Council may convene a board on an LRH Communicator and anyone else except the Executive Director and the Guardian, but not on a senior erg.

                Other convening authorities may convene a board on their equals in rank or on juniors. PURPOSE

                The purpose of a Board of Investigation is: TO HELP LRH DISCOVER THE CAUSE IN ANY CONFLICT, POOR PERFORMANCE OR DOWN STATISTIC.

                A Board of Investigation is composed of not less than 3 and not more than 5 members.

                A majority of the members must be senior to the persons being investigated except when this is impossible.


                The Board may investigate by calling in a body on the persons concerned or by sitting and summoning witnesses or principals.

                A Board of Investigation is a much less serious affair than a Committee of Evidence. Persons appearing before it are not under duress or punishment.

                The whole purpose is to get at the facts.


                No disciplinary measure may result except for false attestation.

                The Board may recommend an Executive Ethics Hearing or an Ethics Hearing if crimes or high crimes are found but may take no action on errors or misdemeanors.

                False attestation before a Board must result in an Executive Ethics Hearing or Ethics Hearing. FINDINGS

                The findings of a Board of Investigation are sent to the convening authority and from this orders can be issued or the convening authority can request action or policy from higher authority. (The method of making policy is not changed.)


                In all other ways the form of a Board, its orders, conduct and finding is the same as in a Committee of Evidence.


                A Committee of Evidence is convened on the subject of a known crime or high crime as it has come to be looked on (and is) a trial by jury, there being a charge.

                A board may recommend a Committee of Evidence.

                L. RON HUBBARD

                LRH:lb-r.cden Copyright@ 1966 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

            • Lou,

              Sometimes “shit happens” 😉

              But not as often as people think.

              Same thing with coincidences.

              I think circumstances have a lot to do with it.

              Anyway Lou you’ve got me intrigued on this Tasmanian affair what’s the skinny on that?

              • BTW Lou I don’t think anyone altered your comment. It either could be it was a) a glitch or b) you might have not checked it before hitting the reply button.

                Ok, Ok a very unlikely c) that NSA or OSA is monitoring the board in real time 😉

            • MODERATOR: Last warning David, your antagonism is not necessary or helpful to anyone. This blog is a safe place for Scientologists from all walks of life, and that includes even you — however you need to abide by the moderation policies for posting or you will be blacklisted.

  11. “Anyway, to my recollection the original Freedom Mag seldom if ever got that deep into that stuff, because they had a policy of only reporting stuff that could be irrefutably documented in the physical universe.”

    My recollection of Freedom was it went a lot deeper then the MSM at the time i.e. blowing the lid on CIA’s fun with psychedelics project AKA Mk Ultra or exposing how “our” Military was using us as guinea pigs for experiments in Bio Weapons research or how old Nazis never die they instead end up working for InterPol or how the Apartied Government in South Africa cut a deal with De Bears allowing them to psychiatrically adjust any recalcitrant workers working in their diamond mines.

    In fact while the lazy ass media and the press were using inside sources who in most cases supported the Government’s lies.

    Freedom was using the FOIA to actually document the truth.

    You’re right though I’d say in the ’90’s that “Freedom” pretty much became nothing but a cheer leader and shill for the State Department by shamefully supporting the war in Iraq then later the one in Kosovo then unbelievably supporting Internet censorship in the late ’90’s thus defenestrating the Code of a Scientologist in order to curry favor with what Dave now called our “friends” back in ’93.

    I mean when I heard him calling the IRS and InterPol his friends at the LA Sports Arena I thought it was unfortunate that they didn’t make air sickness bags available.

  12. MODERATOR: David, your antagonism is not necessary or helpful to Lou or to others here. This blog is a safe place for Scientologists from all walks of life, and that includes even you — however you need to abide by the moderation policies for posting or you will be blacklisted.

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