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Alexander is solo auditing at home on OT 2, and he recently sent us his story and added his latest wins:

My name is Alexander Dantser, I am a Russian entrepreneur from Nizhnyvartovsk. My company, Dantser Corporation, provides internet services, telecommunications and more. We employ over 200 engineers, technicians and other specialists in four cities in Siberia. I now live in Moscow where we are expanding our operations. Our company’s Russian website is: danproru. Oksana and I have been married for twenty years and we have two beautiful children.

I was introduced to Scientology in 2006 by a management consultant applying LRH Admin Tech. Following my first services at the Moscow Org, I continued at AOSH EU, Copenhagen, the St. Petersburg Org and at Flag Service Org, Florida. I visited each of these orgs many times, including three times at Flag.

I progressed steadily up the Bridge, did each step to full EP with good wins and finally, in 2011, I attested Clear at AOSH EU.

From 2011 until 2014, I did everything required of me in order to get ready for the OT Levels. I re-did my Purif and Objectives and received many hours of corrections of the lower levels at AOSH EU, although these actions were done recently by “Church-qualified” auditors and C/S’s. I also did every step which lies between Clear and OT I: OT Preps, Solo Auditor Course Part One, Solo Course Part Two and OT Eligibility. I attested to these steps at AOSH EU in 2012 and did some of them again at Flag and re-attested in 2013.

Although I did all this, I was stopped repeatedly at AOSH EU and I was prevented from doing my OT Levels. When I asked for the reason why, I was given different answers, but actually there were no technical or ethical outpoints. I started feeling bad and I told this to my auditor and C/S but still no action was taken to handle the situation and move me up the OT Levels.

I then decided to go back to Flag, where I had been twice before. Flag is the “Mecca of Technical Perfection” and I was confident they will be able to handle whatever is needed and get me moving on the OT Levels.

At Flag I first did L11. I had hope that I was moving again and was promptly reg’ed for a major donation to the IAS. I then began L10 but things quickly went wrong. I was put on Sec Checks in the middle of L10 and sent to Ethics for various handlings. My condition rapidly deteriorated, I became depressed and felt that my body was dying. I communicated this to the Flag C/S but no action was taken, just more Ethics. I knew something was wrong and told the Flag MAA that I am in Doubt about continuing my services at Flag. I was told to leave Flag immediately, without any correction or Review action, in the middle of L10! I flew home on 31 December 2013, knowing well I will never continue at the Church. I was happy to be back with my family on New Year’s Eve of 2013.

I knew the datum that, “A Clear is at risk” and that one must advance quickly on the OT Levels after Clear. Also, that charge that belongs to the upper levels can get keyed-in after attaining Clear. Obviously, the people handling my case, the Auditors and C/S’s at AOSH EU and Flag, knew this datum. It puzzled me that they would block my progress rather than move me quickly up the Bridge to handle the heavy restimulations I was experiencing.

At home in Moscow, beginning in January until September 2014, I conducted a research of organizations that deliver Scientology services outside the Church. I personally visited many of these organizations and spoke to their staff.

In Sept ’14 I visited AOSH EU again, after they insisted that I come, “to finally get handled”. I walked into the org that had been my second home. I saw the new renovations and even went to the canteen and had some coffee and my favorite cookies. I cheerfully greeted many people whom I knew well.

I then went to see the MAA and honestly informed him that I cannot continue this way and that I am doing my Doubt Formula. Within 30 minutes I was escorted by security out of the Org. My auditor of several years saw me and wanted to talk to me but he was blocked. They walked me to the Nordland Hotel, took me outside with my belongings and I spent the rest of the day walking around Copenhagen waiting for the next flight to Moscow. “And this is the place that is supposed to offer help and understanding!” I thought to myself.

From my research I knew that I had to do my OT Levels rapidly, that hope is not lost, there are a few places I can go to. I had read about Dror Center on the Russian blog of the Free Israeli Scientologists. This blog is maintained by Aviv Bershadsky, auditor at Dror Center, and by Vicky Kluyev-Severin, who lives in Moscow. The data on this blog was interesting and I decided to check it out before making my final decision. I knew I had to be careful, not to make a mistake again.

I went to Dror for just three days in October 2014, to see the place, interview the staff and make sure they deliver Standard Tech. I received some hours of auditing from Aviv, under the C/S’ing of Tami Lemberger, and quickly felt relief, charge blew and I regained my confidence the Tech can work for me.

Within a month I was back in Haifa, this time with my wife, for over a month. I wanted to handle any remaining BPC and to finally attain my old goal – to do my OT Levels! This, and much more, did happen. After a few weeks at Dror I went back home Solo’ing on OT II!

Here’s my recent success story while auditing on OT II:

“OT II is my level! I never realized how much charge exists on this level! And with each session I discharge more and more and more!

“You wouldn’t believe what a pleasure it is to go in session. I enjoy being my own auditor.

“I see that my competence and control has gone way up. My reality on the OT levels and the Technology in general has increased to a higher level.

“I am not afraid to make mistakes as a Solo auditor. I look at them and the C/S guides me and lets me correct them. I am at cause over my auditing and my case.

“I am thankful to Aviv and the Dror staff for what they are doing to make the Tech available, applied precisely, for all. I am grateful to Ron Hubbard for making the discoveries and developing the road to spiritual freedom.”

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  1. Alexander, it appears that you are a very intelligent and ethical person. When you found something that didn’t make sense, you tried to make sense out of it as any sane person does. But the more you sought a real why for the stops, the more complexities and mysteries were thrown in your way.
    …Am I reading your story right?
    I am happy for you that you have seen through the complexities about Scientology which are being created by the current “church” and are now enjoying the simplicity and Truth of the Tech. This is way it is, and was always supposed to be.
    Congratulations! And welcome !

  2. Well man, you found your way home. I myself recently rehabilitated and attested to Clear with my french indy auditor. An easy, relaxed, precise auditing without overrun. I could not beleive it after all those years of no CCRD in the Church. And I find myself now at the bottom of the OT Bridge. I am really curious about OT II especially so your success inspires me to actually start.
    Carry on mate !

  3. Great success story; so wonderful to know you are on your way! Also, pertinent info on and keen indictment of the current state of affairs in the CoS.

  4. Alexander, I’d first like to congratulate you for persisting on your chosen course despite all the suppressive obstacles that were intentionally placed in your path.

    You obviously learned the real lessons of Scientology, and, 1) observed things for yourself, 2) kept your own counsel as to what was occurring, and 3) made a self determined decision to do something about it according to what was true for you.


    Stories like yours are becoming more and more common amongst Scientologists, as one by one, people are recognizing that the church has abandoned its tech, its policies, and its very reason for existing in the first place. I’m so happy to hear that you removed yourself from that toxic environment and found your way to a place where the real tech is still being practiced.

  5. Alexander Dantser: Although I did all this, I was stopped repeatedly at AOSH EU and I was prevented from doing my OT Levels. When I asked for the reason why, I was given different answers, but actually there were no technical or ethical outpoints.

    I knew something was wrong and told the Flag MAA that I am in Doubt about continuing my services at Flag. I was told to leave Flag immediately, without any correction or Review action, in the middle of L10!

    I then went to see the MAA and honestly informed him that I cannot continue this way and that I am doing my Doubt Formula. Within 30 minutes I was escorted by security out of the Org.

    Did you tell them you were considering getting services outside the church that got you booted out off these AOs? They don’t just boot people out for reasons not known or indicated to you. And if that’s the reason, and you already went to various Indie groups for survey, really no point going back to any AOs … rather pointless.

    Thanks for sharing your wins on OT II. 🙂

    • True dat.


      My wife told some reg on the phone that the services in the field were cheaper and more standard then anything the Church was currently delivering.

      Next thing you know. No phone calls, no promo, no letters from CF asking me if I read Dianetics yet 😉

      Pretty much no communication from any Org except an occasional letter from Toronto which neither have been to like for almost 3 decades and Saint Hill maybe because I was interested in doing the SHSBC there way back in the ’70’s.

      One or two from Flag from their Ethics Section. I guess cause we allegedly “caved in” one of their OT VIII’s who was trying to sell us the Basics way back.

      Both of us figured that finding a few semi colons out of place was no reason to have everybody do the basic books again and we told her and her flakey husband to get lost and don’t let the door hit ’em on the ass.

      Anyway got a few KRs that were suitable for framing after that which we filed in our circular filing cabinet and an invitation to come see the Flag MAA which both of us declined 😉

      Yet still despite our “disaffection” they continued to send us promo and mail that didn’t stop until my significant other toll ’em you could get better auditing at lower prices in the field which is when the deluge stopped or at least turned to a trickle 🙂

      So I figured we’ve both been dead filed.

      Anyway I figure at the rate they’re going that their CF is going to be nothing but Dead File place holders with the majority of the field totally out of communication with them and the rest who are still on lines under constant surveillance by OSA.

      • Experience has told them it’s a waste of time trying to recover those who feel they get better services in Indieland esp. for a fraction of the price. All they can do is prevent you from infecting others prone to similar sentiments by disconnecting you. LRH had probably noted at some point that when you don’t take the blocks to these characters quickly they can collapse an org in no time at all. What he probably did not foresee the CO$ management hijacking the tech and turning the operation into a parasitic money cult. In the state and operation the church is in at this point, if they ceased disconnection, they place would get turned inside out upside down as it should, but DM & cohorts are not going to have any of it … the walls of the fort are thin and flimsy in this wise.

        I disconnected from them, incl. all their members, moved to shake off 500 lbs. of annual junk mail, changed phone numbers to unlisted stop the pestering two dozen or so weekly calls for money and UTR slithered off into the here and now … and the transition was smooth and peaceful. I ran into a number of them over the years each time asking me where I now live, tried to call you, etc. … I just chuckle and walk away after we’re through with the niceties. They used to e-mail spam me, but that had stopped 10 years ago and I’ve never gotten anything from them since. Maybe I’m already declared, who knows, who cares. I got them off my lines, what they do about it concerns me not.

        • FM,

          Like I said the majority of their CF that aren’t AdUks are probably DFed.

          Which means what is considered the “mind of the org” is pretty screwed up and is at the level of virtual paranoia.

        • I’ve had the same experience, Formost. I didn’t lie or hide what I thought about their out-tech “applications” of The Tech. I told the truth that in my opinion DM was primarily responsible for the long, painful, and obvious death spiral that the COS has been in for decades. I asked them where in the Ideal Orgs policy it said anything about fancy buildings and stuff like that. They did not want to discuss the truth and so they blew the comm line. I am pretty sure that someone somewhere has issued a declare order on me. I’m pretty sure that they know who “Espiritu” is. But they haven’t had the decency to issue me a proper declare, so I’m staying under the radar too, dammit. 🙂

          • Espiritu: They did not want to discuss the truth and so they blew the comm line.

            Yeah, that’s the way it seems they go about handling such considerations these days, ie. make short shrift of it kicking you out the door in a jiffy. Sometimes they’ll exercise a little restraint for the time being serving up ad hominem attacks in their dead agent packs 😀

            Back in the early 80s they’d run around showing LRH references even sending one off to Qual if the tech did not seem to go in. But what leg do they have to stand on financially harassing us for IAS, iDeal orgs and what not? None, so they cut off comm and as RV mentioned, DF folks.

            Interesting response the CO$ submitted in defense to the charges of abuse over the last few years, even to Debbie Cook’s letter of 2012: IT’S NOT THE SAME CHURCH AS IT USED TO BE … or something to that extent. More accurately, they’ve turned completely squirrel, the double-wide trailer incarceration abuses long gone but crush regging in according with Florida law the soup de jour.

            • FM,

              They’d either DF you if you been off lines for any length of time or label you “disaffected” which is sorta a version of “SP” Lite.

              Yeah I’m somewhat familiar with the Florida case where Warren Mc Shame claimed that harassing people was part of their Religious doctrine.

              Of course we can thank Mike Rinder for that by submitting into evidence an old GO Dir that was actually canceled by them but resurrected by OSA when he took over.

              In any case it sure ain’t HE SAME CHURCH AS IT USED TO BE.

              All I gotta say to that is Gimme soma dat ol’ time religion 🙂

              • I never saw any of the ’82 fall-outs, was before my time. It started to get messy when the non-Clear blanket indications were freely indicated about to anyone and his dog, Certainty Courses were introduced and cold calls pestering for money started … circa early 90s.

                • FM,

                  Worked on the original LRH Pilot for CCRD back in the mid 80’s. To say that these materials were *altered* from the original successful pilot by RTRC would be an understatement.

                  For instance anyone who participated on the original pilot per Ron’s order had to word clear star rate and then clay demo what the State of Clear per the Confidential HCOB was before we could High Crime the original CCRD issues.

                  As far as I know when the course was issued this was no longer included as part of the Check Sheet probably leaving a huge honking gap in understanding of what the State of Clear actually was which was followed by the whole Lisa McPherson debacle which I suspect was assisted by LSD per the PAB Psychiatry which not only brought about the Golden Age of Tech but also a general paranoia regarding Clear and who was and who wasn’t which was about the time the Clear stat crashed from over 50K to under 10K and the only Clear stats being accepted by Qual were only those achieved on the CC.

                  Dianetic Clear or Past Life Clears need not apply.

                  The situation is now worse then it was before 1978.

                  At least back then the state was considered as possible in 2% of cases.

          • ESP,

            Roger that.

            I don’t know if it was Miscavige exclusively for the downward spiral partly because I believe there were other factors and partly because I don’t want to assign him more cause then he deserves.

            But anyway. There were many times I suggested that they comm ev his sorry ass along with all of Int (mis) Management and especially RTRC for concocting those squirrel out-tech drills AKA “Golden Age of Tech” but they’d just laughed ’cause they thought I was kidding.

            Probably if they’d taken me seriously I would have been declared on the spot 🙂

  6. I left the CofS in 1980 during the big schism. For me the side to go with was obvious, the independents. Not that every center or auditor is as effective as what you got, but at least they’re not PTS to being under the CofS. But I wanted to point out that things like what you experienced happened to me in the ’70s and ’80s also. I got stuck going up the grades (for the 4th time since first doing 0-4 in ’66-’67) for ten years when DRD — which briefly included the Super Literacy version of study tech as a requirement for moving on. Eventually, nickel and diming it, I managed to finish both of those, I was fortunate to be able to go to Flag and get all that auditing cleared up and soon after attesting to Dianetic Clear became possible. I attested to that and later Natural Clear and “Natural OT,” my only definition for the EP I’d gotten in 1968 and had been struggling with since. I did the solo course and OT I at Flag that year and went to AOLA for OT II and OT III-VII EP (as it was combined then) soon after. All was well, but going back to NY I didn’t see my friends flourishing and became disillusioned that one had to go to Flag, it seemed, to have decent auditing. Then some “documents’ and tapes started showing up in my mailbox (pre-internet). Very interesting data, much of which has appeared in later books in the ’80s, all new to me was coming into my awareness. I was already questioning but this really put a head on that. People I respected and admired were either getting booted out or opting out of the CofS. Then a friend who had left SO, working closely with LRH for years, helped with my questions. Only his observations, no editorial. It didn’t take long. I’m sorry for your experience and for those who have had similar. My question is why more didn’t leave when I did, it was so clear. And things have only gotten worse since 1980, after all, DM only took over some years later. Hopefully the new documentary “Going Clear” will help put the final nail in his coffin.

    • Elli,

      I doubt if Gibney’s doc will do much of anything.

      Nail in Miscavige’s coffin?

      Quite the contrary.

      They’ll just circle their wagons around him and believe that the media is usual is just lying their asses off.

      Who can blame them?

      Since the media rarely is a purveyor of any truth.

      As far as I’m concerned something like Going Clear and any of the previous “exposes'” were and are just counter productive.

      I recommend reading the policy Scientology Five, Press Policy.

      About these splinter groups that existed in the ’80’s. Yeah sure to a degree agree they were right about the current management but as far as I was concerned they were going about handling the scene the wrong way.

      Personally I don’t know what Orgs you were part of but the ones I worked in made an honest effort to apply the Tech Standardly and get the expected results and the nay saying squirrels that were trying to infiltrate the Orgs and disrupt them didn’t do much to help except create the circumstances for someone like Miscavige (and his backers) to seize total control.

      As far as I’m concerned they were part of the prior confusion that made someone like Miscavige the current aberated stable datum.

      So pardon me if I don’t buy into that narrative of great prescience displayed by the followers of Mayo or Robertson.

      I got their promo pieces too and was asked to join up. I turned them down because 1) I thought they were nuts and 2) because the devil you know is better then the one you don’t.

      What happened to Mayo?

      He sold out.

      Or was bought out like Debbie Cook.

      Robertson created his squirrelly version of the OT Levels he called “Excalibur”.

      The others. What are they doing?

      Acting as hired guns for Smersh.

      • I agree with this view, RV. Apparently, “the rats were gnawing on the pillars of the Bridge” for some time before DM and the rest of the vultures who had been circling as Ron got ill and his comm lines were being covertly cut.
        I used to get promo from Mayo’s group saying how the COS was out tech, etc., and from the COS saying what an out-ethics squirrel Mayo was. At the same time I noticed that the COS was publishing information from Mayo’s and his wife’s auditing folders publicly, which is a violation of the auditor’s code and appalling to me! Having been a MAD Magazine fan, I wound up filing both sets of promo in a file entitled “Squirrel v.s. Squirrel”…inspired by the MAD comic strip “spy v.s. spy. I still have these “vintage” documents somewhere. 🙂
        I made the same decision you did that “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t”. I hoped, apparently naively, that with all of the Class VIIIs and Class XIIs around up lines, that DM and the rest of the vultures would get their cases handled, get corrected as executives, and that things would get straightened out as time went by. But I had no idea of the EXTENT to which LRH’s lines had been bypassed and and the DEPTH of the betrayal of the purposes of Scientology by many of those around him. I couldn’t imagine that any Scientologist would ever do such a thing. In the end they not only screwed LRH, but more importantly they screwed the whole world by depriving people of having his tech in a pure form.
        I did not know David Mayo. I do not know how things would have gone with the subject if he had succeeded in establishing his center in Santa Barbara as a safe point. As you pointed out, eventually he cracked and was either bought off or ran. Maybe he was mostly sincere. Maybe he was mostly after personal power. I do not know.
        What I do know at this point is that there was more than one person like DM who were working full time to establish themselves in positions of power rather than preserve the quality of the Tech for posterity.

        And here we are. Now it is on each of us as individuals and groups of individuals to stay sincere, not get arrogant, grant beingness to each other, stay on purpose, and pick up the pieces. A daunting task. But not as daunting as the one that LRH faced in researching and putting together the subject of Scienology.

        • ESP,

          Actually I see this illness meme being pushed a lot but the last time I saw Ron was in late 84 early 85 and he looked in pretty good physical shape to me.

          As I wrote there was a lot going on. There was all these cases launched by Flynn and Associates. One included Ron De Wolfe. Also Ron was trying get New OT VIII wrapped up, verifying the first New OT VIIs were completed on NOTs while piloting the new CCRD and finishing his Mission Earth Series so he was pretty much incommunicado as far as management was concerned.

          As you remember per RJ 38 he expected them to run the Church. The fact that they ran it into the ground wasn’t his fault.

          • “the last time I saw Ron was in late 84 early 85 and he looked in pretty good physical shape to me.”

            I’ve heard from a number of sources that he had had a number of smaller strokes culminating in the last big ones that did in his body. When I pressed him to tell me how Ron really departed, Dr. Denk somewhat reluctantly told me, “He had a massive stroke”. He told me this was while the COS was still promoting (what I consider to be the myth) that he offed himself self-determinedly so that he could “do research that could not be done while he had a body”.
            It is statistically improbable that a person would have a massive stroke who has not had numerous mini-strokes previously. So, this scenario seems probable to me. Maybe he was looking OK when you saw him though.
            The reason I never bought the Miscavige story was that to me that would have been inconsistent with LRH’s long practice of being IN COMM with Scientologists. I can’t imagine Ron doing something like that that without some sort of personal announcement either before or after the event.
            I don’t think he would have left the announcement of such a thing to little Dave and his big fat attorney.

            • ESP,

              Last time I saw him he was driving his Austin Healy down Fountain Ave like a bat out hell heading to Musso and Franks for a Birthday Dinner for Diana there and waved to me while he passed me doing maybe 70.

              Hardly the image of a man who many claim was in such decrepit shape.

              Actually it was Loyal Officer Broeker who forwarded the “myth”. Miscavige actually didn’t do much at the Requiem other than basically act as MC.

              Personally I’m not aware of any data that says one has minor strokes before they massive one.

              But anyway according to Gene in the San Luis Obispo Coroner’s Report he’d had a stroke one week prior to his death.

              Personally I think that the final OT Levels were rough on the Ol’man physically. Probably heavier then on OT III which as you remember per RJ 67 he broke its (the body’s) back.

              Regarding some kind of “hat write up” of some kind which is something that Robert Von Young was promoting.

              Well he wrote all the Tech, OEC and Management Vols and recorded thousands of hours of lectures.

              I mean what more of a “hat” does anyone need?

              Besides he doesn’t say anything about writing up a hat of any kind in the PL LRH Relationship to Orgs because he had no plans for anyone succeeding him.

              I suggest reading that PL which I’ve attached to this comment:

              HCO POLICY LETTER OF 4 JANUARY 1966
              Gen Non-Remimeo Issue VI LRH Communicator Hat
              HCO Area Sec Hat
              Exec Sec Hats
              Org Secs’ Hats LRH RELATIONSHIPS TO ORGS
              1 have several posts and relationships to orgs which make up several identities.
              Unless these are understood many errors can occur, not the least of which are tax errors, and not the least dangerous, power pushes and upsets.
              For instance, there are two Offices of LRH at Saint Hill. And one more for every other org. This is a familiar situation. It has happened in LA, Phoenix, DC and London-1 always specially work with the org where 1 am situated as well as continue to handle all other orgs on an International basis and remain the chief executive of each org elsewhere.
              An org where I am, making more than other orgs, always bears the expense of international activities. In this case, here at Saint Hill, the org also shares international income and so its cost is light.
              Thus I have several hats and resultant Comm lines here at Saint Hill and at least one more in each org. These can be described as identities and posts as follows:
              LRH, AN INDIVIDUAL
              This is LRH a private person. This identity is the one who is entitled to any royalties and leases copyrights and trademarks and technology for use by Scientology organizations. This identity paid for and did the research, organized the organizations. This is the identity that loans orgs money or guarantees their bank accounts, etc, and on death is a private trust for my family.
              This identity is a trustee who holds in trust properties and money for Scientology and since 1957 has held UK and Commonwealth corporations in trust for the original US company until these assets can be transferred to a UK non-profit corporation. As UK tax people will not okay such a non-profit status until after a year of operation we have formed other corporations in the UK and Commonwealth time and again only to have them refused non-profit status. The laws of Arizona prevent transfer of HASI assets abroad to any but a corporation with non-profit status. This leaves me as a Trustee of all assets outside the US until they can be transferred. But even after transfer 1 will still be a trustee for Scientology corporations. All money sent to LRH an individual is received by LRH a trustee or a corporation and is seldom paid to LRH an individual but turned over to companies without being given to LRH, an individual. This is a vital point, often missed even by accountants who then get us involved. If the money were 1. received by LRH, an individual and then 2. turned over to LRH a trustee and/or 3. received and used by a company, it would hang LRH an individual for huge tax sums for money he has never really received or used and indeed won’t ever get. Example: Mr. X sends a $20 franchise pay to “L. Ron Hubbard”. This is always invoiced by an org as “Franchise payment”. Therefore one concludes that “LRX’ in that case is LRH, a trustee. If one erred and said it was the income of LRH, an individual, that identity, never seeing the money, would yet owe tax on it, which is unfair. All incoming Ms to “LRX’ mean LRH, a trustee, and are used in company expenses or are put away to be in general defense. The point of confusion is that LRH, an individual, is actually owed those 10%s as royalties to support research, etc. But the companies receive and use the money and it doesn’t even go through the hands of LRH an individual. LRH, an individual, has not cancelled monies owed to him. He has not received them. LRH, a trustee, seldom gives LRH an individual any Scientology money. Tax authorities are astounded at this (believing the worst of everyone) but those on our accounts lines know it is so. This is LRH, a trustee. “Trustee” is an identity and activity almost all movements, churches, and benevolent associations have and in each case the “Trustee” does just what LRH a trustee is doing-safeguarding property and assets of an association. It’s a very usual role.
              LRH, BOARD MEMBER
              This is an unpaid identity on several boards. It is entitled only to out-of-pocket expenses and almost never puts in for any. This is a member of a board of directors. These must be paid no salary in a non-profit corporation, only expenses. “Chairman” comes under this. Also “President”.
              This is better understood as “General Manager” as it isn’t as a member of the board that it is held but as a manager. This is a paid post in any corporation or association. There are numerous LRH Exec Dir titles and identities; for this title repeats in each area and org and in the International Division.
              It means “highest executive of the organization”, “third member of the Advisory Council”, “head of the department called the Office of LRH”. Therefore there is one of these titles for each org we have and for the International Exec Division as well. Perth for instance has an LRH Executive Director Perth, LA has LRH Executive Director LA, etc. Then there is LRH Executive Director WW.
              The identity of the LRH Communicator in the org or activity gives clue to this. Each LRH Executive Director title has an LRH Communicator.
              There are two LRH Communicators at Saint Hill, LRH Communicator WW, who attends to each org for LRH Executive Director WW via each org’s LRH Communicator,. and LRH Communicator SH who handles the traffic both of LRH Executive Director WW as sent to it from the LRH Communicator WW and for LRH Executive Director SH.
              This is only possible as the orgs are all similarly engaged. HCO Area Sees filled this role for years and still do where there is no LRH Communicator. HCO Area Sees still have duties for the Executive Director regardless of the LRH Communicator as old policy letters show. “See Ed issue” is one of these.
              Proper routing from an org is through the LRH Comm of that org to LRH Executive Director of that org and forwarded on to LRH Comm WW who sees that LRH Exec Dir that org receives it in absence. LRH Exec Dir WW may issue a blanket order concerning it but it is usually answered by LRH Exec Dir that org.
              The Advisory Council of any org operates without its third member, LRH Exec Dir of that org, but in case of disputes or errors finds LRH Exec Dir that org taking it up.
              LRH, STAFF MEMBER
              In addition to all these other identities and titles there is that of LRH, Staff Member. As such I give staff lectures in the org where I am, assist where I can, crack cases and train students as “Co-ordinator of Research” (meaning application of research), write magazines, take pictures, act as a routing expert, listen to problems, and do a lot of other things.
              I am chiefly a staff member of the org where I am located but am also a staff member of each org. COMPLEXITY
              Necessarily, no one person can hold all these posts and identities. But at the same time, over the years, I have found they are the minimum number I must give attention to.
              To handle this complexity I have many persons assisting me. I expect them to act with initiative. I expect them to carry out the purposes I have regarding orgs and Scientology so as to keep things expanding and the lines clean and flowing and keep me from getting so involved on just one point I can’t do the rest of my jobs.
              For quite in addition to these posts, I have my research hat (our most important hat) and an organizing hat and a promotion hat and a public relations hat. My writing-books hat should absorb most of my time with research complete but not wholly published.
              Thus I expect people to do their jobs so I can then do my job and don’t like people to flub theirs and require special attention on it. Only this holds us back because I then can’t do my jobs which eventually breaks down our expansion and dissemination.
              Many other arrangements have been tried, fewer “identities”, less traffic for me. But each time some catastrophe has occurred. This then required more work than wearing that hat in the first place. The early Dianetic corporative catastrophes occurred because I did not have or wear all my Exec Director hats and had no legal control of the orgs. Since I began to wear these and took responsibility things have been much better indeed, so I can’t shed them. So these identities are a minimum by trial and error and by success.
              Anyone on high executive and Accounts lines should understand these things thoroughly and LRH Communicators should point them out.
              Only when these relationships are misunderstood do we get in trouble.
              Our growth depends on our staying out of trouble, getting our lines in and keeping corporate structure straight. And understanding these separate identities or titles and functions and using them.
              It is doubtful if this situation will change. As orgs grow, my assistants grow also and become more competent and refer less to me and work on delegated authority. My work is lighter the bigger we get so eventually I will hold only titles with no actions or duties. This can be continued easily and so there is no need to reduce identities to simplify lines. And there wouldn’t even be a need to reorganize if I wasn’t there in the flesh at all. All I need to do is work out a succession of assistants to make the activities continue. There is no succession of myself to be worked out in any identity regardless of what happens to me simply because I did the original work and as it is done there is no reason to have a succession for it as it is itself.
              My identities are therefore woven in to the pattern so they don’t have to be altered to keep things going. LRH an individual becomes an estate. The rest is by appointment from “LRH Executive Director” with that title activated by the Int AdCouncil or board but still used as a title but not of a person. The “Office of LRH” is part of org structure. And before long even LRH “a board member” will be, needless to be filled in the flesh, by delegated signature of LRH.
              This is not only today then, but tomorrow as well and the above identities are firm as identities whether I am here or not. Even today 99% of my functions are done by delegated authority. The I % left is heavy enough for 20 men but it is getting lighter each year and so can be seen to be only a post in a few years and so it can continue. Trying to fill up the post is all that would cause “a war”, so leave it activated as itself, none assigned to it, assistance to it by established formula. We won’t vanish if I as a person vanish. And these identities never were me anyway so they can survive. It is a part of basic org structure. My post title is used ten thousand times a day on matters I never will hear of, so why should I hear of any in the long run as only the delegation of authority is in action anyway.
              So whatever happens to me as a person leave these LRH identities on the org board unfilled and ail will be well. If you try to fill them catastrophe will result. Only how authority is delegated by “LRH Executive Director” in my absence needs to be worked out and that will be published.
              Somebody some day will say “this is illegal”. By then be sure the orgs say what is legal or not.
              L. RON HUBBARD Copyright @ 1966
              by L. Ron Hubbard

              • That was quite an astounding PL, RV. It would be interesting to do or check out a clay table of this very complex description of LRH’s hats and organizational beingnesses.

                However, my comment was not about Ron writing up his hats.
                It was about the simple act of communicating his intention to leave the body to his friends, Scientologists, with whom he had always kept in comm. Historically it was LRH who personally announced all major events and changes that affected Scientology. If dropping his body was something he had actually planned to do in advance, I believe that it would have been out of character for him not to make that announcement personally, rather than delegate it to “whoever” after the fact. That’s what rings true to me.

                • ESP,

                  There have been times in the past that Ron has said he won’t always be here going back to Scientology; Clear Procedure.

                  Also for better or worse he did delegate the current Management with keeping Scientologists informed.

                  Personally I became aware that the Ol’man was planning on “doing a bunk” when he incorporated CST back in May of ’82.

                  Then when he released RJ 39 I was pretty certain that Ron was planning to move on.

                  BTW RJ 38 was pretty much an early warning as well that Ron was moving into another plain of existence and that he trusted the current management.

                  A trust which later seemed to be misplaced but the fact is that he had left it up to *us* as he says in RJ 36 to demand standard tech and policy which *we* as a group failed to do.

                  Personally I don’t think its fair to blame Ron for what happened to the Church of Scientology.

                  • RV,

                    I don’t think it is fair to blame Ron for what the COS turned into or for any of its actions either. I hope that you don’t think that I was doing that.
                    The only people who are doing that are people who either do not really understand Scientology, have a strong misanthropic streak, are covering up their own overts, or possibly some simply have a compulsion to be in the lime-light no matter what cost to anyone.
                    I never expected Ron to be perfect in the first place. He never said he was, and in fact he said that he wasn’t. His many accomplishments, however, pass for perfection for many people, including me. His life work is unprecedented in all of history to my recollection.
                    So no, blaming Ron for anything that occurred back then has nothing to do with anything I said or think.

                    • ESP,

                      Sorry if I seemed to come off as being accusative.

                      I think the best requiem that can be given is given in the following paragraphs of Scientology: Clear Procedure Issue One December 1957

                      I have been at work for seven years to produce a series of techniques which any well trained auditor can use to clear people. We now have them.
                      I am truly sorry that this took seven years. Actually, it took more than twenty- five.
                      Under other “systems of research” it could not have been done. It was financed at first by my writings and expeditions. Some 15,000,000 words of fact and fiction articles ranging from political articles to westerns were consumed in a large part by this research-but it was free to act if not free from sweat.
                      No bullying dictator wanted it for his mass slaveries as happened to poor misguided Pavlov. No big corporation wanted it for a better Madison Avenue approach to advertising—another kind of slavery. No big RESEARCH FOUNDATION like Ford was there to interject their “America First” philosophy. These had not paid for it; therefore they didn’t own it. The work stayed free. Thus it prospered. It did not wither in support of some aberrated “cause.” It bloomed.
                      But the violence of protecting this work while continuing it took a toll nevertheless. Special interests believed it must be evil if they did not own it. Between 1950 and 1956, 2,000,000 traceable dollars were spent to halt this work. Newspaper articles, radio ads (as in Seattle from the University of Washington), bribed “patrons,” financed “patients” all cost money. You hear the repercussions of this campaign even today.
                      Money could not stop this work by then. It was too late. If anything had been wrong with our organizations, my character, our intentions or abilities the whole advance would have crumbled. But we had no Achilles’ heels. We carried on. All that has survived of this attack by the two APAs, the AMA and several universities is a clutter of rumors concerning your sanity and mine—and rumors no longer financed will some day die.
                      And so the work has emerged free of taint and misguided slants. It is itself. It does what it says it does. It contains no adroit curves to make one open to better believing some “ism.” That makes it singular today in a world gone mad with nationalism. Buddhism, when it came to the millions, was no longer free of slant and prejudice. Taoism itself became a national jingoism far from any work of Lao-Tze. Even Christianity had its “pitch.” And if these great works became curved, with all the personal force of their creators, how is it that our little triumph here can still be found in a clear state?
                      Well, no diamonds and palaces have been accepted from rajahs, no gratuitous printing of results has been the gift of warlords, no testament had to be written 300 years after the fact.
                      For this we can thank Johann Gutenberg, and the invention of magnetic tape.
                      Therefore, although we have no such stature as the Great Philosophies, I charge you with this—look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original work, not offshoots.
                      If I have fought for a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work from serving to uphold the enslavers of Man, to keep it free from some destructive “pitch” or slant, then you certainly can carry that motif a little further.
                      I’ll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away.
                      You won’t always be here.
                      But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons—”The work was free. Keep it so.”

                      L. Ron Hubbard

      • RV: I doubt if Gibney’s doc will do much of anything.

        I pretty well agree here, RV.

        I was around for the TIME mag expose` back in 1990/91 … never dented org traffic much and I think that was a pretty lethal bomb in them days.

        Once Gibney and Theroux have blown their loads, the whole thing will gradually fade away while the CO$ sits tight for a while. After that the anti-CO$ tirades will die off too … I mean for how long can you keep playing the same broken records over and over again? Personally I don’t see the church ever reverting back to source, so let the car roll off down into the canyon. We have good groups out here who can deliver both training and processing under far better conditions than the Orgs/AOs ever could. I’d never pay their sky-high prices again, go some place in LA or Florida and stay there to do services for months … I like the way things are now, I’d never go back to that no matter what.

        • I see what ya mean FM,

          Way back I read PC’s Scandal of Scientology and Miller’s BFM and then Behart’s hit piece Cult of Greed and whatever and it was so what?

          I may check out Going Clear I may not.

          I’m not impressed with either Gibney or Wright journalistic skills or more accurately lack thereof.

          Both of seem to try and make the story fit their narrative. Instead of making their narrative fit the story. Probably for the sake of sensationalism.

          In other words they are just a couple of hacks.

          I was surprised that Wright actually won a Pulitzer Prize for Looming Tower. As far as I was concerned it was totally a work of fiction.

          Gibney’s Taxi to the Darkside was good but I didn’t think it deserved an Academy Award since I thought the Torture Memos was a better Doc.

          Then he came out with “We Steal Secrets” and I had pretty much pegged him as a Government shill like his partner in crime Wright who is far as I was concerned pretty much wrote the 911 Commission Report.

          Anyway as far as Going Clear. It’ll all the rage among the anti-cult cult and the so called “Independent Field” who believe it will destroy the Church and then like you say life will go on and they’ll eventually get in touch with reality.

          • Yeah, like their BBC Panorama prophesies. Even after the second one, not much changed, but hey, they gotta get their highs from someplace … lol.

            • Yeah a lot of those guys remind me of those Dispensationalist Christians who keep proclaiming the “end is near”.

              If they weren’t such lazy asses stuck in front of their computers twittering and FB their lowlife friends or pumping up the comments section of Tony or M&M’s blogs with their inane drivel they’d probably be circling these “Ideal Orgs” like sharks proclaiming that the “End Was Near”.

              As far as I’m concerned they deserve each other.

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