by Lana M

In recent years, having a stable location and a growing family, I have had opportunity to extend my responsibility out across to those that live in the same locale. I am finding it extremely rewarding.

I never had the opportunity to do this when in the Sea Org, and it has taken several years since arriving home and being preoccupied with a young family, to get to a point where I can intentionally work to extend my anchor points and responsibilities out to my local community.

I have been involved in public debates and meetings about our local village, and I have coordinated at local government level to make sure that a balanced voice was heard when a local lobby group was spreading rumors and campaigns against two local people.

I worked as the overall coordinator and MC on our local public school’s 150th anniversary, which was a full day of events with approximately 300 attendees, local ministers of parliament and the mayor.

A few months ago I took on the role of cub-scout leader for 13 kids and we are having a blast learning life skills, adventures and games. In addition to seeing a cohesive group forming, and some competence and confidence now appearing in these 8 and 9 year olds, I am also seeing kids that were formally disengaged, destructive or individuated, really finding themselves and the group, and personally coming upscale and winning.

I took the time to get trained as a volunteer firefighter (the rural fire service is a volunteer organisation and is crucial for the survival of communities in Australia where fire is a significant problem each year) so that I have the skills and knowledge to participate in protecting my home and local community from fire. Thankfully it has been a wet summer and there have been no fires or needed call-outs.

And then I have worked closely with the community to establish a new business that will bring about improved economic viability, support existing village businesses, and provide valuable services to enhance the village and its historic values. I am approached routinely from locals, validating the project and wanting to be part of it. It has become something that the village is working to build together, instead of fighting as a “new development”,

I can say, without question, that the more work and involvement and responsibility I take for my community (and note, I do call them “my community” and not just “the community”), the better the relationship and understanding and appreciation I have for those around me.

My ARC goes up and up, and then my responsibility increases even further.

I am finding real joy in learning to better know and help those around me, and I have been working persistently to take my skills as a trained Scientologist to improve conditions and assist others to do the same.

Highly recommended to everyone as a personal project.  Work out how you can extend your anchor points out into the community and help others. It’s an absolute blast!

“Any trained Scientologist can win to success in society. Heightened IQ, a knowledge of life, a forthright attitude — with these things it is easy for him or her to improve a social or business position, to get higher pay, to exert wider personal influence. This we know we can do, we h ave done it so often, so let’s improve the ability.

“Process people weekends, run a co-audit some evenings of the week at home, but get on the active lines of the world and make your presence felt.”  LRH HCOB 10 June 1960 What We Expect of a Scientologist

26 thoughts on “Extending anchor points

  1. Hey Lana,

    Nice to see you applying 10 June 60 to your environment.

    You go girl 😉

    It wasn’t just the Sea Org that had gone into full monastery mode but most of Scientology had signed on with the Counter Culture chic.

    The GO as I remember them had become like the Jesuits of old.

    The Sea Org. Now that was more like Opus Dei 😉

    Anyway I remember the farther I got up on the Organizational ladder that the more out of touch we were with what was going on in the “real world”.

    But it wasn’t just the upper levels of Scientology, the GO and the SO.

    For instance WISE was setting up businesses that was run by Scientologists pretty much exclusively for Scientologists.

    Missions had given up any public outreach after the whole Franchise Fiasco and now were servicing Scientologists mainly for lower level services and becoming basically a day care center for their kids.

    In fact the cannibalizing that the junta claimed was only affecting the missions was occurring at all levels and was infecting the whole Scientology Network like a deadly virus turning it into a *cult*.

    So it’s nice to see you’re doing what Ron acting as the spokesman of the Organization at the time actually expected a real Scientologist to do.

    Anyway I remember handling a Journalist one time way back who had posted a critical article about Scientology based on the activities of media queen Greta Van Susteren and her husband lawyers, guns and money John Coale on his website and telling OSA at the time I did this and they told me that next time I should leave the handling of the media and the press to the “professionals”.

    Well we can see how well this so called “professional” handling of the media is going 😉

  2. LM:

    Your ending reference is another of my favorites. Because of the emphasis on getting trained and such, everyone used to think that they were supposed to get trained and then audit people, which a lot of them had no interest in. But this reference completely debunked that idea. While no one would slight you for wanting to get trained and C/S or audit for the rest of your life, Scientology isn’t just about auditing (though that’s a primary activity). It’s about using this rich philosophy to increase ability and raise the “livability” of life on this planet. Enough of that, and even without clearing the planet, you’ve improved the stats on war, crime and insanity.

    Good on ya, kiddo.


    • LOL ‘kiddo’. Now Paul, there could be no way that you are that much older than me! i have a young family, but remember I started WAY late cause I was in the SO for 17 years 🙂

      • LM:

        These days, I consider most everyone a “kid”. I’ll be 58 in 5 months, and I got into Scn in November of 1976 (almost 40 years ago). And besides, I’ve seen some of your Facebook posts. You look about old enough to be my daughter.



          • CB:

            I can’t speak for anyone else, but my stamina just ain’t what it was in my physically strenuous 20s and 30s. Otherwise, you’d have to convince me I was 57, because I just wouldn’t believe it myself.

            Oh, I suppose the other part to that is how much things have changed in the environment. In my early years, there was no such thing as color TV. Now you can have color TV on your telephone. And back in the day, microwaves were what allowed radar to track airborne objects, not something you used for cooking (though I’m told that sailors used to cook hot dogs in front of the radar sets on battleships). And music! OMG! How many different forms of media have we been through since vinyl was king? Fortunately, I’ve never shied away from embracing new technology when it’s served a purpose for me.

            And now they got this new stuff called “Scientology”. Dangdest stuff you ever saw. It’s got stuff where you can fix yore bad memory, talk better, solve your problems, feel better about them bad thangs you done, get rid of them old grudges, and handle them situations where other people is always wrong and yore always right. And you don’t gotta take no pills or nothin’. Hot dawg! I thank I’m gonna git me some o’ that!



            • Well, Paul, I’m 59 and at 101 I hope to be in as good shape as this doctor at 101, water-skiing near Portland. Luckily, as you mention, we have Scientology to rid ourselves of our prior considerations. 🙂

              • CB:

                I note these geezers don’t agree and don’t, as a group, have a common recipe for staying “young”. There’s a reason for that, and it’s the same reason you used in your last comment where you boxed my ears about “considerations”. And, while you’re perfectly right, there is a limit to the applicability of your reasoning. True enough, considerations monitor the aging process to some extent, but it should be noted that it simply isn’t possible to make a human body, Earth variety, last 1000 years. These meat sacks are specifically engineered to wear out in a relatively short period of time, all things considered. The reasons should be fairly obvious, given the circumstances of our captivity here on this planet. Someone well-processed or otherwise unencumbered by PTSness and the like might be able to last slightly over 100 years in extreme cases, but no more. (Plastic or doll bodies are an entirely different matter altogether.) If you have proof otherwise (for current model bodies), please provide it.

                Moreover, longevity is a matter of preference. While you may wish to live to 101, I don’t find the concept appealing. I’d like to get to OT VIII and perhaps Class VIII, and then I’m outta here. I quite enjoyed my childhood, and the idea of repeating it with greater awareness, wisdom and ability appeals to me.

                It might also be worth noting that our Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, lived 75 years, a nice average lifespan. I only mention this as a fact. Anyone asserting anything else about my statement is inferring something I did not imply.

                But let me address a deeper issue. You, Chris Black, a highly classed auditor and Pre-OT currently auditing Solo NOTs, have told me that it’s all a matter of “considerations”. And I happen to know that handling such “considerations” is routine business for someone in your position. Fair enough. Now, what about me? How shall I do so? If it’s simply a matter of “considerations” how do I handle mine? Is there a technique, a routine, a practice I should be using which will resolve “considerations”? Because almost from the moment I stepped into my first Org, people (usually Sea Org or OTs) have been telling me the same exact thing. And somehow I don’t feel much better for knowing this fact.


                • Hey Paul, I hear you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that THAT is all and only all; just that considerations DO take rank over the mechanics of Matter, Energy, Space and Time. I do know that one becomes what one believes, thinks, postulates. As Henry Ford was to have said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” We do it to ourselves, and then we say “It’s over there, it’s not me.” And we find all manner of rationales for not saying, “Yup, it’s here. Me.”

                  I don’t know how far one of these bodies could go with correct nutrition, no pollutants, and the considerations of the being on bodies handled. Demonstrably on this planet right now, over 100 and probably 125 anyway, that’s been demonstrated, and those haven’t had any auditing to rid themselves of the lies they hold onto, the misconceptions they find so dear and the things we tell ourselves are true so we can’t BE. Right now science is working on extending life into the centuries. So who knows.

                  But I also definitely didn’t want to sound like one of those IAS regges trying to get your last dime even though you just signed over your house, car, horse and wife/husband. 😉

                  As to what you can do, if you’re not in a position to train and audit right now, I’d set aside an hour a day and listen to LRH tapes. Find a nice, restful, secluded space, and listen to what he has to say. I know I’m probably preaching here and you are doing this, but getting some LRH into one each day is as good as getting some air into the body. Does one good. Or get open the doors of your dynamics to more and more reach, more and more theta and you’ll be amazed at what can happen.

                  “The truth of the matter is (and philosophers have said this many times) that the only happiness you will ever find lies within you.

                  Actually a little child derives all of his pleasure in life from the grace he puts upon life. He goes out in the morning and looks at the day. And it is a very, very beautiful day. He looks at the flowers and they are very beautiful. He waves a magic hand and brings all manner of interesting things into being in the environment. Do you see the magic of the morning and the beauty of the flowers? Too often when we have become adult the flowers are wilted, if we even see them, and the beauty of the morning is obscured by a cloud.

                  Our attitude toward life makes every possible difference to our living. It is not necessary to study a thousand ancient books to discover this fact; but sometimes it needs to be pointed out again. Life does not change so much as our attitude towards it.

                  It is easy enough to lose sight of this when our problems are overwhelming us and we no longer seem able to handle them. When the marriage which we dreamed would be so happy turns out to be a dog fight, the project from which we had hoped so much suddenly falls flat, or the friend whom we had trusted betrays our trust.

                  Is there anything that we can do for conditions like these? There are many things we can do—the least of them is to take a look at the environment. Just look around and ask yourself, “Where am I?” “What am I doing here?” Once you have found out where you are, then find out what you can do to make it more habitable. The day you stop building your own environment, when you stop creating your own surroundings, when you stop waving a magic hand and gracing everything around you with magic and beauty, things cease to be magical and beautiful.” LRH (JoS Issue 41-G, Is It Possible to Be Happy? 1954, ca early December)

                  • CB:

                    Extending body duration, from a technological perspective, is a relatively straightforward task, though I wouldn’t expect current biological science to be up to it for some long time. The compan(ies) that originally designed the bodies and other life for this planet could probably do it rather easily. But they were doubtless instructed to limit human lifespan to an impossibly short amount of time. Since body engineering is derivative and iterative, it’s possible, even without their blueprints, to take existing bodies and engineer them for longer life spans.

                    Nutrition and pollution are minor issues at best. The body’s immune system is more than adequate to take care of this, for the most part. Supplementation and periodic purification could put the finishing touches on what the immune system can’t. Unfortunately, people are abusing the immune system like crazy these days by starving it (it needs something to fight to stay in top shape) and over-consuming antibiotics.

                    The other issue does involve “considerations” to a large extent. LRH makes mention of this in passing, I believe, on the Doc course. You get people who have lived lives recently on the order of X years. Their last few lifetimes have been of X duration, and all of a sudden they hit a lifetime where their life span is considerably extended. Because of their habitual previous life spans, they tend to start falling apart when they surpass the X year mark. Shows up mainly in their mental faculties. These days, the medical profession gives it a disease designation, but it’s really just that the thetan has gotten too used to lifetimes of X duration, and can’t handle anything longer without going to pieces. (They even start to think and behave as children in anticipation of the next lifetime.)

                    All things considered, it will probably be another 100 or so years before biological science will be able to reliably extend life spans to any statistically significant extent. And then we’ll have to come up with a way to change a thetan’s habitual approach to lifespans in some way (probably just general processing).

                    Even we, as Scientologists, will have to change our thinking on the matter of death. You can silence a room of Scientologists pretty quickly by introducing the concept of death to the conversation. Pretty silly, when you think of it. Death is just another part of the cycle of action of life. I always worry more about the family (and spouse) of dead folks than the dead guy himself. He’ll be fine. He’ll go off and get a kid body and be enjoying himself in no time. And you’ll probably meet him again. But the (former) family tends to suffer. There are a lot of “now we’re supposed to’s” involved in death and the grief surrounding it. Silly, really.


                    • Actually, from what I’ve read, Paul, they’re a lot more advanced along this line than you might think. Definitely not 100 years out, probably looking at decades. Some of it may involve genetic or bio-engineering, some cyber-organics, but it’s definitely on its way. I also think nutrition isn’t minor (although perhaps not major) in its function and impact. Pollutants, ok, perhaps a minor issue, but the full ramifications of today’s pollutions (from diverse inputs) isn’t fully known and won’t be right away.

                      Anyway, suffice it to say that I believe one is as young as one thinks, and if one thinks he’s old at 58, well, then, he’s old. And that WILL have an impact on the body. “Thought monitors function; function monitors structure.”


                    • CB:

                      I’ll meet you back here in a hundred years, and we’ll see. Science never knows as much as they say they know about anything. I’m talking about fool-proof workable bio-engineering for longevity. A lot of the things that happen in “science” today are a surprise even to scientists, and they can’t explain them well. Confident bio-engineering, on the other hand, requires a thorough understanding of DNA, scaffolding cells, cellular subsystem function and interaction, sub-cellular chemistry, etc. You’re seeing hints and peeks of this, but in no way does biology have a full handle on what they’re dealing with. And we’re nowhere near having the moral debates on human bio-manipulation yet.

                      And as for considerations, you’ve essentially admitted there is no such thing as a direct attack on considerations at lower levels, so those of us who reside there shall simply have to continue to proceed forward and hope to have the proper cognition at some point which resolves our unwanted considerations.

                      (Sorry about my rants on considerations, but as I said, I’ve been frequently told this or that is just a consideration. But I’ve never been given a specific technique for attacking unwanted considerations. Instead, I’ve been told to, “listen to LRH every day” or “read an LRH book” or “get up the Bridge” or whatever. Built up some considerable charge over time on the subject. It’s a bit like telling a PC, “Oh, there’s a rundown for that.” “Oh really? Which one?” “Oh I dunno, but I’m sure there must be one around here somewhere.” “Gee, thanks.”)


                    • Hi Paul,

                      you wrote: “And we’re nowhere near having the moral debates on human bio-manipulation yet.”

                      Well, I can only hope those cats don’t flush the whole life on Earth (the 5th dynamic) down the toilet in their attempt.

                      Having read your earlier posts, I beg to differ – Nutrition is essential to well being, longevity while maintaining quality of Life. Also I doubt Man can extend his longevity while disregarding all other forms of Life, current operation which is a by-product of what’s called Science, in application.

                      (regarding your comment in brackets – it’s not impossible that what you’re looking for you find it on the Ls)


                    • P175:

                      Re: nutrition, people in first world countries do not routinely die of malnutrition. While their nutrition could be better, it is not something they die of (or rather, only a vanishingly small number do, and for obvious deficiencies). And biology will probably learn to extend life before they learn anything significant about nutrition. Doctors’ education in nutrition is extremely limited thanks to the lobbying efforts of Big Pharma. I would venture to say that a good 30% of medical complaints could be handled by proper nutrition. But as malnutrition is not a significant factor in most deaths, neither is it, I suspect, a truly significant factor in greater longevity, assuming a normal, 1st world diet.

                      None of this implies that nutrition isn’t an important study in its own right. It is. Imagine what would happen if the average person had a full education on nutrition. Whole massive corporations would be out of business.

                      Incidentally, diet (a sub-study of nutrition) is another matter for extensive development as well. If I recall correctly, Admiral Byrd attempted to get his men to eat a diet identical to that of Eskimos. It made them sick as dogs. Diet is a field governed almost entirely by opinion and almost no hard science. The most routinely sick people I’ve ever known are those who frequent health food stores and read the latest info on the latest fad diets.

                      As for long-lived Man being a threat to other life on the planet, this planet is capable of supporting a far greater population than it does, room-wise, food-wise and energy-wise. And if Man were to develop sufficient expertise in human longevity, I suspect he would also be in a far better position to maintain other potentially threatened life forms


                    • “While their nutrition could be better, it is not something they die of….”

                      True enough, but longevity was what we were first discussing and proper nutrition (including a natural diet -see HCOB Theory of a Natural Diet) definitely can have an impact on how long one lives. And while I agree that not enough is known about a natural diet for the different genetic mock-ups of humans, poor nutrition leads to other issues and problems which do impact mortality rates.

                      “The most routinely sick people I’ve ever known are those who frequent health food stores and read the latest info on the latest fad diets.”

                      So, are they getting sick because they are too “health-conscious” and not eating properly, or are they getting sick because it makes them right for going to health food stores? In other words, is this a self-fulfilling prophecy – i.e., consideration? LOL

                    • Hello Paul,

                      I hope you don’t mind the delay answering your post. I simply didn’t have enough spare time to adress your reply properly. (thank you for writing)

                      The whole issue is complex and goes beyond the scope of this thread. We are already digressing ☺ You make different points in your post – we don’t know if people in first world countries die of malnutrition or not. To establish some stable data on this we would need samples of a population fed on current modern Man’s diet (we do have that) and compare that a sample fed on a correct or ideal diet. That would remove some confusion from the subject – like Hubbard did in the mental field : while a lot of disciplines speculate about Man’s mental condition groping for answers, the postulated state of a Clear puts forward a stable datum to measure one’s progress regarding Man’s sanity.

                      Have a look at the definition of drugs : « 2. drugs essentially are poisons. The degree they are taken determines the effect. A small amount gives a stimulant. A greater amount acts as a sedative. A larger amount acts as a poison and can kill one dead. This is true of any drug. » what if a drug, or poison, took years or decades to precipitate one in the last step per the above definition.

                      Hubbard wrote about diets and nutrition, in « Diets, more about » for instance. He wrote a simple formula that would indicate what a correct diet would be. But – although this was an area he was very much interested in (as I was told by some very close to him) it is a bit off his area of expertise. To put it simply – while he writes Man didn’t find yet the correct diet (or so) it’s obvious per his own definition of what a correct diet would be he disn’t find the correct diet. Thus I considered the area open for inspection. Very interesting to study what he himself did study in this subject – Fasting for instance, as a natural cure, which he dismisses : a fast during a month, only water, did run out of my body substances that 2 Purifs didn’t succeed in handling. ( I do consider Purif a great tool, though). And I was amazed to observe how my body was running out some substances given while I was a child by handling them from earliest beginning to the latest on the chain. A natural mechanism.

                      I would add that correct nutrition would also improve general physical well being. Considering other factors not present (like PTSness, …, …) Decades ago I met guys who were pronounced in a terminal stage of a fatal illness, and thus abandonned by current medicine, then recovered on a correct diet. Some collapsed though when back in their environment – probably due to some (case) connections.

                      This just for the sake of discussion, I’m not advocating anything here. You can do some research on the net on your own. Farming worsened Man’s physical condition. Tooth decays started before that, their percentage increased. Well, before that, Man domesticated fire, and started cooking. (before bodies were in a lot better shape.) Interesting that at this same time, Hubbard says the core of the bank started to kick in, and society started to dramatize.

                      If you study Dianetics Axioms, you’ll notice an organism depends for its survival other organisms. Same goes for the « food chain », and then for the forms one eats. If cooking (you know, Man’s ritual of capturing food, freezing it, transporting to the kitchen, then processing it with rays, fire, you name it, in order to get an aesthetic meal, etc) is a plus or minus randomity on an organism (the one processed by the chief cook) then per the axioms it’s engrammic in its nature. And such a process produces new compounds, and a genetic entity is said to need some 5-10000 years to adjust to new molecules produced. Thus some food intolerence for some.


                      The problem with diets is some diet works for some guy and then they claim it’s an answer for it all. It isn’t. And there are too many factors involved, on a physical level (like nutrition) on a mental level (PTSness, GPMs, …) and spiritual (succumb postulates, considerations, …). Complex stuff thus. Luckily Standard Tech is the best entrance point at the top level ☺

                      Pff… a lot of words, sorry for that. My first free evening for ages and I spend it keyboarding too much, lol

                    • P175:

                      Indeed, Ron was very interested in the subject of a natural diet, and not anywhere near enough research has been done on it. Plus, the cards are stacked against anyone who does such research. Big Pharma and Big Medico would actively sabotage any efforts to discover such a thing. (Not that it shouldn’t be attempted regardless.)

                      The other stumbling block in research into a natural diet is that you would have to account for the entity which controls it all: the thetan. To wit, there’s a long passage in the lecture The Story of Dianetics and Scientology about how Ron wrecked a whole research project being conducted at the naval hospital where he was. A doctor “Yankeewitz” was trying to fix up returning sailors with endocrine compounds and Ron would secretly audit these guys. He proved that function monitors structure, and not the other way around.

                      Same thing with any study of a natural diet. You’d have to control for the condition of the thetan throughout the study. If the guy was on, say, NOTs or Solo NOTs at the time, forget it. The guy’s liable to alter the conditions of the study just by going in session.

                      As for people in first world countries not dying of malnutrition, this is a matter for massive amounts of speculation. We can’t definitively say that all those dying of heart disease, for example, are either missing or getting too much of one or two nutrients, leading to their condition. We simply accept that their deaths or illnesses are part of the natural aging process (or other similar cause). This may not be true, but there’s inadequate solid research to prove anything else.

                      By way of example, I have a niece who has recently been turned into a loaf of bread via the incompetent treatment of the doctors at her hospital. I’ve maintained from the beginning that a chiropractor, allowed to treat her from the beginning, would have resolved her problem. I could be wrong, but it’s too late now.

                      Similar thing with other late-life illnesses from which the vast majority of the elderly die. Until full research projects are started and completed, the idea that their conditions could be alleviated by proper nutrition is pure speculation.

                      Indeed you’re right. Standard Tech, properly applied, can override what poor nutrition and environmental conditions cause with regard to bodies.


                    • Paul,

                      First, I essentially didn’t admit anything, so before you make an ass out of yourself (and possibly me), don’t go assuming facts not in evidence. *wink* For instance, I didn’t delve into it in depth, nor did I really research possible tech; of course, you are also entitled to hold whatever consideration you like – I know how dear they can be. 😉

                      Second, before I answer or engage further, I can’t remember what you said your training level was. I know you mentioned at one time some of the training you had, so could you just refresh my memory? I would help in any discussion we might have. Thanks.


                    • CB:

                      While I have a fair grasp of the Tech in some broad strokes, you may assume I have no Tech training, because that’s essentially true (I’ve done a HAS course and most of the Pro Word Clearer’s Course; I’ve done admin training through Vol 5 of the OEC; and I’ve read through the Data Series 13 times).

                      BTW, I once sat down and as-ised the MEST universe based on the data in the “As-Isness” chapter of The Phoenix Lectures (or some similar book). Didn’t last long and it’s not something I’d recommend, but it goes to show I do know what a consideration is. In fact, I have a friend who routinely rids himself of unwanted considerations in exactly that way. Problem is, AO told him in no uncertain terms not to do that.

                      Also, if you’d prefer to have the rest of this conversation in private, my email address is floating around here and Lana has it.


                    • Thanks, Paul. I only needed to know in order to base a reality in the comm. Like, I’d respond differently to a BC grad or trained auditor than to someone untrained. Just the “R” of the ARC triangle, that’s all. 🙂

                      So, as the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart (the “Bridge”) is basically a Responsibility Scale allowing one to assume more responsibility for themselves and their dynamics as one progresses up the Bridge, then it is also a method of handling one’s considerations on life and one’s dynamics. So moving up the Bridge AT ANY POINT will remove considerations. Hell, I’m still removing them on VII, and have been since my first auditing.

                      But specific processes, just off the top of my head, I’d say Rising Scale Processing, COHA Route 2, HFP (and this is something you CAN do on your own despite what AOLA might say), possibly Six Steps as well; even Self Analysis can accomplish that. One could figure out dozens of attacks on considerations – basically, the entire sum of LRH processes are handling considerations, essentially. But the above are some specific ones you could do.

                      Re as-ising the universe from a book, I remember once when I was at Pat Price’s home up in Edmonton, and I was a fairly green newbie in Scientology, he showed me the difference between the perceived cycle of action and the actual cycle of action (FOT) and when I really duplicated the actual cycle of action, I realized I was continually creating my body (create-create-create) and that if I ceased to create it, it would disappear, and that’s when it became transparent and I could see the floor through it and that’s when I slammed back in so hard to protect it I had a headache for days! So I grok your “as-isness”. 🙂

                      Come to think of it, maybe that was a consideration about bodies as well? 😉

                    • “…those of us who reside there shall simply have to continue to proceed forward and hope to have the proper cognition at some point which resolves our unwanted considerations.”

                      Actually, Paul, the “proper cognition” occurs every time you have a cognition as you move up the Bridge, at any point on the Bridge, as you’re not only removing the counter-force, effort and emotion on one’s dynamics, you’re also recognizing truth.

                      “And we’re nowhere near having the moral debates on human bio-manipulation yet.”

                      You don’t think this has happened before? Or that this hasn’t been occurring for a very long time on our tracks? Change is a big button (alongside time, sex and money) on this planet – perhaps because of what happened, or perhaps because of implanting. But conservatism is a big consideration. But you’re right, it’s mostly a moral debate, not an “ethical” one, as is pushed. At least, IMO.

                      P.S. I do get you on being told “that’s just a consideration, you can overcome it”, especially if it’s being said flippantly. But really, if one can’t access an auditor or a course room, listening to LRH and/or reading his books and the tech (not just admin) will definitely give one cogs and blow considerations. That’s just a fact.


  3. “A principal contribution of Scientology is the technology necessary to change people so that they progress into higher states of ability when processed on the exact processes required by an auditor qualified by training to apply the processes expertly.

    It is not only general ability that increases, but IQ, renewed livingness and the skill and ability to better self and conditions.” LRH (HCOPL 5 May 1965, Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart)

    You’re a wonderful example of a Scientologist, Lana, changing conditions and livingness on ALL your dynamics and the world around you. Thank you.

    “SCIENTOLOGIST, 1. one who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others by using Scn technology.”

  4. Happy Birthday Super-Susan, 26 March, 2015

    If I were to give you a Birthday cake, it would be as big as a trampoline and as long as a queen’s dining table. I’d have so much to write that it could never fit in. I love you dear daughter. I wish you the very Happiest Birthday ever!


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