thank you

by Ingrid Smith

Here is a Success Story from someone who flew in from Chicago!! His second trip!

“My life had always been successful and everything was in order….health, happiness, money AND NO STRESS!

“Then I met a woman and had kids with her and built a life with her. I slowly saw my life with her falling apart and I couldn’t figure out why?? My stress went through the roof! I worked out 3 times a day to try to get rid of the anger and stress. When I lifted weights I felt like I could snap the bar in half!

“My friend/chiropractor gave me the Scientology handbook and Science of Survival books to read….it all started coming to me. In the meantime my relationship was destroyed. I lost my house, all my properties and had to file corporate and personal bankruptcy. I sank completely to the bottom.

“The books my chiropractor gave me led me to the realization of where my problems came from and he told me “you have to go to LA to see my friend Ingrid.” I live in Chicago. So I scraped together some $s and some time and went. I focused only on auditing. I felt good when I left, but didn’t realize what would happen til later.

“The first week I got home I closed 3 out of 4 deals which made me about $130,000! Since then my sales and my business has dramatically improved every year. Yes I still had some down things because I had to handle people that had been working on destroying me and that was  not an overnight thing. I came to the realization that I needed to rid myself of all undesirable, greed ridden unproductive people that were counterproductive and adopt new people!

“My life couldn’t be better. My business rolls again. I’m pursuing major investments on my downtime and I vacation 10 to 15 times per year. And I now have time to focus on the things that are really important—physical and mental health,nutrition, my children, colors,smells, meeting and talking to great people and LIVING SUCCESSFULLY!!!


10 thoughts on “Living well

  1. As always, Ingrid, VWD! And to you as well, D.J. Great to hear about your recovery. Don’t slack off, my friend. Continue with Ingrid or another equally competent auditor in your area, if there is one. My prediction: your life will continue to improve.

    As we often say in Scientology, “Flourish and Prosper!”


  2. Boo-ya! Great, great product! Excellent. A real, live product made by your own hands using LRH Tech. I absolutely love this.

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