By MS2 crew

We would like to, collectively, remind everyone what the purpose of Milestone Two is, our endeavor, and what we here at MS2 are doing.

Our purpose is to assist in establishing delivery of Dianetics and Scientology in the field by having auditors and C/Ses get together and move pc’s up the grade chart. And this is being successfully done in all parts of the world right now. Lots of PCs are moving up the grade chart and winning like never before.

We do this by using our collective comm lines to hook Scientologists together with like minded Scientologists who want to get the Bridge established and get pcs going up the Gradation Chart and get Auditors and C/Ses made.

We are a “guiding” group for all those who want to practice LRH technology. We have established ourselves, not as a management body, but more of a bastion of real Scientology and LRH’s pure technology here in the field for those who want it. We provide information, guidance and directions while also being a clearing house for Supervisors, C/Ses, Auditors and Ethics terminals who believe in KSW, Standard Tech and doing things “Ron’s way”.

We are not supportive of those who want to alter tech or devise ways of getting around Standard Tech. Milestone Two is not a place for harping critics of LRH or Scientology. It is also not a place where those who want to naysay LRH or Scientology. We simply want to help getting Scientology delivered the way the boss wants it to be delivered.

At the same time we are not going to be involved in or hands on, as a management entity, ethics, justice or correction of terminals in the field. This is not what we do. We refer auditors or C/Ses who need correction to Tech Correction terminals or ethics terminals in the field who will use their training to help others who need it.

We are feverishly working on making sure that we have the correct tech in the field for auditing and training. We also provide evaluations for clarification of altered tech and admin, as well as arbitraries we find that have been perpetrated as false tech or admin by the church.

We are here to serve all of you in this endeavor. Please feel free to use us in the above fashion.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

61 thoughts on “MS2 purpose

  1. Lana, this is great! Consider me as part of this endeavour and let me know how can I help. I am located in Athens, Greece and don’t have tech training but I served in the SO in many posts and do have an idea of how to follow orders and get things done. Now, this becomes more and more interesting as we are a distant apart but what the heck, we can do it from a distance too.

    I totally agree with the idea and see that it’s very useful in what we are all doing and thinking.

  2. Hi Lana,

    This is a beautiful statement of purpose. I hope that you will continue to repeat this to the group from time to time both for new people and as a reminder for all to keep on this purpose as described.

    When LRH was on lines in the MEST universe one could always write him a letter with questions about Tech and Policy and he would graciously send us his answer. Now “all” we have is his works which he left for us to study and apply, plus ourselves, plus each other as friends and team mates.
    That’s “all” we’ve got.
    Sounds like we’ve been bequeathed a spiritual fortune.
    Sounds like we’re rich to me.

    • Espiritu, nicely said. We just got to keep on building ARC amongst us and some day there is going to be more KRC. LRH had the “ability” (I would call it knowledge and experience) to create more and more attention units. Theta is attention units and when those have a certain direction and purpose a lot can be accmplished.

    • I’m sorry, FM, but in my opinion, it’s totally counter to the above stated purposes of MS2. I seriously can’ believe you’re pushing this, giving a link to where it can be downloaded. Seriously, are there not enough of these forums and blogs already?

      And yeh, it’s inappropriate! F*ck!

      • Chris,
        This whole bit of the thread may be off topic, but I’ll pipe in anyway.

        I watched the film.

        NOTE: If you are OT IIi or above, you’ll see a rendition of the materials. If you aren’t OT III or above, you’ll see a rendition of the materials. It isn’t OT III. It’s bits and pieces of some of the data all melded into Alex Gibney’s concept of what it is. It isn’t OT III. So, if you aren’t OT III, then it won’t make any sense and if you are OT III, Alex Gibney’s version is well, not OT III, which you’ll observe.

        On the whole this is as the New York Times reviewer wrote, a pretty much out-of-the-gate denunciation of Scientology, Scientologists, LRH, as cut and put together by Alex Gibney. He starts out with a bias and it goes the entire length. To Alex Gibney, Scientology, Scientologists and LRH are bad.

        If some of the people in it have the intention to cow DM into change this film isn’t going to do it.

        He’s not going to change as a result of this thing airing on HBO. This isn’t going to change DM even if it plays on every TV set on earth.

        It will give him what he needs; motivators for his overts.

        Someday, sooner or later, DM is going to recognize he’s committed and committing overts, destructive acts, and the targets didn’t “have it coming”. He’ll not have a justification and in that moment of recognition, he’ll be at the threshold of being able to get a case gain. Only then will he be able to change his condition.

        On the other hand, there is a legitimate aspect to the film, one that Sara Goldberg brings out at the end – she is protesting.

        Me too. I protest DM and anyone else who has played a part in perverting my religious group, my religious philosophy, into something that is abhorrent and so far off the rails as to demand protest. From protest must come a willingness to cause and an ability to withhold simply destructive acts back at the people who are doing reprehensible things in the name of Scientology.

        The Church of Scientology needs to reform certain practices and recover its actual purpose and technologies.

        MS2 certainly has that as one of its purposes, Chris, so maybe this isn’t so far off the topic after all.

        • Hi Jim,

          I liked the book, Lawrence’s style of writing (could be because I’m a French speaking person, lol) The movie is on my hard drive, to be watched one of those days as I prefer to know what occurs regarding the subject of Scn, but not now. Better things to do, like putting a finishing touch on an electric guitar I’m nearly done with building. A beauty, a flame top Les Paul, but I digress…

          What i find amusing is that inadvertently (as I suppose it’s not intentional from the PR perspective, lol) the church has placed itself at a low tone level – agressions, human dramas, betrayals, manipulations, … etc.

          But – this is what the current society is dramatizing; That’s the tone level of a lot of movies, tv news, soaps, …

          Thus suddenly the whole subject of Scientology becomes REAL to people. It gets home, it’s something people can relate to. It can be relayed by media, as this is their usual food they distribute. Pieces of bank.

          And guys write, talk about it – the articles in newspapers are interesting, as the “Scientologese” lingo gets relayed too.

          News would be of no interest to people if it was all sweetness and light, it’s not what they’re accustomed to . And now, bits by bits, it penetrates into the society. That’s funny.

          Per the PR series the subject is presented at a tone the public can relate to, lol. And it spreads by word of mouth so to speak.

          Then as usual, one meets someone, talks about Scientology, and the guy now says “oh, yeah, I’ve seen it on tv, read about it in the newspapers – interesting subject, …” and the show goes on. Lol.

          • Bonjour Pierrot,
            Like Ingrid, I just carried on studying marvelous tapes from Jan 60, Identity and The Inability to Withhold from the Hubbard Clearing Scientologist course. Then I had a really good Solo NOTs session, took the kids to get fish and chips and over to Scouts.

            Right now, the sun is rising on a beautiful day and what ya know, Scientology is still here 🙂

            • ** From the Moderator: Theo, thanks but no, we won’t be granting power to, or beating the drum on entheta press. The initial link was permitted to go through as frankly, it has virtually NO importance in the overall scheme of Scientology and in a years time (actually in only a month or so) will be forgotten. It is not a “fart in the church” but more like a “fart in the wind” and will be gone and forgotten about as quickly. Yawn.

              • Ι don’t know who I am replying to but anyway. It’s no big deal, I know. Entheta always wants to attract attention.Thanks to sane people it doesn’t.

                However, I want next time to let you guys know that our UNITED Voice could reach the Gibneys or Wrights or whoever attempts to do an impartial presentation of our religious philosophy.

        • Hey Jim;

          Might watch the vid when I’ve got two hours to waste.

          Reading some of the media. The smart ones in the biz are saying that Going Clear is the same ol’, same ol’ just more of the same ol’ shit all in one place say….like a pile of manure or other bovine excrement.

          Part I is pretty much a rehash of Miller’s book with Wright’s name signed to it.

          So Wright not only manages to ghoulishly malign the dead but plagiarize the dead as well.

          As I’ve written before. Wasn’t impressed with Wright’s journalistic skills since reading The Looming Tower (of Bull Shit) nor Gibney’s acumen as a Documentarian since We Keep Secrets.

          I can tell ya what the documentary’s about without even watching it:

          First they go on about Ron’s “sordid” past based on documentation with the same provenance as MJ 12 then individuals who are about as reliable as Curveball.

          Go on about the “criminal acts” perpetrated by the GO. Naturally omitting the fact that they were probably provoked and instigated by “confidential informants” more accurately agent provocateurs as part of some CoIntelPro op

          Then they build up Miscavige as the undisputed “leader” of Scientology. Something the media’s been doing ever since they put his ugly mug on Ted Koppel’s Nightline while Marty and Mike go all Nuremberg about “how zey ver onlee vollowing vorders” while Haggis goes on about how stupidly brainwashed he was for over 30 years which should be a real boost to his career.

          I might have missed a few “high” (really low) points but that’s about it. Isn’t it?

          As far as I see it’s basically the same template that they been using against the subject for 60 years that’s been updated for HBO.

            • True Dat FM,

              Actually Ron pretty much had it nailed in the following policy:


              To be printed, a story must contain one or more of these things:

              1. HARM (Blood, violence, damage, death, scandal)
              2. SEX
              3. MONEY
              4. BIG NAMES
              5. The story must be written to INVALIDATE something.
              6. The story must contain a CONTROVERSY.
              7. A story must contain TWO OPPOSING FORCES. Dialectic Materialism is the basic philosophy used by the society at this time. This philosophy is crudely stated in the following statement: “It takes two opposing forces to produce an idea.” The Scientologist recognizes this as RIs in a GPM but it is real to editors as TRUTH.

              Guess you could update it somewhat by adding documented or recorded but as the Ol’ Zep tune goes The Song Remains the Same.

              You see it sometimes in some of the “Alt Press” like Ortega’s Voice which is really owned by the Mega News Corp New Times outa Az and only pretends its an “Alternative” News Source. Sorta like the smug and self righteous LA Weakly.

              Probably Gibney gotta big bear hug form Murdoch who like Carr (you know the Carr mentioned in RJ 67 of the Daily Mail?) who was probably his mentor hates Scientology for that piece a shit they call a “doc”.

              Anyway for giggles you should read what the BBC (which to a lot of Brits means Better Buy Cable) has to say about the doc:


              I mean did you know that Ron invented the E-meter?

              If the Church actually knew the tech on Dead Agenting they’d have a field day on this article.

              The so called Journalist’s IQ is obviously no bigger then his shoe size. Yet they hired this moron to write for the BBC.

              No wonder the Guardian is kickin’ their ass.

              Sheeeeesh 🙂

              Therefore a great story to a newspaperman contains nearly all of 1 to 4 above and 5, 6 and 7.

              • Thx for posting this reference … hadn’t seen it before.

                Yeah, in regard to the meter, it would only have taken a few minutes to establish it was invented in the 1800s, first popularized for investigative mental research by Jung … he’s the father of “Assessments” … looking for something to run.

                Just about every article out there get things ass backwards, connecting the wrong pieces, tieing things together that don’t go together, etc. This docu gives the worst possible impression of Scientology there has ever been … I mean a million miles from the mark.

                • “Just about every article out there get things ass backwards, connecting the wrong pieces, tieing things together that don’t go together, etc”

                  That’s pretty much the way the Mainstream Media goes. Getting the story right is more the exception then the rule.

                  “This docu gives the worst possible impression of Scientology there has ever been”

                  This is what happens when the Organization fails to apply Standard Tech and Policy.

                  “I mean a million miles from the mark.”

                  Yeah we know that and anyone who hasn’t been brain washed by the media and has an Intelligence Quotient greater then a cumquat probably knows that too.

                  I’ve noticed that those that go along with this whole thing are much like a cult in their own way.

                  • Way too much over-the-top hype and end-of-the-world prophesies attributed to this docu in various Indie and anti-SCN blogs. One might soon be subjected to a declare of sorts for those not juicing themselves up with the BS.

                    1.7 of 300 US viewers (Not even seen by 1/2% of the population).

                    Actress Mia Farrow barely has 8,000 votes for the reviewing the church’s tax status after it’s been up for over 2 days.

                    The press now feels a little relief towing controversies behind Gibney & Co. after all these years feeling threatened by the church’s legal beagles.

                    I agree with Jim above, DM won’t change a thing. All he needs to worry about is keeping the members on board, what happens outside is secondary. Since the docu features approximations of sorts on confidential materials, they won’t be giving interviews either. I thought the 1991 TIME article had way more umph, as did the Operation Snow White when Mary Sue went to prison.

                    • FM,

                      Personally never expected Miscavige to change anything. Personally I think people assign him more cause then he deserves thanks mainly to M&M.

                      This whole “making Scientology Mainstream” that wasted so much time and resources was an idea actually hatched by Robert Gray back when H&K held the Scientology account.

                      And I suspect that this whole “Ideal Org” ideal was promoted by a bunch of rich patrons who don’t want to do anything but get audited and impress their friends with MEST.

                      All Miscavige needs is the support of a few rich patrons to continue the operation. Many of them are the same type covered in the ConEvil Eval.

                      I suspect that sooner or later unchecked that the Church will become one of those secret cults like the Skull and Bones or something like that.

                      Ironically the loss of the lawsuit between Time-Warner and the Church should have emboldened the press even more since it basically said that you couldn’t sue a news agency unless one could prove “malicious intent”.

                      Contrary to what M&M and others say about the poor press cowering in fear. I personally think the press for the most part was uninterested in doing a story on Scientology.

                      As far as they were concerned after the Secret Closing Agreement Scientology was old News. The “leader” they’d been promoting as such had made nice with the “tax cruds” and embraced the neo-Nazis at InterPol as his “friends”.

                      Also for years prior to this the Church was aligning itself with the US State Department and cozying up to the CIA by acting as a covert intelligence branch in the FSU,Germany and other EU countries until they were caught spying on the Greek government.

                      Now blown the Church has little value to America’s “Premier Intelligence Agency” and experienced the full blow back “by invidious connection”.

                      Thus they probably feel no need to protect their former asset and let the press and media do what thou wilt with Scientology as long as they’re not associated with it.

                      If you notice the pattern of the World Wide Media. Most of the attacks on the Church originated from outside the US while the State Department staunchly defended their ally, even going to bat for them against the German Government.

                      Now this support has become somewhat untenable on their part. So they’ll probably either hang the Church out to dry or may even burn it like they’ve done in the past to other former “allies”.

                      Personally I doubt if they will revoke the Church’s 501 C iii status because like Miscavige and associates in the Church they are afraid of a resurrection of something like the Guardian’s Office.

                      This is purely my opinion based on my own independent research and my total distrust in anything that M&M and their amen corner have to say.

              • Great quote Robin. Perfect. Here’s another one I just came across on study from HCOB 7 Jan 60, The Unmoving Case:

                “Further, we can only be harmed by those things we have harmed and if all of us-for you have an influence in this, too, remember-had our worst overts and withholds off, no person or agency on Earth would be able to touch a Scientologist harmfully. And that’s worth working for, isn’t it?”

                • Very true Jimbo.

                  It also aligns with what Ron says in the 3 May PL and in my opinion what he was trying to achieve with L-10 and later FPRD. The only problem is that in order for the tech to be effective it has to be *applied*.

                  Same with policy.

                  Unfortunately an organization needs ethics, justice, intelligence and counter-intel actions until it can successfully achieve the above.

                  As he says in How to Raise Stats:

                  LRH ED 67 INT 20 December 1969
                  TO EVERY STAFF MEMBER 26 February 1982
                  to include the last
                  10 paragraphs which
                  were never printed.

                  HOW TO RAISE STATS

                  Here is a bit of advice that will help you raise stats.


                  Auditing is for USE.

                  The service being supplied by your org is auditing even
                  when you are training auditors – for if they are well
                  trained good auditing is furnished to the area around them.

                  Staff members get auditing. They furnish auditing. Staff
                  members get trained as auditors. By training other
                  auditors well they furnish auditing.

                  The admin done is done to furnish auditing and training of

                  The Ethics put in provides an environment in which auditing
                  is possible and in which it can be taught.

                  All roads lead to auditing.

                  Stats depend on auditing being done and being taught.

                  People progress from left to right on the org board to be
                  audited or trained in auditing.

                  You are raising your area little by little by auditing.

                  Auditing is something one does. It must be done.

                  The HCOES the OES and the PES act to keep the org there and
                  pass people through who are audited or being trained to

                  An org is an auditing factory that also trains people to audit.

                  That’s the basic way we will win the world – Auditing.

                  The divisions and posts flanking tech are all auditing and
                  training support posts that move people down the assembly
                  line of auditing and training.

                  That’s why I say 2-1 Admin-Tech ratio. All persons on
                  staff who are not needed on Admin (exceed the ratio) should
                  be in full time training as auditors.

                  Auditors are valuable. An org is valuable if it audits and
                  trains auditors. If an org is valuable it will get paid by
                  the public to be there. But it is only valuable if it
                  audits and trains auditors.

                  Small livingness courses, defense, policy, the OEC,
                  promotion, all these are valuable too. But only to the
                  degree they get people in to get audited and trained as

                  The field is filling up with Dianetic courses and Dianetic
                  auditors. That is great. But it means an org has to serve
                  them and do even more auditing and upper level training to
                  handle their rougher cases and to make higher level auditors.

                  That’s the heart of it. A 49 man org with only 3 auditors
                  and one supervisor will flop. In a 49 man org 17 or more
                  should be auditors and course supervisors. When more than
                  24 of them are (1 to 1),then the Admin actions under the
                  HCOES and PES don’t get done and the line slows.

                  An org gets people (on any gradient) to get audited and
                  gets people to be trained as auditors.

                  That gives the org purpose – for only auditing can clean up
                  a community. That gives action. That gives income.

                  If an org isn’t so oriented then no manner of highly
                  skilled management will make it go.

                  That’s the way it is.


                  I am the source of Dianetic and Scientology Tech, know-how
                  and org form.

                  A staff member is the source of his stats.

                  I am responsible for the potential of the auditing.

                  An auditor is responsible for the application of the

                  I wrote the bulletins and data sheet.

                  The course supervisor is fully and the only one responsible
                  for getting it to the student.

                  When you see this as a fact, you can easily become cause –
                  over your post, over those about you, over your stats.

                  You are also a living, causative being.

                  I have faith in you.

                  YOU ARE AND CAN BE CAUSE.



                  • EXACTO! I have been looking for intel data on what happened. Amidst doing my job, I am looking at things and trying to keep up. This is now a group activity with quite some intelligence.

                    thanks remoteviewed, as I finish my job, I go look at this interesting site. I also want to purchase Arrows in the Dark.

                    MS2 is really powerful and we can create more and more power. That’s what I am talking about when talking about organisation. Function is first and that starts with some hot communication and rapid exchange of ideas and info with high ARC.

                    • Theo,

                      The way I see it. Is there has been a lot of false track being created not just about Scientology but in general which is a very old implanting trick.

                      We can thank disinformative sources like Wikipedia and the media in general for a lot of this revisionism.

                      And Hollywood. For instance Zero Dark Thirty by CIA’s shill Bigalow gives the completely false impression that torture was effective in acquiring useful intel.

          • hahaha, RemoteViewed, that’s actually it. But I wanted to comment on one thing impressed me for the ignorance in it. At about minute 17 Wright speaks about the mind and says that there are 2 parts to the mind (the analytical and blah, blah, blah) and the scene portrayed on the screen is a… Brain! I was shocked. Now, that’s either a big, big MU or it’s done on purpose. Maybe that’s gonna go by Miscavige in the scriptures of Scientology some time in the future… (just joking).

            • Yeah I could see smoke curling up from Wright’s pants when he said that he didn’t intend to write and expose’. I mean anyone who believes that I have some nice ocean front property in Arizona that they might be interested in 😉

              Another lie he says in almost in the same breath is that he was trying to understand Scientology.

              Sure, sure.

              If this were so then why didn’t he read any of the dozens of books and listen too the hundreds of lectures on the subject? Instead of Miller’s hit piece.

              I’m surprised they didn’t have to call in the Fire Department at that point.

              The guy just ain’t being honest. Just one Looming Tower of BS after another. Keeping the public misinformed for the sake of controversy and sensationalism as covered in Press Policy.

              • Thanks for observing things as they are. I have named all this Hollywood PTSness, as we say middle class PTSness. Those people are spreading that and I bet that is the BIG strategy and line of the Global Enslavers. To create a line and an image through their propaganda that is “proper and correct”.

                • Theo,

                  “Hollywood PTSness ” 😉

                  Yeah that fits and pretty much goes with what Ron says about artists in SOS.

                  Not so much Wright but Gibney is definitely PTS. As far as I’m concerned his integrity went in the crapper when he did the “doc” on Wikileaks and now he’s pulling the handle with this “doc” about Scientology.

        • Jim (et al),

          My point was solely that I see the banter and discussion about this film (and anything else anti-CoS) on almost every other forum and blog I peruse or frequent; it would be nice if there was one place where I didn’t have to read about how bad it is, about M&M and the alphabet soup of IRS, CIA, FBI, etc, etc, every thread. Now, you say that one of MS2 purposes was CoS reform – well, that wasn’t stated in the above at all, and if it is one of your purposes, then it should be clearly stated so that one could do a proper evaluation of the blog. Under “Our Purpose”, this is what is stated (which coincides, incidentally, with the above purposes which are more the functions and actions of the overall purpose):

          “This blog is about the standard application of LRH technology — whether that is in the auditing room, at work, at home, where ever.”

          Personally, I’m tiring of all the “wrongnesses” being pointed out all the time. It’s invalidative and introverting. And I hope this isn’t what MS2 is about or is heading. So you know where I’m coming from, as a Class VIII, my main purpose is the maintaining of LRH’s technical standards, followed by being a custodian of standard tech and then finder of lost tech. I align myself with those functions and people that have similar goals and purposes, just as we all align ourselves with those that contribute to our purposes along the dynamics. Silly not to.

          Yeh, the film hasn’t impacted my auditing, my view on LRH or the tech or Scientology. Of course not. And hey, the sun is still rising, it’s still a beautiful day, and my pcs are still winning and I continue my study of the philosophy and like views. And yeh, it will result in increased stats, more interest in Scientology, etc, etc. And there’s all that policy and tech about it. It’s really just common sense.

          But my point wasn’t all of that nor all the following points mentioned in various responses; I just wanted to say that IMO forwarding that entheta is counter to (or apparently counter to) the purposes of MS2. (If those are different than stated, that needs to be clarified, as I said.) It would just be nice to have a restful place to exchange wins on using the tech, ideas on application of the tech, inroads into better expansion of the tech here in the field, and all manner of comm as we used to, discussing “what ifs” and “holy smokes”, late into the night after graduation.

          I certainly don’t mind references to the CoS and what DM and cronies are doing, but when it becomes the greater percentage and when pushing entheta becomes allowed, it just doesn’t seem to align with what MS2 is about. Or am I wrong on this?

          P.S. I guess it does provide fodder for bar room discussions! 😉

          “We’ve been told how bad it is over there for seventy-six trillion years. It’s about time somebody said how good it can be somewhere. And that’s what we are doing.” – LRH (PAB 53, 27 May 1955, “Ownership”)

          • Chris, I see your viewpoint and I can agree up to a point. It’s true that all over the place the same things are happening. Everybody is posting the same shit… (lol). So in that perspective I wouldn’t mind if there was a Mecca for the Tech and that could be MS2 where we keep it “Just Tech and Good News”. But that has to be stated and agreed upon mainly by the moderator. And then somewhere else, you have to agree, I hope, that we have to meet to discuss matters and act on matters that are not just Tech and good news because there is no “just Tech” thing. Because this film is important and we have no voice in it. I am not pleased with this. I am more of a PR person (that’s what I think at least) and I can be good in communicating and I do want to communicate in a larger scale and do that in a more organised way. I hope this is clear, too.

            • Personally I think the Doc in itself has been given more importance then it deserves really.

              However it does open an avenue of discussion that really in my opinion hasn’t really been adequately discussed on the other so called “indie” blogs which is actually a history lesson of what is really going on and so suffering from what I call group amnesia they fall into the thrall of the current hate campaign leveled against Scientology in general and actually through their stupidity end up supporting it.

              Like the former “Queen of Queens” who blathers on about the “bravery” of M&M.


              Gag me with a spoon.

              As if they are facing some overwhelming enemy of some kind.


              Hand me a barf bag please.

            • Hi Theo,

              Thanks, and I agree. I just disagree with forwarding entheta, either links or otherwise. But that’s my view. I just happened to express it. Right now, I just want to continue to put the shoulder to the wheel and not get distracted (too much) by the yapping dogs! lol 😀

          • I don’t think you have to worry about this blog turning into one of the natter blogs. But you can’t expect people not to have something to say on current events. It would be like telling people in the middle of WW ll with bombs flying outside not to discuss the war at all. We are Scientologists and we can comm. I’m a Grade 0 release. So relax.

            • Whatever the MS2 blog is or becomes is linked to its purpose(s) and functions, Ingrid. It will be what it is. I made a comment and observation, and the point was about forwarding a link to entheta (see SOS and CofHE re comm). And I am relaxed – well, was. So sorry if I got under your skin to the degree you had to say all that re your comm grade being in and me relaxing (implying I’m not). Actually, not really, but just saying it. See, my Grade 0 is in as well (glad to know yours is).

              • Chris,

                Ron wasn’t afraid of discussing who our enemies are and what we are up against. I don’t think we should be coy about it either.

                If you don’t want to talk about it. Well that’s your prerogative but obviously there are others who do.

                For instance engrams aren’t all that theta but a thetan has to confront them in order to make case gain.

                Same with evil in general. Yet if one can’t confront evil then one ends up with the current organization who can’t seem to or doesn’t want to confront or worse supports the obvious fact that the entity assigned to maintain the purity of the tech isn’t and is in fact altering it.

                Either because they are the low IQ self important types or they have their own suppressive agenda that aligns with the current management.

                • “Ron wasn’t afraid of discussing who our enemies are and what we are up against. I don’t think we should be coy about it either.”

                  You’re not really duplicating me, Robin, and your analogies are irrelevant apples to oranges. But that’s fine as I understand the deficiencies inherent in non-verbal, non-vis-a-vis discussion. One has to be pretty able to really discern intention on blogs and through written forms like this.


                  • Chris,

                    I agree. It pretty hard to divine the intent of the author in any written communication.

                    Personally I don’t see my analogies being all that irrelevant. This could simply be a matter of the reader’s own opinion.

                    That said. As far as I see it as long as we are not trash talking about the subject or Ron that anything else as long as it is somewhat relevant to the topic is to use that loaded term “fair game”.

                    Personally I think it’s nice that we talk about wins and all that but I find it kinda boring. I mean we both and I’m sure the majority on this blog know the tech works and many of us have seen it do miraculous things.

                    Like Ron says “miracles as usual”. Now if we had a few blogs dedicated to “OT Phenomena” that might be interesting 🙂

                    Anyway as you know most of us here have been around Scientology for a long time and are pretty much at Level V on the subject.

                    In my opinion going on about wins and what can be achieved is mostly for new public.

                    Also avoiding discussion about entheta is mainly a Scientology Zero activity.

                    As I was saying Ron didn’t have any compunction about telling real Scientologists what the current scene was and who was causing it.

                    What we call the Fourth Dynamic Engram.

                    Let’s not fall into the same trap that the Orgs have fallen into where they idiotically believe that if they just get 10,000 people on NOTs that everything will magically turn out alright because it isn’t.

                    Personally I believe some sane discussion of the current scene and a prediction of which way “cats are going to jump” is warranted in these times.

                    Also aligning ourselves with other organizations and individuals who believe in self betterment and personal freedom. Just as Ron says in Public Image as a good idea.

                    Just my 2 bits. You can agree or disagree if you wish.


    • Formost, leaving this comment on this blog was like farting in church during a moment of silence.
      Maybe you couldn’t help it.
      …However, when you said “sorry” you did not really sound very sorry in the sense of being regretful.
      It was more like a guy going into a bar in Harlem and casually announcing that he can’t stand black people.
      We are Scientologists. Real Scientologists.
      We probably won’t beat you up, but we will definitely air the place out now.

      • No regrets. The moderator routinely holds my posts when I post a link, and was meant for his, not your consideration.

        • Well Formost, I guess that you got my consideration anyway.

          To summarize: That was most inappropriate, as well as non-sequitur to the subject at hand which is a beautiful and clear statement of the purpose of this blog.

          Would you mind describing honestly what your purpose was in posting the comment and the link in response to what Lana said? I cannot fathom what it might have been.

        • I saw it FM, thanks for the link it was a good quality torrent, I particularly did not want to pay for this one. This documentary (so called) is making waves and I think its a good idea to know what is going to be asked by friends and family and prepare.

          What I dont like about it is it basically labels me as a brainwashed fool, and as I still consider Scientology workable, it will continue to label me as a fool. So again Ron was right, thats the media for you, and they get so self righteous when we dont talk to them! Talk about having it both ways!

          There is just so much anecdotal proof about the workability of Scientology, but this is never taken up and looked into because now the new buzz word is that we have “imagined” these things,,, wow, talk about attempting to lock something up and throw away the key.

          One thing thats interesting was the amount of students in one of the film clips that was shown from years ago. What happened to academies that looked that busy, hey dave?

          The other thing that is typical, and causes me untold suspicion about these sorts of expose’s, is that Ron is totally bad, he wasnt nice to cats, no, nothing, no redeeming feature! For chrissakes, even Hitler was seen as being kind to Eva Braun.

          I think its a High Crime or crime to hold Scientology and Scientologists up to ridicule, thanks dave, another one to add to your list!

          I can see it will come to the point of “well this is my religion, piss off and let me practice it”, that is if dave doesnt loose the religious status for us!

          Sorry Lana, had to rant, I totally agree with MS2s purpose!

          • You are welcome.

            Time-Warner already pulled the Youtube 1080i video and it’s only a matter of time before they get the torrent too; and the reason I quickly posted it … it was here first before any other group anywhere else … for review, review based on on-source viewpoints, certainly not giving this docu any thumbs up … it’s a rate-A smear job on LRH and the Tech. Numerous discussions already took place on this topic docu with the full consent of the APIS moderator, another standard LRH blog on FB.

            One of my employees keeps track on SCN in the media world for which he continuously asks me questions. If I were with the CO$, I’d of course have to declare, fire and disconnect from him, but in my wise I can handle him, and he’s not antago toward SCN, but a muser of events.

            • I too can see a just little bit of value in being aware of the existence of entheta like this in order to be better able to parallel public people who have been exposed to it. On the other hand, it might be even better to purposely remain somewhat naive about the details, have public people explain to us what they experienced, then acknowledge their origination appropriately and give them some true information about the subject.

              But I feel that posting stuff like this, putting attention on it and emphasizing it was to me borderline when it comes to being within the purposes of this blog as stated at the beginning of the page by Lana.
              It was just completely non-sequitur to the subject of “The Purpose of This Blog”.
              And look what has happened. Have we been discussing the purpose of this blog?
              Well maybe, partly because I keep opening my big fat mouth. 🙂

          • 4a,

            I usually don’t worry about people who buy such bull shit. They are probably not literate enough to read DMSMH and are totally Brain Washed by the media (that is if they have a brain) and so love to accuse others of being “brain washed”.

            Also they think they know everything there is to know about Scientology by watching a 2 hr doc and think that Wikipedia is an actually an encyclopedia.

            Saves time on doing an IQ test on such people.

            What Ron says about the lower the IQ and the lack of ability to observe. Pretty much applies.

      • ESP,

        I pretty much see it within the guidelines of this Blog.

        Also posting a link to a torrent does cut down on Marty, Mike, Gibney, Wright and HBO’s revenue.

        Not that I condone such action but like the AG PR said to us when she found out that we plastered the walls of one of the WFMH’s main office’s with Dianetic posters.

        “Just don’t do that again and by the way well done :)”

  3. Hello Lana,

    Since the OSA monkeys hiding in the trees on your property have failed to frighten or distract anyone from the purpose you so eloquently stated above, it seems that some media monkeys are now climbing their TV towers, hoping they will be “Going Clear” while peeling their M & M’s desperately trying but miserably failing to stop the Juggernaut of demand for genuine Scientology on Earth.

    Really? Is anyone really concerned over the barking dogs or a circus of monkeys?

    Any promotion is better than no promotion.

    Heavy traffic warning!

    Where will the world find standard tech, standard auditors and C/Ses?

    We are Friends of LRH, the keepers of Standard Ethics, Tech and Admin.

    Be sure your E-meters are ready to go, you wonderful upstats.

    Apply RJ 68 and make one thing very Clear for LRH.

    Our planet, Earth.


    • I agree ’84.

      Great book!

      The truth is finally starting to seep out how what happened to the GO was part of a CoIntelPro operation of some kind and that the current management would have made it without their friends in the FBI and possibly other agencies giving them a helping hand.

      Interesting how the Church has aligned itself with the NOI.

      I mean I was reading an interesting article on CoIntelPro that had this to say:

      “Over the years considerable thought has been given, and action taken with Bureau approval, relating to methods through which the NOI could be discredited in the eyes of the general black populace or through which factionalism among the leadership could be created. Serious consideration has also been given towards developing ways and means of changing NOI philosophy to one whereby the members could be developed into useful citizens and the organization developed into one emphasizing religion – the brotherhood of mankind – and self improvement. Factional disputes have been developed – most notable being Malcolm X Little.”


      Of course we know what the definition of what a “useful citizen” is in the eyes of the Government.

      Someone who basically shuts up and pays their taxes.

      • RV, I find that NOI is a curious subject. I always considered it a contradiction in terms.The religion of slaves from Africa was anything but Islam. Islam transferred slaves up out of Africa, and sold them to whatever ships that would buy them up. It is against Islam to enslave another Islamist.
        NOI just tries to re-stimulate Stockholm Syndrome?

        • ’84

          What people called the so called “Stockholm Syndrome” is pretty much covered in DMSMH under winning valances and later data on GPMs.

          Personally I resent such excursions into psychobabble to explain phenomena that is already covered in Scientology like the current ravings about this book in the so called “Independent Field” entitled the Psychopath Next Door as tech that Ron somehow allegedly missed.

          Anyway I guess one could look at the fact that slaves embraced Christianity for the most part their masters religion as some form of “Stockholm Syndrome” as well.

          Anyway from what I understand NOI was founded by a number of people including Malcolm X who believed in self respect and supported Black self reliance much like the Black Panthers at the time which was a secular group that was based on a similar philosophy.

          Thus like the BPP the NOI was considered a subversive threat by the former cross dresser and sexual deviant who happened to be the FBI Director at the time.

          Unlike the Black Panthers they were a religious community the FBI was somewhat restrained from totally eliminating it. So instead they decided to subvert it by replacing its leadership with those considered more “acceptable” to the FBI.

          Seem familiar?

          As far as their religious beliefs. I think they are a combination or a hybrid of Christianity and Islamic beliefs .

          What we would call a combination terminal. They don’t have Mosques from what I understand but Churches that are lead by Pastors not Inman and integrate both Christian and Islamic tenants in their services.

          Personally I find it interesting that the NOI has embraced Scientology as both have been subjected to some kind of CoIntelPro action at one time.

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