By Lana M.

I want to take up another subject that seems somehow pertinent at this particular time — and that is people auditing, studying and forming up delivery groups in the field.

This is an interesting subject, as if you ask a trained auditor in the field why he or she is not auditing, or getting with others to get a group formed and get Scientology delivered, you will get a bunch of talk about the past. Considerations about incidents, about invalidations, about concerns and worries, etc.

I have met several proficient course supervisors who are not training others, and when I ask why there are a stream of reasons why they feel they cannot or should not.

In the last several years I have met countless people who have told me that they really want to get onto their OT Levels (stalled Clears, the majority of them) or they want to really get onto and moving on their lower Grade Chart – but the vast majority of them make little to  no progress. And it is not because the auditing or training is not working — it is that they are not getting auditing or training. In some cases the person has had a checksheet and pack for over 12 months but has not signed off a single item on the checksheet. Instead they are caught up in day to day activities of all types — things they are working on, dealing with, worried about, concerned with. They are not on their OT levels as frankly, they are simply not doing them.

I was a stalled Clear and now, a few years later, I am on SOLO NOTs. How? Well I decided to make it happen, and I grabbed myself by the scruff of the neck and I marched myself methodically and steadily up. I got myself a competent C/S. I made sure I had to the correct materials. I did the checksheets thoroughly and drilled, drilled and drilled. I got myself completed on all needed OT preps and then did each level thoroughly to full EP. I am doing the same on my training. Lots to do, but it will happen as I am making myself get it done. And the cost? Virtually nil.

There is unquestionably a situation with Scientologists in the field that they feel they cannot get auditing or training and that they cannot move up The Bridge.  Just from the Int Base alone there are at least 500 people who have been offloaded/declared/routed-out, and are  now in the field who are off the Bridge, parked and have given up hope of moving forward.  Then there are the hundreds of other former SO members and staff members from around the world — all of whom had a purpose and a drive at one time, but now feel Scientology is out of reach. And then there are the many, many parishioners who are no longer on org lines and have drifted (or been thrust) away.

From my view we need to get outside of this situation and start to deal with it, and that is required on both a 1st dynamic basis and also a 3rd dynamic basis. And the first step is to recognize what the difficulties are that we run into, so they can be dealt with.

There actually is no valid reason why auditors aren’t auditing, why supervisors aren’t training, why people aren’t walking up both sides of The Bridge, except that they are shadow boxing with considerations about why it cannot be done, why it should not be done, why it should be put off for some other time (or lifetime).

And that is where this LRH reference comes in.

Would be very interested to hear your views.

“I haven’t got anything to lecture about, actually, you know everything there is to know.

“And the only difficulty is just doing it.

“Small difficulty. But he who maketh difficulty with auditing hath service facsimiles – Confusius say. Your — your difficulties in auditing are all made. They’re all manufactured difficulties. And the sooner you learn that, why, the happier you’ll be. By the time you’ve run a tape through, and listened to  yourself and you’ll see how many difficulties have been made in the session, you’ll be appalled. It’d be very nice if those tapes could be of real live sessions, or tape a dozen of your sessions and then listen back to one chosen at random. You see, because in that session you wouldn’t be so careful.

“But in this universe, difficulty has to be manufactured. Always. Let’s take the case of an organization. Organization isn’t doing well, somehow or another. Got a lot of willing staff and people, and so forth, and that organization is not doing well. Well somebody is manufacturing the “not doing well”.

“Living beings are theta beings, and they actually have to work pretty hard to be entheta begins. The natural bent — the natural bent is simply to be a theta being and carry on. One has to work hard to be otherwise.

“That is quite interesting. Now maybe that labour is all unconscious and one is not conscious of the labour which is being done, maybe it’s being done at a level that one does not recognize it, but nevertheless it is individually done — entheta. Now let’s take the the actuality of the thing. There would be no mass in the bank if it were not being created in the given instant that it has effect on the individual.

“Let’s look at the harsh look — let’s look at the harsh look at all this. The cold, scientific, pitiless inspection of what is actually going on, And that is that a thetan creates his own bank. It isn’t that he has created his own bank, he is creating his own bank – that is the difference, don’t you see. Any bank, no matter how far it is in the past, is being created at this instant by a thetan. There is not such thing as continued creation. All creation must be done at the moment it is perceived.

“Now there can be such a thing as unaware creation or utterly unconscious creation — utterly, completely unconscious creation. And that is in actual fact the source of the reactive mind. One is creating without knowing he is creating. Now the reason he is creating is contained in the things that he is creating. Now that’s very tricky. That’s very tricky. The reason he is obsessively creating is contained in the things that he is obsessively creating.   …

“Now, that it is a game of shadows tends then to make us pooh-pooh the idea that anybody could ever be in trouble. Let’s go at it now, and that’s the pitiless look I’ve just given you. Of course the fellow couldn’t possibly… He’s causing all of his trouble, he’s the one who is causing all the difficulties, and so therefore, the hell with him! You see, that could be the adjudication. But no, you needn’t add that last, you see — well, he is causing all his troubles. That is the pitiless, factual look at the situation. Anything that’s wrong with him, he is creating at this very moment. Anything that’s wrong with an organization is being created now, in the organization.

“Yeah, they can say, “Well, but three years ago we had a fire, and we’ve never been able to recover from the fire, and , and yap-yap-yap-yap…” And that so fixes them that they never look at the fact that the Registrar in the organization never comes to work — because they’ve got it all explained! They don’t have to do anything because they had a fire three years ago and they haven’t recovered from it, don’t you see?”

“You’ll find that they’ve got explanations for all of their difficulty, but those explanations when swept aside would demonstrate and disclose that the individual was creating all of his difficulty here and now, and the organization was creating all of its difficulty here and now.”  LRH excerpt from SHSBC lecture 22 October 1963 The Integration of Auditing. You can read the full lecture here.

42 thoughts on “Game of shadows

  1. Nice, Lana. Thanks for the theta nudge. With all my considerations just so thoroughly blown to bits, I’m just gonna have to get moving on up the bridge with both training and auditing.

    Wow! This is exciting indeed.

  2. Beautiful! Another brilliant gem! Says it all (well, it pretty well sums it up). 🙂

    Love this excerpt in particular:

    “Living beings are theta beings, and they actually have to work pretty hard to be entheta begins. The natural bent — the natural bent is simply to be a theta being and carry on. One has to work hard to be otherwise.”

  3. “A person has to come up the scale so that he can take responsibility for himself and all of his fellows and the whole cock-eyed condemned universe before he can walk down that road out. Isn’t that fascinating?

    He can’t even run his engram bank unless he says, “It’s my business and I mean to make it so.” Isn’t that interesting? Because he’s down tone scale on inhibited, he knows all knowledge is inhibited, he knows all things are inhibited, he knows every thing he is scare, he knows death is inevitable, he knows all these things. He knows he has no space. He knows that life is an object, not an animate, glorious thing. And as long as he knows that, then he will know no more. And at that level one knows practically nothing.

    The bank will sit there and some of the little incidents in it might be quite bright and it might be interesting. But boy! is it of narrow scope! It’ll be a little tiny bank.

    Those great big ridges standing out there have to be handled by a big guy, if you’re going to handle them all the way. Now we have the modus operandi of how you get to be a big guy. There isn’t any gimmick factor whereby you all of a sudden discover you have to make up your mind to be self-determined.

    You could take a preclear by the nape of his neck and hold him up there and bang his head against the wall with these techniques until he is cleared – if you start him on the line, you never have to explain a thing to him. He’ll finally wind up, but he’ll never walk out of this universe with your help. He never will.

    He’ll only walk out of this universe if you permit him to recover enough force so that he can have responsibility for what’s going on.

    There isn’t any hidden gimmick; there isn’t anything else he has to think; there isn’t anything he has to believe in, really, to amount to anything to go this way. And you can boot him up this line quite artificially, but what you’re really doing is taking him and putting these boots on him. He has to be fitted with these boots and these boots are called Responsibility.

    He’s gotta be able to take responsibility for all enforcement, and all desire way up the line, and all space before he’ll walk any place.

    So we’ve got that scale going back and forth, and up and down and we find out that there is a bigness which has to grow in the person. And if you don’t see that bigness growing, he’s not on his way out.” LRH (PDC Lecture 35, The D.E.I. Scale – 11 Dec 1952)

  4. Good posting Lana. For all of those who say; “Well, where do I go? Who can I go to?” Remember this small but oh so powerful datum: “Function Monitors Structure”. In other words you decide to do something and the structure to do it forms. Just decide to be an academy student, tell your buddies to do the same and I will guarantee, or your money back, a training facility will pop up. Go ahead, form up several people who want to train and tell me or Lana about it and a place to train will occur.

    ML Tom

  5. Another example of those pesky unwanted considerations! 😉

    Let me contribute this: The most powerful thing in this universe (or anywhere else) is the intention of a thetan. And what you’re looking at here is a bunch of people with failed purposes. Ron says that (based on research into the OT levels), the only thing necessary to revitalize a failed purpose is to pour the coals on it.

    So let me ask the tech terminals here, is there a way you could figure out (using what you know of LRH tech) to get a thetan to again pour the coals on these failed purposes? Is there some way of talking to them, or some simple auditing technique which would result in them revitalizing their failed purposes to audit, train or whatnot? Some BLS technique, some chunk of FPRD or “directed itsa” which could be run, some group processing technique? Has anyone here been particularly successful at getting people back on the Bridge? Do you have a hat of doing this you could turn over or share?


    • “Ron says that (based on research into the OT levels), the only thing necessary to revitalize a failed purpose is to pour the coals on it.”

      Paul, here is what Ron says exactly about that (from HCOPL OT Orgs):

      “As man all too easily specializes in stops, he tends to stress what SHOULDN’T be done. While this enters into it, remember that it’s a STOP.



      A stuck picture or a motionless org are similar. Each has behind it a failed purpose.


      That law (it comes out of OT VIII materials) is so powerful it would practically revive the dead!

      It applies to orgs.

      It applies to cities or nations.

      When you diverge from a constructive purpose to “stop attacks,” the purpose has been abandoned. You get a stop. The real way to stop attacks is to widen one’s zone of responsibility. And pour the coal on the purpose. Thus all attacks one makes should be in THE DIRECTION OF ENLARGING ONE’S SCOPE AND AUGMENTING BASIC PURPOSE.”

      So, one needs to rekindle the failed purpose to restore action. Of course, it helps to first find what the purpose was, then rekindle it. Pouring the coals on the purpose will help in widening one’s zone of responsibility and overcoming “stops”.

      As to what to do, read what Manhattan Tom had to say: “I can tell you what worked for me. Reading LRH books and listening to LRH tapes! The spirit of Scientology is contained in those materials and I guarantee if you do this you will come uptone and you will rehab your purpose….”

      Seems awful like something I happened to tell you the other day! Just sayin’. *whistling* 😉

    • Paul,
      Here’s another bit on the area.

      Excerpt from 21 Dec 1953 tape, Ability to Accept Direction, 2nd American ACC.

      “And it was at that time when the individual set out to do something, decided to use energy, power or space—whatever he was going to use—and discovered there was an obstacle in his path, and out of his own self-determinism simply stopped going toward the goal he had first chosen and without altering that postulate or without saying he wasn’t going toward that goal anymore, turned aside to batter down an obstacle he thought was interfering with his attainment of that goal. And then devoted all of his time to the obstacle, and the obstacle itself became the end-all of existence.”

      “He decides he’s going to go toward a certain goal and then he discovers there are a lot of interposing obstacles. He takes his self-determinism and crunches it in against the first obstacle and tries to get rid of it so that he can get to his goal. And maybe he succeeds, that’s all right. And he goes to the next one, and crunches against it.
      An individual going—the shortest line is that line between two points, so the individual who decides he’s just going to go through these obstacles will occasionally find himself standing up in front of an obstacle and just chewing away at it endlessly until he forgets where he’s going; and after that, he just chews away at the obstacle.”

      • JL:

        I’m not clear on the time frames, but this sounds like the first inklings of the full picture of the goals-problems-mass (seems like GPMs weren’t talked about as their own subject until a few years later). By itself the quote seems to describe the beginnings of how a goal and the thetan’s “struggle” toward it ultimately becomes the complicated mish-mash which later becomes a full-on GPM. It also appears that if the thetan simply continued to concentrate on the goal rather than the obstacles, he would ultimately achieve the goal and that particular GPM would never exist (at least not from that particular starting point).

        Or am I all wet?


        • Paul,
          I put this up as part of the Failed Purpose handling. A person has something they’re going toward, hit the barriers and then all the attention goes to the barriers, not what they were going toward. Get back to the purpose, dust it off and get on with that.

          GPMs have a similar kind of manifestation don’t they; guy has a goal, gets hung in the opposing of it, snaggles up with some O/W, snaps terminals, becomes the opposition, goes against the initial goal, comes to a halt with the whole thing in a ball of mass.

          Understanding takes one up and out of the fixed by consideration mechanics and into a knowing, causitive, aware state of being. All games are aberrative, some are fun.

  6. Very good article and I can tell you what worked for me. Reading LRH books and listening to LRH tapes! The spirit of Scientology is contained in those materials and I guarantee if you do this you will come uptone and you will rehab your purpose – to help others, to get up the bridge yourself, to survive! Very easy to do and available to everyone right now.

  7. It boils down to the question “What do I want to create?”
    If I would want to create a camp fire -after having made that decision – I would need to perform the actions neccessary to have one; find a place for it, search some wood etc. And if I performed those actions I would have a camp fire.
    Some goes for anything. If one wants a Bridge for oneself and others one needs to create it. It is simple. Make the decision. List the actions needed. Do them. And you will have one.
    That the Bridge is something that one pays money for and consumes is a misconception – one needs to create it. This seems especially true for an independent.
    For a stop to be a stop it needs to be accepted as a stop. If you create the Bridge – you have it.

  8. What works for me are the Scn Ethics Conditions (SEC).

    I have designed a stat which measures my progress, and I apply SEC to it. My stat measures direct actions (processing and studying), indirect actions (e.g.: finding out materials I need or may need in the future, getting in comm. with people who may help me, etc.), and my ARC and KRC toward my processing and studying.

    I started this stat while in the Co$. Soon, I figured out it was better to keep it secret. I noticed that some interactions with the Co$ were lowering my stat due the lowering of my ARC & KRC; so I started safe pointing me against the Co$.

    • Since long time ago I’m completely disconnected from the Co$ and its members. If any UTR is interested, there is an excellent book: How To Be Invisible by J.J. Luna.

  9. Hello

    Long-time lurker, first time poster. A bit nervous about my lowly skill level in relation to most who post here and not used to posting on internet blogs. I am going to respond to this post because it seems dismissive. It also reads to me as one long evaluation supported by an absolute. I see them contained in the statement “There actually is no valid reason why auditors aren’t auditing, why supervisors aren’t training, why people aren’t walking up both sides of The Bridge, except that they are shadow boxing with considerations about why it cannot be done, why it should not be done, why it should be put off for some other time (or lifetime).”

    I am a Clear and I am not “stalled” and nor am I enduring a “failed purpose”. After achieving a major win on the issue which saw me reach for Scientology, achieving the state of Clear was my purpose for continuing. Being with people who I thought at the time were my friends and working with them on promoting humanitarian ideas we seemed to share were added benefits. Making further progress up The Bridge or learning how to Audit did not and still does not particularly appeal to me. I was subjected to some very manipulative regging where (long story short) I had to complete Class IV and a chunk of Class V before being able to attest to Clear. That I allowed my own purpose to be stymied by my Org’s purpose is my own fault and I accept full responsibility. That took a while but at least spurred me into going under the radar and drifting away from the Church. I mention it only to point out that I am also an Auditor and I am not auditing.

    The reason that I am not making progress on The Bridge is because I achieved my original purpose and remain happy where I am at. The result of having gone clear four years ago is the array of opportunities which have opened up for all manner of activities that I am only beginning to scratch the surface at and am loving life. As a much more able thetan I want to concentrate on actually living fully this wonderful level. A little smug and too easily satiated, probably. More able, filled with the joys of life and the wonders Scientology can deliver, you bet.

    The main reason I am not Auditing is because, like I said, it doesn’t really appeal to me. I know myself well enough to understand that Auditing is not a natural fit for me, and I accept that. I’d make a much better disseminator and, in a way, that’s sort of what I am doing. Nearly two years ago I started a consultancy business for recruiting, training and revving-up specialist goods and call centre sales teams. I include several key Scientology concepts – always giving full credit to LRH and never passing on even one penny to RTC – and I often get feedback about how useful some of them are not just in sales but in general day-to-day relationships. Surprise, surprise : ) That feedback is partial consolation because of the the heartbreaking reaction non-Scientologists I encounter most often have to the term “Scientology” itself. One or two people have been angry at what they initially saw as “sneaky tactics” but I can easily defuse that by showing that I use many sources for my material and, hey, “it works, right?” Another reason I am an Auditor who does not Audit is due to what I see as a conflict between Scientology ethics and non-Scientology ethics. Perhaps a session or two on that question might help, am I really running a Stop? But, question: would a Milestone Two Auditor also want to examine why I am not making progress on The Bridge and why I am not Auditing? After being told that there are “no valid reasons” for such, that’s a consideration I am left with after reading this post.

    PS: I slept on this comment before submitting it and see now it comes across as like a tone lower than Lana’s was delivered. At the time I wrote it, I was a bit taken aback by the stridency. It seemed out of sync with other posts here. My cognition after re-reading it is that I have a bit of A=A going on. It re-stimulated some left over charge from Regging sessions at the Org about why I was not showing sufficient interest in the OT levels or going to Flag or pushing for Clear etc. Plus, I am doing what I can and my reasons are valid for me. I am going to submit it as I wrote it because I don’t have time now for a rewrite and it does say what I want to say, just not the way I wanted to say it. Not a great first comment but an honest one.

    • Welcome Fiona. Thanks for yr comment. I had not written the article from the view that all people must move up the Bridge and any who don’t are shadow boxing. I guess my assumption and unstated starting point, was that a person was wanting or stating they wanted to, but it wasn’t happening. LRH has several references where he makes it clear that he does not expect every Scientologist to hang up a shingle as a practice, and no, a MS2 auditor or any auditor would not be trying to audit you or force you in that direction.

      I apologize if my article came across as eval or inval. That was not the purpose or result I was after.

      • Thank you, Lana. Apology accepted, of course. You Aussies have a wonderful expression I’ve heard and which seems to suit your gracious reply: no worries. We Brits tend to be a bit wordy. I have no need to dwell on this except to remember it as a great example of your ability to willingly consider and also understand a viewpoint which stands in partial opposition to yours. That’s confront and I think that skill is part of what makes your posts here so textured.

    • Hi Fiona,

      I’m not MS2 crew or anything, just someone who posts (sometimes a lot, sometimes little) and I just read your post and I wanted to respond to it. I thought it was honest (as you say) but also it came across just fine, so in that wise, it’s a great post.

      I truly get what you are saying. Especially re the goal of going Clear and having achieved it. Ron wrote about that somewhere. That was your goal when you came in to Scientology, and you reached it. I’ve known others with very similar outlooks and perspectives. It seems you’re creating life on your dynamics and looking at a band new world. Well, bravo!

      As to your “non-auditing”, well, in HCOB What We Expect of a Scientologist, Ron doesn’t expect everyone trained to hang out a shingle; just use the tech to make their own life and the lives of those close to them and around them, better. Seems that’s being done.

      In regards to this comment: “But, question: would a Milestone Two Auditor also want to examine why I am not making progress on The Bridge and why I am not Auditing?”, as I said, I’m not an MS2 auditor but I am a Class VIII auditor and C/S and if you ever do want to discuss it, you can reach me at standardtechauditor (at) yahoo.ca. I’d be happy to listen and help if that’s what was wanted.

      Thanks again for a fresh post.

      Chris Black

    • Fiona,
      Chris mentions an issue, What We Expect of a Scientologist, which is what I thought of when reading your post.

      You’re winning, you’re doing well in your life and taking it on with gusto, being a sphere of positive influence and competence in your environment. Sounds very nice and is good to hear.

      I’m an MS2 member and I am an auditor. I follow LRH issues, tapes and the entire work, including Keeping Scientology Working and part of that work includes the fact you are you, an infinite individuality.

      I’m glad to hear you are winning and applying your abilities to life and your Dynamics.

      Scientology is a route, not a destination.

      “Don’t ever miss this in what I teach you, don’t ever miss this. I am telling you how to get there, not what is there.

      “Got that? My teachings are entirely a Tao, see?

      “And people miss it, because I don’t keep describing some of the paradises or some of the way stops or some of the pay stations. Once in a while I do this because I find them interesting, but I comment on what has been discovered. ”
      16th ACC, 12 Feb 57, Final Lecture: Question and Answer.

  10. I really enjoyed your post Fiona, thanks for your viewpoint!

    At the bottom of the blog is the question “What is your view?” and it must have been stated with a lot of tone 40 because before you know it I have put my view:)

    • 🙂

      Lana also finished her article with the statement: “Would be very interested to hear your views.” That’s what did it for me.

  11. Hi Fiona, thanks for your post. You made me curious as to when did you do your auditor training? (internship?) and what was your purpose for becoming an auditor?

    • I formed no intent to become an Auditor. I was interested in how it worked and what was going on on the ‘other side’ of the session. That’s why I did some Auditor basics begin with. Also, my Dad really wanted me try Auditor training and so part of it was about pleasing him. I didn’t resent him for it and really enjoyed parts of the training but going Clear was the main aim for me. Then the pressure came on. In the end, I proceeded with the Auditor training as far as I did because it became obvious it was the only way I was going to be making it to Clear. Dad was cheerleading, I was fortunate enough to have the resources available, and the regges knew it. For the Org it was about stats and GI, for me it was about having to make a strategic decision to take an expensive but necessary detour.

        • It also puts you at cause over another Bank. More cause is more cause. It’s all part and parcel of the attaining of OT, cause over all this interesting stuff. Even causitively effect. Much better place to operate from, get into stuff, get outta stuff. More funner.

  12. Hi Fiona,

    I get it. Being Clear is a very cool state of being….well worth celebrating in any way you wish! So, you are very welcome to “Splurge on it!”
    Your dissemination of the subjects of Scientology and Dianetics are much appreciated by all, including me. And we need all of the disseminators that we can get these days to balance out the black PR that has been flying around the planet lately!

  13. I would like to say something about the OT levels I think needs to be said. I have experienced the overwhelm that OT3 handles and it is not pleasant and it invalidates the state of Clear. So I have a first hand knowledge of what Ron says when he says Clears are at risk.

    Im not saying this to frighten Clears or Preclears reading this, mine was, hopefully, an unusual sort of case that got handled on OT3 and then the Nots auditing knocked it out of the park and resultant freedom and relief from those levels are hard to describe.

    I have met and seen on tv, those classified as insane, and its obvious that many are in a total dramatization of the OT3 phenomena. For psychiatrists to then drug or shock them, lays in the engram on top of that pitiful state, so I tend to be understanding when Ron gets a tad critical of the psychiatric profession as even well done objectives will do much to help them.

    I just wanted to comment to those out there wandering whether to keep going or not. Do!

  14. One common denominator I get from those who have audited, suped or just got products in Scientology,( but are no longer doing it), is how much fun they had!! And how great the products were. Their faces light up as they recount stories….
    Ron gave all of us the ability to help each other-whats better than that??!

    • You said it, Ingrid. It IS really a cool feeling. The thing is that I think that most person on earth have the wish to make their friends and other people happier. But often they run into difficulties and confusions about actually accomplishing this which can be disheartening and disappointing. The thing about Scientology Tech is that it is such a good set of tools that once you learn how to use a few of them and then actually start using them, people just seem to get happier “all by themselves”! 🙂

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