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by Milestone two crew

This book is a must-read for Scientologists. It is written by Merrell Vannier, a former HGC auditor at the St. Louis Org who volunteered to do undercover work for the Guardian’s Office after the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a series of attack articles in 1974.   His book begins here, and covers his experiences in Clearwater where, as a practicing lawyer and secret agent for the G.O., he uncovered a massive FBI counter-intelligence campaign being run against the church, and helped save the Flag Land Base, and thus Scientology, by discovering intelligence that enabled the GO to handle an order to deport 75% of Flag staff.

Later, Merrell left a lucrative law practice in St. Louis and joined staff at USGO where he helped Mary Sue Hubbard clean up the GO’s intelligence actions and uncover who was sabotaging the church’s legal cases. When Bill Franks attempted to takeover the GO, Mary Sue summoned Merrell up to her office to be a witness. In his book he vividly details the hostile encounter between Franks and Jane Kember.

The reason we recommend the book is because it reveals counter-intelligence conducted against the church, and shows how plants are used to sabotage the church, even by instigating criminal acts. The church has never effectively shown this side of the story, leaving a vacuum for those bent on destroying Scientology to fill with false data and propaganda. We have all heard ad nauseam about the GO’s bad acts, which some falsely source to LRH, but no one has spoken out about the true source of the GO’s criminal acts – until now.

Here’s what Ingrid Smith wrote us: “I think ‘Arrows in the Dark’ is an incredible book – it has had a great de-PTSing effect on my pcs who have read it as they are getting a much better picture of what has happened to Scientology. The historians have been mainly Rinder and Marty out here.”

Another reason to read the book is to support Merrell’s efforts to reform the church. In the book he discloses that he and two other lawyers wrote letters to church officials, lawyers and board members calling for David Miscavige to step down while an internal investigation was conducted into the allegations of abuse by former Sea Org members rather than attacking and calling them liars. When that effort proved ineffective, he created http://www.savescientology.com.

He was verbally declared in January 2012, presumably because of his reform efforts. His daughter, Class VIII auditor and former Auditor of the Year and Senior C/S CC Int, Angie (Vannier) LaClare, disconnected from him, his wife and son, Angie’s mother and brother.

For more information about the book, and a touching (disconnection) memorial for his daughter, click here. and more information about Merrell, click here.

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  1. In the late 70s, a time track of the attacks on the Church was done, detailing the agencies involved and documenting evidence of the false reports and intel ops used against the Church since the 1950s. Rev. Kenneth J. Whitman, then President of the Church of Scientology of California and National Spokesman for the Church issued the following press statement (excerpted from the report). The report goes on to detail exactly the intelligence ops of the CIA, FBI, IRS, FDA, Interpol and others. Merrell’s book is timely and will help shed the light of truth on what really happened during this time.

    “In 1957, the Central Intelligence Agency issued its first report on the Church of Scientology. Since that time, the members of our sister churches in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzer land, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, and Greece were subjected to an intelligence operation which had as its purpose the annihilation of an American-founded religious movement.

    We have been accused of almost everything from gun-running, drug trafficking, white slave trafficking, sex perversion, hypnotism, brainwashing, currency smuggling to Communist countries, to even killing. They are tired old lies we have long since been able to prove are false.

    In 1973, we discovered, by accident in Germany, evidence of the international circulation of false reports and immediately began utilization of the Freedom of Information Act. By 1978, more than 200,000 documents had been collected, cross indexed, filed, and analyzed. Hundreds of FOI requests were made and lawsuits filed against agencies withholding documents. Thousands of man hours were consumed in this massive project. We had to study intelligence tactics to understand what had happened.

    What we found was a systematic campaign of “well poisoning” which followed the expansion of Scientology abroad in more than 14 countries from Australia in the early l960ts to France in 1978. In every instance where our Church was attacked, we have documents which prove that malicious false reports, rumors, unproven allegations of crimes and other dirt were disseminated broad by American agencies to foreign governments prior to any action taken against the Church.

    For a long 21 years, we have not only endured this deliberate and cold-blooded inquisition, we have continued to expand and prosper. We have been no threat to national security, we have no history of criminal activity, and there has been no evidence to support the outrageous lies spread by the CIA, FBI, IRS and others involved.

    After 16 years of black propaganda activities at home which we are currently analyzing in detail| and ten years of known intelligence operations against us abroad, in 1966 we formed a Guardian’s 0ffice whose major purpose was to forward our social reform programs and, of course, protect our beliefs. We have survived the ordeal and continued to prosper in the teeth of this continuing professional intelligence operation.”

    • Chris,

      I’ve always wondered back when the GO was “abolished” if it was to prevent them “analyzing in detail” the past misdeeds and the possibility that they’d make more FOIA requests for additional data.

      I didn’t fail to notice after OSA replaced them. The shift away from possible Government attacks and onto small time lowlife “critics” which more then ever complicated the scene.

      Just my observation and opinion. |

      • I tend to agree with your assessment, Robin. The focus turned from outwards to inwards, away from external attacks to the dalliances and “thoughts” of its parishioners, much like the US (and many other) government focusing on its citizenry, not external threats (except the ones it creates to “play the game”).

        Such an old, old story. *Yawn*

  2. I could not put this book down!! Boy, is it well written!!

    This book gets into a part of the Org Bd that I didn’t know much about. I am very much a tech person and I know the emphasis has to be on delivery of the tech. However, it is very real to me that there are those who would oppose such efforts and give us horrific historical inaccuracies. We have someone like Merrell who is willing to confront dept 20 and do something about it.

    This book is not just an interesting and compelling insight into a world of intrigue, but also an appeal to do something effective about our 3rd D.

  3. Ingrid, you are absolutely correct: this book is compelling and of all the “exposes” to come along, this one really does expose the behind the scenes goings on in this long run of nasty.

    Today’s issues with DM and his complete inability to look at his own actions and cease committing present time overts has taken the Ethics Presence out of the CofS. His measley effort to “DA” facts not only doesn’t work, it exacerbates the scene egregiously.

    Were he not so blinded by his own unethical actions and toadying clique, he could observe the actual solution to the mess we witness today.

    • Jim,

      Personally I think the actions that Miscavige takes are intentional and that he is part of the same actions that have been taken in the past against Scientology and that he really has no intention in “seeing the light” or “coming to Jesus”.

      What is needed in my opinion to counter this false perception that he is “Scientology’s Leader” not continue to perpetuate this myth.

      No policy or legal document pertaining to Scientology’s Organizational Structure allows any one person to assume any leadership role within the Organization.

  4. This book puts time, place, form, event and who, as opposed to the generalizations of those who would attack LRH and the GO. It gives understanding of the pressure there must have been on those at the top at the time.

    Its a great and must read for Scientologists who want to find out about the pivotal point of the current mess we are in.

    Merrell has a great purpose we should get behind, the implementation of LRHs 3 board management system.

  5. I really liked the book. Easy to read, well written, and hard to put down.
    Oh yea, and very informative. It answers more questions than it generates (unlike some other publications).

  6. Milestone Two Crew, I thank-you for everything you do. But today, life is different, new and exciting for me because of you.

    For an honest and insightful blow by blow account with details and people involved read, Arrows In The Dark by Merrell Vannier and find out not only that your church was invaded but also how the end of the practice of Scientology occurred within the Church of Scientology.

  7. Nice post, Chris. The GO did a fairly decent job of communicating about intelligence done on the church, mainly through Freedom Mag and the Omar Garrision book, Hidden Story of Scientology.

    Why has Miscavige, after taking over the GO not done that? Why has the FBI and other intelligence agencies gotten a free pass? Did the counter-intelligence against the church cease after he took over? If so, why? If not, why does it get a free pass now?

    My book should enlighten readers on these questions.

    • Merrell,

      My personal opinion is that he is either a witting or unwitting agent of the above alphabet soup.

      As I was saying to Chris even back then I noticed the shift from our primary adversary to a bunch of nut ball and looney tune “critics” who really had no real effect on the Organization.

      Also as I’ve written earlier I almost hurled my lunch when in a the IAS “Victory” speech in 1993 that he called such sleeze as the IRS (who Ron called “tax cruds”) and InterPol (which we proved in Freedom Magazine consisted of inveterate Nazis) his “friends” and the so called “War was over”.

      I thought at that time as I still feel now that the war was over alright.

      Because we lost!

      Anyway we still have a Scientologists like Ingrid, Chris, Lana, Jim, others and like you of course who still fight on.

      Someday we’re going to win.

      On that note a tune from a former Scientologist that fits the mood:

      • RV: “Someday we’re going to win.”

        As Rev. Kenneth J. Whitman concluded his preamble to the time track of attacks on the CoS:

        “The FBI cast the first stone at us even as we were becoming a religion nearly three decades ago. Now at last we can prove their intentions and their methods, and we can prove that our difficulties were part of a campaign of bloodless genocide.

        There is no doubt that we will win the current battle and achieve overwhelming support. It is time agencies are reformed to stop growing crime and drug trafficking, not growing churches.”

        (Caveat: What with the infiltration of the CoS and the actions and attacks on its parishioners as conducted by DM and crew, making a mockery of the Scientology religion, I’m not so sure about the “overwhelming support” option, at least not in the current climate of religious hate in the world.)

        • I just want to posit a thought here…

          Long ago, early on in my Scientology years when still a young “whippersnapper”, I looked at (i.e., evaluated) some things that were going on on the second dynamic and realized that the 2D was under serious attack with the aim of fracturing that bastion of power and individuating mankind. It made sense in an Orwellian/Wellsian way. (Funny, but many writers of that age, poets included, saw this coming.)

          I see a similar game afoot in the attack on religions. This isn’t just Scientology, but Islam, Judaism, Christianity/Catholicism, Buddhism, and many others. Set against each other, against beliefs and faiths and views held by people, driven into their GPM and ser fac banks, the responses are predictable. I’d be more interested in uncovering that plot as that is source of the trouble; it’s not Gibney or Wright or M&M or DM or the CIA or FBI or IRS or KGB – it’s this other group, hidden but playing a game of Teegeeack RISK.

          Meanwhile, a very effective counter-attack on it (and don’t they know it, thus the continual attacks) is to audit out the charge and engrams associated with it that they are continually restimulating and keying in on society, especially on the 3rd and 4th Dynamics.

          • Me too, Chris. As you say; “I’d be more interested in uncovering that plot as that is source of the trouble; it’s not Gibney or Wright or M&M or DM or the CIA or FBI or IRS or KGB – it’s this other group, hidden but playing a game of Teegeeack RISK.”
            Like you, I’d also say its not only the agencies and your post brings up the fascinating question of who finances and controls them. I recently finished reading for the second time, the entire Mission Earth series. I was truly amazed with details and data that shed light on the actual PT scene.
            I got the whole series, all ten volumes from amazon and downloaded them to my pc.

          • I agree, Chris. Auditing and training and generally as-ising charge are the best “revenge” (even though it is not really revenge) upon these evil doers.
            This can be accomplished in many ways, auditing being the most effective by a long shot.
            Many artists also do this in the course of doing their art. In my opinion one of those guys is Geoff Lewis, Scientologist, actor and story teller. I read today on Tony Ortega’s bog (spelled that way intentionally) that Geoff recently dropped his body. I don’t particularly want to direct anyone to Ortega’s bog, but there was fairly nice tribute there for Geoff. Part of that tribute was a recording of one of his stories which was called a “Tribute to Martin Luther King”. Anyone who is familiar with Geoff’s marvelous abilities as a story teller knows that his tales usually have many nuances and layers of meaning and intention. I highly doubt that Ortega got the whole communication that Geoff was sending out to the world, but I do think that most readers on this blog will get it. A little bit of sweet and gentle “revenge” can’t hurt now, can it?
            I found the recording at different link. Here it is:

            • Hi Espiritu,

              While I didn’t mean it as a form of revenge, I can see how it could be. No, I was just saying that an effective way of countering the attacks of the Enslavers restimulating and trapping us is to remove those factors that they use to do so, namely one’s bank and case. I should also have mentioned that along with that, educating oneself firstly in Scientology and Dianetics philosophy and tech, and then the current game(s) being played out will also help proof oneself against these types of attacks in the future. It’s not going to get easier, that’s for sure. The real battles are ahead of us. And they ain’t gonna be pretty. As Ron said, the future could make the past look like a holiday!

              Re Geoffrey Lewis, I’m saddened by his passing; I met him once and found him to be a decent person and a real Scientologist. He used to hang around NY George’s and the store (owned by George) in the early days. A good being. I wish him well. (P.S. Thanks for that link.)

              • Absolutely, Chris.
                As I said, it isn’t really revenge, even if the “Enslavers” might think of it as such.
                Regarding Geoff Lewis, I was always amazed by his ability to communicate about Scientology in his story-telling on an aesthetic wavelength. I got that he was talking about LRH in the video more so than MLK.
                As for his acting, he played such a range of characters and tone levels so well. But I noticed that even when he played a “bad guy”, the bad guy always lost. : -)

                I saw him in person once and he was as good in person as he was in his recordings.
                So yes, he will be missed. He’s gone now. : -(

                …..No wait! He’s still HERE!
                : -)

        • Chris,

          I suspect that was intentional as in by design instead of happy happenstance. Probably beginning with the elimination of the GO, ensuring that HCO was totally dysfunctional and incompetent so that it wouldn’t handle threats like Miscavige (who is an obvious SP) and others who have since infiltrated the Organization after the GO’s “abolishment”.

          Followed by making the tech seem unworkable by minor alterations in the beginning then major ones such as the “Golden Age of Tech”.

          Then of course stirring the pot with OSA’s actions directed against those who have since left and are blowing the whistle on corrupt activities.

          Using character assassination instead of addressing their valid complaints and seeming totally incapable of reforming their actions. Worse actually threatening those who seek reform from within with declaring and expulsion and disconnection which of course they claim is “voluntary” but is actually coerced in most cases.

          Then they wonder why they get such a bad rep.

          Like Ron says in the PL on the Anti-Social Personality as a group they are currently incapable of self examination.

          As I’d written sometime back the Org is in the condition of confusion and should find out what they really are and move up the conditions to the point where they realize that they are in fact a liability and must reform.

          Just as Ron says in RJ 68.

  8. I also could not put this book down. The author is a very skilled writer with a pure-hearted message and a great story to tell. This is a must read for any long-time Scientologist.

    It fills in so many blanks and validates so many things that I sensed were going on but was not sure. I did a little bit of research and other cycles for the GO back in the day and knew some of the people mentioned it this book a little bit.
    There were a lot of GREAT people in the GO (And I mean GREAT in the same sense as described in Ron’s essay, “What is Greatness”). …DM bad mouthed and threw all of these people, including Mary Sue and that whole organization under the bus for his own selfish, vicious, and hateful reasons. For years this organization had been protecting the subject of Scientology from special interests whose intent was to destroy the subject because it threatened their selfish and evil purposes towards mankind. These special interests have not disappeared and still have the same intentions towards the subject of Scientology and mankind today. Merrill raises some very good questions as to why DM has backed off from exposing these misanthropic groups. To me, the answer is plain: DM basically has the same destructive purposes towards the SUBJECT of Scientology that these groups have had.

    At a time when the ether is filled with attacks on the COS which throw the baby out with the dirty bath water, by inditing subject of Scientology by making the subject = to the actions of the present “church”, Arrows In The Dark is a refreshingly de-PTSing experience because it slays lies with truth, and identifies the correct sources of suppression.

    The book is quick and easy to acquire. You can get it on Amazon as a Kindle download, download the Kindle software, and read it right on your computer if you don’t have a reader.

    I highly recommend this book.

  9. Thanks, Espirtu. I agree, same special interests, same intentions.

    How far will the FBI and other intel agencies go to stomp on grass roots and religious movements? Today there is an article in the Daily Mail about a new book by the foremost Martin Luther King, Jr. historian. Suggests FBI covered up evidence that head of Mississippi Ku Klux Klan was an FBI informant who was involved in the assassination of MLK, Jr.

    Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3023813/Did-FBI-cover-KKK-informant-s-role-Martin-Luther-King-s-murder-Historian-claims-crucial-documents-destroyed-stop-exposure-high-ranking-Klansman-Fed-agent.html

    It’s interesting to view situations very exterior from them with a knowledge of counter-intelligence and the comment made to me by former Wes Swearingen, Special Agent in Charge of FBI Los Angeles talking about the FBI’s COINTELRPO — which I give in the book: “Whatever you can imagine, the FBI probably did it.”

  10. Highly Commended
    Merrell Vannier

    Congratulations to Merrell Vannier for his magnificent evaluation, accomplishments and his book, Arrows in the Dark. Times must change and indeed times have changed.

    Only four months ago I saw this situation as “the enemy had infiltrated C of S, successfully and completely unmocked management, crashed every stat of every genuine LRH piece of tech being applied and virtually turned Scientology on its head creating an Orwellian like monster churning out overt products in a stream.” The sheer volume of ARC breaks and enturbulation observable on the internet alone was phenomenal and a nightmare for every decent thetan involved. This had created a scene where the enemy appeared to have won. You and I know differently. It is only the biggest lie ever perpetrated on Mankind. But it is a lie and as LRH says; “The old must give way to the new, falsehood must become exposed by truth, and truth, though fought, always in the end prevails.”

    A fourth dynamic auditor, Merrell applied Scientology Ethics Gradients and Admin Tech as in Admin Dictionary definitions,

    1. it is an action which is basically an intelligence action. The actual meaning which is supposed to be embraced in the word is “to examine the evidence in order to determine the situation” and then it could have a further “So as to formulate policy or planning relating thereto.” In other words, “What is the enemy going to do?” And therefore the General can say, “Therefore, we should.” (7201CO2 SO)
    2. to examine and judge the significance and condition of. (7201CO2 SO)
    3. determine the situation which even more simplified would be, find out the situation. From this body of data, from this indicator we can get a good situation, a bad situation or a no-situation. And that is what one is trying to determine.
    EVALUATION, 1. the purpose of an evaluation is to isolate and handle the cause of a non-optimum situation so as to reverse and improve it toward an ideal scene. An evaluation is also done to isolate the cause of a scene which is going well and to reinforce it. (BPL 16 Dec 73)
    2. I found that getting the situation was a common bug. Evidently people don’t do a real stat analysis and get an ideal scene, look for its furthest departure and get the situation and then look for data and find the why. There are many ways to go about it but the above is easy, simple and foolproof. It would look like this on a worksheet: gross divisional statistic analysis to find the area and a conditional guess. Ideal scene for that area. Biggest depart from it for the situation. Stats, data, out-point counts, why, ethics why, who, ideal scene, handling, bright idea. If you’re very good your gross divisional stat analysis will get confirmed by data. The real why opens the door to handling. And you can handle. This doesn’t change eval form. It’s just a working model. All good evals are very consistent all on same railroad track. Not pies, sea lions, space ships. Not pies, sea lions, space ships. But pies, apples, flour, sugar, stoves. (HCO PL 19 Sept 73 IR)
    3. by complete evaluation we of course mean, situation spotted, analyzed, why, recommended handling, and the agreed upon step. (7201CO2 SO)

    Merrell Vannier is a true Friend of LRH, a Guardian here to Save Scientology.

    Welcome to you, Sir and thank-you, Merrell.

  11. As you readers may or may not know, I was very involved in this whole time period when I was doing counter-intel missions in C of S. What amazes me as I look back at the period from 1981 to the time I left the Sea Org (1997) is that point where DM came on the lines in 1981 and sent LRH running across the countryside so he could start his purging of those who might try to stop him. The amount of mayhem during this time period was over the top. The amount of mayhem one SP can cause is pretty amazing. I always wonder what Scientology would be like today if DM never existed.

    ML Tom

    • “I always wonder what Scientology would be like today if DM never existed.”

      In science, they conduct exacting experiments to prove or disprove hypotheses. I’m sure a scientific experiment could be conducted to test your statement, Tom. *grin*

      (Just C/S Series 100 humour.)

    • Personally I found Bill Franks just as bad. So was Marty when he was IG RTC. Really if it wasn’t Miscavige. In all the confusion that was generated by the collapse of the GO we may have ended up with someone else who was much worse or just as bad which is what happens when the whole organizational structure is thrown out to be replaced by what in my opinion was a Sea Org Junta.

      In my opinion Miscavige got the starring role because he was able to convince Mary Sue to step down and personally I don’t think it was done as nicely as he said in the Man Behind Scientology.

      • DM explained it once in a court case: He had faked a telex from “Ron” and pretetended that it was Ron’s order.

        • I believe it was the same affidavit that he claims the GO was attempting to somehow take over the Organization.

          Really a lie since the controlling Board of Directors of CSC were in fact GO and it had been this way since 1966.

          It shows Miscavige’s possible willful ignorance of Policy particularly 1 Mar 66 assigning the Guardian as trustee.

          But anyway rumors of him forging Ron’s signature on various “LRH” properties when he was COB ASI was pretty much common knowledge even back then.

          In many ways just too incredible to be believed but now in hind sight that was probably the truth.

          So it’s no doubt that he probably forged many of the Ol’man’s advices and claiming they granted him god like powers.

          Probably why he got so upset when Broeker came out with the Sea Org and the Future.

          Miscavige’s criminal conniving mind in action.

          Actually worse since at least Broeker had a SOED even of questionable provenance whereas Miscavige has no actual directive giving him any power which wasn’t gobbled up by “jaws” except by implication or interpretation.

          • Worsel: “DM explained it once in a court case: He had faked a telex from “Ron”» and pretetended that it was Ron’s order.

            RV: “But anyway rumors of him forging Ron’s signature on various “LRH” properties when he was COB ASI was pretty much common knowledge even back then.

            In many ways just too incredible to be believed but now in hind sight that was probably the truth.

            So it’s no doubt that he probably forged many of the Ol’ man’s advices and claiming they granted him god like powers.”

            Which is why certain tech issues, certain RJs/REDs, certain RDs, and certain actions supposedly ordered by LRH via telex are suspect. As I have previously stated.

            • Chris,

              I’m talking about what were considered R-Advices which were run through Merc.

              Issues like REDs, PLs and HCOBs were run through a different line entirely through AVC and required BDCSC approval.

              That line was not under Miscavige’s control at the time.

              Actually Merc wasn’t totally either. It was Broeker who had control of that line. So the possibility is that either they conspired or Miscavige altered the orders on receipt or a combination of the two.

              Then of course there is the Riverside declaration saying Miscavige was a “trusted friend” which probably the Ol’man never really read but was advised by his legal counsel to sign which ended the suit filed by Flynn and Assoc. on behalf of Ron De Wolfe.

              Also RJ-38 which there has been conspiracy theories that it was forged was probably based solely on stats that in many cases were PR giving a false impression of the effectiveness of the so called “clean team”.

              • “That line was not under Miscavige’s control at the time.”

                No, not at that time. perhaps. But later…yes.

                There have been forgeries and tech and policy issued under LRH’s name and signature that he later caught and said were not issued by him. That has happened since the whole thing began. Luckily, when he was around, he was able to catch them. But after he was gone, he couldn’t very well ensure it didn’t occur. And I’d say even before he was gone as he was being fed false data and wasn’t so much on those lines. Anyway, as most of it is conjecture (except for confessions such as the above and data from people who were right there), I probably shouldn’t have brought it up.

                How ’bout that drought in CA, hey?

                • True, there were some REDs about 28 which were cancelled.

                  Actually many of them were revisions that he never personally approved like RED 176R.

                  The HCOB line was pretty secure after he issued the HCOB Tech Correction Roundup.

                  What our squirrelly friends at RTRC (which added the “research” later originally they were known as RTCU Ron’s Tech Compilations) take a bunch of BTBs and convert them to “HCOBs”.

                  So there were mice gnawing at the pillars of the bridge before Miscavige in a power push pushed Broeker out.

                  Personally I suspect anything that says “assisted by RTRC” and many of the so called “revisions” in the newer Tech Vols since they don’t say what was revised and for what reason or reasons.

                  Same with many of the PLs in the newer OECs. For instance in Vol VII there is no actual policy or policies that actually cancel or abolish those related to the GO per Policy. They just omit them.

                  Same with policies related to “Franchise” in Vol VI that again are just omitted.

                  Ironically they left the policy “Drills Allowed” intact in Vol IV which tells anybody reading it that GAT is a direct violation of policy.

                  Anyway if the Church is ever reformed there is going to have to be some serious vetting and reissue of “omitted” policies and a realignment of the Organizational structure as Ron actually *intended* it per what he says in policy.

                  Regarding the drought.

                  Ya the SigAlerts down here say that we’re supposed to conserve water.

                  Don’t know when DWP will consider the drought is over.

                  Maybe when we’re forced to build an Arc or are practically washed away with flooding like back in ’92 😉

                  Who knows?

                  Anyway many So Cals are getting rid of their lawns and replacing them with drought resistant plants like succulents and Cacti which I think is a good thing.

                  Personally I’ve always thought having a lawn down here was a waste of water.

                  Another thing is most people down here drink bottled water since LA probably has the crappiest tap water in the US.

                  Thus the only thing that would be a concern is if Arrowhead or Sparkletts runs out of water.

                  All said.

                  Ya just can’t beat the weather and the fact that one is within driving distance of several different eco-systems.

                  BTW how are things in the Great White North?

                  Heard you guys got more snow.

                  • Yea, RV. Seems someone keeps delaying a proper arrival of springtime where I am while Alaska has had 30 or 40 degrees above all winter long. Kind of strange, actually.

                    • Lou,

                      It hasn’t been that toasty down here either.

                      I mean temperatures dipped into 40’s or 50’s during the winter here.

                      (ya your’e probably laughing your ass off but down here that’s damn cold for daytime temperatures.

                      Time to haul out the fur lined mittens and boots and grab a parka. If ya got ’em.)

                      Right now we might hit 70 and this is supposed to be spring fer christ sake…brrrrrr.

                      Gi’me some at global warming please.

                      Anyway the DWP is still crying in their beer about a drought and yet it rained a lot over the winter.

                      Even those whining sniffling skiers were happy and usually they’re singing the blues about no real snow.

                      So go figure.

                      Anyway I figure the reason Alaska has been so warm. Is ’cause of the “California (which misses most of California) Current” which comes closer inland near Oregon and north to Alaska.

                    • Strange…..

                      A Class VIII friend, Forrest Crane, recently shared this on his FB page. I don’t usually watch this “stuff”, but this one was compelling and I watched it through to the end. I remember my brother (he got me into Scientology, bless him) talking about HAARP way back when. This “experimentation” likely ties into plans to geoengineer Mars. Total Recall? lol

                  • No snow where I am, but yes, some places did get it. The four seasons was something I missed when I was living in Vancouver and LA. I grew up with a real spring, hot summer, delicious autum and a cold, but clear winter. Vancouver had two seasons – wet and dry. LA has two as well: dry, and dusty. Well three if you include smoggy. Fun place to visit but not for living, for me anyway, and definitely not for bringing up kids. I like Lana and Jim’s venue and think that’s the cat’s meow. 😀

                    • Never was big on the 4 seasons thang.

                      I mean if I want to experience the dubious “joys” of snow fall then I can drive to Big Bear during the winter.

                      If I’m into endless rain the take the Grapevine to SF or maybe Seattle which is rainer then Vancouver.

                      Hey but some like it hot. Like me for instance.

                      Loved riding the back roads of Az in 110 + weather when I was in Phoenix and if got too hot heading to Flagstaff to cool down.

                      Hey I like the fact that I can be cause over weather down here 🙂

  12. Chris, very interesting video.
    Some time ago I found this to be a very interesting book. I recommend to look at the text, not the propaganda about it which sometimes seems to twist a chinese statement of observation into a chinese plan.

  13. Chris Black says:

    April 9, 2015 at 10:57 am


    A Class VIII friend, Forrest Crane, recently shared this on his FB page. I don’t usually watch this “stuff”, but this one was compelling and I watched it through to the end. I remember my brother (he got me into Scientology, bless him) talking about HAARP way back when. This “experimentation” likely ties into plans to geoengineer Mars. Total Recall? lol

    Thank-you for the excellent video, Chris. I’ve been studying those exact issues for several years. I could not make a better eval of concerns than the video does. Interesting as he even mentions David Rockefellar and I can attest to the validity of the data on the video. Actually there is more. A lot more! Talk about a “Hill Ten”, eh?
    Obviously, I can’t pull you off your post so I guess I’ll just have to handle it myself while I train to CLXII. It just so happens that in 2010 I established “Universal Survival Org” just to handle this kind of thing and I can’t think of a better place to do my Non-E. So please will everyone tell me what is wanted and needed? From my end, I can use all the help I can get. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Also, will everyone please get behind Merrell and get this scene with the Church handled ASAP? We’re going to need it more than ever now. The sooner we get people trained and up the bridge the better.

    Lets do this as an appropriate ack to Ron.

    • Lou,

      I can say what is needed and wanted is that you get your training and auditing. Getting as many wins as possible from helping yourself and others.


      Just as a side note I was reading Gibney’s ravings today about removing the Church’s Tax Exempt Status.

      Claiming that it’s time to stop “subsidizing” Scientology.

      As if being Tax Exempt is somehow being “subsidized” in some way.

      I mean how Orwellian is that concept?

      I figure he’s gone off the deep end to being a total Government shill which I figured he was when I watched his hit piece on Wikileaks.

      Nice to know I was right about the lil’ twerp.

      Anyway Lou.

      The main thing needed and wanted from me is for you to Flourish and Prosper.


    • Lou, Is there a site to discuss the geo-engineering video?
      There are some facts that are wrong. (eg, Ocean level rise a couple of hundred feet is not possible, and the bit about Venus is flawed.)

      • 1984:

        Actually, a Google search reveals a number of documents (not just “news” articles) which corroborate that sea levels could rise 61 meters (200 feet – NatGeo states 216 feet) but would require that the polar ice caps melt for that to happen (Antarctic ice is 7000 feet thick and itself could raise ocean levels by 200 feet), highly unlikely, at least not over the course of one’s lifetime. (I.e., it could happen over millennia as has most likely occurred in the past). While melting ice caps would be a primary factor in ocean level rise, there is also thermal expansion of the ocean waters to consider as a contributing factor. So it’s possible, just not likely right away.

        As to Venus, I haven’t been there in many years. I like taking my vacations in places a bit on the cooler side. 😉

        • Chris, the only thing that would melt it fast enough would be a pole shift. (Possible on a 36,000 year cycle.)
          Average temperature is -50 C. A +10 degree change would result in no melting.
          Thermal expansion is near zero.
          Venus is a lot closer to the sun, so more energy to reflect. (Been a while since my last visit, also.)
          All that being said, I have seen very questionable chem-trails.
          Without trying to jam this thread, is there another venue?

          • Hey ’84,

            Yeh, I agree, although we’re overdue for a pole shift from what I’ve read. Anyway, I’m not a protagonist of geoengineering, just that governments and scientists tend to look for quick fixes to billions of years of modification and evolution, and it usually turns out bad. So my concern is for futures: future bodies for me, for us; futures for my children.

            Not sure if there’s a venue for this, I can’t see one here on MS2 as it’s a Scn tech site, but maybe it doesn’t need discussion anyway, not until mass extinction is in our face. Yikes! 😉

  14. Thank-you, Robin. I very much appreciate having you, Jim and everyone here helping others keep an eye on the mountain.

    As for Gibney and other ranting media monkeys, as Ron says, constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back is the price of freedom. And you seem to have that formula down too, my good friend.

    Earth is a nice little planet, well worth saving with all its good people. The guys in the white hats are winning. The planet is ours.

    So, keep on getting those SPs off the world’s better comm lines and help the able become more able, to flourish and prosper with Scientology, the only game in this universe where everyone wins.


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