by Dave Soroka

I attested to Clear in the Church in 1978 and again recently outside the Church, then did the Sunshiniest RD and headed into the Grades.

A few weeks ago finished my ARC Straightwire with the feeling and certainty that it’s absolutely alright to be me and to feel good about it. I’m allowed. To anything. I’m just allowed.

But that’s not why I’m posting here today. I just got out of another session and it was very good. Great session. Still on Grade 0 and making gains every day. As of today I’m not in my body, I’m viewing through it, and I feel stable.

I can look around me at the entire environment, the mountains, the sky, the trees and houses, etc, etc, and know I’m there, in all those places, and in none of them.

Put another way, I’m just simply here, where I’ve always been, viewing remotely through this body.

It’s the cleanest, Clearest, most present I’ve felt, well, maybe ever.

It’s unbelievable to me that there are people who say this stuff doesn’t work. They obviously haven’t tried it, or haven’t had it done correctly.

Too bad. I feel freakin’ wild right now.

Thanks, enormous thanks, to my auditor, DougDavidson, and to Ron, who continues to amaze and surprise.

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