birthday cake

by Milestone Two crew

It is our birthday.

Milestone Two was formed two years ago as a not-for-profit charitable company to provide a safe place for Scientologists, outside of the Church of Scientology. It has been an interesting journey to date. Here are some basic statistics:

Milestone Two Blog:  240,000 views, 387 individual blog articles/posts (average of 1 every 2 days), 8300 comments. 159 followers by email, with more than visitors from more than 40 countries around the world.

Milestone Two Website: Upgraded 6 months ago, with 100 unique visitors daily and 35,000 visits since that time.

Technical Delivery Network: We have 35 registered technically trained Scientologists, all Classed auditors, C/Ses or trained Supervisors, and located in various locations around the planet including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe and Israel. Scientology delivery is happening on 5 continents, with daily wins.

Community Connect Newsletter:  We have 102 subscribers who stay connected with our regular e-bulletins.

Though there is noise and attacks on Scientology by a handful of individuals in the USA, this does not have an impact on us, and does not change the certainty that so many individuals have that LRH’s tech DOES work —  as so many individuals HAVE experienced the wins and gains of Scientology.

Milestone Two will continue for another two years, and then another two years, and another, and another and another. We aint going anywhere. It is important that there is a community of Scientologists who want to carry the banner for standard tech, to see that Scientology is available, and is being delivered.

Milestone Two is not Big Brother or a new Dave (as the anti-Scientologists try to promote). We are Scientologists who are moving up both sides of the Bridge and helping others to do the same, without the arbitraries, out-tech or cost of the C of S.

Thank you to everyone who is part of this community; providing support, auditing, studying, applying tech in life, helping others, contributing to our blog and website, disseminating to others, making a safe place.

Happy Birthday everyone!

Help yourself to some cake (and a beer while you are at it)!

“That’s a very funny phenomenon: somebody who’s had a successful run on Release, and so on — I wouldn’t do this lightly — but walk up to him and infer Scientology doesn’t work. I think you’ve got to get so — he’d probably spit in your face. You’re walking against an unshakable certainty; don’t you see?

“As long as you’ve got something which is partially working and it’s doing him some good and he didn’t have too many problems and it made them a little bit easier — you know, that level of certainty, why, you can get pretty reasonable about the entheta kid, you know? And he walks up to you and he says, “Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, bank, bank, bank, bank, bank, bank. Bank, bank, bank, bank.” You know? “Dramatize, dramatize, dramatize. Kill everybody, kill everybody, kill everybody,” you know.

“And you say, “Well, maybe he’s right, you know? Because the results I’ve had, you see, I had a little present time problem one time, and it eased up a little bit in a session.” No certainty.

“So of course, person’s got no certainty, why, he can be lied to. And however — what’s happening at this particular present time is I was listening to Mary Sue the other day and somebody had inferred something or other about Scientology. There were sparks coming eighteen inches out of each eye. It was a remarkable phenomenon, you know? I lit a cigarette on it and thought about it.” LRH (Excerpted from SHSBC Lecture “Handling the PTS”, June 8, 1965)

17 thoughts on “Two years old

  1. Well, I guess I ain’t going to be doing any preamble after all to this excerpt I posted on Facebook and which I forwarded you the other day. I had it all mocked up, too.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday.

  2. Congrats, cheers and VWD to all involved.

    While I understand and agree that auditors, C/Ses and supervisors are the primary emphasis here, it might be worthwhile to also track how many trained administrators we have as well. Our skills are less needed at this point, but some day perhaps we may be called upon to assist here and there. And it would be good to know which ones of us are and aren’t adequately trained for administrative work. (I like to remind people from time to time that the Admin and Ethics Tech is also pieces of the puzzle that LRH developed as well. Particularly since they typically get a bad rap from Field folk).


  3. Happy Birthday!

    I don’t have much internet time but this is one of my regular ports of call. Even though I am not a part of the specific audience you are addressing, I do savour the regular flow of positive information and learned comments available here. Thank you for all Milestone Two does.

  4. All:

    Let me put in a plug for the MS2 website, mentioned above. I hadn’t stopped by there in quite a long time, but I just checked it out. Along with the usual stuff you might expect, there are a number of pages and articles either lifted from this blog or originated as their own material. These hit quite a few of the points which afflict the Field, and include quite a number of helpful LRH references.

    In particular, there is a link called “Just want to talk to someone”. It just leads to a form for contacting the Milestone Two Crew. It’s a simple way for someone (you, or possibly a friend of yours) who feels lost, abandoned, betrayed or mishandled to reach out for help. There are literally thousands of people in this position inside and outside the Church and in the Field who have, perhaps, lost all but a flicker of hope. Milestone Two can be a source of succor and a chance at a new beginning for these people. If you know someone in this position, I would strongly encourage you to point them at this link. No one’s going to crush sell them or hit them up for donations.

    In any case, if you haven’t toured the Milestone Two site ( http://milestonetwo.org ) in a while, stop by and see what’s new. It’s a nice place to spend an hour or so.


  5. Happy Birthday and a big Thank You to all who make MS2 such a pleasant, helpful, and uplifting community.
    I follow indie Scn on the net since the 1990s with the many ups and downs and this here is definitely one of the good places. MS2’s secret sauce is certainly unaltered source, being on-policy, and having a committed, compassionate crew.

  6. Happy birthday MS2!!

    I enjoy reading LRH references I have not seen before, the wins from the application, and the fact that there are still groups of us wanting to keep the Tech as LRH intended.

    The Tech that will free people is what will be remembered, historically, and whether we are remembered or not, doesnt really matter. What matters is there is a better world, happier people, and games that we can all enjoy participating in and a place that we can all be happy coming back to.

    So thankyou!

  7. Best wishes. Just continue to use available resources to improve matters and expand your help for this planet and people connected to it.
    All the best,

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