walking up stairs

Grade III Success

I am always amazed at how LRH worked out the tech and process to get a person to look at the exact things needed and to make them disappear – resulting in a greater freedom. Clever is a complete understatement – ingenious is a better word.

Gaining the abilities of Grade III is fabulous and being free from the effort of trying to stop things in all directions – within myself, in others etc – is a whole lot of freedom abd new abilities to go along with it.

Thanks to Tom for a very smooth and professions ride!

Grade IV Success

Absolutely amazing! Grade IV Processes have a way of locating and allowing you to as-is these absolutely insane computations – delivering a freedom that’s pretty sweet.

Brilliantly figured out by Ron (Don’t know how he did it but so happy he did) and very smoothly audited by Tom!

6 thoughts on “Moving on up

  1. Cheeky title for this piece, considering a well-known blog site of similar title but entirely different content.

    VWD to Tom for helping the PC up the Bridge, and to the PC for their wins and completions. Continue please.

    Indeed, LRH was clever in the first place for being able to unlock how to overcome the disabilities handled on the Bridge. But even more important, he managed to figure out how you, too, could assist someone to achieve those same results. Referring to the last posting here, he managed to avoid being a sole practitioner, to our benefit.


  2. Beautiful successes, Tom. Grades – what a way to free someone from “the ties that bind”. What might be assumed to be simple processes can have life-changing effects. Congrats all around.

  3. Well done on these Grades! I’m experiencing the same amazement at the brilliance of it all. I’ve only finished Grade 2. So these Success Stories are pulling me along. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. And then there is the mind-blowing data in the LRH ED “From Clear to Eternity” on how long it takes. From Purif through Grade IV in about 2 months! Is there ANY valid excuse for staff or public who have been around for even a short while not to be through their Grades? How much better would that be?

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