Ori Wilbush

Wow. I didn’t think this was going to happen this life time for many physical universe reasons, which as you all know are very easy to use and to come up with as justifications for not progressing up The Bridge.

This feels lie a new beginning and era which much hope and a lot to look for. This comes now with much more responsibility towards my other dynamics and I’m totally ready for it.

Persistance and fighting for what I believe in has always paid off, and now I have gotten an extra turbo engine to continue for the rest of this lifetime and the following with a super boost.

The feeling is great and I’m looking forward to continuing towards greater and bigger levels of awareness and happiness.

I would like to thank for the bottom of my heart the staff at Dror College for this extra push.

Ron was a genius and big applause to him.

All the best from the New York metro area.

Cheers Ori

2 thoughts on “On the State of Clear

  1. Congratulations Ori! (By the way, I’m in your neighborhood and just sent you a friend request on FB. Would love to say hello in person.)

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