just sayin

by Dave Soroka

I don’t know if this is the kind of thing that’s necessarily part of Grade 0, but last week in a session, on Grade 0, I had a cognition regarding mental pictures, and I tried throwing one away.

It was kinda cool. So I threw away, well, all of them.

I’ve been walking around, doing my day-to-day stuff, working, etc for some days now with seemingly nothing, no mental MEST, between me and the universe.

I don’t know how to describe it except to say it was kinda like going Clear again, only this time I wasn’t blowing off engrams and all that other bad shite, but instead I was throwing away really cool pictures, stuff I thought had value.

Turns out, a picture of an incident actually interferes with any direct viewing of the incident, and if you throw away the picture and just return and view the actual incident, so many more details become apparent.

Anyway, just sayin’, had a nice win on Grade 0 last week!

9 thoughts on “Just sayin’

  1. Outstanding win. And VWD for taking advantage of it. Keep us informed. I’ve really enjoyed hearing about your wins.

    (Also loved that picture of the cat.)


  2. You-all are awesome friends. Thanks for the great acks. I’ve had sessions all this week and more great wins: I discovered that the “universe of the body” is a ponderous thing; I discovered that the “universe of the thetan” can communicate from some very fun places; I reaffirmed (again!) my state of Clear; I reaffirmed an old realization from Victim Processing, that I’m not a victim; also from Victim Processing, I have a much increased love for other people; I discovered that hidden communications are alright with me and in fact, they’re fun. My auditor and I spend a large part of every session laughing (I also spend a lot of time boiling off). Every day I come away from my session with another one of these great little, or big, wins. I walk away from my auditor’s house looking at a world that’s RIGHT THERE, very clear, every detail distinct. As I walk to my truck I sometimes, often, stagger a little bit, like a drunken man, like Captain Jack Sparrow stepping off his ship onto solid ground, navigating my body along the driveway. Folks, I’m no C/S but really, don’t ever let anybody go up the Bridge without their Grades. They’re just too much fun. And 2briancox, thanks for the link. The Valley is one of my all-time faves from Geoff Lewis.

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